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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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good morning, a tragedy in florida to tell you about this morning. police mistakeningly kill a73 citizen police academy. we'll take you there. gun fire breaks out in missouri as protestors mark the anniversary of the death of michael brown. a live look outside the morning. beautiful start to the day on this wednesday. we're going to push back into the 90s and then we get a change. i'm alan gionet, good to have you with us. happy back to school day for
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morning. good morning. good morning, we're in the mid 60s and should have a high of 93 today and a cool down for tomorrow. we'll talk about that. joel has an early morning look at the traffic. good morning, as we get on the roadways more cars out there as well and you're going to have a different traffic pattern this morning as more kids head back to school. speeds from the the 50s and 40s. new this morning a woman dead after something went wrong during the police department gun demonstration in florida south of tampa. police say a live round mistakingly hit 73-year old mary during a free class they were giving. all of this apparently happened
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demonstration. the officer is on administrative lead. she leaves' husband and other family. a car sped through a group of protestors that hurt one man. somebody fired shots as the car drove away. officers do not believe it hurt anyone there. collecting your own rain water is now legal in our state. sounds like something that should have been all along. it's been a tough law to change. shawn chitnis liv capital to explain how this works. it did take some time to get it passed. those outside of colorado couldn't believe this is controversy but there are reasons why this took so long and why there were concerns related to it. you can use rain water on your property to water plants and wash your car. the governor signed this into
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get this change. rain water tech technically can keep others downstream from water getting to their land. now you can collect up to 110 gallons of rain water as long as it ends up on the ground on your property. in case there are issues with rain water being it doesn't get downstream, there's a change in effect or at least a policy in place that would allow for state leaders to make that adjustment. so those farmers still get the land water they need. live at the state capital, shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. the water park in can cancer is reopening today after a ten-year old died riding the world's tallest water slide but nobody will be riding it now.
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rest of the season. kansas city officials have not inspected the slide since it opened two years ago. jamie leary is live at water
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required to be registered and have a special type of insurance. there are 40 attractions here at water world. the attraction in question is twice the size of any ride at water world. there's a team that inspects rides every morning and an engineer that signs off on final inspections and a spokes person for the water they also do daily inspections but details have yet to be released. live from water world, jamie leary, cbs4 news. let's get to your weather and traffic right now. dave aguilera is with us this morning and all this change is coming. >> change coming tomorrow and today it will be hot. clear skies in denver and a little bit of shower action north of limon going on this morning. so as we look at the forecast
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clouds 89 at noon and making it to 93 for the afternoon high. there are afternoon storms in the forecast for today. but the good thing here is it won't be as hot as the 97-degree reading yesterday. it got crazy and one degree away from the record high yesterday. taking a look from copter4 and these pictures coming. in seeing greater volume in the take a look at drive times coming into town. still looking good. ten minutes from i-70. speeds dipping into the 30s and 20s as you head westbound. a stall is blocking the right shoulder as you travel along brighton boulevard.
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from 9:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the morning. cruisers are putting oup fences. the work had to be started and then delayed. they use helicopters to fly in the fences. breaking overnight, heart break in baghdad after a fire at a hospital killed 12 newborn babies. flames broke out in a maternity ward in western baghdad. investigators believe the cause was an donald trump's campaign faces new questions this morning about something he said at a rally. some took it as a threat and trump was trying to down play it. here's brian webb. donald trump is trying to suppress the latest controversy moments after he said this about the right to bear arms. >> if she gets to pick her
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people, maybe there is. i don't know. hillary wants to take your guns away and leave you unprotected in your home. this is a tremendous political movement. the nra which has endorsed trumpgreed with the explanation. many democrats sided with the clinton campaign who called the remarks dangerous. former arizona congresswoman gifford who was shot in the head during a mass sho "we must draw a political line between speeches." house speaker paul ryan who won his state's primary spoke out. >> it sounds leek a joke gone bad. >> yesterday donald trump took aim at the media for ignoring
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clinton's rallies this week. >> if that were me, this would be a head line all over the world. >> the clinton campaign has disvowed his support and said he was not invited. new this morning, a bank robbing in aurora at the u.s. bank on south peoria very unique that features a looping swirl and two circles. a lot of anger about the sentence of a man arrested six times for drinking and driving. he got probation. >> how much have you had to drink tonight? >> a couple beers. >> that's police video showing the sixth arrest of 54-year old doyle carmack earlier this year in aurora.
