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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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this is the news at 6:00 a.m. a second night of protests after a shooting over the weekend. armed robbers target a marijuana dispensary very crazy. >>. here is the damage left behind from the flooding in louisiana. it's terrible out there.>> look from copter4 ahead of the sunrise this morning. looks hazy from this perspective. we are starting the week with warmer temperatures but a big cool down is coming on friday. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. a bet a lot of you are hazy now. let's get a check with the
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76 at 9:00 a.m. and 86 at noon and the high should be 91. a few isolated thunderstorms this afternoon but only a 10% chance of that. a hot summer day and there are changes but we'll talk about that later. right now a look at the morning drive. joel has that for us. >> watching the newest accident at i-70 through watkins. any traffic making their way into town from further to the ea it's to the east of e-470 and opening it won't affect the drive into town. we'll continue to watch that for you. breaking overnight, new protestors in milwaukee over a deadly police shooting. people set a car on fire. they reportedly fired guns in several areas. >> i hereby declare this assembly to be unlawful and order you to disperse.
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shooting victim to a hospital and doctors are also treating an afr hurt after people hurled rocks as a police car. this violence response to the shooting death of 24-year old seville smith who was black. he ran from a traffic stop on friday and an officer fired when smith ignored ordered to put protestors are demanding to see the body cam video and they are also saying oppression needs to be addressed in milwaukee. the all clear after reports of gun fire at jfk airport. no one was hurt. police evacuated two terminals as a precaution yesterday. pictures show terminal eight completely empty. the shooting scare also led to grounded and diverted flights.
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the airport. we heard the shots and everybody just pushed their way in. >> we heard the shots and everybody pushed their way in and port authority came in with these guns. very scary. >> police say it's not clear what led to the airport scare. they have not confirmed if someone fired a gun or not. officers have not arrested anyone. three man and a woman who robbed a marijuana dispensary are on the loose and there are rattled. this happened near south monaco. at least one person had a gun we understand, jamie? >> investigators say one of the people had a long gun. that they know for certain. arapahoe county sheriff's office looking for four suspects. it happened in the middle of the afternoon yesterday just before 2:00. they ran into the cure, the dispensary behind me right through the front doors.
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black males and a female. the cure is a medical only dispensary and two people were inside at the time, an employee and customer. fortunately nobody was hurt. a neighbor told us that a passenger in a getaway car yelled at the woman to get in the car as something was bundled in her arms. the getaway car sedan about ten years old. new this morning troopers say drinking and driving led to a deadly crash in clear creek canyon off highway six. the car sended up in the water. one person died and two others are hurt. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the four's. let's get you going with dave
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67 in boulder. 66 in highlands ranch this morning and our weather watcher in lakewood at 65 degrees. here's the futurecast now for us this morning as we go through the day. sunshine is plenty and isolated thunderstorms popping during the course of the afternoon, probably after 3:00 or so. high today should be 90 in fort collins and 85 in castle rock and 91 looks to be the afternoon temperature here in denver to start the week. another warm one it looks like. we're watching a couple trouble spots breaking them down for you. getting a first look at copter4 along i-225. starting to load up both directions along i-225. southbound coming into town speeds in the 60s and 50s. nine minutes on the drive we're going to load up westbound along i-270. this is right on the approach to i-270. the cars are bunching together.
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metro area, a couple trouble spots for you. the lights are malfunctioning westbound along 26th at queue beck. treat that as a four way stop and then central park boulevard at northville watch out for lane restrictions along there. westbound we have a roll overat watkins causing issues for folks making their way in from bennett. the westbound lanes have reopened this morning and crews worked to replace t over arapahoe. other parts adding additional lanes and noise walls and widen stretches of yosemite. the project not expected to wrap up until the summer of 2018. at least two people are hurt in a bombing near the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. it appears it targeted the afghan military. police say the taliban have overrun police headquarters.
