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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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started on a tuesday morning and we have a nice day ahead. dave aguilera coming up. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. it's that time of year so we like to say hello to parent and students. summer is officially over. >> parents be calm. those bringing those kindergartners, good luck. you'll make it through the day. the kids will be fine, i parents i don't k >> the summer is winding down and mike goes to school on thursday. oh, man. a lot more i want to do . if you're going to be doing stuff today, partly cloudy. 73 at -- 88 and about a 20% chance of afternoon thunderstorms today. a little better as we get toward the end of the week. let's see how the traffic is shaping up. here's joel hillan at 5:30. >> flashing lights.
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exit towards quebec. it's off to the right shoulder. c-470 is shut down. that has since reopened. >> breaking overnight, an attract in europe at a train left two people injured. it book place near the village of sojl's. the man is a -- a 19-year old and 17-year old are injured. the assault comes 3 days after a man attacked passengers in train with a knife and burning liquid. that happened on saturday. that assault left him and one of his victims dead. a shift in the winds have fire crews awaiting a fire burning. the basin fire burned 2 acres and the fire is moving north and east and burning in a ravine and firefighters had a tough time trying to get to it.
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threatened. denver fire is investigating an early fire at the waist management facility located on frankland and 54th. just before 1:00 this morning, crews responded to a trash or electrical fire. several employees working at the plant were evacuated, but no one injured. this morning, crews are trying to figure out what caused it. this morning, authorities are talking about a major denver heroin ring, drug bust in our state. this could be a big win for them. salinger has been documenting the heroin bust along the cherry creek -- >>reporter: this is ground zero for heroin in denver. syringes scattered. this man says he's just given it up. >> i'm going through the cleanup process. it's not even a day, but that's enough for me. you know, to go without a day is a
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>> despite -- michael is pleased to see the law enforcement action. >> it's strange. it's strange the last 3 weeks. >> just the last few weeks. >> yeah. they've been all over it. denver pd has done a good job. >> they're arresting people? >> oh, yeah. >> in the past, using a disguise would document how the homeless work on corners hand and hand with the heroin dealers. >> >> the man came stumbling to me with heroin concealed in his mouth. >> let me see that. >> that's white tar? >> this is white tar. >> how much? >> [indiscernible]. >> how much? >> $20. >> [indiscernible]. this is 25 and this is 15. >> with news stories and police action, heroin never seems to
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do it myself. >> that was rick salinger reporting. we have check withed the denver coroner's office and it says four people have died from overdoses involving heroin so far this year. the latest on a killing of a sheriff's department. carrigan's 2.5 million. this claims that fred wagner and commander showed gross negligence sending deputies in after worth during an eviction. worth previously threatened law enforcement. time now for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. dave aguilera here with a cooler day for us. >> not as hot as that 92. clear to partly cloudy skies. a look from our look out mountain
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is our weather watcher and he has 51 degrees out there. he says it's great sleeping weather, and i agree with him there. let's take you up into jefferson county out here. havana has 57 degrees from mitch and sandy granger. let's check out the forecast for the front range. clear to partly cloudy and afternoon thunderstorms could pop up. best chance is along the palmer divide. greeley today. should be 90 in fort morgan. upper 70s in the evergreen. denver should be around 88 degrees this afternoon. not a bad tuesday. let's check traffic with joel hillan who is watching that. >> the drive getting better as we look from our cdot camera. we have c-470 in the westbound direction at quebec. that is
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shoulder blocked. from the tech center through douglas county -- we're across the denver-metro area eastbound along c-470, seeing delays passed federal. northbound along i-225 seeing slowing and that's volume-related. i want to take you out along i-76 which is a nice drive as well. we're going to start to see it fill in along i-270 in the eastbound direction. britt. >> joel, thank you. next monday, preschoolers to 6th graders goes back to school -- the school has been marred by vandalism. crews are trying to clean up broken windows and it's a mess. the damage estimated to be more than $10,000. the jefferson county sheriff's office says the school was vandalized sun -- sunday morning. each boy was carrying a 6
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one of the teens was wearing black pants, a description of glasses is also attributed to him. the kid had black hair and the other teen was wearing a green t-shirt, blue pants. that teen had blonde hair, if you have any information about who these teens may be, you're asked to call crime stoppers at 720-913-stop. flooding in louisiana is even more deadly this morning. 7 people we search and rescue crews are working around the clock to try and save people and homes and try to get people to safety. >> don champion has the latest from louisiana. >>reporter: flood waters south of baton rouge continues to rise overnight as the emmett river creeps over roadways. he tried to save homes from taking on water. >> we're not going to give up.
