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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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authorities take down a major heroin operation along the front range. they confiscated more than $2 million worth of the drug along with assault rifles. 17 people were arrested. >> authorities say the bust will slow the flow of heroin on our city streets. rick salinger joins us live. >> reporter: this is where paca lived, and it doesn't look much like what you'd expect for the command post for a major mexican heroin organization but that's what it was. it had all the ingredients, guns, hidden drugs, ammunition and cash. this investigators say is how the heroin is throwing into denver.
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pacaass. it is a large rodent found in central and south america, and the code name of jose de jesus zamorra. he and more than a dozen others had been arrested. >> we are really getting crushed in our region with heroin abuse and use. >> reporter: large quantities of heroin was discovered hidden in spare tires of cars. some 50 wire taps led to the discovery including three assault rifles. >> the group was hyper vigilant about a potential law enforcement investigation. they were not new players. they had learned from their past mistakes >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash was discovered during raids. what is perhaps most disturbing is seeing that the users of heroin are getting younger. >> if you're out there and contemplate historic in douglas
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>> reporter: the hope is they find them before more people become addicted. >> reporter: this was one of the many locations raided during the operation. guns, drugs, and cash. the latest as firefighters contain a small grass fire in jefferson county. it burnedn this morning. the flames did get close to a home. no damage to report. jennifer brice is live out there right now. >> reporter: people who live in canyons like the ones behind me know that during fire season right now, it doesn't take much for a spark to grow into a raging wildfire. especially with
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out here -- incredibly dry conscience out here. firefighters did contain the fire that burned dangerously close to that home above it on a hill. a firefighter says this is the closest flames have come to his home in all the years he has li though. they fill up these tanks of water, power it with a pump, and he's ready to protect his home from flying embers. >> it's always a concern the whole country, and here in colorado. eight fires going on at the same time. so we're not immune to it. these things here
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>> reporter: no word on the cause, but crews have been working very hard all day long on the hotspots to make sure it does not reignite. and a big wildfire. where crews told you about last night, it is now fully contained. copter 4 was over that scene about 80 meals southeast of denver. it did burn about acres. >> reporter: there's a lot of lightning mixed in there with some of these storms. agate did get some decent rainfall. scattered showers across the state from the northwestern corner to the south.
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zoom in, el paso county, we have some stronger thunderstorms out there as well. there are some flash flood advisories in place through the next several hours. one of those portions of vafl through the agate area until about 5:45. these will be in place for the next two hours or so. the rest of us, we may get a few isolated rolling through the rest of the evening hours. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. right now, it's fairly mild on the rooftop is feels great outside! breaking news in california: incredible video showing a new wildfire that broke out an hour east of los angeles. it has exploded to more than 5,000 acres. 4,500 people have just been told to get out. some buildings have been seen
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authorities arrest a man they believe intentionally set a fire in california. they charged him with 17 counts of arson. they say he sparked other fires during the past year in lake county. >> with his lights on with loud speakers, stopped between my tailgate and the trailer, and looked right over at me and said you need to leave now. >> 20% of the fire is contained. acres inside. it has destroyed more than 175 homes and buildings there. police in engelwood want help identifying this man accused of making inappropriate and disturbing comments to elementary school students. a bus had just dropped off the kids near baker park when the man approached them. he could be
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astro van. westbound lane was i-70 open after an accident that ended with a cement truck on its side, and a car seriously damaged early this afternoon. hillary clinton tapped ken salazar to lead her transition team. he is no strangetory a whitese under president obama for four years and as colorado's attorney general before that. he will lead the team on who should fill cabinet positions if clinton wins the presidency. donald trump already announced he pegged new jersey governor chris crist tow lead his team. while campaigning today, donald trump is talking law and order after days of unarrest after police shootings in milwaukee. >> and hillary clinton facing new questions about using that private e-mail server while
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>> we received fbi documents related to clinton's e-mail use. and donald trump will get his first intelligence briefing tomorrow. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: dobald trump says the protestors police in milwaukee are hurting the city. >> you see what's happening on television, you want to go and exactly develop there. they hurt themselves in a certain way. and maybe they care about that and maybe they don't care about that. >> reporter: protestors took to the streets after a police officer shot and killed a 23-year-old officers say was armed. trump who calls himself the law and order candidate met with law enforcement officers in the city, including milwaukee
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meanwhile hillary clinton headlined a voter registration event in philadelphia. she is leading in the polls in pennsylvania and doesn't want to leave anything to chance. >> don't be complacent, my friends. because even though we're doing fine right now, i'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted. >> reporter: clint son still tealing with controversy over her e-mails. some resistance are calling for a new investigation into statements she made about her private e-mail resistance sent a letter to the u.s. attorney in dc alleging she may have perjured herself at the house benghazi hearing. >> clinton is leading in two other key states now, florida and virginia. colorado senator cordy gardner breaks his silence and urging people to vote for donald trump. he backed ted cruz in the primary.
