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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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live, from colorado's news channel, this is cbs 4 news at noon. this is the news at noon. an experiment gets under way on broadway to see just how much traffic is safer for cyclists and drivers. i'm britt moreno, this is the top story today, for the next 15 months, denver will make a change to a stretch of broadway
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virginia on the south. a bike lane is being installed on the left lane to see it if will reduce bike accidents. it runs for about a half mile here on that stretch of south broadway. cbs 4 is on broadway for us this afternoon. and jamie, this change also involves moving parking. can you explain this for us? >> reporter: it's going to take a little bit of getting used to. i think that's one of the points of contention. they moved parking from right here, just to the outside of so you're going to have to be cognizant of bikers coming by in both of these lanes where you pay the parking meter. a couple other features were the new traffic signals for bikers, coordinated with the intersection lights. then all along this study here, they have some green striping to warn bikers of things like entrances to parking lots and maybe some hidden driveways.
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>> i love it. it's easy to get around. broadway's a hassle. but there's a lot to do. you have to sneak behind the neighborhoods and come down and hop on the sidewalk at some point. this makes it easier for a guy like me. >> reporter: the lanes extend a half mile total. it's a fairly small section. but the intent is to study how the added bike lanes impact traffic on broadway. how they impact local businesses and how it impacts bikers. through the next 15 months public work at all of these things and make the necessary changes to invest down the road in a more permanent bike corridor. but that's a ways away. and there have been some concerns. >> it's interesting. a lot of the people in the neighborhood are just worried about losing parking. but i think at the same time, it'll also make a lot more business for people. because if people are pedestrians, they're much more likely to hang around at businesses and to go into new
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discovered previously. >> reporter: now, with this study, broadway lost a total of 25% of its parking. that's one of the things public works will take a look at maybe shortening turn lanes to bring back parking. they're going to heavily monitor this area and take a look at it from an engineering and safety perspective. and then officials will decide whether or not to proceed with the entirety of the 15 month study. >> it's getting easier and easier to get around denver. deputies are investigating the armed robbery of a marijuana dispensary in the 6200 block of east yale. three men and a woman robbed the store. one was armed with a long gun. no one was hurt. that's the good thing. the three men had their faces covered but the black woman did not. police are not telling us exactly what the suspects got
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for baton rouge louisiana. and they need a break out there. the city is all ready suffering through historic flooding. at least six people are all ready dead. and many others are missing. cbs's don champion shows us just a few of the more than 20,000 water rescues. >> reporter: three days after the water started rising, there are still homes submerged in baton rouge, the day family lost everything. >> it looks like an island. things are the cars are disappearing under the water. >> reporter: flood waters overwhelmed thousands. local forecasters compared the storm to a hurricane without wind. the deluge kept coast guard helicopters busy in the air while national guard troops helped stranded victims on the ground. in all, crews rescued more than 20,000 people. volunteers in small boats also
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this. are y'all firemen or something? just good guys in. >> my wife might disagree with that statement. >> people who have never seen flooding before are now under water. this is a meeting point where boats are carrying victims to dry land. the water came within six inches of flooding this home. >> it was just very anxiety producing at the least. >> 10,000 people spent sunday night in shelters across communities to the south of the city where voluntary evacuations have been ordered. don champion, cbs news, baton rouge louisiana. right now more than 1,000 firefighters are trying to get a handle on a massive wildfire in northern california. winds whipped that fire which is burning about 90 miles north of san francisco. it has all ready destroyed more than 100 homes in.
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we're seeing everything burn right now. grass, vegetation, homes, cars, we're experiencing propane tank explosions. we're throwing everything we have at it. >> it looked like it wasn't even close to us again. and then all of a sudden the wind changed. >> this fire is just one of 11 large wildfires burning in california. it has burned nearly five square miles since erupting on saturday. we have dry conditions here in colorado as well. two teenagers playing with fire works started a brighton this morning. it happened near 160th and i- 76. the teams had minor burns. -- the teens had minor burns. the fire burned an acre before firefighters were able to pull it out. but a glimpse of our reality now dave aguilera. >> it's feast or famine. it's two to three feet of rainwater or nothing in louisiana. we're pretty bone dry and warm around here. temperatures all ready getting pretty warm.