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probation instead of prison time. the dui law makes driver's fourth conviction a felony. colorado is not being tough enough says one lawmaker. >> it's extremely frustrating because you see individuals and specific cases of individuals with six or seven prior alcohol convictions and they're still not going to prison. >> we also spoke with a criminal defense attorney, carrie and she feels prison for repeat drunk drivers does not work. research shows rehab programs work better. mark sanchez getting ready to fill big shoes. the first starting quarterback tomorrow night broncos named him the starter for tomorrow's night against the bears. sanchez took the majority of the snaps and the coach plans to play him in the first quarter and then trevor siemian will play in the second and rookie
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second half. tomorrow's game starts at 6:00 as the broncos start their march back to where they were last year. next in the cbs morning news, if you're an at&t customer you could be getting a refund check.
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good morning, a couple clouds this morning. 64 degrees downtown. 59 in boulder and greeley. gunnison is 46 degrees. nancy rock well is one of our weather spotter says this is first clear morning she's had in
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the morning. some of the moisture has cleared out and a lot of moisture south of denver in the afternoon late afternoon early evening and dawn took this shot of the thunderstorm and looking at this heavy rain. this morning we have a few rain showers pulling into the south western side of the state here and also just north of limon there's a sprinkle going on here there's a combination of moisture from the monsoonal flow and also the tropical storm coming across new mexico here. some of the moisture is mixing in with the dry air over colorado. that's where the moisture comes from today. showers and thunderstorms moving up into the northern part of the state on an isolated basis here as it mixes in with dry hot air.
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there's relief tomorrow. isolated storms dropping to 88 tomorrow and isolated storms but look at friday. we really turn the corner near eight degrees for a few days through the weekend and a good chance at seeing measurable rain from showers and thunderstorms on friday to finish out the week. so your rain barrel should start filling up on friday. traffic alert we're following, these live pictures coming in from copter4 southbound direction of i-225. that's the spot where we typically have slowing. we'll start at i-70 and speeds in the 60s dipping down. that shows red as it should. speeds are down into the 30s now and more like a six or seven minute drive.
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the slowing we have both directions through commerce city and westbound along i-76 as you make your way down into denver with speeds in the 20s. the mousetrap cam, you can see the storms underneath i-70 in the eastbound direction seeing slowing as you get over i-25. that's good news making your way out to the elevated portion of the highway. here's all of that slowing that we have as you make your way down into denver. at&t is paying unauthorized charges and tinder is popular among olympic athletes. news on wall street this morning about this. henna daniels joins us live -- -- hena. good morning, stocks on wall street make small gains. the nasdaq finished 12 points higher for its second record close in a week. futures are pointing up now.
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if you have an add blocker installed. they refuse to display images that originate from a known ad server. facebook has found a way around that. the change only applies to your desk top version. if you're an at&t customer check the mail. they are paying $7.8 million over allegations of mostly small business owners were charged $9 a month for a fake directory service. refund checks will be sent over the next 90 days. use of the dating app tinder has soared at the olympic village. more and more athletes are moving in and tinder says the number of users is rising every
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village i guess. i'll stay away from it. wednesday's top stories to talk about this morning morning. a neo natal unit in maryland remains closed this morning after three babies tested positive for a bacteria that originated in water pipes that lead into the hospital. they're checking it all out right now. new report from the j police row teenly discriminating against blacks and use excessive force and not held accountable for their conduct. that report began after the death of freddie gray. the 25-year old died last year from injuries he suffered while being trans ported in a police van. there were never any convictions against any of the officers who were prosecuted in the wake of the death of freddie gray. people living near the former rocky flats nuclear
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are entitled to at least $12,000. a federal judge has given approval to a multimillion dollar settlement. people want compensation for radio active material at the plant. people started filling out legal papers for this class action lawsuit 26 years ago. this week's wednesday child is a boy that wants to work around the house. he deserves ail him. he likes to clean. we have introduced you to seth before. >> i love cleaning, and i like electronics and robots. that's my hobby. cool stuff there for seth. he says he wants to grow up to be a firefighter and the reason is so that he can help people. maybe people should help seth find a good home.
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today. see for more information on children up for adoption. it's 64 in denver. dave, what are the weather
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good morning, travel forecast across the nation as we look at the map here. if you're looking for thunderstorms we'll find them in arizona and new mexico. flooding problems huge in sue
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another issue. it's remnants of tropical storm storms. our high is making it to 93 today. a change coming for tomorrow. southbound along i-225 past yosemite. three car accident alongre plenty of companionship along the road inbound along pen ya boulevard and the a-line is running on time. apple has filed for a patent for a device to help large vehicles turn. that invention could reportedly be used in a war situation. there's a sketch there. this is one of 80 patents granted to apple. now is your opportunity to
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the department is accepting applications for an entry level police officer. the academy is scheduled to start in june of next year. the starting salary is $52,000. who says photo shoots are just for engagements? a woman used a photo shoot to announce her new job. her friends gave her the idea and now it's >> you should do these photo shoots. >> her previous employer laid her off and it took her seven months to find work in the healthcare industry. congrats on the new job. a disney character takes a
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dopey fell and took out goofy with him. 0. if you're trying to buy your first home there's a change in laws that might help you. we'll explain that coming up.
