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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  August 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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in a matter of hour, lee's mother's home flooded. his could be next. as the water rose, volunteers from a local college filled sandbags for homeowners determined to protect their property. people here in sorrento and other parts of the parish are bracing for the possibility of at least another foot of water by tonight. >> reporter: to the north in baton rouge, flood waters water was up to the roof of this home. now you can see the entire structure. the governor says 40,000 homes are damaged. and about 20,000 people had to be rescued. >> we understand there's still a lot of people who are suffering >> reporter: some flood victims were getting a first look at their damaged homes. >> it looks devastating. but it's not. it's just something we're gonna deal with, get better, and make it happen.
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are determined to rebuild. authorities arrest a man they say set a disastrous wildfire outside of san francisco. >> that fire destroyed honor 175 buildings and homes there. this is the news across america. this man faces 17 counts of arson after authorities say he set other fires in lake county this last year. >> afternoon winds and hot, dry conditions present ongoing challenges. police arrested ten people in milwaukee following the violent protests over the weekend. the protestors came
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officer. investigators tell cbs news the suspect had a loaded handgun when he ran away from cops during a traffic stop. when ordered to drop weapon, police say he refused and sufficiency then shot in the chest and arm. bizarre video out of lancaster ohio. you can see an employee try to grab the owner rushes in, walks away. no one was hurt. no charges will be filed. just another day. [ laughter ] >> tough being a greer. [ laughter ] a teacher who gave a student a priceless gift has a chance to become a millionaire. >> she donated a kidney to a student at east high school. now she's being celebritied by a -- celebrated by a television game
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millionaire! >> i'm going to be filming the show this weekend. >> reporter: it's a show of appreciation for this dean of students at denver's east high school. when we met jen, she was a physical education teacher at east, preparing to save a student a life. mattie grew up fighting incurable kidney disease. >> close to 30 surgeries at this point >> reporter: jen felt a calling to give her one of her kidneys. 2.5 years later? >> totally worth it. >> reporter: even though an incisional hernia meant pain and two more surgeries for jen. >> seeing mattie now, a sophomore at cu boulder, living her life not attached to a machine? totally worth it. would do it again in a heartbeat. >> reporter: struck by jen's kindness, the millionaire game show producers are giving her an opportunity to win big bucks on teacher appreciation week. >> how lucky do you feel? >> a million dollars lucky! definitely. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the taping will be
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happens in vegas comes home with her. a touching tribute to joe biden.
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american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> this year we're adding a new saturday 5k which is creating a remax weekend. so people can take advantage of run 4 days >> reporter: the challenge is to run the 5k on saturday, and do the 10-k or half marathon on sunday. you get this sweet medal for that. >> the big change this year is
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transamerica. so we're going to be running past their headquarters, and they have a big cheer station waiting for everybody. >> reporter: runners can expect that rock and roll experience with fans along the entire route. >> our headliner for this year is g love and special sauce. and i think a lot of people will resonate with g love >> reporter: the half marathon weekend is october 15th and 16th. still time to train. >> you can signp by going to on our website, you can track the
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new details about a mass abduction in son of the drug lord el chapo. bandits kidnapped at least 16 people from a restaurant in a popular part of the city. the attorney general says authorities confirmed the identities of four of the victims. one 29-year-old jesus alfredo guzman salazar. the identification was made for items found in the victims and forensic looks at scene. authorities believe the
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cartel and the victims are from a rival cartel. an american military base in cos voe will be named after beau biden. the vice president flew in for the occasion. the search for golden treasure in poland resumed today. explorers believe a nazi train disappeared in a mountain tunnel in southeastern poland. they sayhe to escape the advancing soviet army at the end of warld war two. explorers claimed they found the treasure in a tunnel buried last year. geological experts say no train was found in that spot. >> very interesting. rain showers out there. >> yeah, there have been a couple bigger thunderstorms as well. before we get to the satellite radar, a reporter sent in this video of an elk in
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westergard for sending in this video. that's a big one! nice antlers there. let's look at what's happening outside right now. scattered showers in the high country, closer to the denver area, and down south, pretty heavy rainfall. a thunderstorm near la junta starting to die down just a little bit. to the high country and parts of the foothills, from deckers through conifer, idaho springs, t producing a little heavier rainfall along with some lightning. not quite here in denver yet. the south side of town, you're starting to get just a little bit of that. near highlands ranch, you may start to get some rainfall here pretty soon. and castle rock, you have some rainfall making it to the ground. we had heavy rainfall earlier, and flash flood warnings near el paso county, down into the south as well because of that. be careful because the rain showers did produce some heavy rainfall. and they'll be in place for the next
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for the rest of the night, denver, chance for showers to roll through. quick thunderstorm for us. by this evening, midnight, the only rain that's left is down to our south. and overnight tonight, skies are clear. so waking up to sunshine in denver tomorrow and on the western slope, you have a little cloud cover. eastern plains clear and sunny as well. tomorrow afternoon, same pattern for the next couple of days. heavier rainfall in the southwest moves over the central mountains, in denver we may get a few pops h very isolated for the most part tomorrow. temperatures right now, fairly mild. 85 in denver, 84 in greeley, 87 out in burlington. and 86 in redding. 63 in aspen. grand junction still toasty at 90 degrees. in the 90s in denver here today. 89 at this time. our average is 87 the record is 100. tonight temperatures not too bad.
