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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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a little breeze out there now. let's check on the weather with dave aguilera. clear and breezy out there. 63 in westminster and highlands ranch as well. storms from last night have cleared out but there are some thunderstorms and showers out in western colorado right now and they'll eventually make their way into our neck of the woods. 77 at 9:00 a.m. with my sunny skies this morning. building clouds and 89 at noon. 93 with another hot day and afternoon storms firing up one more time. again, i think at least for a few days that might be our last 90 degrees day. let's get a check on the morning drive with joel. good morning, of course we have one accident there along the side streetds. seems like this time of day it's time for that.
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lanl. alameda and union. -- -- green mountain village. they are doing repaving work from 285 out to i-70. police checked out the building on colorado boulevard. that's all we know on this one so far. you can start collecting your own rain water today. this new law was just recently passed. shawn chitnis explains what you can do and how. >> reporter: this issue doesn't seem controversy to those outside of colorado but we know there were reasons and concerns why it took so long to get the change but you can use your rain water to water your plants or wash your car.
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change. this change will allow folks to use the rain water because of the concerns related to property rights, that change is going to happen. technically rain water belonged to those living downstreams so you couldn't collect water before it hit the ground. some worried that if the water was stored it would prevent others from getting it downstream. for those concerned about where the rain water will go, there's a provision in place that will allow state lawmakers to make a change if they notice folks aren't getting enough rain water downstream like they used to. shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. thanks, shawn. summer is winding down but after the deadly water slide accident
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wondering about the safety of water parks in colorado. jamie leary at water world now and she's taking a look at all of this. good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning, believe it or not, labor day weekend is here before you know it and that's actually one of the last weekends family will have an opportunity to have fun here at water world and given the tragedy in kansas we wanted to look into those safety there's 40 attractions here at water world. they told us there are no rides that require a harness to be worn and the attraction in question is more than twice the size of any attraction here at water world. the attraction they're referring to is the ride in kansas dubbed as the world's tallest water slide. water world also said they have
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that inspects the rides every single morning. the state of colorado also requires annual inspections and special insurance and that each ride be registered here at water world. this is a bit different from what has come out about the rides in kansas according to the topeka capital journal, the state of kansas inspekded rides at the park but not since 2012. -- -- inspected. a daily inspections but details have not been released. here there are inspections done by lifeguards every morning also so sounds like there's a good protocol in place. let's get to dave aguilera right now. 64 degrees in downtown denver this morning. a couple early morning weather watchers checking in and it's cooler down south at 56. frank was on vacation for a
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there's rain there but looking for more. here's the futurecast. sunny skies early and clouds by the noon hour. this afternoon isolated thunderstorms much like the last several days and it will be another hot one today. 94 in fort collins and 91 in boulder and denver will be 90 degrees. there's a cool down coming. right now it's traffic time and joel is keeping an eye on that. good morning, a couple trouble spots out there. side street issues and look at i-76 and i-270 this morning. you can see the volume we have on the roadways picking up as we head in the eastbound direction especially coming up in a bit. here's the tech center cam. look at the cars heading southbound through the bridges. take a look at the broader picture and you see all green that means we're at or near posted speed limits.
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the clean up stages and could cause delays for folks in the green mountain area. there are lane restrictions in place underneath i-225 and next week we have full closures right there at sable as they continue to do repair work. elementary students heading back today in aurora. a rocky hospital in baghdad a fire took place and transferred to another hospital. firefighters tell us after the combination of cigarettes and a toaster it did not work out well. stan bush reports on this fire near jewel and union. >> reporter: flames crawled out
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smoky at times firefighters struggled to see where it was sprayed. >> after that i'm saying seconds after that, it bursts into huge flames. >> she took this picture of the garage fully engulfed. neighbors poured on to the street worried the fire could spread to their home. laura shot this video thinking it would be the last time in her house. >> i was worried people going to die in there. >> reporter: four people were inside the home when the fire started and some ran back inside. it was like rescuing the family dog that firefighters found hiding under a bed in the basement. the homeowner was overwhelmed. once the fire was out it revealed a home gutted from the garage and living room and through the roof. no one was seriously hurt.
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injuries. two others had smoke inhalation injuries. supporting donald trump's call to second amendment supports and getting look at at every angle. some view it as violence to hillary clinton. many clinton supporters are angered and trump denies it. >> reporter: donald trump is trying to suppress the latest controversy that erupted moments after he said this about the right to bear arms. >> if judges, nothing you can do folks. [ crowd booing ] although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> this is a tremendous political movement. no other interpretation. >> the clinton campaign called the remarks dangerous. former arizona congresswoman gabby gifford tweeted "we must
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trump has been under fire for members of his own party to stick to messages. he took aim at the media for ignoring the presence of the orlando shooter's father at clinton campaign last week. he says he was not an invited guest. >> clinton will be talking about jobs in iowa today. tomorrow she is delivering a speech machines are adding another lair of safety here in colorado. the nfl planning a massive kick off party at
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our son caleb was born with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. it means every day mucus builds up on his lungs, making it very hard for caleb to breathe. doctors told us that caleb's life expectancy was about 35 years of age. but then a new medication was invented that not only treated the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, but targeted the disease. the only problem was is that it wasn't approved to be used in the united states. t. working with republicans, michael bennet wrote a law to get medicine and treatments approved quicker. caleb just celebrated 5 years being hospital-free. he doesn't have to think about his disease every day. as a mom, michael bennet gave me a future with my son. i'm able to see him in the future getting married, graduating from college. those were dreams that we hoped for, but now i see them as a reality.
