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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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good morning, everyone. this is the news breaking out of fort collins this morning. an amber alert for a 5-year-old girl is now over. police found her safe in fort collins. officers do have her mother lauren montgomery in custody. fort collins police tried to confront montgomery last night and they say she drove away recklessly with the little girl in the vehicle. we have more breaking news out of weld county. jaime leary moved onto a possible auto-pedestrian accident. there's a big seen out there. can you tell us what's going on. >>reporter: huge scene and this is just a stones throw from where you saw us earlier after the high speed chase. quite a
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thornton police and weld sheriff deputy and state patrol as well as fire rescue on the frontage road. this is between monroe where we were earlier and colorado 52 just on the east frontage road off $52 just on the east frontage road off i-25 southbound right now. colorado state patrol tell us this is a car verses pedestrian. but at this point in time, we do not know the extent there, but quite a large response for this heavy front end sdaj to a jeep wrangler which is the only car involved from my perspective. there was an ambulance on scene earlier, but that has left. no word on injuries by the person struck by the car. we're going to keep an eye on this. live in weld county, jaime leary. >> thank you for that. new this morning, another
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deputies found a 7-year old girl at south parker. they tried cpr, but the chide didn't survive. investigators say it doesn't appear adults were around the girl when she drowned and they don't know how long the 7-year old was in the water before someone called 911. and new details now in the drownings of two young sisters and their babysitter in pueblo. autopsies confirm the girls drowned accidentally earlier this week. investigators have yet to figure happened. 3-year old asina and her 6-year old sister amya and their babysitting lee died monday. a swat situation ends peacefully at the budget host motel in loveland. deputies tried arrested coons. he violated a restraining order and refused to surrender. deputies evacuated nearby apartment buildings as a precaution.
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coons into custody. rtd's train is on time after problems this week. passengers going to the airport had to get off pena and ride a bus to the terminal. this is the same problem that happened on wednesday. >> a-line has been nothing but a nightmare since they started. >> this is a total joke. i think rtd -- this has been a mess since i started taking the train. >> rtd blames the time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. chris spears, it is unbelievably cool outside right now. i kind of like it. >> i do too. enough of a hint of the season that lies ahead. not too much that you need a jacket or anything, but you'll feel it: 38 in leadville this morning. a cool spot up there. 57 in grand junction. 56
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37 from our weather watcher. the state running 5 to 10 degrees lower. a couple of spots, cooler. meeker, 13 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. joel, this trend is going to stick with us during the afternoon. it's going to be a refreshing day and a drying trend into the weekend. we have copter 4 giving us our this is an auto verses pedestrian accident. this is where our jaime leary was. they were cover being police activity that shut down i 25. this frontage road is going to be closed off for the next several hours as police continues their investigation. an auto-pedestrian accident involving that jeep there right in the center of this police activity that's going on. we're going to follow that story for you. let me take you into the denver-metro area. we've got an
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accident at monaco and mississippi. this is causing delays in and around that area as well. on highway, we're seeing more volume and that's leading to slowing. you can turn on our partners 850 am and 94.1 fm. u.s. leaders are telling americans in thailand to stay safe following a series of bombing attacks. bombs exploded in at least 5 y o central and southern part of that country. the attacks killed at least 4 people. thai police say the violent since linked to islamic terrorism. a fire damages a home in littleton. a fire started near west fairview and kendall. it started in the kitchen this time. and an oxygen tank may have exploded in the garage. no one was home at the time. happening today, you may notice a lot of police and
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and la pan. crews are doing a mock emergency natural gas drill. this is just west of the light rail. it all should start around 9:00 this morning. the drill should last about 2 hours. this is the news in campaign 2016. there's 87-days left. can you believe it until the election. hillary clinton is off today, but she could release her 2015 tax returns. donald trump is in pennsylvania today and he admits that problems in places including utah. >> i'm having a problem because look, it could cost us the supreme court. we're going to have four or five justices put on. >> republicans are urging the rnc to steer resources away from trump and to avoid congressional races. trump says this isn't true. clinton is facing scrutiny over 300 pages of her e-mails released this week. some people suggests the e-mails
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state department. the clinton campaign denies that link. the broncos are off to a really fabulous start. they cleaned up last night beating the bears 22-0. the focus turns on the 49ers after that chicago shut out. michael spencer tells us the team is in need of a quarterback. >>reporter: there was a quarterback competition and they left chicago with a quarterback competition. no o quarterback job really stood out above the crowd. sanchez got the first crack ask led the offense down the field and scored a touchdown on his first possession, but threw an interception on his next possession. sanders -- linch got to play the entire second half. all three guys said we did good things, but there's things we need to do and it's clear this quarterback competition is far from settle.