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48 in frisco. 65 in grand junction. 73 in aspen, and 91 in grand junction. for your denver forecast, tonight it's fairly nice. a couple of quick showers for us possibly. temperatures in the upper 50s. and tomorrow, still fairly warm, dia about 89 isolated storms for the 5-day forecast. 89 tomorrow, and -- or thursday, sorry. 75 onned fri.. and a front comes through, and a chance for some better rainfall on friday, and potentially into saturday. prices for life-saving drugs are skyrocketing. >> it has gotten so expensive, some families are choosing not
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, one in america think he would respect them. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. [ music ] >> announcer: you've been here before. taking on that challenge. and now, you're pushing yourself in a different direction. reaching out for something bigger. knowing that someone you trust, will always there to help. you can do it again. because... you're ready. ready with purpose. ready to reach your potential.
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you're already on campus.
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lets you see what you look like before you place that call. groupon is expanding its to denver. >> groupon to go will deliver you food from local restaurants. they advertise the service as one with exclusive deals and no hidden fees. the service only exists in denver and hick chick for now. people can order delivery and takeout from groupon to go! audi plans to start rolling out dhaurs electronically communicate -- cars that electronically communicate with traffic signals. it will have a
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turns green. ford is working on a self-driving car for ride-sharing. the auto maker is investing in start-ups working on the technology. unlike most self-driving cars, this one will be specifically designed for commercial purposes like ride-sharing. one out of every 13 children reportedly has a food allergies often rely on epi pens to deliver a dose of potentially life-saving medicine if a child has a bad reaction. the cost of the pen has risen more than 480% since 2009.
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of the family's six children, two have severe food allergies. it's why both girls never leave their indianapolis area home without their fanny pack. >> so i always have it with me. >> you can get really sick if you don't have that with you. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: as a baby, her allergic reactions were so severe, hives covered her body. her family has twiced used the epipen to save her life. >> she start wasn't able to breathe >> reporter: they have to replace the injectors every year when they expire. they remember paying as little $80 for them a few years ago before they switched their health plan. >> it was $600. >> reporter: pharmacyies paid slightly more than $100 for a 2-pack in recent years remember the price has skyrocketed to more than $600.
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the manufacturer of the device has a virtual monopoly after its competitor launched a recall last fall. >> it's like kleenex to aller jifrts. it's a name -- allergists, it's a time they know and trust. >> reporter: the pen's price has changed over time "to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides" saying "we've made a significant investment to support the device over the past years." >> are >> yes. >> absolutely. prices are based on competition. and there's no competition. >> the company does offer coupons which allow many patients to pay nothing out of pocket. those are worth up to $200. so families with high deductibles are still on the
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$2.2 million worth of drugs seized in a major bust. >> reporter: this may not look like what you'd expect to find for the headquarters of a major mexican heroi authorities say that's what it was. jose de hejus zamorra's residence was raided. his code name was paca. they are alleged to have been funneling heroin from mexico and distributing it along the front range. numerous guns, including assault rifles, were seized. >> reporter: matt kroschel in
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commissioners are looking closely at guanella pass. it's having all sorts of issues because of the increase in travellers. commissioners have to figure out how to pay for the increase in that road and expanding parking lots and rest facilities, everything from a toll booth to charging for parking, all of these just possibilities right now. for the first time on saturday. and we got a look at signature food items on the men useful how about southwest chicken sausage with a palisade peach slau? or flitto pie with denver's stinkin good green chili! >> we sell a lot of pizza. and some years more than others. this is gonna be a banner year.
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cinnamon roll. >> to wash it down, beer fans might enjoy the new united in orange pale ale. it's only available at the brewery. >> i want that right now. [ laughter ] >> outside today, the chance
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tony: aha. would you like a glass of bubbly, director? no drinking on the clock, agent dinozzo. of course not, sir. and why deprive the politicians? most of them have not had a drink since this morning. mrs. bransfield, nice to see you again. excuse me. hi. you don't have a wristband.
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the line was just kind of crazy outside, so we let ourselves in. name? i'm very special agent anthony dinozzo, ncis. we were expecting a special agent gibbs. (chuckles) well, consider yourself lucky. he's not really a people person. he's more of a... basement person. the invitations are non-transferrable. uh, is there a problem, miss...? marsden, director. senator kelly's aide. ah, miss marsden. i'm sure that the senator wouldn't object if we had... man: director vance, who let you in here? av, you invite us. senator kelly, how's the racquetball game? ah, still have a few good shots left. you remember senator bransfield? well, of course i do. nice to see you. and this is one of our best, special agent anthony dinozzo. tony: it's a pleasure, senators. bransfield: uh... i... would you, uh... would you excuse me a second, please? excuse me. (clears throat) it's good to see you, leon.
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what the hell was that? (chuckles): i don't know. i usually only have that effect on women. can't say i know a lot about her music, but she's katy perry. she's got... she's got the fiery hair. roar! (laughs) (tony mutters) ah. senator bransfield. don't you ?senator? me, you despicable piece of filth. doing showing up here? we weren't supposed to meet till tonight. i'm sorry? oh, really? you're sorry? you will be if you ever try to contact me again. you see that? i hope you choke on it.


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