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great to have you with us this morning. the sun is up and we hope you're up. dave is watching the weather. we are going to gear up with the hot stuff. that's the forecast. you should come back here and help me out.
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cool down tomorrow. take a look, beautiful shots owl over the place. this is really one of the reasons getting up early is worth it as the beautiful colorado sun rises that we have. here's the break down for you today. we should warm up into the 70s by 9:00 a.m. and by noon the high today is 93 degrees. not as hot as yesterday's high of 97. one degree away from the record. then afternoon thunderstorms. the 80s will be tomorrow and we'll stick around for a while. traffic with joel getting you where you're going this morning. southbound running tough this morning because we have the great exchange going on of information and the police there. a three car accident blocking off the right shoulder. it's not blocking any plane lanes of traffic south bound along i-225. watch out for that and expect delays. speeds into the 50s.
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directions. if you're trying to buy a new home, today there may be new help for you. shawn chitnis is life at the state capital and will explain new home buyer savings. tell them what it is about. this was one of many ideas that lawmakers were looking at earlier in the year to try and take on the ongoing housing crisis here in colorado. this new idea that takes affect today as a law is a special incentive for those save money for that first house they're going to buy in the form of savings account. it will allow you to make a deduction from your state income tax as part of one way to build up towards that down payment that you need to make for that first house. new home buyers can have a savings account that is tax free.
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account for your children when they have a head start when it's time to buy that house several years from now. this is one of the many ideas they're looking at and taking effect today as they take on the housing crisis here in colorado. live at the state capital, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. two anti fraking initiatives may not have enough signatures to make it on the november ballots. cities and counties would have regulations. initiative 78 would increase structures and 98,492 signatures are needed to get on the ballot. the group frak free colorado dropped off petitions in boxes earlier this week and the secretary of state said some of the boxes are empty. >> other measures that were turned in, the petitions were scanned in by the staff and put
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be sent down to pueblo to the state agency and they maybe had five boxes left over. this was boxes and boxes. it may not mean anything but it might mean something. >> they have to count to make sure things are legit on the ballots. they certify them and works to find out if they're all legit. we'll find out on the 7th of september with the full count. douglas county has new this morning. commissioners decided to restrict the number of plants to primary residents at 12. they are worried about home invasions and robberies that goes along with pot growing and violators could face thousands of dollars worth of fines. a massive dust cloud on the left settled over phoenix
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tucson partly from a system associated with tropical storm javier yesterday that's falling apart but man, it's still whipping folks in the arizona area. >> yeah, unbelievable. you get the combination of remnants of a tropical storm and monsoonal flow and that double whammy going on. some of our rains may come from that mostly clear skies over the area. 50s and 60s showing up all over the region this morning. john says we could use some rain since august 1st and he may get some coming up on friday where there's a bigger change coming into play. here's the satellite and radar this morning. mostly clear over denver and showers and thunderstorms moving up into western colorado. some of the moisture that's
6:36 am
monsoonal southerly flow and there's the moisture plume. some moisture is mixing in with dry air and we'll have thunderstorms but not as bad as arizona. take a look at we get into the afternoon. more in the way of heavier rain across the southern stretches of the state. isolated thunderstorms trickling up to the north and thunderstorms in the forecast again this afternoon and they will pull out over the eastern plains. in the mountains rain continuing into the evening tonight the way the heat is on across the eastern plains and looks like 94 in greeley and fort collins and 89 in colorado springs and 99 in la junta and lamar today. if you want to cool off go to the mountains. it's in the 70s up there. 93 degrees in denver. isolated afternoon storms and 88 tomorrow. the 80s are back but still spotty. friday is the game changer.
