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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  August 16, 2016 12:37am-1:15am MDT

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this is the news tonight at 10:00 as we start with breaking news east of denver. copter4 showing a fast-moving fire in overt county. fire crews have named it the basin fire. it's burning in a ravine. firefighters are having a hard time getting to it. it has burned about 2000 acres.
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it has been in our state. lauren whitney, any lasting chances of rain? >> not today or tonight. tomorrow, there is a chance of rain and thunderstorms. whether it goes through the area, those showers are spotty. 42% humidity at dia. it's up a little into these cooler late- night hours but 42% in lyman -- we are between about 20 and 25 miles per hour so gustier winds out that direction which firefighters do not need. there has been just a smidge of rain that has moved through the area in the general vicinity but we haven't seen any good rain and most of it is off to the east.
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rolling through. overnight, skies stay clear. we will talk more about the heat and rain in a couple minutes. also developing, the family of a park county deputy killed in the line of duty says they plan to sue the sheriff's office. nate carrigan died while serving an eviction notice in february. for more on this, stan bush is live at the fallen officer memorial tonight.>> reporter: nate carrigan's name is going to be added to this wall in the lawsuit from his parents -- in the lawsuit from his parents, they insist their son should never had had to go -- have had to go inside the home. carrigan's parents we spoke with cbs4 investigator brian maass >> i trusted our sheriff for many years. i know nathan was very loyal to
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>> reporter: irrigon and seven other deputies were sent to remove a eviction activist who threatened to kill law enforcement that showed up. the park county sheriff ordered deputies to go inside despite the threats. >> the man had promised to kill deputies who came through the door. they were aware of this >> when the man went back inside the house, why didn't they back off and wait? he wasn't going anywhere. why couldn't it wait? my son would be alive. >> reporter: the sheriff told reporters he didn't order a s.w.a.t. team because he didn't think it was necessary and didn't expect the suspect to become violent. the wrongful death suit claims the department failed to properly -- properly train and supervise deputies and didn't adhere to national standards concerning the barricaded protocols for a suspect. carrigan's family is also
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ensure that all deputies are fully equipped for whatever they might be engaged in. in golden, stan bush cbs4's -- cbs4 news. a deputy arrested for allegedly attacking his wife. dean dominquez was arrested at his home wednesday night. he's on administrative leave. a developing story as two teenagers are believed to have caused more than $10,000 worth of damage at a school er academy in jefferson county. karen morfitt joins us live. the school has a few days to get things in order. >> reporter: exactly. school will start as scheduled next monday despite all the damage. the jefferson county sheriff's office says more than 20 windows from classrooms here at the school and doors were damaged. it's going to cost more than $10,000 to fix. more than a dozen windows and doors busted out by vandals at
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neighbors called deputies after hearing breaking glass and consistent banging noises. >> i can see people on the south side, one wearing all black. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office, deputies arrived just after 6 am to find two juvenile males between 13 and 15, still on campus. >> it looks like they had some type of pull or item to rake in. >> reporter: each was carrying a six foot silver dropped those items and ran from deputies. in a statement, the district says the damage is estimated over $10,000. they say they are grateful for the neighbors who reported the crime and that "school vandalism is always upsetting but the staff has pulled together to put things right." the jefferson county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in identifying the involved teenagers. those suspects again are 13 to
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the first one was wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and black prescription glasses with black hair. the other had a green t-shirt, blue pants and has blonde hair. if you have any information you think could help, you are asked to call the jefferson county sheriff's office. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. a man who punched a stranger in a racially motivated attack is sentenced to four years in prison and two years in prison. christopher darby pled guilty and told the judge he was sorry. he attacked an african-american woman while she was waiting for a ride. the judge threw the book at derby, giving him the maximum sentence. the da's office says hate crimes will not be tolerated. >> i was worried he was going to use alcohol as an excuse for his behavior and so it seemed to me after his first felony offense of menacing, he got a chance to do probation. it didn't work. after his second felony offense
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probation and it didn't work. donald trump is trying to convince voters that he's the right candidate to defeat isis. a major pillar of his plan is to suspend davidic -- suspend issuing visas from companies the u.s. cannot appropriately vet. those wishing to enter the country would have to take an ideological test to determine if they harbor anti-american values >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test i call it extreme fighting. >> trump also argued that any country willing to work with the u.s. against isis would be considered an ally. hillary clinton addressed that part of the proposal at a rally in pennsylvania. >> he talked about letting syria become a free zone for isis. a major country in the middle east that could launch attacks
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number of syrian refugees the u.s. let's in. she says she believes moderate muslims are key to defeating isis extract tomorrow, we will learn the details of a major heroin bust in the metro area. rick sallinger spent the day on the cherry creek bike path where he has been documenting heroin use for years.>> reporter: this is ground zero for heroin in denver. used syringes scatter the landscape. cleaning process. one day is enough for me. to go without for a day is a miracle for me. >>reporter: despite the nec relationship -- despite the uneasy relationship between those on heroin and pedestrians and cyclists, change has