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step. they went and played like they had been practicing. they were solid. >> it's important to score on the first drive and not just a field goal, but to get 6 points, to stand there on third down and take a hit, i think it was -- he smacked me there. so it's nice to pop up from a hit like that and it never feels good, but it feels better when you're in the end zone with the ball. >> i felt good with the game plan and the plays we had there and the plays they called when i was out there. they were simple to run and something i was good at, so i felt comfortable. >> kind of do what i've been doing. stay within myself and the plays will come. we're on a good team. whoever is pulling the trigger back there, so guys are going to step up and make plays so we got to operate. >> the broncos will practice on saturday. they'll have sunday off and then return to the field monday for the final week of training camp. they'll host the 49ers next saturday for
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i have a feeling we'll know more about the quarterback position after that game. michael spencer. >> thanks michael for that. up next, twitter responds to reports that it censor abuse directed at president obama. and yet another problem for volkswagen as the company deals with vehicle hackers. this is
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good morning, everyone. jaime has new breaking news of a person possibly hit a by vehicle this morning. but we have an update to breaking news from last hour. an uber driver claims that people fired shots at his vehicle earlier. it happened at denver and 120th. a
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started shooting completely unprovoked. the back windshield is shattered and the passenger window gone. the driver called police and officers chased the suspect's car northbound of 25 north of colorado highway 52. police were able to stop that vehicle and they took two people into custody. the uber driver is okay. the jefferson county safety fair is a good place to do your yearly safety check. you can talk to the fire department about using air or smoke detectors and you can drop off your old cell phone to be used as an emergency phone for seniors and you can get information on internet safety for kids and teens. >> the responsibility to just return -- it's to ensure public safety and we do that obviously by aggressively prosecuting those people that are predators and that hurt other people. but preventing crime, and keeping
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fits into what the responsibilities are. >> the jefferson county fair runs from 9:00 to 1:00 at the jefferson county fair grounds and you can find out what else is out there by going to 6:14 on the clock and time for weather and traffic on the fours. people want to know about the friday forecast. i'm delivering a -- the sunrise, a beautiful view from look out mountain. there's a broader view and 6:08 and goes down at 7:59 tonight. look at these temperatures. you're going to feel a little refreshment in the air when you step out. 50s and 40s for the most part. 60s on the agent -- 55 downtown. boulder, 38 in leadville for a cool spot. 46 in steamboat springs. true to the micro climates of our state. our weather watcher has 38 with a chill at his house. 56 in westminster from paul romero. 8
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we need wide spread rainfall in our state. moderate drought continues in far western colorado. 27% of the state abnormally dry including all the metro denver. unfortunately no wide spread rain on this forecast. a few showers by lamar. we'll have sunny skies for much of the state as we go through your morning. clouds will build over the higher pea the coverage of storms today won't be nearly as wide spread as we saw yesterday. there's a chance a few could get strong, southern colorado you have the best chance of seeing that. denver, it's a high and dry day. temperatures, lower to middle 80s and cooler in the arkansas river valley. you'll enjoy that. 70s up high. hot in grand junction. you should get up near the 90 degree mark if not better.
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storm, but for the most part, a dry seasonable weekend. this is i-25 and highway 52, it's the frontage road along there. you can see the jeep wrangler involved in this accident, it's being reported as an auto-pedestrian accident. jaime leary is on the scene collecting information for us. we had an overnight incident nearby, and she was able to transfer over there. she's feeding us information on this. it looks like the road is going to be closed for some time. that's the you get along i-25. you got the town fire showing up along here. there's highway 52 that takes you to highway 119. and it's a long the frontage road to the west of i-25 we have this issue. weaver going to follow that and let you know -- we're going to follow that and let you know when it opens. across the denver-metro area, slowing along i-25. for 6:16 in the morning, there's a lot of green on this map. it's friday so we expect a nice
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highway, we're not going to see delays. off highway, we've got a rollover accident at monaco and mississippi. we're seeing delays in this area. and let me show you the drive times as you're coming from the north -- speeds into 40s. seeing speeds in the 60s southbound along i-225. not too bad from parker road to i-225. >> thank you. twitter is accused of president obama. and there's problems for volkswagen. hanna daniels is live. >>reporter: the s&p and the nasdaq closed at record highs yesterday. it's the first time all three hit records on the same day since 1999. the dow added 117 points and the nasdaq gained 23. futures pointing up.