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morrall readings today, 86 at dia. 90 in fort collins. as we look at our cam, you can see cumulus clouds building in the mountains there. and there will be thunderstorms coming our way. on doppler 4,000. you can see a good push of moisture coming across the northern part of the state and right into the denver metro area. we have a couple echoes showing up in boulder county, larimer county, on up into southern wyoming. we'll have thunderstorms come together most likely after 3:00 in the only thing with these isolated storms is you get lightning and gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour from time to time. that's just not a good situation for the fire danger around here. so even though we'll have some isolated storms coming through this afternoon, fire danger is still going to remain high. we might get a little break coming up by the end of the week in terms of temperatures. a cool down of about 15 degrees happens before we're done this week.
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>> it's chilly, hard to believe on this 90-degree day. >> we should make it to 91 today. now to campaign 2016. today brings new reports about the trump campaign's links to russia. it's all ready public knowledge donald trump's campaign chairman spent several years working for former ukrainian president, victor. now the new york times reports that his party made secret payments to him. cbs's craig boswell starts trump's reaction. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign chairman is denying he received any secret money from a ukrainian political party. the new york times reports the prorussian party of former ukrainian president, victor, designated $12.7 million. anti corruption investigators say a so called black ledger, documents a system of illegal off the books payments. they released a statement
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unfounded, silly, and nonsensical. >> trump unleashed a wave of criticism against the new york times and the media in general this weekend. he says he would be defeating clinton if he received fair coverage. trump will focus on foreign policy with a counter terrorism speech in ohio today. while clinton is talking about the economy in pennsylvania with an old friend. vice president joe biden is campaigning with clinton in his hometown of scranton pennsylvania. >> frs clinton is claiming that trump's tax policies will hurt working class voters while benefiting the very wealthy. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. the latest from milwaukee. the police chief and the mayor say working with community groups and pastors helped decrease the level of violence last night. >> the community was a victim of the disorder and the damage
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and large number of those community members trying to repair that damage, clean up after that damage, carry on as normal a life as they can despite the loss of jobs and amenities caused by the disorder. have themselves as resiliency that many can admire. still protesters did clash with police. they even set fires. four deputies were hurt. and one man was shot. although law enforcement did not fire any shots. the demonstrations follow the shooting of a black man by a black officer police say the man turned a gun on officers and that's why they had to fire back. investigators still don't know what led to the drownings of two small girls and their teenaged babysitter in a pool in pueblo. five-year-old amaya, her sister, and their 17-year-old babysitter were found dead in the pool. the girl's father is in jail? tucson on a drug charge and he hasn't seen the girls since his
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phillippe regrets his actions that separated him from his family. >> they mean everything. they are my breath. they're my eyes, both of them. clean up and stop doing that. because it blinds you from your family. or from anybody. when you do drugs, you harm not just yourself, you harm your kids, and your wife. >> the girl's mother had just moved to pueblo from tucson for are happening today. their father will not be there. coming up, why the threat of west nile virus is higher this year in colorado. how our local communities are fighting back. plus, the coach had harsh words for the offense this weekend. how the broncos are looking today.