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accused of using a racial slur before attacking a black woman in denver. 27-year old christopher derby is charged with a bias motivated crime and third degree assault. 23-year old jacqueline fitzpatrick needed stitches after the attack. she and her friends were waiting for a ride on south broadway when two men approached them. she told cbs4 derby called her a racial s man and woman are doing after a roof collapse in the toub of elizabeth that happened yesterday in columbine trail off highway 86. they were working on tearing down an out building when the roof came crashing down. the man was in critical condition as of late last night. doctors have not said how the
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for mosquitos tonight and tomorrow night. that spraying is supposed to happen between 8:00 and midnight. a record number sof mosquitos are testing positive for west nile virus in boulder, weld and larimer counties. colorado has seen 13 human cases so far this year. health officials announced the state's first west nile virus death last week and people welcomed the mosquitos >> the sooner the better. we need the neighborhood sprayed if we have west nile. >> researchers at colorado mosquito control say they are seeing a surge in mosquitos infected. up to 90% of species trapped can carry and transmit the virus. 10,000 people are waking up in flood shelters this morning in baton rouge.
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water. at least five people are dead. buses took people to a movie studio last night to get shelter. >> turn your back for a second and it's here. i'm going to take one day at a time. right now i'm going to set up and go get me some rest. >> look at that flooding right there. you can see how bad it is. it shut down major highways like i-12 and left drivers stranded for more than 24 hours. the preside of louisiana major disaster area. . a video of a rare tornado ripping through manila, the capital of the philippines. it brought down trees and electricity was knocked out. nobody hurt but you can see it twisting across town. it formed in the port area brought about by a monsoon. heavy rains are expected to continue into the philippines in the middle of the week.
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morning. here's a live look at the coastline. u.s. athletes are trying to up the medal count during the second week of the athletic competition. emma colburn is racing in the women's steeple chase today. the u.s. has 69 medals including 26 gold. ryan lochte is thanking people for their support after robbers held him and three other u.s. swimmers at gun point. it happened in rio early yesterday morni look forward to getting home to map out the plans for my future with an eye on representing team usa at the tokyo olympics". >> they were robbers act acting as police officers. just terrible. volkswagon gets approval for what it plans to do about its polluting diesel cars. the new warnings when it comes to sleeping babies.
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we have mostly clear skies out. a little bit of haze moderate quality out there. it makes for' nice start to the day. temperature wise across the state we're looking at 34 degrees in leadville and 44 in meeker and 48 in greeley. a little cool up there. now across the state we're mostly clear here and that will not last all day. a high pressure ridge over the southwest and above that high, a
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and that's moisture for thunderstorms this afternoon. thunderstorms spotty like today. there's all that moisture now and look as it gets caught up in the monsoonal flow and look as it shoots up into cincinnati. flooding issues going into ohio and indiana. try to give you a scope on how much rain hit louisiana. take a look at these readings. we round up with fou in the whole year here in colorado. we average about 14-15 inches of rain in denver in an entire year so that is really something there. this afternoon spotty storms here and there isolated in the mountains and eastern plains as well. the best focus of storms aalong the palmer divide. 90s and oisz here in the east and 70s and 80s in the high
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91 in denver with isolated afternoon thunderstorms and back in the upper 80s tuesday, wednesday and thursday and slight chances each day of storms and by friday a bigger change with the cold front, 76 degrees and scattered storms during the afternoon. joel, we're starting out another day with another hot one coming our way. yes, we're starting out the day with another accident as well. to the east of e-470 at watkins. we'll get pictures out there southbound coming into town speeds into the 50s and 60s as you make your way past 104th. ten minutes on that drive to i-70 and you see it slowing down along i-270 as well. here's the mousetrap cam. ex-tres toll lanes open and bunches of cars making their way southbound into town. it's going to lead the slowing around the stadium curb. i-225 still running nicely into
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in the next quarter hour. construction is picked up and moved out of the way along c-470 in both directions near 285. >> that's a bunch of trouble there. president obama's spot few play list is parentally a hit. this is the news in wall street this morning. jill wagner live in new york this morning. good morning, jill. good morning, stocks continuing their record run this week. on friday the dow pulled back a bitm 37 points. the nasdaq gained four. futures pointing to a higher open today. volkswagon got the okay on a fix for its cars equipped with software that cheated on pollution tests. the vehicle authority in germany approved a tech update for 450,000 smaller cars. volkswagon sold 11 million cars
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software. ruby tuesday closing 95 locations nationwide. the company is also planning to revamp its menu. president obama's summer vacation play lists surged to the top on spot few less than 24 hours it was released last week. the play list includes "iner man" and "good vibrations" the beach boys. >> i saw tower of power on there. i didn't see "hail to the chief" though. >> that's not such a summer play list. >> right, you're at the beach. thanks a lot. let's get on to monday's top stories. crews are looking for people missing from the explosion and fire at an apartment complex in silver spring, maryland. this is what the building looked
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crews have recovered five body frs debro. two were children and, 3 and 8 years old. eight people are unaccounted for. vice president joe biden will campaign with hillary clinton in the battleground state of pennsylvania today. donald trump is scheduled to give a speech on terrorism at youngs town state university in ohio. we are now 84 days away from the election and it is the final week for training camp broncos. the 49ers are coming to town wednesday and they're going to have two combined practices so the teams will share the field. the teams will then play in a preseason game on saturday at mile high and if you want to see the team practice, you can go to our website to find out how you can, in our health watch, doctors overseas say cancer outran ks heart disease as the main cause of death in a lot of europe.