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that cares so much. i'm michael bennet,
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it's exposed to ultraviolet light that inactivates path generals like west nile virus. >> this would inactivate the zika virus within a platelet product. >> reporter: every blood donation is always subjected to screening. >> there's not a test in place for zika but the fda has stated you could use intercept in place of that disease testing. >> reporter: right now the university of colorado hospital is the first healthcare facility in colorado to use treated with the intercept system. experts believe the added lair of safety could eventually become standard. kathy walsh, cbs4 news. >> that system is approved by the fda in 2014. dave aguilera has the weather on the 4's. a hot day? yes, another hot day and then a cool down is coming. take a look at this. you can see the sun peaking up
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clouds in the distance out there. yesterday afternoon some folks got walloped with quite a bit in the way of rain. dawn becker shot this looking south from alameda parkway on green mountain. big rain for some folks. current temperatures 57 in greeley and 63 in boulder and 64 at the airport and for mitch and sandy green in ar va da, 62 degrees thunderstorms from last night have polled out. not real thick but burning as the morn gets going. few showers in telluride and storms to the north west so another batch of moisture rolling in this afternoon. some of the moisture we see today is remnants of halvier. it's still raining in new mexico
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colorado. you can see it here on the futurecast. the heavy moisture is in the southern stretches of the state and one or two isolated thunderstorms moving into the northeast. that moisture that mixes with the monsoonal moisture is mixing with drier air. the forecast highs today is 90s in grand junction and 90s across the denver. isolated storms this afternoon and a we should have a party -- we drop to 88 tomorrow. low 80s friday, saturday and sunday with with the best chance of rain coming up on friday. a 40% chance of getting measurable rain with showers and thunderstorms. >> so like an 80s party? >> yes, the 80s are back.
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open drive for folks. quite a bit of volume in the southbound direction and most of the construction has picked up and moved out of the way. you can sea the flashing lights there and typically this time the flashing lights are setting out to pick up some cones. we have some closures at alameda to the east of i-225 and keep in mind that alameda and sable we're going to have full overnight closures while they do repair work. alameda and union an earlier accident thi clean up stages and could cause delays. preseason for the broncos starts tomorrow night at 6:00. less than a month away from the broncos regular season opener. the nfl is hosting a free kick off party in denver for that and matt has the when and where. >> reporter: today it's a food truck rally but next month it will be turned orange and blue
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denver. >> hopefully thousands of fans out here will see it trans formed. >> reporter: this park plays host to events all yearlong. what's coming next month will be much bigger. >> here in civic center park there's a two day free fan festival and a concert on thursday night. >> nfl officials working with city leaders to pull off this event. thankfully we have experience with large scale events and working closely with the city and feel go and we'll use the next 30 days to button everything up. >> reporter: dierks bentley will be building a stage here. >> there will be kids and adult activities and more casual fans just getting to know the game. the game is important but we want to make sure and appeal to fans of all ages.
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0. goods and services produced by american workers fell for the third straight quarter. the labor department reports productivity dipped from april to june and it follows a .6-drop for the first of the year. wall street closed in positive territory and the
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autonomous driving vehicles in arizona. the company says all the vehicles have human back up drivers. ride sharing and coffee could soon go hand in hand. lyft will begin selling $20 gift cards at starbucks locations. the partnership will help them compete with that's your money watch. let's get you weather and traffic right now. dave aguilera in this morning for lauren. >> good morning, if you're traveling across the nation, there are a lot of areas that will pick up thunderstorms today. we're looking down into arizona and new mexico for the biggest storms. they had flooding down there yesterday. if you're heading to phoenix or tucson, it will slow you down. minneapolis and up to new york city, thunderstorms won't arrive
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so check that out. highs today 93 in denver with afternoon storms kicking at 2:00 or beyond. joel is watching your traffic this morning. good morning, maybe you're sucking the last bit of the summer vacation heading off this weekend. a lot of kids back to school right now so watch out for little feet out there and it's darker later in the morning as well. seeing more volume as you head in the eastbound direction, typi starting see slow downs shortly. along pena boulevard, the a-line is running on time also. people in the southwest could get whipped again by tropical weather. a look at how bad it got in tucson.
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how the training class went terribly wrong coming up. mark sanchez is the guy. the broncos announcing he will start thursday's game in chicago so he will get the start but we will see plenty of trevor siemian and paxton lynch. he's playing the first quarter second half. he missed all of ota's he says physically he's fine but there's one part of his game that's not up yet. >> physically i'm good. conditioning wise i'm good and ready to play. it's just the mental part. it's just some of the mental stuff and the plays.
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it's just exposure to the game. i'm ready to go out there and play. . broncos have the day off today and they're traveling thursday night for the 6:00 p.m. kick off.
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good to have you with us this morning. it's 5:28. we're thinking broncos this morning. tomorrow night starts preseason at 6:00 p.m. mountain time and the broncos are in chug chig and
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see what the broncos are like post peyton manning era. -- -- chicago. city park at 62 degrees and downtown denver at 64. the satellite and radar mostly clear. moisture moving in out west and we'll be sandwiched that this morning. 77 at 9:00 a.m. and by noon 89. another hot day and 93 for the high. cooling afternoon storms but a big change in the weather forecast is coming into play and starts tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. traffic with joel now. other than the side street trouble spots around alameda and union in the lakewood area, it's a nice drive.
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speeds into the 60s and average speed in the foifts. an update to breaking newsover night. terrible tragedy in iraq. 12 newborn babies are dead after a fire at a hospital in baghdad. the fire in baghdad was caused by electrical wiring. they sealed off the hospital and barred media. the women were moved to another hospital. there's a new way you may get help if you're a first time home buyer. shawn chitnis is live in denver. this is a bill that passed the legislature and goes into affect today. explain how it works. >> reporter: when you're talking about buying a new house, you're working towards the down payment, that's an investment


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