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is denying that twitter filtered tweets during a question and answer session with obama. they said that -- he called the report total nonsense and false. tens of millions of volkswagen vehicles making vulnerable to theft. a new report, securities say that hackers can copy jetties from 2015-16. volkswagen says some models usid softwares aren't at-risk. if you're one of the many people who thinks everything taste better fried. deep fried twinkies is jumping from the state fair to your freezer.
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year-long collaboration with hostess and walmart >> that puts my bananas i had this morning puts me to shame. >> i just had an apple. >> we're so healthy. friday's top stories. people will remember the 10-year old boy killed while riding a water slide in kansas city. a memorial service is happening this afternoon in kansas for caleb schwab. he died at the verruckt water park. doctors are treating a 3-year old boy who fell off a roller coaster. he was riding with his brother when he fell 12 feet onto the tracks. inspectors just looked at that
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daily, and we're not going to go into that right now. but safety is always our number one priority. >> workers built the roller coaster in 1938. the ride was halfway through when the accident happened. and the avs need a new coach. patrick wall announced his resignation. he says his vision for making the avs wasn't matching up with the organization. avenue's missed the joe's decision -- well, that's not clear right now. right now, 55 degrees in denver. let's get over to the weather watchers. >> a lot of excitement. everybody reporting cooler to normal conditions. 50 in parker from herald. he says winter isn't too far away. let's get
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? ? the pharmacy you trust... is now in the store you love. because cvs pharmacy... welcome back. weather and traffic on the fours. let's look at the national travel forecast if you're leaving colorado today. no real big weather systems around the
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we're dealing with heat. las vegas to phoenix. seattle near 90. hot in dallas, 103. east of the mississippi river, scattered thunderstorms. mostly 90s out that direction if you have plans headed to the east coast. copter 4 over this -- this is on the west side of 25 at highway 52. they're rerouting trc avoid that area and get on i-25 as an alternate. if you're headed to the airport, i-70 looking great. pena boulevard looking great. we're seeing lighter volume because it's friday. the a-line is running on top. >> it should be two cherries, it's friday. today is alex rodriguez's last game as a yankees.
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admitting to doping. today's game is against the tampa bay rays. a live look in rio day -- the u.s. soccer team takes -- the roster includes 18-year old mallory. the united states has already earned 38 med medals. there's a -- more than 300 suites and restaurants. here's video from the finished resorts. families can enjoy a playing area where including a bowling alley and arcade and rock climbing. 54 degrees outside.
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morning news, a sacramento plane makes an emergency landing while
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here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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here's a live look from copter 4 this friday morning. we have sad news to bring. a person was hit and killed this morning. authorities say a vehicle may have hit that person on a frontage road off i-25 between mineral and highway 52. jaime leary is on the ground there in weld county near the accident. jaime, what can you tell us? >>reporter: we're in the eastbound frontage road just
6:31 am
accident. colorado state patrol says this happened around 5:23 this morning. the driver of that jeep, the green jeep you can see heavy front end damage there. a 53-year old person hit a single person. we can only assume he was walking along the frontage road this morning. this is actually between colorado 52 which is also known as mineral and tipal parkway. this is a fal unfortunately. it's a very busy morning for weld county. we had copter 4 flying over it. it was quite the scene. we had multiple agencies responding. we had sheriff's deputies here, colorado state patrol as well as fire crews on scene. this was confirmed to be a fatal accident around 5:23 this morning. we're told the driver of the jeep, the 53-year old person did stay on
6:32 am
dark at that time. only a stone throw from where we were on an earlier car chase. it has been a busy morning for weld county. we're going to keep gathering details. live in weld county, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> jaime, you can expect curiosity slowing along i-25 as they see that frontage road blocked off. that's for folks in the southbound direction that are right adjacent to it. let's go out to copter. sunshine glare there. i know a lot of local traffic uses that frontage road to avoid i-25. i would use i-25 as an alternate and you can take highway 52 to aggregate. let me show you where this is on the map so you can see as folks make their way southbound coming into town. the nice part about this, the silver lining is it's a friday so we see lighter volumes.