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down, we're going to get back up and rebuild. >> the emmett river is -- this displaced resident broke down in tears seeing the destruction to her home for the first time. >> this is my entire life. this is my entire life passed away. >> others like haleigh are breathing a sigh of relief. she and her dog sassy a good samaritan from their car over the weekend. >> i couldn't do it from the boat, so i jumped in. i had to do what i had to do. >> i was thankful. i'm thankful and blessed. >> many people in this region who lived through hurricane katrina are forced to start over a second time. >> i lost my mom two. things are reoccurring to me in my mind. >> more than 20,000 people have been rescued in the state since
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to gage their american values calling it extreme vetting. >> those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted for immigration into our country. >> in scranton, pennsylvania monday, clinton was joined by joe biden and the vice president's hometown. clinton argued trump's proposal to fight terror varied by the day. >> he talked about letting syria he's talked about sending ground troops, american ground troops. well, that is off the table as far as i am concerned. >> biden's son who passed away in 2015 of brain cancer served a year in iraq. the vice president says he wouldn't have allowed his son to serve overseas with under a trump's presidency. >> i would have thrown my body in front of him to keep him
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on trump's decision. >> tim kanine rallied -- tim kaine rallied those. hanna daniels cbs news. >> a good way to dance. if you're waking up, cooler outside at 58 degrees. >> time to get into late august. school starting in some places and severe weather hitting the damage from a twister that hit indiana. the broncos will share the practice field. who will be the broncos starting quarterback. i will break down how each one
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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welcome back, everyone. in our cbs4 morning news health watch, there's some clarity for the parents debating whether to gives flu spray. a new study finds nasal sprays provide children just as much protection against influenza thafr standard flu shots. the findings in canada challenged the recent recommendation not to use the nasal spray after other studies found the spray to be ineffective. canadian researchers says their results comes from a trial involving 300
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smoke far less than other people their age. the federal report says full-time college student was more likely engage in binge drinking. marijuana use was nearly identical among the two groups. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's dave aguilera. as we look down the road, things are going to change. >> thursday, friday, we have a cold front bringing 70s. no 70s on highs today. take a look at from our library cam. we're going to have a lot of sunshine today. temperature wise, they're over the place. 62 in burlington. 59 at dia. 46 in aspen and grand junction has zoomed up this morning to 70 degrees. dawn is our weather watcher in johnstown at 54. we have moderate air quality today. it's a non alert day. you can mow your lawn in the middle of the day if you want to. satellite and radar together. cloudy to the east. look at the moisture streaming over
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there. that will take all day, but it will get into the eastern plains with thunderstorms this afternoon. there's high pressure over the southwest, but this is what we call a dirty ridge. it's not completely clearing thing out. it's a ridge that has moisture so we have thunderstorms moving in under the system. thunderstorms from texas to chicago. this is -- this is its pipeline that caused problems. the future cast for you. partly cloudy and sunshinein thunderstorms this afternoon. some of those along the palmer divide into lincoln county. it could get heavy duty late in the today. 70s in the mountains. 80s and 90s down low. 88 today with isolated afternoon storms. upper 80s tomorrow and same deal, a few storms in the afternoon and here's the change now. thursday, we dip down to 83. the front comes through overnight thursday into friday and it should usher in temperatures in the 70s on friday and saturday.
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us a better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms through the week. >> taking a look from our cdot camera. this is quebec. the right shoulder is blocked of . look for flashing lights and slowing. southbound coming down into town, speeds into the 50s and there it is. the eastbound along i-270 starting to load up. westbound along i-76 starting to look good. th we got the drive loading up . a lot of cars on the roadways starting to bunch together. they're playing nicely with each other which is positive this morning. we don't have accidents on the highways. we have a stall in the southbound direction of i-25 as you get on the approach to the stadium curb. u.s. 36 not bad. eastbound along i-270 loading ut looks like the road work between 285 and king carol has been moved out of the way.
