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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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vista for derby told the judge he was sorry but the judge says with crimes like this, there is no tolerance and gave him the maximum sentence possible. >> that's when they hit me. >> reporter: days after this 23- year-old woman got attacked, she showed it cbs 4 the disturbing aftermath. jacqueline fitzpatrick and her friends were waiting for an uber when a stranger hit her in the face >> i've got stitches here and there's a cut at the bottom. >> reporter: fitzpatrick says two white men approached her. that's when christopher derby attacked her physically and verbally. >> i don't think you should be able to get away with hitting a girl and calling people a racial slurs. >> reporter: the judge gave him four years in prison, the max amount of time allowed by a plea deal. derby says he was drunk at the time of the attack at the district attorney's office says that's no excuse, given his criminal history.
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alcohol as an excuse for his behavior. after his first felony offense of menacing, he got a chance for probation and it didn't work. after a second felony offense, he got a chance for probation and it didn't work. >> reporter: the da and the judge say hate crimes will not be tolerated and that's why he won't be getting a third chance. derby was also given two years of mandatory probation in order to pay $1200 in restitution. jennifer brice, cbs 4 new details on the arrest of an autumns county sheriff's deputy -- adams county sheriff's deputy. he was arrested after he got into a fight with his wife. the probable cause statement has -- says the wife was tripped on the ground and dominquez slammed her head on the floor. to the latest on a robbery at a dispensary and arapahoe
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the cure open for business after authorities say four people robbed it over the weekend. investigators are looking for more clues about the three men and one woman involved. they held up the business and the three men had their faces covered but not the women -- woman. police are reviewing surveillance video. two teenagers get hurt during a small fire in brighton. the burn was in a field near the i-76 interchange. they believe fireworks star on the scene. crews treated the two teenagers. no word on if charges will be filed. firefighters got this fire in parker under control quickly on tammy road. keeping an eye out now for rain chances, lauren whitney is on the roof. until we get lasting rain, we will continue to see these fires. >> there will be fires popping up from time to time but it's windy now. there will be gusty winds and
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none of the rain will actually hit the ground. there has been one storm near grover that has picked up steam and has rainy -- and has heavy rainfall with hail and lightning. for the most part, storms are scattered. here in denver, we may just be a little windy even though it looks cloudy and remake at the chance of showers to come through. we will time it out in a minute and talk about rain chances toward the end of the week and if we will ever get a break from the 90s and hot temperatures >> certainly windy. the city of denver has given a major downtown street to cyclists only and they are thrilled. >> i love it. i wish it were longer. it's easier to get around. broadway is a hassle but there's a lot to do on broadway so you have to sneak back and come back down on the sidewalk. this makes it a lot easier. >> the bike lane extends about a half-mile from virginia on the south. as suzanne mccarroll shows us,
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parking and safety. >> reporter: those safety concerns are legitimate. we saw a biker just miss getting hit by a car here. >> it's pretty dangerous. i was making a turn and a guy was using the bike lane going the other way. i didn't see him until the last minute. >> reporter: as we were talking to christopher kosicki, he and a car nearly collided. >> it's kind of dangerous.>> reporter: tom know when owns urban wax -- wax but he worries about the lack of partnering. >> all the parking has been removed for all the businesses. >> reporter: city officials will listen to these concerns over the next three months before deciding whether to extend the project another 12 moment -- 12 months. >> people are kind of confused about what's going on. >> reporter: a denver spokesperson says they want to address the confusion as they help motorists, cyclists, and businesses work together safely.