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the broncos offense had something to prove at practice this morning. quarterback mark sanchez took the first round of snaps. this could be the week we actually find out about a starter. as the broncos welcome the 49ers for two days of practice. yesterday the coach was not pleased. but the team stepped up for gary kubiak's birthday. >> offensive practiced really
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20 minutes. made a lot of big plays. we had a good competitive edge to us. it's something we have to find all the time. it was a good practice. we're tired of practicing against each other. we have one more day. then san francisco is coming in here. >> a bit of bad news though, defensive end vance walker was injured. so the coach said they were waiting to see how serious the injury is. you can find out how the coach is feeling about the team today from our broncos insiders. their reports are coming up later today. and they'll if you'd like to see a full list of their training camp reports. and we'll get more insight when dave logan joins our team tonight at 6:30 right here on cbs 4. and meteorologist dave aguilera is here now. if you don't like the heat, here's the guy to blame. if you do like it, i'm going to give you a pat on the bat. >> good things i have two shoulders. one to punch and one to pat. we're expecting more heat this afternoon. then the cool down you're
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after you see friday, pat me on the back. out there now, there's a few thunderstorms trying to get going in the foothills. you can see the clouds building up. plenty of sunshine in downtown denver. we're warming up to 85 degrees in the city. 86 at the airport. north/northeast wind at 8 miles per hour. not much wind. but as these storms get going, we'll get gusts going. humidity at 16%. very dry. that's part of the reason why the fire danger is still alive and kicking out there. don, our weather watcher in berthoud degrees. and debbie in fort collins is at 88 this afternoon. here's the satellite, now look up towards fort collins and outside of craig here, you can see a little bit of moisture coming in. so we're starting to see some isolated storms trying to get going in the mountains and the foothills. as we go through the afternoon they get bigger and bigger and one or two will pull out over the eastern plains the focus of the moisture now is coming in around a high pressure area over arizona. you can see that trickle coming in from utah. at the same time, around that
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smoke from those california wildfires. so it's a little hazy out there as well across the area. you can see it in motion as that moisture just kind of pulls in. so we're getting moisture, we're getting heat, and we're getting a little smoke. take a look at the look out mountain area. there's the downtown buildings. you can see we're a little hazy. it's a little moisture mixed in with those. mixed in with a little smoke drifting into the area. the future cast forecast now for thunderstorms this afternoon, isolated thunderstorms here and there. as we get in the palmer divide here. that's the best chance for thunderstorms later today. 90s and 80s down low. 70s and 80s up high. an above average day as far as temperatures go. 91 in denver. the normal high is 89. isolated storms this afternoon. then we bring it back down in the upper 80s for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, isolated storms each afternoon and then the next cold front that will
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friday, it looks like 76 degrees for friday. it's going to be cool with scattered thunderstorms here and there. we had a weak cold front come through. the peeks in the mountains had a light dusting of snow. >> which is unbelievable. but true colorado form. dave, thank you so much. renters are feeling the squeeze of the colorado housing market. you may be one of these people. some are calling to the colorado housing connects hot any housing questions, including landlord and tenant disputes. even resources for seniors. the hot line is an expansion of the forclosure hot line that started about ten years ago. >> we saw rising rents. we saw service agencies that served a renter populations with renter's rights and renter's education. we saw them actually shutting their doors. >> if you need help, you can call the colorado housing
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(844)926-6632. we have that number plus coverage of this really important issue along with housing resources on the place to call home page on our website, coming up, why health officials are especially concerned about west nile virus this year. and a live look at where the dow is heading this afternoon. aural the indexes are up -- all the indexes are up at this hour
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welcome back. we have breaking news from the adams county sheriff's department this afternoon. the department is saying denver arrested deputy dean dominguez. he has been placed on leave. dominguez faces a domestic violence charge from an incident that occurred last wednesday. we'll continue to follow this story and have much more on cbs 4 news at 5:00 later today. colorado doctors diagnosed
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this year alone. including one death. more communities are spraying than ever before. and our melissa garcia explains why the risk now is higher this year verses years past. fort collins residents took coverage. >> the sooner is better. we need to have the neighborhood sprayed if we have west nile. >> this neighborhood was one of three zones sprayed in larimer county. researchers here are seeing mosquitoes infected with west nile virus. 90% of the species trapped now are the type that can carry and transmit the virus compared to 10% last year. >> west nile virus is a concern. if there's a chance of mosquitoes, we stay inside. >> reporter: zika virus maybe the topic of concern on many minds, state health experts say west nile is the real risk in colorado. >> this is a virus that can be deadly to people.
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it. we know it's here. it's in our bird population. and unfortunately every summer we do see cases. >> this is only the second time mosquito control has sprayed in fort collins in the last decade. a resource officials say they may need to deploy again in the next couple months while the risk is still high before the first freeze of the season. i was surprised that fort collins has a higher standard for spraying than the county does. i just wish they would spray more often. mea we put together a list of ways to protect yourself from
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new tonight a new study shows many parents are putting babies in unsafe sleeping conditions. what parents are doing to put infants at risk. and dave aguilera is back with a final check of the forecast. if you're tired of the 90s, we might get away from them for a little while, starting tomorrow though. today will be another 90-degree day. 91 for the high.
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we keep it in the upper 80s through thursday. each day a slight chance of a late day storm. and then maybe a hint of fall friday with 76 for the high. and a little better chance for rain too. >> we get a sample of everything in august i think. >> thanks for being with us.
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