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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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speeds into the 60s and average speed in the foifts. an update to breaking newsover night. terrible tragedy in iraq. 12 newborn babies are dead after a fire at a hospital in baghdad. the fire in baghdad was caused by electrical wiring. they sealed off the hospital and barred media. the women were moved to another hospital. there's a new way you may get help if you're a first time home buyer. shawn chitnis is live in denver. this is a bill that passed the legislature and goes into affect today. explain how it works. >> reporter: when you're talking about buying a new house, you're working towards the down payment, that's an investment
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working towards so this will help folks in that situation trying to get ready to make a down payment and buy that first house. so the bill that takes affect today is going to help folks by creating an account that they can have that will be tax free. basically it allows you the make a deduction from your state income tax to help save up for buying your first home. home buyers can have a savings account that is tax free and you can set up a home buyercc head start when you're ready to buy a house. the idea is that by having this account and that money set aside you will have more to work with when it's time to buy the house and make the down payment. this is one of many steps lawmakers have been looking at to make it easier for folks to buy a house given the crisis we have here in colorado. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning
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parker road yesterday. this guy is described as white, 20-30 years of age, and thin build with brown hair. there's a tribal tattoo on his upper left arm that consists of a looping swirl and two circles. pretty unique. there's a $2,000 reward out. the number to crime stoppers is always available at district attorneys are frustrated that people found drunk behindhe getting harsher sentences. in one case this man was arrested in aurora earlier this year for his sixth dui. >> how much have you had to drink? >> a couple beers. >> police body warn camera video shows 54-year old doyle's sixth dui arrest earlier this year in
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to sentence to him four years in community corrections he got probation instead. no jail time. in jefferson county albert is spending nights in jail on work release during the day after repeatedly being caught drunk behind the wheel. peter kaine got probation for his fourth dui. >> these people are dangerous. they're going to hurt and kill people. we have to get them out of the community. when colorado's new dui law m felony, it didn't go far enough to mandate jail time. >> we have specific cases of individuals with six or seven prior alcohol convictions and they're still not going to prison. >> but criminal defense attorney carrie johnson says if you want to keep repeat drunk drivers off the road, time behind bars doesn't work. >> the research shows that
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prison that can increase recidivism as opposed to reducing it. >> he says he doesn't think lawmakers can get mandatory sentences on the books any time soon. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. here's dave. that's pretty, wow. yeah, looking at the capitol from our library cam. seeing a peek of the sun coming up. 63 degrees fro lone tree this morning. as we go through the day, we will see isolated thunderstorms this afternoon and it will be another hot day. 94 in greeley and fort collins and 91 in boulder. 88 in castle rock and 93 in denver. there is a cool down coming starting tomorrow which we'll talk about. traffic now with joel. >> no new accidents on the highway and a lot of those cones are picked up and moved out of
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cars and it seems like they multiply now so southbound coming down through bridges you will see slowing. nothing that's going to take you more than ten miles per hour below posted speed limits. speeds into the sixers still. of course that will change because these cars from our mousetrap cam on the approach to i-70. across the denver metro area in lakewood at alameda and union they finally got the accident have delays along alameda and sable as they cannot to do overnight work. there's big overnight closures coming up next week. a woman in florida is dead this morning killed by police during a gun demonstration. now investigators want to find sought what went wrong when that woman was apparently shot in
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>> reporter: around 35 people were watching a demonstration inside the police department when something went wrong. >> all our city leaders are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event. >> reporter: a board member at the local library, 73 years old was a student at the police academy when she was mistakeningly hit with a live round. police say it happened during the first scenario when officers were simulated lethal force. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> i'm asking that if you pray, pray for her husband and family and for all of the officers and witnesses that were involved in this incident. everyone involved is in the state of overwhelming shock and grief. >> the officer involved in the accidental shooting who was not identified has been put on
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enforcement is heading the investigation. brian webb, cbs news. that academy is a free eight session course offered to people who are interested in learning local civics. two sides forming over trump's call for second amendment supporters to do something about hillary clinton. was that a call for violence? >>reporter: donald trump repeated a claim that hillary clinton wants to take away the righ >> hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick -- [ crowd booing ] if she gets to pick her judges nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> the clinton campaign interpreted the comment as a
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leadership position, especially the presidency, should do anything to counter violence and that is what he was saying. >> reporter: the secret service said they are aware of the situation. >> if someone else said that outside the hall, they would be in the back of a police wagon with the secret service questioning him. >> reporter: but trump's surrogates down played the remark. >> you have the power to do something about it. what he meant was you have the power to vote against he you have the power to campaign against her. [ cheering and applause ] you have the power to speak against her. because you're americans. trump has claimed throughout the campaign that clinton would abolish the second ameantment if she was elected president. clinton has not called for this. the website calls gun ownership the fabric of law-abiding
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starting quarterback in chicago. he's the only broncos quarterback with nfl game experience. sanchez took the majority of the snaps in practice and he will play the first quarter then trevor siemian will play the second and rookie paxton lynch will play the second half. the team wants to try out all the current options. >> they have been working all season. the last 13 days they want a chance to play so i want them to relax and we are tired of each other. players are tired of each other. i told them after practice we have been going at each other for a long time and now it's time to go with each other. it's fun and it's why you work. >> that's happening tomorrow night against the bears. keep up with broncos insiders at sports link on michael phelps knows how to put on a game face.
