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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 news at noon. hi, this is the news at noon. brazilian officials say four american swimmers including go medalist brian lot, lied about being robbed. cvs's jamie yuccas has the
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ryan lochte made up the story about getting robbed at gunpoint. he says lochte and three other american swimmers got into an altercation with a gas station security guard early sunday morning after one of the swimmers broke a bathroom door. the information contradicts the earlier claim from lochte.>> at the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it copy to my forehead. whatever. >> reporter: lochte has left brazil but jack conger and jimmy fagin and bans were still in rio. a judge ruled she wanted to hear from them again. brazilian authorities begin doubting the athletes version when their stories did not match. lochte told police a single gunman held them up and took $400. jimmy fagin claimed there were several robbers and one was on. lochte's version changed again wednesday.
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2 gunman and that the gun was just pointed generally in his direction. he also said the swimmers taxi was not pulled over but instead was at a gas station when they were held at. this surveillance video the daily mail obtained is also raising questions. it shows the athletes arriving at the olympic village around 7 am sunday. brazilian authorities note the men did not appear shaken and even joked ar. no question the robbery happened and officials are trying to deflect criticism of problems at the rio games. jamie yuccas, cbs news, rio. right now, crews have a brushfire 65% contained. the fire has burned about 80 acres, got close to homes here carter late. firefighters quickly launched an aerial attack to keep it from spreading. '77 -- 70 firefighters are
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now as we look at the dry weather. there is a change coming. what about that?>> there is a change coming for sure. the area of that fire has recently been upgraded to moderate. take a look at this map of the drought around the state. we have the yellow areas abnormally dry. the darker orange shade from fort collins is moderate drought. the northern suburbs of denver including the area fire developed. we are very warm and dry around the state, 85 in denver, 88 in fort collins, 86 in boulder. this is not going to and the drought conditions, but this will hold only help. a batch of much cooler air on the way behind that cold front charging through wyoming and underneath this colder air mass there are widespread showers in a few thunderstorms down here in colorado we have a few building. this is mainly due to daytime heating. we are anxiously awaiting the
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hope for some widespread showers as it comes in. clear skies over the city, a few clouds building to the west. in a minute, allen will look at future cast. firefighters in california face another frustrating day against a big aggressive wildfire. that fire burning east of los angeles has now scorched more than 49 mi.2 of area. it is tearing through homes and their homes. many crews say they have never seen anything like the bluecut fire. >> we had to continually retreat against the advancing wall of fire. that was something i haven't witnessed in this section ever. we have strike teams. remember, our priorities are life, property, and infrastructure. that includes firefighters lives.
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there are red flag warnings with low humidity and strong winds. a developing story right now. as investigators try to find out what started a fire in boulder overnight, that damaged four apartments in the 1100 block of poplar avenue on broadway. a boulder officer spotted smoke in the area and found the building engulfed in flames. fortunately, no one was hurt. it's not clear how badly damaged the apartments are. a fight over soda tops our campaign news boulders trying to determine if the measure to tax sugary drinks will make it to the valley?ballot. healthy boulder kids gathered signatures, but the beverage association says it is written correctly. jamie leery live in older right now. both sides arguing their case before the city clerk. can you boil down these arguments?>> -- >> reporter: it is a compliment
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this beverage comes in at over two dollars. basically the colorado beverage association, the lawyers representing them bear the burden today. they are trying to get this initiative missed altogether. if those distributors are taxed, the sugary beverage will cost more than two dollars. trying to get it dismissed altogether, basically the argument comes down to the language of the su that those 9200 people who sign the petition to tax soda didn't have inadequate summary of what the ballot measure actually was. they say that summary left out information about the colorado taxpayer bill of rights which would mean the implementation of a new tax if this measure were approved. those 9200 signatures were already approved by the city clerk. 4642 are required to get it on the ballot. under those circumstances, this measure would automatically be
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those who created the petition to tax soda and other drinks say it was clear what people were signing. now the city clerk will have to decide if the attorneys successfully made the opposite argument.>> when you read a summary everyone has signed a petition for, you look at the top, you say one of my signing this for? we have all been in situation. we are saying that the summary did not tell people this was to adopt a new tax. they didn't know what they were signing. because they didn't know it, the should not go on the ballot. >> i don't know anybody who has been confused. there have been people who talk about the aggressive nature of the tax to be imposed. i think the definition of imposing and implementing, you can't implement without an imposition of the tax.