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entire republican -- it's important to elect the entire republican ticket. a horrifying fall from a ferris wheel. now this couple talks about watching their two daughters tumble. >> a piece. las vegas history is no more as the city says so long to the riviera. >> reporter: a teacher here at a priceless gift. i'll explain why now that teacher has the chance to make a million dollars. >> reporter: scenic and popular, but there are some concerns. the new plan could
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,, guess what's in this box? uh, no, don't. i'll just tell you:
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s, xcel energy is the nation's number one provider of wind energy, and has been for over a decade. whoa! that's wind for ya. ? wind, wind, wind, wiiind. ? when it comes to clean energy, we're always delivering. xcel energy. responsible by nature. more victims of what is
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flood in baton rouge, louisiana. at least 11 people have died, and the sheriff's office has implemented a curfew to curb looting. as the flood watered recede in baton rouge, the concern moves into neighboring communities where the flood water arrives. >> it looks devastating. but it's not. it's just something we're gonna deal with, get better, and make it happen, man. >> good attitude. the flooding did damage at least 40,000 homes. emergency crews have rescued at least 20,000 people critically injured after falling from a ferris wheel. she is now stable after suffering a traumatic brain injury earlier this month. her 10-year-old sister suffered a broken arm. their mother says she saw their seat tip at the top of the ride, ran and told the operator to stop but he didn't. >> he just looked at us and pushed the button anyway. and watched us go up.
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>> the girls' father says he could see the fear in his daughters' faces before they fell. a third girl was also hurt. she is expected to be okay. a part of las vegas history is no more tonight. it was the first high rise along the strip in vegas. it hosted headliners from lib rachy to dean martin ellen. the city plans to expand its convention center. update on a teacher who gave a student a kidney. >> kathy walsh followed their story. now scully is being celebrated by a television game show and could win a million dollars.
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>> reporter: jen skully, that's who. >> i'm filming the show this weekend >> reporter: it's a show of appreciation from this student at denver's east high school. jen was a physical education teacher preparing to save a student's life. mattie grew up fighting incurable disney disease. >> how many surgeries? >> close to 30 >> reporter: jen felt a calling to give her one of her kid niece. 2.5 meant pain and more journeys for jen. >> living her life, not attached to a machine. totally dolled it again in a heartbeat. >> reporter: struck by jen's kindness, the millionaire game show producers are giving her an opportunity to win big bucks on teacher appreciation week. >> how lucky do you feel? >> a million dollars lucky!
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>> win that million! lauren whitney, we'd love to win some rain! >> we could really use it! so far this month, only 0.03 of an inch of rain officially in denver. so we could use some catching up thunderstorm -- to the north of last chance. canyon city, callahan, and is close to limon, there's been some areas of larger hail, rainfall, and
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came out there if you do get some of these thunderstorms. our weather watcher just north of colorado spring, he said they had some really heavy rainfall, pea-sized hail and strong wind. with the strong storms moving through, they're down from the severe level, but we're going to see some heavier rainfall. denver has a chance of a storm or two coming through our direction. maybe anla skies clear overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, waking up to sunshine. great start to the day. and our same pattern as always, around lunchtime, just afterward, getting some rain to develop in the southwest tomorrow. and we do have the chance of some of those coming our way tomorrow afternoon and evening in denver. 84 degrees in denver, 89 in burlington.
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junction, 89 degrees. we hit 91 in denver today, got there just after 2:00. 89 downtown, our average is 87. not too far off from where we should be. temperatures are going to be fairly mild, 54 in fort collins. tomorrow we're still pretty warm. 88 in denver, 91 in greeley, 91 in fort collins. plenty. mid to upper 90s on the eastern plains, and i country, we'll have a lot of 70s tomorrow, 73 in aspen, 91 in grand junction. the denver forecast tonight, a nice night with temperatures in the upper 50s. a little breeze, not bad tomorrow. hazy conditions and temperatures in the upper 80s. their is a cool-down on the way, friday, saturday, sunday, in the 70s! and a chance for rain, if we get it, it will be very nice outside. >> been too long!
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news from earlier. denver police confirm they have shot a suspect in a neighborhood off federal boulevard in east denver. three suspects we now know are in custody. denver police have not said why they were chasing the suspects. we should get an update in just a few minutes.
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today was probably the
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this season. no pads, no helmets, shorts, jerseys, and hats for everybody! the broncos preparing for what should be a physical two days against the 49ers. gary kubiak saying von miller and russell okume could see some reps. another guy is demarcus ware. he was running around before practice today. >> he's real close. he's real close. you could see him being a part of the team in about four, he's made that much progress. >> that's gonna be great. being able to get him back rolling. it feels great. and they do an awesome job of getting you ready to play for whenever the first game is. i've done it before. they're gonna make sure he's ready whenever it's time for him to get back on the field. he's gonna be ready to go.
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year. he was one of the five to go into the hall of fame on the contributors' section. that was narrowed down today. another day and another blown lead for the roikz. this one against the nationals last night. colorado 4-2 after four innings. alas the pitching struggled late in the game yet again. washington sre night. add it all up, it was a 5-4 win for the nats, and a fourth straight loss for the rocks. >> bottom line is you gotta win games. and we're coming up on the short end. we're tying but we're coming up short. you gotta play nine innings against that club. or you're not gonna win. we're putting together solid games but you gotta play your a-game against clubs like that. >> game 2 of that series tonight.
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fast, check out this guy! >> go, go, go! [ laughter ] >> go! >> got it. you could tell on the mantle there, he's done that a couple times before. >> how do they come up with that stuff! [ laughter ]
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>> cbs evening news
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up right now. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: fire and flood. as firefighters risk their lives in california, police arrest an arsonist. and the death toll rises in the louisiana flood. >> this is my entire life that i worked my entire life, just washed away. >> pelley: also tonight, the runaway cost of epipens is forcing patients to choose. >> it could mean life or death. >> pelley: we'll remember john mclaughlin, who raised the decibels of debate. and, "drop and give me 22." the great push-up challenge, putting muscle into saving the lives of veterans. >> 22 push-ups, here we go.


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