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girls who died in a public swimming pool says he regrets not being there for his daughter's. the two girls died alone with their 17-year-old babysitter. the girl -- the girls' father is currently in prison. he says he will never get the chance to show his kids that he has changed. >> i've cleaned up and stopped doing that because you from her family or from anybody when you do drugs. you aren't your self. you harm your kids and your wife.>> reporter: police say a witness heard the girls jump into the deep end and a short time later one was found floating on top. unrest in milwaukee, wisconsin. the governor put the national guard on standby after
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rocks at police cars. this, after the death of a black man. body camera video shows saville smith ran away from officers according to the department. >> we watch person after person gunned down with no gun, no indictments, no people sent to jail from the police force. at some point, the community wants to know why. >> reporter: police arrested more than a dozen people a handful of law enforcement were hurt. the governor implemented a curfew for teenagers in effect tonight. this is the news in campaign 2016. candidate donald trump outlines his counterterrorism plans and it's a strategy already criticized by democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. bosel alive at the white house tonight. both candidates start the week campaigning on their own. >> reporter: with 84 days until the election, there's no time
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speech included a new system of how people would be screened coming into the united states. trump calls it extreme vetting. >>reporter: donald trump outlined his plans to fight isis at home and abroad. >> military cyber and financial warfare will all be necessary to dismantle islamic terrorism. >> reporter: he didn't repeat his call for a ban on muslims but does want to implement a new test for immigrants coming to the u.s. from couri trump also wants to stop nationbuilding, meaning removing dictators to put in american friendly governments, which he says doesn't work. he wants law enforcement to focus on signs of radicalization within the u.s. hillary clinton says trump is all over the map in his plan and she rejected his proposal to drive isis out of syria. >> his talked about sending ground troops, american ground
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far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: trump's speech was overshadowed by reports that his campaign chairman, paul manafort was on a list of secret payments for a russian political party in ukraine. the party designated $12.7 million for metaphor according to the new york times. anticorruption investigators say the handwritten ledger document -- documents a system of off the books payments. manafort denied the suggestion saying it's unfounded, silly and nonsensical. trump included russia in his coalition of countries to combat isis. karen, back to you. it's easy to stay on top of the campaign trail. look for the latest on the campaign 2016 section of our website coming up, the rain might have moved down but the high water remains across much of southern louisiana. who is now helping in the rescue. what many parents are doing that is putting their babies at
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cloudy in denver and in the southwest. we can see clouds on the ridgeway cam. we will talk about storms and
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developing tonight, oo recede in some areas hit hard by rain in southern louisiana. the high water has forced thousands from their homes. six people died. more than 20 inches of rain drenched many communities over the weekend. two teams of the mile high red cross will help flooding victims as volunteers rescue stranded people. >> i'm so glad you guys are doing this. are you firemen?
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>> i don't know, my wife might disagree. >> some 25,000 people have been rescued. president obama has declared disaster areas for those hit hardest. an aggressive wild fire has burned at least 4000 acres in northern california. the clayton fire destroyed over 150 homes and businesses over the weekend. firefighters are battling fierce winds and 1000 heat. the fire is only 5% contained. we're learning some parents are putting risk when they sleep. the american academy of pediatrics found many parents are not laying there baby on their back. they are also using crib bumpers, blankets, and stuffed animals which pose a dangerous risk to the baby. some parents also move the baby to their own bed, which is not recommended. 3500 babies die a year from sudden unexpected infant death. people in need have a chance to get in focus.
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kathy walsh joins us from the van on south federal. >> this is impressive. eyecare on wheels. doctors can examine patients in this room and over here, they can actually make glasses in a matter of minutes. today, the free exams were done inside a healthcare clinic. 30 people were seen. >> we will have you cover your left eye. >> reporter: this is the first time in more than two years that alicia is having her eyes examined. she doesn't have vision insurance and she can't afford glasses, so she qualifies for this no-cost care. >> this? no? this? >> reporter: denver is one of 10 u.s. cities where volunteers are helping people see. the eyes of hope van houses a mobile exam room and even a lab to make glasses in minutes.