6:33 am
i 80 and up north. >> joel, thank you so much. new this morning, more than 20 people are hurt following severe turn lance on a jetblue plane. the pilot was heading from boston to sacramento when the trouble started last night. >> it still blowed my mind. what happened anybody who didn't have a seatbelt on pretty much whacked their head. >> the plane landed in south dakota. this is what it looked like in the terminal after the landing. 22 passenger hospital with injuries. a former cu student who raped another student will not serve time in prison. a boulder county judge sentenced him to 20 years probation and people are outraged over this. he has work release at the boulder county jail and he'll be able to go to school and work during the day, then sleep at the jail at night. a jury found wilkerson guilty of raping a half
6:34 am
friends he wanted to take care of her. this case resembles one earlier this year where a stanford university student was convicted of rape but avoided prison time. >> we've seen in other instances where it's a person of color or they're not athlete or they aren't in college, and they don't seem to be as worthy of that mercy. >> franklin says too judges take into the offender's future rather than the victims. crews will spray for mosquitos next monday and tuesday. doctors treated 13 people already this summer from the disease that is spread by mosquitos and the cases out of boulder, larimer, weld and adams
6:35 am
we got a nice start to your friday. you're going to enjoy the day. dryer and cooler than what we have seen. if you were up last night, did you see the meteor showers. pete miller tweeted this picture. you can see one meteor going by. he had good views of that show as he was up there in the high country. 48 degrees from steve bennett, our weather watcher on the north side of colorado springs. we've seen a lot of 40s pop up this morning. mostly 50s on the 60s on the south eastern plains. the higher elevations or valleys and you'll find 40s and a couple of 30s up above 9,000 feet and 10,000 feet places like leadville. we're abnormally dry from the eastern plains across denver-metro and the foothills. south western colorado we need a good wide spread rainfall. and that's not in the cards, i'm afraid. here's future cast. showers by lamar and we're going
6:36 am
handful of clouds pop on the eastern slopes of the rockies and then showers will develop. these will be widely scattered, but one or two could become strong along and east of i-25. the best chance is happening down south of colorado springs and pueblo. largely i think most of you are going to stay dry today, but you can get that quick passing shower. 80s along and east of i-25. very nice in denver. 83 degrees. love that. 70s in the high country. 80s to near 90 on the western slope in gr 5-day forecast, it's a gradual warming trend through weekend. a chance for a stray storm. we'll hit the 90s early next week. chris, we want to go to our traffic alert at i-25 and colorado 52. this is the frontage road along i-25 to the west of i-25 and you can see it's completely blocked off. live pictures from copter 4 showing us this. this is a deadly accident.
6:37 am
jaime leary is giving us updates and her next update in a few minutes. drivers in that area, you're going to experience curiosity slowing along i-25. we're seeing that develop. you've got the sunshine glare to the east and this is going to effect traffic which has higher volumes in the southbound direction. if you need to get around there, if you live there locally, you can take highway 52 to aggregate. u closed at tipal. they have to do accident-reconstruction. we had an accident at i-25 and santa fe, and that has been cleared. nice and green, northbound along i-25. that means we're at or near posted speed limits. i-225, a different story. westbound along i-76, eastbound along i-270 and westbound along i-70, on the approach to i-270, i want to take you in because we have a closure of monaco.