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countries including france and italy. doctors say treatment and prengs of cardiovascular has led to a large decrease in number of deaths. a lot of parents may be placing their babies in risky sleeping positions. experts with the american academy of pediatrics studied video of 160 infants and say parents are going against recommendations to place children on firm sleep surfaces with no loose blankets. doctors say the findings s to avoid sudden infant death syndrome. 62 in denver this morning. let's find out what the weather watchers are reporting. 60s and 50s around the region. thornton is 59. his kids are going back to school today. temperatures further up high are cooler. 40 degrees right now from one of
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gnash. he gets the award for the best beard. we'll have the travel forecast coming up in a bit. looking good, mark.
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if there's any severe thunderstorms this morning, it will be in the dakotas. ours are just garden variety storms. 109 in vegas. 95 in washington d.c. and very humid. 91 is this is i-70 and watkins. it was blocking lanes in both directions. we're hoping they had the insurance on that. this is to the east of e-470 along i-70. it's a roll over at wall kins. out to dia side street issues not affecting volume although we have a lot out there especially
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westbound along i-76 and inbound along pena boulevard. looking like a great drooi. the a-line is running on time as well. the maker of the movie suicide skaud are enjoying suck es at the box office. they brought in $44 million this weekend.
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as he went right past them in the 100-meter. he got off the blocks last and all 6 feet 5 of them used the long stride. he made the race look easy smiling. what a runner. >> no kidding. he really does make it look easy. graceful out there. coming up next, a look at the devastation as a california wildfire forces thousands of get out.
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62 degrees and a beautiful view of the city. dave aguilera is talking about how we will heat up. we're heating up today, look at the sun coming up. with the sunshine let's check out temperatures. 65 in westminster and highlands ranch. on the satellite mostly clear skies despite the isolated storms. sunshine and 76 by 9:00 a.m. 86 by noon with a high of 91. we'll heat up again today with a few isolated storms. a hint of fall is on the way for friday.
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southbound direction of i-25. getting around denver today could get easier. you can test out denver's first two way protected bike lane this morning. the city is testing it out on south broadway between bay and virginia. our shawn chitnis is live in that area to tell us all about it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, here at the intersection of broadway anr, set up. right behind me this is two way set up for bike traffic in both directions and then if we keep going back, you'll see one car parked here in the new set up that allowed for protection for anyone who is biking along broadway in either direction on this side. of course this is a major change that denver republican works want to keep track of and see
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the new bike lane of course is going to go from bayaurd to virginia and that one lane of traffic goes away to make room for the parking spaces that we saw there. today's opening of this lane is the start of a 15-month study period to see how the change goes. of course they are looking for your feedback and we'll put that information on and you can also send your feedback to public works by going to a special website they have created which is denver moves live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. this morning crews in california are fights several wildfires. one destroys several homes and and businesses in lower lake california. thousands of people have been forced out of their homes. >> this is where we all grew up.