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care. gloria fanning says they will be parked in town through thursday. >> we are hoping to see about 1000 patients within the four day period. >> reporter: they do it with the help of local optometrists like gary holtzman. >> this is letting me get a good look at the front of your eyes. >> reporter: his focused on helping people who may otherwise fall in the cracks. >> i've had several first-time patients that have never had a eye exam or glasses. it's good to get them to be able to see. >> reporter: alicia's prescription is still okay but she'll get a new pair of glasses compliments of the charity. this is a chance for people in need to finally see clearly. eyes of hope has already helped 1 million people. the goal is 1 million more by 2020. the exams are first come first serve and i'm told people started lining up at 6:00 this
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until 8 am. they go from 8 am to 5 pm. if you qualify but you can't get an exam, you can get this gift certificate for -- gift certificate for an exam with any participating the there. kathy walsh, cbs 4 news. lauren whitney keeping a close watch on scattered showers. >> we have a couple -- a lot across the shower. there's one area near grover we are watching. on the eastern plains, fairly dry. these are in the high country and making their denver area. some of that is not actually hitting the ground. you can see this is south of grover making its way down. wiggins, you will get rain soon. there has been lightning and heavier rainfall. as the system moves east, it will shoot out eventually toward that northeastern corner of the state. denver, downtown, not much. a little in the foothills toward golden. some scattered storms in the foothills and outside the
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trail. i-70 to the southwest corner near durango and telluride makes its way toward parts of i- 25. scattered showers across the state with a few pockets heavier up to the north. a look at what's happening now. an area of high pressure northwest swinging moisture our direction. we will see rainfall throughout the rest of the evening. we will see some scattered storms throughout the evening and then not all the storms will make their way to denver. mike nichols in wellington reports a cool start to the day. our weather watcher says most of these storms are fizzing out as a cross the cheyenne ridge. for the rest of the afternoon and evening, a couple pop up over denver. i-10 p.m., they should be wrapping up. a few on the eastern clouds -- planes. most likely waking up to sunny to partly sunny skies. tomorrow, same thing with a
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some of those could head over to denver and out east. a couple pockets with heavier rainfall. most of it stays in the high country and then chugs out to the eastern plains. 840 denver, 820 boulder, 930 in royster and 920 in grand junction. the wind with this storm is gusty. those winds at dia are up to 33 miles per hour. from winter park to steam broke -- steamboat, about 20 miles per hour. at dia, we officially hit 920. denver, 900. hour average is 880. highs for today, warm temperatures and we hit that 920 marker in denver. tonight, temperatures in the 40s -- i should say 60s. 610 at dia, 620 downtown. skies clear with a few showers into the evening and tomorrow looking at low 90s with a few
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910 downtown and 900 at dia. tomorrow, -- i should say wednesday, 890. thursday 88 place. a bigger cooldown friday. that will drop us to the 70s and be there again on saturday. heavier rainfall at that point and an increased chance of storms. >> cooler and wetter sounds nice. one of the biggest projects is with colorado feeds kids. hundreds of people show up to help pack healthy s banks and schools throughout colorado but that's not the only big project. >> we've got another big project collecting blankets and things for low income and -- low income kids and disabled veterans. >> excel energy day of service is saturday the 17th but visit now on the day of service page
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michael is at the viewhouse centennial. the broncos offense is showing some real spark. >> reporter: after saturday's practice, coach kubiak said he wasn't happy with the offense performance but it was much better today and it was right from the get-go. trevor simeon gutman took the
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went 11 on 11. simeon gutman had a couple beautiful completions with a touchdown pass to emmanuel sanders and jordan norwood. after practice, coach kubiak says this is what i want to see from the offense but i want to see it consistently. >> we had a good edge today. offense practiced really good, especially the first hour and 20 minutes. they made a lot of big plays. we had a good competitive edge. it's something we've got to find all the . >> when you practice like that, you want to come out and establish ourselves as being very competitive. that's what we went out there today and did. >> reporter: speaking of competitiveness, there was another fight at practice, between emmanuel sanders and chris harris, during 11 on 11. i think sanders was upset he was getting hands the. don't see those guys get into it very often.
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against one another. the 49ers will be in town wednesday and thursday. reporter: as bad as things have been for the rockies, charlie blackmon continues to shine. get this, last week, he led the majors with seven home runs, 13 runs scored and 18 hits. an unbelievable streak he has been on lately. >> in the past, it seems like my power numbers will be streaky. i'll hit a few homers there in a short period i've never done anything like i did last week. reporter: down in rio, the former buff coburn picking -- emma coburn picking up her first medal. she becomes the first u.s. woman to medal in that event. or total time of nine minutes seven seconds setting a new american record. last night in rio, you single
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seconds better than second place. dave logan will be our guest
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somebody might get lucky out there and see some rain. >> there may be some rain showers that roll through but in denver we might not get much. watch out for bigger storms on the eastern plains. you have a couple pockets of heavy rain. we might get a few isolated
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: nature at its worst. thousands are forced from their homes by floods from the deep south. and fire in the far west. >> all our neighbors, this is what we came home to. >> pelley: also tonight, trump does an about-face. >> we will also work very mission. >> pelley: a mission to defeat isis. a new study finds many parents are risking their infants' lives by putting them to sleep the wrong way. dr. jon lapook will show us the right way. and the fastest man on earth sends fellow jamaicans into space. >> i'm ecstatic. i'm on top of the moon! this is the "cbs evening news"


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