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>> denver pd is doing a great job. >> were they arresting people? >> oh yeah. >> reporter: in the past, using a disguise, we documented how sometimes the homeless work on corners hand-in-hand with heroin dealers. >> you might have some black tar? >>reporter: the man came stumbling toward me with heroin in his mouth. >> that's black tar? >> this is black tar. >> >> $20. >> reporter: but even with news stories and police action, heroin never seems to completely go away. >> i gave it to god. i can't do it myself. i'm not able to do it. >>reporter: rick sallinger, cbs4 news. happening now, testing a new bicycle lane on south broadway and denver, two way by traffic is separated with
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kelly werthmann joins us live. business owners aren't sold on the experiment. >> reporter: there's a lot of mixed reaction but what seems very common in this -- is the concern for safety by putting this lane on an already busy street, even this late. while some welcome the new lane, others say it's bad for business. >> it's crippling to my business. >> reporter: less than six ho opened up on broadway -- >> we don't have parking.>> reporter: business openers opened up to city planners. >> i'm going to lose business pick >> it's confusing to people. >> reporter: the denver population is growing rapidly with high demand for bike lanes. >> how do we get more people on bicycles? >> reporter: yet many business owners believe it will push customers away, now that 25% of the parking along the half-mile
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it's the worst. it takes our parking and doesn't create a safe bike lane. >> reporter: sweet action ice cream on broadway and first believes the wing will actually boost business tech >> if we could get a bike lane in our area, we think that makes it a destination neighborhood. >> reporter: public works will monitor the impact on traffic and safety as well as opinion from business owners. >> i can tell you i would never let my kids use it for myself in less it was more protected. they are used to from the last 20 years. we have to work with them on that change and try to find a middle ground. >> reporter: depending on the results of this three-month testing period, denver public works could expand the project for another 12 months. they say the concerns at hand are likely very easy to resolve. it's just a matter of time. kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. developing tonight,
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coming up, how civilians are risking their lives to save their neighbors. plus, the curfew to keep the streets safe after riots in milwaukee. why a man faces felony charges after a wild fire in their moore county. the incredible program hoping people in denver see clearly for the first time. >> i had several first-time patients that had never had an eye exam. >
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developing tonight, the flooding in baton rouge is
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20,000 people have been forced from their homes and at least six have died. people who have stayed behind can only hope rescuers can get to them on time>> reporter: it's hard to find dry land in southeastern louisiana but rescues can be seen everywhere. one of the most dramatic involved david and a group of volunteers. they came across a car submerged in water. a woman inside said she was drowning. he tried breaking the window and then jumped in the water, ripped through the car instead. >> reporter: other volunteers are going house to house. >> i'm so glad you all doing this. are you firemen or something? >> no ma'am. >> just good guys? >> my wife might disagree. >>reporter: the national guard has pulled 7600 people from their homes. many people are reluctant to leave.
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in the yard. i really didn't want to leave my home. i wanted to stay at home but i couldn't put my wife and my son's life and ginger -- in danger. >> some areas have seen two feet of rain in 48 hours. the wisconsin governor, scott walker, stepped up police presence following protests in milwaukee. within a dozen people were arrested. protests were sparked by the shooting of a black man by a black officer. investigations into officer involved shootings. >> it's good for the family and loved ones of the deceased to know exactly what happened. >> reporter: he added the law is good for law enforcement to do their job under difficult circumstances. the governor also implemented a 10:00 curfew for teenagers. investigators say this wildfire in larimer county grew out of control after a homeowner, maryland short,
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it grew to 500 acres before firefighters got a hold of it. short now faces felony charges. a new fire in colorado. this one has burned 2000 acres. there are no homes or businesses threatened so far. lauren whitney has our full forecast. we are just crossing our fingers for some rain. >> that area could get rain tomorrow but tonight and through most of tomorrow, not much activity. it's still warm on the western slope. 810 grand junction, 660 avon, 660 salida and boulder, 720 burlington. 820 in la junta. 640 in pine cliffs and a little smidge of rain out there this afternoon. there wasn't much there and not everybody get -- got in on the rain. temperatures pretty toasty. 920 at dia. downtown denver 920. the
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satellite and radar, really dry on the western slope rain could make your way there later this evening with a look at the denver area. we had a couple sprinkles -- a couple sprinkles but in the southeast part of the state, from burling to flagler and south, is where we have heavier rainfall. that's starting to wrap up near sheridan links. near haswell, a bigger storm with a pocket of heavy rain. out of here the next couple hours. tomorrow morning, we should be dry. a few clouds to start the day but overall, warm and sunny with a nice morning. by lunchtime, a few isolated showers. we know this pattern very well. we do have a chance of rain heading through the denver area. on the eastern plains, the potential for heavy rainfall in some areas. that will mid-east through the evening. there's a chance in some dry
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rainfall. it may not come off the foothills to get to us. 600 later tonight in denver. 580 burlington. high country, 510 in eagle. 640 for grand junction. tomorrow, 900 and 880 in greeley and fort collins, 900 in burlington. the high country, 70s. 810 in steamboat. for denver, tonight 620, 610 a few showers on the eastern plains. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies with a chance of storms rolling through. 910 downtown and 900 at dia. still fairly warm. we cooldown wednesday and thursday with a chance of isolated storms. on friday, 760 and we get unsettled. scattered storms possible through saturday. our next system calls us down. we get a little rain increased chance.