6:38 am
the approach to mississippi due to an earlier rollover accident. thank you so much. more help is coming to homeless people in aurora. the city just hired its first homeless program director. this is shelly. her goal is to pair affordable housing with individualized service and case management for families in need. she starts this coming monday. new developments on the effort to raise the minimum wage in colorado. the initiative will be on the ballot this november. these constitutional amendment would raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020. two anti-fractioning measure -- anti-fracking may not being be on the ballot. with an individual rejection -- that would mean there's not enough valid signatures to get on ballot. we should know by next
6:39 am
morning with gayle king. we'll hear from one of the passengers of jetblue. the news is back in the morning, we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. >> you can catch gayle king and donna -- denver public works, will have fun during the 28th annual snow rodeo. they'll show off their driving skills in an obstacle course and you're looking at video from last year. the event lets driving teams freshen up their skills during the summer and prepare for whatever challenges they may face at winter time. coming up on the cbs4 morning news, an uber driver says two people pulled up next to him and fired shots at his car for no reason. the suspects
6:40 am
their tails. how this wild chase ended, coming up. an ache look at this. the crane bar -- the broncos are on a nice high this morning after a win. they stopped the bears 22-0. here's mark haas with your morning sports. >>reporter: if the broncos have a dominate quarterback on this roster, it wasn't apparent in the pre-season the broncos defense looking as dominate as ever against the bears. it was sanchez's night to go against the starters. a toss to dt and a throw came under pressure. sanchez made a mistake we've seen a few times. on the run, he's going to force a pass that gets tipped. that's the one thing the broncos don't want him to do. the broncos defense showing no -- they
6:41 am
130 yards to points all night. broncos special teams in on the action. feller blocked -- anderson there for the touchdown. all broncos in this one. 22-0 the final for the first pre-season game. >> there's a lot of faces not out there, but the play was very solid. it was fast. and you know, just a lot of good things going on. last year we were deep. we played a lot of people and we played extremely well. we know that. so itks again. >> avs -- the coach saying his vision not matching up with the
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weather and traffic on the fours. happy friday. we really appreciate you startir day with us. a beautiful start to the day in denver. hardly a cloud to be seen. same deal from the mountain camera. you have to look way to the east and the southeast to find clouds down there near lamar. a few showers, but that's on the for today. a refreshing start to your friday. cold front came through yesterday. we're all about five to 10 degrees cooler than this hour yesterday. 40 in meeker. 46 in telluride. a lot of 40s up high . 50s down low. we'll warm to the lower 8 0s. copter 4 over this frontage
6:46 am
if you need to get around that this morning, you can take ago gre kate -- highway 52 over to aggregate. the expected closure to be extended as police continues their investigation of a deadly auto-pedestrian accident. let me show you where this is. you can expect slowing on i-25 as they're curiosity slowing and the side streets will fill up as traffic is rerouted around that. here we are across the denver-metro area, same slowing in the usual eastbound along i-270. westbound along i-70 on the approach to 270 and southbound along i-225 starting to develop as you get through the bridges from santa fe in the southbound direction of i-25. britt, we have lighter volume across the denver-metro area and in town, the cars are cooperating with each other. it will lead to a nice friday commute. >> thank you, joel. 1 person is dead this morning after being hit by a jeep. it happened on a frontage road of i-25 between mineral and
6:47 am
working this accident scene for us. good morning, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, britt. it has been a busy morning for weld county. this just down the road from where we were earlier on a high speed chase. behind me, you can see the scene. we're on the east frontage road. it happened on the west. you heard joel talking about how this entire section is closed down between tipal parkway and colorado 52. you see that jeep, heavy front end damage to the jeep. a 53-year old person stayed on scene. the victim was pronounced dead on scene. there was 1 person struck by that jeep this morning. colorado state patrol is investigating. they say the incident happened around 5:23 this morning. still fairly dark out. as we've been standing on the east frontage road, we've seen a number of bikers and a number of people walking, so not sure if this is a common spot where people are
6:48 am
bicyclist here this morning, so anything is possible, but again, around 5:23, still fairly dark out here and unfortunately when people arrived on scene, there were a number of -- fire and ambulance. they said the person was pronounced dead on scene. this wasn't a hit-and-run. the 53-year old driver stayed on scene and the person pronounced dead. we're going to stay on this story. live morning news. >> jaime, thank you. a short distance away, jaime was working this scene. an uber driver is safe after bullets hit his car. the back windshield is shattered. and the passenger window gone. the driver called police and officers chased the
6:49 am
just north of colorado highway 52. right near where that person was hit in jaime's story. police did stop the vehicle and they took police into custody. this is the news breaking out of fort collins. an amber alert for a 5-year old girl is over. police found her safe in fort collins. officers do have her mother lauren montgomery. police tried to confront the away recklessly with the child in the vehicle. the child is okay this morning. new this morning, a 7-year old girl is dead after drowning in an arapahoe county apartment pool. it happened last night near east florida and south parker road. someone saw the girl in the water and called 911. deputies tried cpr, but she didn't survive. investigators say it doesn't appear any adults were around
6:50 am
u.s. leaders say americans in thailand should be cautious following a series of bombing attacks. explosives hit a series of popular resort cities and beach towns across the nation there. now the bombs killed 4 people and this is some of the worst violence to hit thailand since the military koou 2 years. they say it's not linked to terrorism. this 2016. clinton could release her 2015 tax returns today. bryan web has the latest. >>reporter: trump didn't sound like himself talking to evangelical preacher in florida. he admitted his campaign is having problems in utah. >> we're having a problem because you know, look, it could cost us the supreme court.