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boulder is lucky we have a high literacy rate. i don't think it was confusing.>> reporter: just to be clear, the taxes on distributors, to cents per ounce. that would greatly impact them. the clerk will take what she heard, make a recommendation to boulder city council, and they will have to make a decision by september 6. jamie leery, cbs4 news.>> a michael bennett a wide lead in the senate race. he has 54%-38% lead over glenn, and el paso county commissioner. donald trump is keeping up his tough talk on the fight against isis. hillary clinton is hammering her opponent on his taxes and his refusal to release his returns.
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his campaign management team at a national security meeting, trump appeared in a fox news town hall. he continued tough talk against islamic terrorists, saying muslims who don't help root out terrorism share the responsibility for terrorist acts.>> the muslims have to help us. they see what's going on in their community. they have to help us. [ applause ] >> reporter: trump's team includes steven bannon, executivai new campaign manager kelly and conway told cbs trump will stay on message.>> i would rather lose campaign where people saw the difference on the major issue then when a campaign based on style.>> reporter: clinton is moving past trumps campaign shakeup.>> we have no idea what tax rate pace because unlike everybody else who has
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four or five decades, he refuses to release his tax returns. >> reporter: clinton's campaign released a new ad which highlights trumps turn on the issue.>> if i decide to run for office, i will produce my tax returns.>> reporter: clinton meets with law enforcement leaders in new york today. greg boswell, the white house. broncos news. trevor em start for the broncos this weekend. what the coaches looking for as he makes a quarterback decision sweet. plus, she is a mother who owes her life to blood donors.
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trevor siemian's will get to start against the 49 up the order from the first preseason game. carre kubiak says both simeon and mark sanchez will play about the same amount of time, a quarter and a half. >> leadership, how they handle the team, obviously you want to make them each make the same amount of decisions. if i send one out there and he throws it four times, the other thursday 15, i would like to see that pretty equal so i can just watch their decision- making process.>> paxton lynch
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saturday. he is pleased with how lynch is looking this week. chris is back right now. we are curious what the weather watchers are seeing. there is a front comi >> weather watchers are reporting cloud cover. the hope is there that we get some rain. let's go out and show you. clouds are building over the higher elevations to the north and west of denver in response to disturbing crossed -- disturbance crossing the state. we are hoping you get good moisture out of the system. weather watchers claim 87 south have been it. debbie says bring on the rain in capital letters. we are all with you, debbie. we are hoping for rain. there's a cold front to the north. mid 80s on the front range. 70s in casper. that cool air along with the
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we have showers and storms already in progress. this is a function of daytime heating and a little disturbance in the atmosphere. the cold front will not get here till tonight or tomorrow. if you look close, you see blitz of yellow in there. there may be a few claps of thunder as these thunder shouters develop. future cast shows this happening nicely. they are mainly over the higher terrain. this afternoon into the evening we will start to see a few forming out here over the front range. it's not widespread but you all have an equal chance to see one. a little bi can't rule out showers hanging on because there's a lot happening in the atmosphere. i think you wake up tomorrow to cloudy skies. the initial cold front comes in late tonight. you're going to see a little surge coming here after the noon hour tomorrow. that is where we are hopeful for a good dose of some moisture in the state because of the contrast in temperatures, there's a lot of energy in the atmosphere.
