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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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the is the news on cbs4 this morning. a live picture over theet a big weather change coming. we're talking about that this morning. good to have you with us this morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. lots of students going back to school today. good luck to all the students. it's such a nice day to go back to school. 62 degrees. we're expecting a big cool down. let's get to chris and figure out when this is settling in. >> i want to show you chicago.
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nothing on our radar in colorado. no delays but joe, that could be changing. both sides of i-70 around downtown are looking nice and wide open. alan will have your full traffic picture coming up. police in rio have the passports of two american swimmers with ryan lochte when the trio reported they were police officers. there's still some things that don't add up here. police want to get to the bottom of the story but ryan lochte is not even in brazil. here's the latest from hena daniels. >> reporter: u.s. swimmers were taken off their u.s. bound flight home and instead briefly detained at the airport in rio by local authorities. their brazilian defense lawyer
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were shaken with the decision not to led them leave the country. their passports have been seized because of disskrep si in their stories and now more questions of the ryan lochte's account of sunday night. >> they pulled out their guns and told the other swimmers to get down on the ground and then the guy pulled out his gun and cocked it and put it to my forehead and said get down and i put my hands up like, whatever. >> reporter: n video obtained showed ryan lochte, jimmy faye began, returning to the olympic village around 7:00 a.m. sunday morning after a night of partying. they still appears to have their belongings on them and don't seem distraught and are seen joking with each other. ryan lochte is back in the u.s. and his version changed again last night. he reportedly told nbc there were two gunmen and the gun was
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pulled over but was at a gas station. brazilian officials are trying to deflect problems at the rio games. >> the swimmers will be questioned again by police and won't be allowed to leave until they provide testimony to investigators. people are going out to search for a missing lakewood emt. their family is not giving up. eric prague has been missing for nearly a month after away from the party. shawn chitnis is live from the meeting place tonight in lakewood and this is certainly a disturbing story and the family holding on to hope here. >> they say they have to keep looking because they need to find out what happened to eric and that's why they are meeting here at christ on the mountain church to continue looking for him again tonight. the 25-year old was last seen
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from a party barefoot. friends and family teamed up to look for him on wednesday night. he lives here in lakewood and was hosting a party at his apartment the night he went missing when the topic of police shootings came up, the conversation got heated so eric left to cool down and wasn't wearing any shoes at the time. his car and belongings were left behind and again, that's the last he was seen. there are posters around the area reminding anyone passing by that eric is sll 15 people went around the green mountain area last night trying to find him. his father and fiance leading a group of volunteers. >> a lot of the people in this group didn't know eric. they're in the neighborhood and thought they would help out. >> reporter: the formal ground search for eric ended a few weeks ago and that's why these volunteer efforts that are happening again tonight are now even more important.
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cbs4 morning news. here's chris with a big change. yeah watching that change in wyoming and montana. we should see it later tonight. there's the full stur john moon on your screen. it was full just before 3:30 this morning. temperatures around the metro area mild to start the day. mostly in the upper 50s and lower 60s. 59 in golden and king carol as well. 59 in englewood. 60 in aurora and from the weather watchers. 61 down in south western lone tree. still have some problems with the air quality. the air department of the state did put a pollution advisory back in effect. the ozone goes through 4:00 p.m. today. this is for sensitive groups. we could have unhealthy air and people may suffer from things like asthma. you might limit your time outside between noon and 4:00 p.m. at the heat of the
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skies today and you'll notice clouds increasing. looks like we'll top off in the mid 80s and there's a chance for an afternoon storm. >> here's a look at i-25 and 20th. the drive through downtown is quite nice this morning. so if you're able to get out on the roads earlier now is the time to do so. here's the drive along 6th avenue and you'll see speeds posted at speed limits. it will take you six minutes to head northbound kipling at alameda. another accident off the highway at holly in alameda in the intersection. we have breaking news to bring you this morning. a plane makes an emergency landing in is stan bull after take over. a motor caught on fire and forced the plane to go down. we're working to see if anybody was hurt and we'll continue to update you. these wildfires are
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of them letting up. very little containment this morning and the weather is not helping. here's tom with the latest from wright wood, california. >> reporter: the inferno raged on in san bernardino county. fire crews are paying particular attention to the ski town of wright wood where flames are inches closer to homes. >> hopefully these guys will take care of it and we can be safe because we go. >> it's managed to scorch thousands of acres and destroy countless homes many in the town. he returned home to find his dogs safe and property still standing. >> these houses across the street are burnt to the foundation so i didn't have much hope for our place but we were fortunate. >> despite say mandatory evacuation order in wright wood, some home owners have mixed