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there's a mobile vision clinic offering free eye exams to those who need them. kathy walsh shows us how it works and who qualifies. >> i'll have you cover your left eye. >> reporter: this is the first time in more than two years that alicia is having her eyes examined. she doesn't have vision insurance and she can't afford glasses, so she qualifies for this no-cost care. >> reporter: denver is one of tenuous cities where volunteers are helping citizens see. immobile exam room and a lab that can make glasses and minutes is operated by vfp vision. lori fanning says they will be parking town through thursday. >> we are hoping to see about
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local optometrist like gary holtzman. >> get a good look at the front of your eyes. >> reporter: holtzman is focused on helping people who may otherwise fall through the cracks. >> i had several first-time patients that had never had an eye exam and never had glasses. it's -- it's good to get them to be able to see. >> reporter: alicia's prescription is okay but she will get a new pair of glasses. kathy walsh, cbs4 news. >> the exams are first come
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fights happen during training camp but these two guys? look at those smiles. emmanuel sanders and chris harris not the guys you would expect to get into a fight with one another but that's what happened today. the two exchanged punches during 11 on 11 -- 11:00 on 11. energy today. gary kubiak, much more pleased then he was on saturday but now it's a matter of getting that every day. >> we had a good edge today. offense practice really good, especially the first hour 20 minutes. we had a good competitive edge to us. that's something we've got to find all the time. >> when you have a practice like that, you want to come
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competitive. >> reporter: a tough blow for the broncos as linemen vance walker tore his acl. is expected to miss the entire season. the injury happened on the first play today. look for adam gotsis to step up in his absence, which leads us to our century link poll question. which rookie will make the biggest impact? most of you expect devontae booker to have the biggest impact. to say things have been rough on the rockies is putting it nicely. they've lost nine of the last 11 games. the two best teams in the majors are coming to coors field. we pick it up in the bottom of the first. bases-loaded, david dolphins this one to the wall. the rockies out to an early lead. scoring runs hasn't been the problem. it's a whole giving them up
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of that what i at 3. the rockies lead 4 -3. we have seen this movie to many times before. jorge de la rosa gives up a solo shot and we are tied at 4. bryce harper with the rbi. the rockies fall tonight 5-4. the buffs head coach mcintyre awarded a scholarship to kyle loven's. coach mack set things up to set things up -- coach mack set he was in trouble. >> read out loud and take your consequences to everybody. >> to the head football coach, it's my pleasure to award you a full scholarship. >> a really cool moment. evans admitted he had no idea that was coming. speaking of the buffs, emma coburn is now an olympic medalist. she won the bronze medal in the sql chase becoming the first american ever to medal in that
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new american record. dave logan has seen many a game as the broncos play-by-
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touchdown julias thomas. there's peyton manning's '500th touchdown pass of his . >> dave logan has seen a lot of quarterbacks during his time as the play-by-play voice for the broncos. names like tivo, manning, elway and now sanchez, simeon gutman, and lynch. he was our guest tonight. quarterbacks were the main topic of conversation. after watching them all campion on thursday, sanchez and simeon gutman are clearly in the lead and dave thinks, like most people, practice against the 49ers will tell us a lot about
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>> it's the 21st simeon gutman and mark sanchez. both have looked good at times. i think that's close, you lean toward the veteran, the guy who has been in big games before. if trevor simeon gutman is the quarterback, that means he
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we want to see the picture of th >> david byrd of this great sunset picture from frederick. beautiful out there this evening. 900 tomorrow with a chance of isolated storms. on thursday -- on saturday, we dropped to the 70s but we're back to the 80s by the end of the weekend. it should be really nice outside. >> thanks for watching cbs4 news. the late show is next.
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live! it's "comics unleash "edunleash your host byron. tonight he welcomes, asa mendes, and vince carter! and now a man voted by his high school class as most likely to byron allen! ? ? ? >> yeah! ? ? yes! yes! how are you? >> all right. thank you. welcome to "comics unleashed" where the comics go wild. they're unleashed. that's it.


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