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>> the fire has already destroyed 3,000 acres. the clayton fire jumped containment lines. the fire destroyed thousands of cars and the post office, a wine rio and habitat for humanity. these fires are just erupting so fast people can't even think. >> a second wildfire near the lake in central central california has destroyed at least more. crews fight a fire on the western slope and you can see the smoke igniting in garfield county on friday. planes are out dropping retardant flames spreading to 600 acres in mesa county. they're working this fire as hard as they can to keep the spring creek two fire from growing this morning. the beaver creek fire in
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for almost 60 days. it's scorched more than 36,000 acres. the fire is 44% contained. there are concerned about drier and warmer conditions ahead over the next few days. time now for weather and traffic on this monday morning. >> i think it will be a tough week for the fire danger across the state as fire season continues. by friday we may have relief as far as temperature goes so everybody wish for friday. i know you guys do that already but friday is a big game c morning with clear skies and 62 degrees downtown. some other temperatures -- look at the map. leadville at 34 degrees this morning and 41 in steamboat and 68 in boulder. harold is our weather watcher coming in at 62 degrees. mostly clear skies across the state. high pressure bringing in warmth and dryness and also at the same time the high is sitting over
6:36 am
from the pacific so that's moisture from wyoming and colorado for afternoon storms to get going. big problems as you have already seen in our newscast for louisiana. tons of rain there and that's getting caught up now in a southerly flow coming from texas all way up into st. louis. central texas may have issues now. it's really a lot of water. we showed you the flooding pictures around louisiana where some of the water was up signs and that type of thing. they saw in the last four days as much as 21-31 inches of rainfall, over two feet in some locations. that's almost twice as much as we get the whole year in denver. futurecast for today, spotty thunderstorms kicking up in the afternoon and isolated in nature. close to denver the biggest spot we have the best chance of is along the palmer divide. the south metro area you have
6:37 am
rain from storms today. 90s and 80s today. 70s and 80s in the mountains and denver's high of 91. every day through thursday 10% chance of late day storms dropping into the upper 80s starting tomorrow. friday is the highlight there. 76 with scattered storms in the afternoon. come on friday. joel, what do you think? >> traffic alert so if you're heading out the door, this is look at i-25 and am hamden. the accident is in the southbound direction blocking the center and right lane. look at folks jumping the point there and getting along the right side. that includes cars trying to exit as well off to the ramp. this is a mess in the southbound direction of i-25 on the approach to hamden. look at the delays we have. back to colorado and even before as it slows down. this is one of the spots as you come around the curb we could see an accident in the back up
6:38 am
head of you. this is adding drive time into the tech center. southbound along i-225 running heavy as well. it will be blocked off and metered so we might be able to clear some of the cars as well. we have an accident just to the north of i-70. we do have an accident along i-70 as you get into the town of watkins in the westbound directions in the median. it's not blocking off lanes of traffic along westbound direction. drive times as you're coming from the east, southbound along i-225 speeds into the 20's and 40s and lower 50s as you make your way either from downtown or from aurora into downtown. renters are feeling the squeeze of the colorado housing market. we know that and some are turning to the colorado housing connects hotline.
6:39 am
housing questions including landlord and tenant disputes. resources for seniors is an expansion of the fore closure hotline that started ten years ago. >> we saw rising rents and service agencies that served a renter population with renters rights and education. we saw them actually shutting their doors: if you need help, call the colorado housing co we have that number plus coverage of this huge issue along with housing resources on the place to call home page on our website at coming up next, more violent protests overnight in milwaukee following a police shooting over the weekend. we'll show you the video and tell you what happened. new video this morning of police clearing jfk airport because of a reported threat.
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first here's an update on the rockies. in sports it's a lot harder to gain ground than it is to lose it. the 2016 rockies spent a couple months battling to get back to 500 and it took them over over a week to waste the hard work. the only guy with a good weekend was charlie blackman. home run in the fifth made it 3-3. a bit of a starting pitchers. tyler chatwood battling the tight back, the fifth straight game the starter didn't mauk it past the 5th inning. more from chuck nasty, his fifth home run of the series. rockies rallied to make this interesting. nuk hundley drops one in scoring two runs making it a one run
6:41 am
seven of eight. >> certainly not clicking but once again, guys never quit, no matter what the circumstances or the odds are. still fight to the last out and that's what we have been doing. we have come up on the short end. >> rockies return home to host the nationals tonight. have a good week.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet
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and i approve this message.