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the system gets underway. highs today, topping off in the 80s to near 90. i raised temperatures a couple of degrees from this morning, 60s and 70s up high. there is cloud cover near 90 on the western slope. today it looks like we top off in the 80s. we are hoping for one of those pop up storms this afternoon. i think if one pops up to can drop a decent amount of rain in a short period about -- period of time. tomorrow, much cooler, into saturday. we clear up sunday and monday. we needed good dose oyster. new at noon, blood donors seldom the -- get to meet the patients they help, but today, dozens hug the young mother whose life was saved through her donations. cassidy smith needed 270 units of blood when she delivered her daughter and claire four years ago. today she and her daughter got to me and say thank you to them.>> a lot of people, hundreds of individuals who
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blood. not even expecting to meet the recipient of that blood that they donated.>> i say thank you. then i like them. then they say thank you.>> that's awesome. coming up, we're going to try
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that competitor on big brother is dante. she is already been evicted because we are all fans. we wanted her to hang in there. >> i wanted to hang in there. unfortunately i did make it
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it was a good experience. it was hard in the moment but after the fact looking back i am like, that was a good experience. i learned a lot. >> i am going to get to my question, wasn't what you thought it was going to be?>> it was way more difficult than i had anticipated. it was like your worst day of high school on repeat. i thought there would be, hanging out with all these people, great friends, a little stressful when it was time to vote someone all the time. never-ending.>> for a period of weeks, that has to great on you. orr i at one point had to break down. i don't know anyone in there hasn't broken down at some point. it's the most emotional turmoil you ever been through. after the fact when you get some sleep and food in your system, your like okay, i got through that.
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is there ptsd? >> i was sleeping three hours a night for all 30 days. there was an at problem. a lot of us thought the food was infested with ants. it was meant to stress you out. you did that.>> what do you think your downfall was?>> my downfall. i didn't talk enough game with people right off the bat. i sat back and let other people do it. it kind of became too mac late for me when they were starting -- too late starting to scramble. i needed to go in there a little more forceful. i did necessarily make friends with the popular kid in the house. i made friends with the outskirts.>> the story of our lives.>> i was never on the majority side. those were the people i bonded two. jose, dang it.>> who would you hate to see win?>> it's hard.
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paulie has talked really bad on natalie, so does on a personal and point, strongmen trying to take out the females, i am not a big fan of that. i don't want to see paulie would that round trip ticket. i would love to see a girl take this home. >> that is to we will route against now along with you. your awesome, brontk. we will find out who is next to go from the house win big brother airs at eight. we have a bonus episode this week house at seven. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. i had so much fun.>> we will be cheering for a denver competitor on survivor. can is a 33-year-old model who will be on the season pitting them against millennial's. the actually moved to hawaii and lived off the grid for a
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we would like you to meet
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shadow is affectionate, friendly, he has a good tail wag going. he loves to play outside. he loves to splash in the doggie pool and hang out with other dogs. if you would like to make shadow part of your family, you'll want to visit him in person at the friends league in castle rock south of the outlet mall. new tonight at five, the next time you are at some of denver's libraries, how about checking out some free wi- fi with your books? to take a wi-fi hotspot home for free tonight at 5:00. your eyes will not believe this. a little snow on mt. elbert. this picture from britney taken this morning. over the next 36 hours, there is a chance our highest peaks may pick up some snow here in there. i wouldn't call it widespread but it will be out on the radar nonetheless. for today, clouds increasing,
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tonight might be windy and wild. tomorrow, down to the 70s. we will recover sunday into monday.>> you guys will be busy watching all of this. thanks for being with us, everybody.
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? >> wyatt: mom, open up! we need to talk now! mom! open the door! it's important! are you in there? >> quinn: you're sure about this? you want me to live here with you? >> eric: what is this? what is this in your hand? >> quinn: [ chuckles ] it's official. [ chuckles ] we're shacking up! >> eric: [ chuckles ] yeah.


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