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keep it in the 80s through the weekend ahead. joel, the cool down is just a few days away for us. >> we can hold out, i guess. here's a look from copter4 as you travel through the bridges. i-25 making your way out to i-225 and there's the ramp there across the denver metro area. more volume as folks make their way out to school now. so we're seeing a return of the volume as well so traffic patterns will be different as kids get back southbound from i-25 as you're making your way down into town north of i-70. look at the northbound along i-25 as well. let me show you this area. this is where we're seeing the slowing. i-76 in the westbound direction. both directions in commerce city and a trouble spot i-70 and colorado. this is a single car accident as you head in the eastbound direction of i-70 seeing slowing back from before i-25 and look at that southbound along there
6:38 am
along i-70 an earlier accident still in the clean up stages and right shoulder three car accident southbound along i-225 as you make your way on the approach and starting to see it load up in the eastbound direction of c-470 getting past university and out past broadway and i-25. i should mention this. as i was talking about c-470, they're breaking ground on t c-470 express lane projects adding an express toll lane in both directions for i-25 out to wadsworth boulevard. it starts at 10:30 this morning at the sears on south yosemite. checking out this morning at the airport, delta may still have trouble. i saw a couple flights cancelled in atlanta and detroit. they had the computer problem after a power outage this week and it sent ripples across the flights.
6:39 am
cigarettes. this bad house fire in lakewood near west mexico avenue. four people were inside at the time and they did manage to get out. the house is bad but nobody is seriously hurt. fbi has a new special agent in charge in denver. timothy slater takes on his new role next month. he replaces thomas reven who transferred less than a month away from the season opener against the panthers. the nfl is hosting a free kick off party and concert at civic center park. >> we will have activities for kids all the way up to adults and more avid and casual fans are get k to know the game. certainly the game at the stadium is important but we want to appeal to all fans of all
6:40 am
rehearsal for the super bowl game. dierks bentley will be performing. a 73-year old woman shot and killed during a citizen's police academy event in florida. how could that happen? the latest this morning on donald trump's suggestions to second amendment supporters. was it a threat to hillary clinton? rockies brew another one. he m sports. the colorado rockies are developing a habit but not a good one. the rockies unfortunately are making a habit of blowing late leads. they blew a 3-1 lead friday night and then another over the weekend. then another. an early 1-0 lead yesterday and third inning more of the same.
6:41 am
5-1. in the 8th bell trade two run do you believe over scott and that would tie things at five and then later another run for texas and the rockies bull pen gave up five runs in the final two innings yesterday. they fall 7-5 and those two teams continuing the series in
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good morning, weather and traffic on the fours. dave aguilera in for lauren this morning. bright sunshine on the horizon with mostly sunny skies this morning. we're comfortable as far as temperatures. a lot of reports going on here and if we look down south let's take you down to colorado springs and they're 55 there. it is 64 and way up in the high brekenridge is at 37 degrees this morning. on the front range range we'll start out with sunshine and cloud up with isolated thunderstorms popping again. about a 10% chance for most of us. then looking at 94 in fort collins and 91 in boulder and 88 in castle rock. our high in denver today, 93 this afternoon. >> enjoy it while we can. i-25 and hamden here, you can see it loading up in both
6:46 am
into the tech center. northbound to the south really loading up. southbound coming into town, speeds dipping down into the 40s and both directions through commerce city speeds into the 30s and teens now westbound along i-76 from brighton to denver. heads up for drivers on drivers through glenwood canyon, find an alternate route today. the posted alternate is going to take you on a four and a half hour detour. through the con i don't know. crews are installing fences and they use a helicopter to do that. they are from 9:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. the high winds and helicopters don't mix well so they are hoping to get it done today. the water park where a ten-year old died riding the world's tallest slide is
6:47 am
the rest of the season. inspections do vary state sto state so we looked at what is happening here in colorado. she has a look at regulations in our state. >> reporter: this is the last weekend for water world outside the denver metro area. it will be busy and we wanted to take a look at safety protocols here in place. there's 40 attractions here at water world and them are considered thrill rides like the mile high flyer. water world told us there are no rides at water world that require a harness to be worn and the attraction in question is more than twice the size of any attraction at water world. the attraction they're referring to is in kansas, the world's tallest water slide. water world said they have an on site engineer inspecting rides
6:48 am
colorado also requires annual inspections and special insurance and that each ride be registered. this is a bit different from what has come out about the rides in kansas according to the topeka capital journal the state hasn't inspected the rides since 2012. a spokesmen from the water park told cbs they do inspections like they do here inspections have yet do be released. the lifeguards also do another once through here. sounds like there's a good protocol in place. thanks, jamie. new from overnight. the second anniversary of the death of michael brown ended in violence in ferguson, missouri. a car sped through a group of protests hurting one man and somebody fired a gun. >> she's shooting! oh my god.