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this is our roof top camera looking to the west. there's a sliver of clouds out there. a lot of sunshine this morning. take a look at weather watcher temperatures. we have them all over the state. hundreds of weather watchers going on. 54 from david at 5100 here's the blast for you for the futurecast. this afternoon isolated thunderstorms popping this afternoon and hot temperatures again to get you going this week. yesterday we made it to 90, 91 in denver today and 90 in fort collins and 90 in limon this afternoon. there are changes coming we'll talk about later. let's see if the traffic has changed in the last few minutes. copter4 is over this traffic alert southbound along i-25 to the north of hamden.
6:46 am
left center lane as well blocked off. we have seen some folks trying to get by using the exit ramp and come k back on. most of that has stopped for now. you can follow the tracks of the fires there. another accident in the southbound direction of i-25. they're trying to get the camera centered around that. you can see that bunching and slowing at the screen. i-25 should be easier now after reopening after construction work last night. that closure was in place. sunday night lane restrictions started at 8:00 until this morning through the morning commute. this is a big project lasting over the next cup f o years. it's expected to wrap up as we get to summer of 2018. >> we're hoping it will take quite a while. >> milwaukee leaders meet after
6:47 am
weekend and it comes after a violent night of protests. police dealt with several shootings in areas and they used an armored vehicle to rescue one person hit by gun fire. rocks hit a squad car shattering the windshield and the protests are in response to the police shooting of 23-year old smith who was shot and killed. one officer opened to put down his gun. police body camera footage shows smith holding the gun. it could be some time before officers release the video. >> there's nobody in the country when an officer body cam has been released within 24 hours.
6:48 am
>> protestors say violence and oppression need to be addressed as well in milwaukee. reports of gun fire at jfk but no one was hurt although it was scary for people there. >> get down on the ground! now. >> people were told to take cover as officers evacuated two terminals at jfk. this morning they say a report of shots fired was simply unfounded but it was unnerving. people say the airport was in chaos. or these guns. very scary. >> there were shootings. >> i heard shooting, yes. i heard one shooting there and everybody was going out. nothing yet on who claimed to have seen or heard gun fire. new this morning, clear creek canyon back open after a carolled into the creek last night killing one. this happened off of highway six in clear creek canyon. the car ended up in the water
6:49 am
others hurt. colorado state patrol tells us they think alcohol was a factor. police want to catch the thieves who robbed a marijuana dispensary. it happened yesterday on east yale and near south monaco. jamie leary is live and we understand at least one person had a gun. >> one of the people did have a gun. arop ho county sheriff's department looking for the four that are connected to this robbery. they entered right through the one of them wielding a long gun. police say they're looking for three black men and one female. the robbery happened just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the three men involved were wearing masks. the woman was not wearing a mask but investigators say they have no identification for her at this point in time. a neighbor told us a passenger in a getaway car was outside the store and yelled at the woman to hurry up and get in the car as
6:50 am
her arms. they were driving a white four-door sedan about ten years old. police are hoping someone can identify the suspect based on the descriptions. two people inside the medical distense rio at the time and one was an employee and the other a customer. nobody was hurt fortunately. the arop ho county sheriff's office is asking anyone with information to contact their office. happening today, a judge will sentence the man accused using a racial slur before punching a black woman in denver. this is 27-year old christopher derby due in court today. she needed stitches after the attack last year. fitzpatrick says she and her friends were waiting for a ride on south broadway when two men approached them. one of them called her a racial slur and then attacked without warning. >> i stood up and tried to get
6:51 am
that's when they hit me. i don't really remember what happened after. >> christopher derby does have a long criminal history that includes several arrests for domestic violence. we could soon learn more details about the death of a staff sergeant based out of fort carson in afghanistan. christopher wig burr died in a noncombat incident on friday in he is 26 years old from illinois. people in ber thid may see people spraying for mosquitos to fight the west nile virus. spraying is lasting until midnight. a record number of mosquitos are testing positive for boulder and weld and larimer counties. colorado has seen 13 human cases so far this year.