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would you leave yours? >> our kaur cars are lined up and ready to go -- -- cars. >> last summer we lost people. fire behavior changed and they refused to leave and lives were lost. >> reporter: so far more than 82,000 people have been forced evacuate. tom wade, cbs news. today's hot conditions are sticking around. a fire in berthoud could be fully contained tonight. it had families preparing to get out of their homes and seek safety when it sparked up. fire crews dumped retardant around a home and at least 20 of them are working overnight to monitor the fire. they spent hours trying to save homes as shifting winds and dry conditions proved to be
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to leave. the other had a message of concern. >> i started gathering up important documents and stuff from her birth. just gathered up the dog's stuff and preparing that if i needed to load up fast with the baby and the dogs i could do so quickly. >> i'll tell you what i would fewer people throwing cigarette butts out by the side of the road. i see it all the time. i ride my bike out here and it's crazy. >> there's still no word on what caused the fire and crews estimate it could be fully contained by this evening. >> one man's fight to keep inspectors out of his home. the inspections are cracking down on slum lords that have
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to allow inspectors on to his rental property. he was served a warrant and yesterday a judge dismissed the warrant because it was served 17 days after the deadline. a renters rights group says it's an important step. >> i got pleasure out of a civilian going up an attorney. >> city council is working on ordinance to remove single family homes. the warrant has been halted. >> new details this morning from target stores as the retailer will spend about $20 million to add private bathrooms to each store by next year. this comes after target customers protested the policy of allowing transgender individuals to use which restroom corresponds to their gender identity. most target stores have union
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out of pocket spending for medications significantly dropped. researchers at rand corporation found people who were able to go on medicaid filled 79% more prescriptions and paid 58% less per prescription than before. stroke patients with anemia may have inkraesed death of up to a year in scotland. anemia is common in patients with acute stroke. >> mcdonald's will no longer distribute activity trackers with happy meals. they received reports of potential skin irritations that might be associated with the bands. the company planned on doing the promotion for four weeks in u.s.
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traffic. all the kids are going back to school. maybe not everybody but a lot of them and it's a nice day to do it. >> it is. quiet out there and no wind and the temperatures are comfortable. a beautiful sunrise at 6:14. some color there on the horizon and it's comfortable around the state. weather watchers are checking in from johns town on the western slope, 57 degrees. most of the lower elevations are in the if i a few places in the southeast and dia checked in at 61. chili in leadville. you're used to that. 35 degrees and 65 in grand junction. here's the futurecast and there's a little weather disturbance in the northwestern part of the state. you may have sprin k ls in craig. most is confined to higher sell
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a couple come across the i-25 corridor between fort collins and denver. if one of these make it, you might get brief heavy rain and tonight a cold front approaches from the north. highs today just a smij cooler than we were yesterday. we'll go for 86 in denver. topped off at 90 yesterday. 60s and 70s in the higher elevations. the western slope will have mostly 70s and eig # there in the grand valley. here's the five day forecast. it is a complicated one. we're going to cool it down tonight and tomorrow. friday unsettled and cloudy all day long. much cooler than we have been and there's a chance for occasional rain and thunderstorms and watch out widespread that will materialize. we'll watch this forecast for you. saturday starts off cool but the end of the day will be sunny and warming up sunday. >> i'm sure people are looking
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couple day of showers. here's a look at i-25 and dry creek. south side drive looking good. so far no major accidents or stalls to report in that area as well which can be a bit of a problem. here's a look at the drive up and down 225. you see the slow downs near colfax. otherwise to head southbound it will take 30 minutes from parker road to i-25 and alan, we still have off highway accidents that we're working northbound kipling alameda much further east. thanks, joel. we're learning about plans to revamp denver's terminal. >> we love to be a part of special projects rfrjs denver international airport is preparing for a makeover changing up baggage claims and
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magic touch. magic johnson enterprises have been doing business in denver for a long time like buying starbucks locations with mayor webb years ago. now the star is among the equity partners looking to improve dia you have changed downtown and that movement is going out towards the airport. i want to be part of that change. >> reporter: in a business committee meeting wednesday they learned of plans for the overhall and airports known for its major and controversial airports is the preferred team lead bid for the project. they want to make dia stress free for passengers. >> we can promise it will be something unlike you have seen at the airport. >> reporter: this project is more than just an airport make over. it's also about reaching out to inner city kids and teaching them the importance of education.