6:51 am
justices put on. >> reports that 70 republicans urge the rnc to steer resources away from trump and towards congressional races. something the republican national committee and the gop nominee denied. >> there's no truth, but i'm the one funding and raising the money and people are using the money i raised. if it is true, that's okay too because all i have to do is stop funding the republican >> clinton unveiled her economic plan in detroit and -- >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages including the trans pacific partnership. >> something trump pounced on reminding voters that clinton supported the partnership while secretary of state, but reversed her opinion on the trade deal during the primaries. >> all of a sudden she went from its the gold standard to she wants to prove it.
6:52 am
sneeze over 300 pages of her -- she's facing scrutiny over 300 papers of her e-mails. bryan web, cbs news. assistant football coach gerry sandusky is expected to testify at his appeals hearing today. this is the first for sandusky. the 72-year old did not take the stand during his 2012 trial convicted for sexually abusing ten boys. a judge sentenced him to no less than 30 years in prison. sandusky is appealing that conviction based on allegations that his trial lawyers were ineffective. we see the moment a commuter train hits a pickup truck in massachusetts. you can see the train slam into that truck, and
6:53 am
here is the aftermath. the 70-year old man behind the wheel was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but no one on the train was hurt. >> just going along normally and there was a bump and we jolted. >> officials say signals did warn drivers of an oncoming train before the crash. the train was going 30 miles when it hit the truck and the pickup was removed from the tracks. a ball attached to a crane trade center under construction in new york city. it happened on the 12th floor of the building. the new york fire department says a gust of wind rattled the crane and sent the ball into the window. no debris fell to the ground and no one was hurt. that's the good news. workers will secure the window this morning. it's only pre-season, but the broncos are looking good. the team shut out the bears last night and coach kubiak is pleased. here's part of his locker room speech from last
6:54 am
play. there's a few young guys that got a few reps. we'll make it up this week. we've got good practices against san francisco. that's a good start. here's what impresses me, we talk about being a team that can win three ways, right. show up on sunday, we win offensively and defensively. we scored in all three phases tonight. that's what it's back. let's go to work, on three, one, two, three. >> work. >> the broncos will face the san francisco 49ers next saturday in denver. the defense looks good out to read analysis on the race for starting quarterback. we still need a strong quarterback. we don't know who it is. here's chris spears, we know the weather is going to be nice. >> a live look from the mountain -- come to your tv if you're listening. a beautiful sunrise on the eastern plan. our photo journalist is in eastern albert
6:55 am
alluding to. 46 in albert county from our weather watcher. 49 in south parker. 40 in the metro area. what a crisp start. 34 in walled on. a dusting of snow. i love it here. future cast shows showers and thunderstorms will pop up, but not until mid-to late afternoon and they'll be few and far in between in the front range, mountains and south eastern plains. n' activity stays to our south. low 80s. 70s up high. 80s to near 90 out west . enjoy this because the heat does come back right here in this 5-day forecast. 88 on sunday. dry and low 90s next week . >> our pet of the week is fantastic. looking from copter 4 at i-25 and highway 52. this is the frontage road on the west
6:56 am
auto-pedestrian accident. that investigation does continue. it was not a hit-and-run. jaime leary is at the scene giving us updates. and you can follow her on twitter. we'll have our next update coming up in 30 minutes. this is our cbs 4 -- we have slowinghi southbound along i-25 passed i-70. same southbound along i-25 through the bridges and southbound along i-225, eastbound along c-470 and the pocket of volume we have slowing through. westbound along i-70, 6th eastbound along i-270. we have southbound, monaco that's closed at mississippi. due to an accident there. >> joel, thank you time for our pet of the week because it's friday. this is bella. she's a little chihuahua puppy. born in
6:57 am
the yard and she's smiling as you can see. look at those ears. those are just adorable. you
6:58 am
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award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? two dozen people are hurt when a cross-country flight gets rocked by turbulence. passengers describe a terrifying free-fall. >> donald trump tries to dismiss his incorrect claim that president obama founded isis by sarcasm. plus, scientists find a shark living in greenland that may have been born before george washington. what it could teach us about healthy aging. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. some very rapid shaking. then it felt like we hit a wall and then w we just dropped.


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