6:49 am
witnesses say somebody fired shots as the car drove away. officers don't believe the bullets hurt anyone. new this morning, a 73-year old woman is dead after she was mistakeningly shot by police after taking part in a community safety event. it happened south of tampa, florida. >> reporter: around 35 people were watching a shoot, don't shoot demonstration inside the when something went terribly wrong. >> all our city leaders and entire police department are devastated for everyone involved in this event. >> reporter: the 73-year old a board member at the local library was a student at the citizen police academy when she was mistakingly hit with a live round. police say it happened during the first scenario when officers were instructing the class using
6:50 am
state of overwhelming shock and grief. >> the officer involved in the accidental shooting who has not been identified has been put on administrative leave. the florida department is heading the investigation. officers hope traps will keep a mountain lion away from an they keep spotting the mountain lion who is interested in the reindeer pen at the park. they have put up barriers to keep him out of the park. a deadly infection in maryland. three babies tested positive at prince george's center. the three babies not be infected
6:51 am
recent deaths of other babies in the nicu there but yet to find a link. >> no clear deaths associated with these infections. >> that bacteria has a long name but staff members believe it originated in water pipes leading into the hospital. they will begin the process of disinfecting the plumbing system today. donald trump and new controversy today from a speech he made i carolina. he mentioned second amendment supporters do something about hillary clinton. >> hillary wants to apoll bish the second amendment. [ crowd booing ] if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> the clinton campaign released
6:52 am
dangerous. the national rifle association tweeted trump is right if hillary clinton gets to pick her anti second amendment judges the nra says there's nothing we can do. clinton has not said anything about taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. paul ryan says it sounds like a joke gone bad. a live look at rio this morning as the americans are hoping to the u.s. is dominating. they now have 26. michael phelps put on his game face and he just ran away with it yesterday. now he has his 21st gold medal winning the 200-meter butterfly and relay and the u.s. women's gymnastics team made it look easy. the five women ran away with a gold medal with strong performances in all events yesterday. they just look great.
6:53 am
lands ranch is now the youngest woman's soccer player to score for the united states. she helped give the americans a 2-1 lead against columbia. that game finished with a 2-2 draw. u.s. plays sweden in women's soccer on friday. meantime, here at home, mark sanchez is the guy for the first quarter of the first pre-season game in chicago. we will see plenty of trevor siemian and paxton lynch as well. trevor siemian is playing the second quarter and paxton lynch will play the second half. the broncos take on the bears at soldier field at 6:00 our time tomorrow night. trending this morning, peyton manning got himself a big fish. not doing a lot these days as he's retired. him and dierks bentley were hanging out and got a big hall. this is on the defensive line.
6:54 am
caught one that was way bigger but he couldn't find the picture. dozens of bike helmets were ready to give out at the safety fair this weekend. if you wear one and it fits properly it can save your life and kids can get fitted as part of the bicycle rodeo. >> once the helmet hits the ground it disperses that energy over a wider area than it would have helmet. >> the district attorney safety fair runs 9:00 to 1:00 on saturday and will be at the jeff cofairgrounds near 6th and indiana. let's get you caught up on weather and traffic. didn't you see the mascot would be there? >> yes, cheeseo will be there. >> can't wait for that. here's evergreen parkway lacking at a few clouds building over the mounts that will event lir turn into thunderstorms later today.
6:55 am
storms before the morning is done there. current temperatures around the region look like this. 63 in limon and 63 in boulder and downtown. shelby majors is a weather watcher from fort collins and she has 62. westminster also at 62. what a beautiful picture there with that greenery and the stormsld and radar. storms in western colorado moving into the mountains early on and eventually making their way out over the eastern plains. there's quite a bit of moisture coming up across texas and new mexico. it's the monsoonal flow along with remnants of javier which was a tropical storm over the baja and really pounded arizona yesterday and tucson. ahead of the storms they had a
6:56 am
the city. here is the forecast for today. better chance of rain from the moisture down over southern colorado and isolated storms later this afternoon moving over the eastern plains. so pretty much in line with what we have seen. the heat starts across 80s in the eastern plains. we drop into the 80s tomorrow and that sends us through friday and the weekend and a good chance up joel. . have a concert for friday night so i'm staring at the forecast. you see arapahoe right as you get to pioneer creek. this is i-70 as you get to york blocking off the right lane causing delays.
6:57 am
southbound coming down into
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,, narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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suggest close ties between her family and foundation. >> a woman is killed during a citizen training exercise. the police chief calls it a horrible accident. plus, michael phelps wins his 21st gold medal. the women's gymnastics team beats the russians, but critics say men are getting too much credit for some of the triumphs by the women. the triumph of the women. we begin this morning with a


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