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broncos gearing up for joint practice and everybody has an opinion now on who ought to be the starting quarterback. i'm -- i'm thinking michael phelps. >> i don't think he's in the run. romi is here. what are you thinking? >>reporter: michael phelps coulo >> i wonder if he has the arm. >> there's 23 days until the regular season opener and the denver broncos haven't picked a starting quarterback. by the time this week is out, coach gary kubiak may have all the information he needs because sanchez won't just be throwing -- the broncos will work against the san francisco 49ers for 2 days. and the two teams will play on saturday. so, what does
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for sanchez, cut down on turnovers. sanchez through three interceptions in practice last week that would have been returned for touchdowns had they happened in games. he continues to make mistakes at times when plays get extended and he forces a throw rather than throw the ball away. for trevor, step forward and be vocal running the show. he has made fewer mistakes in practice, but he has to show that he can he has to prove he can be the alpha on offense. the broncos plays their starter in the third quarter of the third pre-season game and that's august 27th against the rams. hopefully kubiak has made his decision by the end of the week. >> that's a tough one. >> yesterday was a good day, but it was marred by a big injury. we're talking about advance walker here. torn acl, romi. how badly does this effect the defense?
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an 8th year veteran who is getting his spot this year. he's going to replace jackson. they have jared and adam in that spot. they both performed well, but adam is recovering from a new injury. it should be okay, but it's disappointing for advance walker and his future. it's nice to hit somebody else like the 49ers rather themselves in practice. >> it has been getting you can hear from romi is cbs mornings
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people living in parts of indiana will clean up a tornado. this twister turned outside of indianapolis after dinner time. it left downed trees as the twister rolled over town. several homes, several out buildings damaged there. you see some of that damage. no
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>> brutal out there. back here at home, let's check of weather and traffic every ten on the fours here. dave aguilera >> yes, yes. happy tuesday, everybody. here's a look from our roof top camera looking to the east. hardly a cloud in the sky. we're going to have sunshine going on this morning. it's 58 degrees right now. here's a look at the future cast now for the front range here. we have a couple of clouds going on. we'll have some isolated thunderstorms pop this afternoon after 3:00. look for those. but temperatur real back a little bit. 92 yesterday. 88 in denver today. 88 in buyers. 89 in greeley. we should be 86 in boulder . if you want to cool off, go to the mountains. buena vista is going to make it to 75 for the afternoon high today. let's get you to work on time if we can. jill hillan is the -- joel hillan has the report. >> southbound coming down into
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yeah. the lower 40s. almost into the 30s passed 104th. that's all volume related. no accidents there. 10 minutes not too bad from 120th to i-760. great speeds along u.s. 36. eastbound along 270 that's where it's loading up. looking from our cbs4 mouse tram. the cars are cooperating nicely. vegas is making room for a out space by employing the -- the walls tumbling down filling the vegas skyline with black smoke and dust. that was a 2,000-room hotel that closed down in may after 60 years. the visitors authority will begin
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center there. what a cloud. goggle has an answer to rival apple's face time. it's called duo. you can use it to connect with friends no matter what type of device you have. you can place calls between android and iphone users and enjoy video conferencing as well. we need your help with a day of service in the colorado community. xcel energy set up nearly 70 volunteer opportunities across colorado. they include painting, landscaping, and packi for hungry children. day of service runs 3 hours on a saturday morning. >> that whole value that you get from giving back and being able to look at what you did as opposed to giving. you can physically see what impact you had on the project and the impact you're having on the state. >> xcel energy's day of service is saturday, september 10th. you can sign up for a project by going to the day of service page at on this tuesday morning, it
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>> still ahead, the cbs4 morning news at 6:00. jaime. >>reporter: a heroin world in denver hopefully getting a little bit smaller. today, a huge announcement on a bust. we have details at 6:00 on cbs4 morning news. >> jaime, thanks a lot. firefighters fire a firenado. an incredible picture. where it happened ahead. a wild fire destroys hundreds of homes in california. who police have in custody right history, just ahead. also ahead on cbs4 morning news, a new apple patton may
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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:00 hi, everybody. this:00 :00 nate kerrigan kerrigan :00 :00 hi, everybody. this is the news at 6:00 a.m. it plagues people -- we expect details. plus -- >> i was thankful. i'm thankful and blessed. >> we're now hearing from the woman in this video who was rescued in severe flooding in louisiana. >> here's a look from copte there's the traffic picture. the heat is back today. a change you want to know about coming up. good morning, i'm alan gionet flchlt and i'm britt moreno. good luck to the students heading back to school at adams five star schools. the sum -- the summer is wrapping up. let's find out about the forecast. good morning, dave. >> they'll be sweating it off.


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