6:52 am
welcome the mosquito spraying. >> the west nile virus is a concern. if there's any chance of mosquitos being out we normally stay inside. >> researchers at colorado mosquito control are seeing a surge in number of mosquitos affected. up to 90% are the type that can carry and transmit the virus. this is compared to 10% last year. doctors a and woman following the collapse of a town in elizabeth. that's off highway 86. the sheriff's county office are working on tearing down an outbuilding when the roof came crashing down. the man in critical condition as of late last night and doctors have not said how the woman is doing. more rain on the way for parts of southern louisiana after severe flooding. five people are dead and flood
6:53 am
abandoned cars are littering roadways and crews rescues thousands of people over the weekend. >> neighbors started knocking and i started hearing noise. i walked outside and saw water coming up the street. >> water is everywhere. the water trapped people in cars and crews plucked them from roof tops and homes and they were using helicopters there. president obama is promising she rescued a woman trapped in the water thfrjts is the news in campaign 2016. we are now 84 days away from the election. vice president joe biden will campaign with hillary clinton in the battleground state of pennsylvania today. meanwhile, donald trump is scheduled to give a speech on terrorism at youngs town state university in ohio. hillary clinton is opening a new office in denver. it's located on holly street
6:54 am
field office in durango. she will have a total of 16 campaign offices in kol cle. happening today, children will have another place to play in commerce city. city leaders are celebrating the opening of turn berry park on wheeling street. it is the third of five projects completed in five years. a park dedication and celebration is happening later today from 4:30 to 6:30. this week is your last chance to watch the broncos at next week they're calling it practice. 49ers are here on wednesday for two joint sessions before a preseason game comes up on saturday. time now for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the fours and here's our monday forecast. yes, ma'am, if you're watching the broncos at training camp camp today take a big jug of water and sunscreen and it will be hot. there are a few cameras drifting there but not much happening.
6:55 am
thunderstorms later. great sunsets and sunrise twitter shots for you. look at that beautiful color. this one from nuggets fan 67 saying i wish i was outside capturing this sunset. that's a beautiful shot there. another one as soon as the sun drops behind the mountains from nuggets fan. temperatures this morning, 41 in allah moe sa. up greeley i aurora weather watcher heather jones coming in at 59 degrees this morning. satellite showing clear skies across the state that won't last all day long. high pressure pushing in warm dry air here over arizona and that's coming into colorado. on top of that high, moisture coming over nevada and salt like city in northern sections of the state. that's enough moisture for isolated storms to get going. by noon clouds start to build up good and then isolated storms
6:56 am
the palmer divide at least here in the east. best shot at seeing rain today. highs today will be 80 in aspen and 90 in limon and denver's high at about 91 today above normal for this time of year. isolated afternoon thunderstorms and each day through thursday 10% chance of storms. tomorrow dropping into the upper 80s and a cold front comes in. 76 degrees and scattered afternoon thunderstorms. if you rem cold front dropped us into the low 80s and dropped snow on pike's peak. taking a look here, this is off to the right shoulder and it's causing minimal delays as you make your way southbound along i-25 at hamden. those delays back to santa fe and the center three lanes that are blocked off, just the left lane getting by there. i'll zoom out and more trouble
6:57 am
monday going after a great weekend. monday traffic is the w,,,, [ music ] >> announcer: you've been here before. taking on that challenge. and now, you're pushing yourself in a different direction. reaching out for something bigger. knowing that someone you trust, will always there to help. you can do it again. because... you're ready.
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support to help you succeed. you've been here before, and with csu-global, you're already on campus.
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more than 20,000 people are rescued and eir and obama declares a major disaster. >> moment of panic. passengers report hearing gunshots. two terminals were evacuated and all flights were diverted or suspended. >> a new report links donald trump's campaign chairman by a pro-russia political party in ukraine. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> turn your back for a second and start raining again, and we


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