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like i did -- poor. and i think they should understand how i got to this point. >> that's kelly werthmann reporting there. the business committee unanimously approved this agreement. the team is going to come up with designs for that project to be presented to the city council. the broncos are back on the practice field. of course in anticipation for the game this saturday night and they're sharing the fieldh >> here to give us a closer look is rowmy. these practices are crucial as the coach looking for a clear start. >> with the 49ers in town today, mark sean sanchez and simeon
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sanchez got the start for look for simeon to start saturday against the 49ers. he could make the call as early as this afternoon. but the decision who will start the season could come next week if he sees what he wants against the 49ers. with that attention on the quarterbacks it might be easy to forget the broncos have other questions they still need to answer. keep an eye on saturday. running back, the coach said publicly that ronny hillman, the team's leading rusher in 2015 is in a tight race to keep his roster spot with the rookie devan tay booker. >> ronny is in a battle with ka pree and booker. no way around that. just being honest with you and special teams are really important. ronny will play a lot this week
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it's a competitive situation. >> at wide receiver things got juggled when he suffered a fractured right elbow. he's been a solid receiver in camp so his absence have given cody more work with the starters. finally in the defensive line, vance walker will miss the season and derrick wolf rolled an a both these players had dominant moments against the bears in the preseason opener. all in all, a lot to watch for weekend as the broncos take on the 49ers saturday night. the players are out now because of injuries so does this leave a significant hole in the defense? do you think we're in trouble at all? >> everyone took a sigh of relief yesterday. derrick wolf got an mri and it came back clean.
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start looking at the defensive library saying what do we do in terms of depth here? so everybody took a little breath when that came out. >> yes, let's refocus here. >> defense is dupe.
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we're rising into the 80s today. you will notice the clouds increasing ahead of the weather
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look at 225 and yosemite from our c-dot cam. you see it's a bit of slowing down the more south you head of i-225 because of the tricky merger. it's one of the things you're unable to avoid on 225. here's a look at southbound into town. you see speeds dip into the 40s and 50s and it will still take nine minutes to head from 125th some slowing eastbound 270 after i-25 but no major accidents to report. a lot of kids going back to school today. look out. kerry walsh jennings looks to walk away from rio with a bronze medal last night. walsh jennings and partner april ross were trying to earn a medal. americans took down brazil to win bronze in the third set. walsh jennings is now the most
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three golds. she's not made a decision on her future. the brazilian team beat the u.s. on tuesday ended up with silver. germany took the gold. many kids are going back to school this morning so good luck to all of them. still ahead this morning, two u.s. swimmers stuck in brazil after authorities removed them from flight home. details coming up. people will be out again searching for more on the search efforts.
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two u.s. swimmers answer questions about their plane. >> the sefrm everies happening today for a missing emt. gorgeous moon out and pretty picture as we're on the verge of an. of course the big sorry is the massive cool down coming our way. chris spears is tracking temperatures for us and we could drop in the 60s. yeah, we certainly could. on the verge we are still warm today so one more nice warm day if that's what you like.


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