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the 12 countries. coming up, all smiles after his last two races.
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michael 0th gold medal. -- -- 20th. katie won the 200-meter free style and she's not finished. she's a favorite in the 800-meter free style eventually. the u.s. women's gymnastics team made it look easy. the five woman american team ran away with the gold medal with strong performances in all events and began with a vault.
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spectacular floor exercise. the three time world champion is considered the person to beat for the women's all around gold medal. the defending medallist in women's tennis is out. serena williams was eliminated in the third round by the 20th ranked woman in the world from ukraine. a dust camera in the phoenix area. this is part of the tropical storm in mexico moving north and affected a big chunk of arizona. there's moisture coming too. that system brought heavy rain to tucson and people were pushing their cars out of the water as it flooded the streets there. that storm dropped three inches of water and overwhelmed the city's drainage system. dave, when you get tropical
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monsoonal flow, you get a double wammy. and then heavy rains. out and about here, no moisture going on at least this morning. this afternoon may change. there's a live look for you at the flags next to the capital. mrsh 61 in boulder. 50 in avon and 70 out in grand
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soim moisture is connected from mexico down here so some storms will be from that. it's raining in new mexico and they will get hit hard again with heavy storms. best chance for heavy rain is over southern colorado with moisture coming in. once you get up north it mixes in with drier air the north eastern plains today. another round of cooling storms this afternoon and we will need it. we will be in the 90s across the eastern plains and 70s in the mountains. one more hot day with isolated storms and tomorrow we dip down into the 80s. friday will be a game changer. a cold front coming in at 82 and
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measurable rain. then we dip down to 80 degrees on saturday and sunday as well. a nice comfortable weekend coming our way. tomorrow joel will be the gold medal day of the week. we get back into the 80s it looks like. here's our cbs4 tech center cam. we're watching along the left lane out of the side of the camera there as it looks like there's a truck with flashing lights and the on that. i don't know if they're picking up cones or debris in the roadway. that's in the southbound direction past hamden. look at all this green. that's a great sign. nine minutes from 120th out to i-70 starting to slow down. you get to the north of i-70 and now we have pockets of volume that are starting to slow you
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you get around down the stadium curb. look for closures around sable. looks like delay along c-470 on the approach to 285 as they continue to do repaving work. this morning you can start thinking about several ballot issues you can vote on in november. yesterday was the deadline to turn in petition signatures. already there's a lot of talk about o frak free colorado posted this video on facebook boasting they had so many signatures they needed a truck to deliver them. they need 80,000 signatures to get one on the balance let and they say they turned in more than 100,000. the spokes person says it's hard to know what to make of the half empty boxes. >> it's unusual. other measures that were turned in, the petitions were scanned in by our staff.
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to pueblo to the state agency to be checked and five boxes were left over. >> a little drama in all of that. they have until september 7th to certify. nearly 160 initiatives were initially submitted this year. petitions for nine ended up being turned in and they include
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the colorado care initiative would replace obama care. a second measure would raise taxes on tobacco products. >> we are working for higher wages. >> reporter: the state could have the third highest minimum wage in the country under another initiative. it would raise it to $12 an hour over the next four years include as many people as possible in our process. >> two ballot measures dealing with primary elections could be on the ballot. one would restore and the other open to unaffiliated voters. >> colorado's constitution needs to be protected. >> reporter: most amendments including making it more difficult to amend the constitution in the future. it would require 55% approval
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signatures from every part of the state. signatures for the initiative still need to be certified to make the ballot. the legislature referred measures to the ballot as well. one is eliminating a secure exemption to slavery. a california's job announcement is going viral this morning. she decided to make it fun by
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threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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today in denver is 93. 91 in boulder and colorado
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today. another hot one for us. we're dipping down into the 80s starting tomorrow through the end of the week. we'll give you the specific numbers in a bit. time to get specific on the traffic situation. drive times for you from the north southbound coming into town. seeing speeds in the lower 50s and takes an average for that whole stretch. eastbound along i-270 and then westbound along i-76 brighton to denver and right now dipping down into the 30s. this week's wednesday child wants to help. he just needs a family. we have introduced you to seth before. he's in sixth grade with a lot
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live at the state capital where you can start collecting rain water after a century of being prohibited in the states. douglas county this morning has new limits for growing pots. what commissioners have decided to do. ahead at 6:00, you may not be able to avoid the dreaded
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put your finger to good use.
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good morning, a tragedy in florida to tell you about this morning. police mistakeningly kill a73 citizen police academy. we'll take you there. gun fire breaks out in missouri as protestors mark the anniversary of the death of michael brown. a live look outside the morning. beautiful start to the day on this wednesday. we're going to push back into the 90s and then we get a change. i'm alan gionet, good to have you with us. happy back to school day for


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