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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. this is the news at 6:00 this friday morning. we have two breaking stories. two u.s. swimmers leave rio and a third will pay a fine for armed robbery scandal. plus a very serious bus crash in new york, new jersey. we're following that. a live look outside from copter 4 over the city. a we have a cold front filing off the peaks of our daytime heat as some students head back to school today. and some in jeffco as well. some of colorado peaks, we have august -- this is what it looked like yesterday at berthoud pass. we're looking at james peek. snow in august. there it is. we'll put it out there. you can get mad at someone else. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. it's a beautiful site.
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the cool down is here. what are the highs going to be? >> cooler than what we have seen. 15 to 20 degrees cooler than in recent days. take a look here at temperatures around the metro area. 40s in the foothills. low to mid-50s in the city. joel, we'll warmup, but nothing like the last few days. we'll detail that coming up. we have an accident at iliff and dayton. we have another one at 6th and corona. it begins, britt. we're seeing slowing down. we're going to look at os the friday drive underway. this is the news breaking in new jersey. we have two transit buses collide in new york on broad street and raymond boulevard. it looks as if one bus slammed into the side of the other. it's not clear what caused this crash. we've been watching this picture for a little while and we have seen people put into ambulance. a handful. our cbs station in new york says 19 people have been taken to area hospitals.
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activity before the picture cut out. we'll continue to track this story some bring updates throughout the hour u.s. swimmer fagan reached an a greet with authority and will be allowed to return to the united states, but his lawyer says he has to pay $10,800 to brazil as questions amount over the account of a robbery during the olympics. other olympic swimmers head back home. jack will arrive in miami today. the two men along with teammates ryan lochte and fagan said men dressed as police robbed them at gunpoint. brazilian officials say armed security confronted the swimmers after they vandalized a gas station. swimming officials will decide if the athletes will
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a link between a $400 million -- u.s. leaders say the payment came with a catch. iran wouldn't get the money until it freed the prisoners back in january. >> we sought to remain maximum leverage until after american citizens were released. that was our top priority. >> the obama administration said the money was not ransom, but that it took advantage of that so-called leverage. it claimed the money was owed to iran as part of a failed a shaw 35 years ago before his over throw. former joint chief or overnight i should say, joint chief john has died. he helped to oversee reagan's military build up. john versy, 94-year old. police have new photos as they look to talk to these two women about an attempted murder that happened in may. one
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a spaghetti strap shirt. investigators say the two women have information. no one was hurt, but investigators linked the weapon used in that one -- the women may be driving a small sedan, possibly a toyota. the united states air force is now changing the foam it uses to fight fires. toxic chemicals from the foam tapted waters in -- toxins turned up in the drinking water and fountain and security wide field. experts linked the chemicals to cancer and other illnesses. the air force is replacing the foam with something environmental responsible. the military says it will install filters in those effected water systems. new this morning, another successful mission for the launch alliance to show you.
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canaveral. the launch sharped shortly before 11:00 last night our time. that's carrying a surveillance satellite. beautiful. time for weather and traffic. chris spears has the friday forecast. >> starting off in the mid-50s in the metro area. 57 in westminster 58 in thornton, dacono, 60. 57 out of inglewood high lands ranch. littleton 48s in the foothills. a little cooler t dakota, our weather watcher had 5 hundredths inches of rain as the first wave came through with a cold front and rain totals were light. i know everyone is -- we'll have showers and storms and there's a chance some could be strong to severe. something we'll have to watch closely. so far it's cloudy to start your day.
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copter 4 on florida and alton. a section of this roadway has been blocked off. heavy police activity as you can see the police is investigating and talking with this toyota here, at least one side of that roadway blocked off. this is florida and alton. we're going to watch this for you this morning. southbound coming into town, speeds into the 60s and 50s. 9 minutes on the drive from 120th to i-70. not too bad. westbound along i-76, or eastbound along 270, a couple of side street accidents we have. we had the one florida and alton and dayton and iliff. watch out for each of those. take you into the high country and it can be another busy weekend on i-70 before more kids head back to school. daily reporting 1.300-0000 people use the eisenhower tunnel --
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crowd in south carolina last night from trump. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and peaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right worlds or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> some honest from trump. trump brings resources into colorado. he's expanding his campaign presence with an office in jeffers c closer, not that the gap is not getting wider in colorado. and we think we're hitting it at the right time. >> patrick davis, the state director shows polls down double digits will likely trend up. trump has four campaign offices along the front range. larry campaign has 16 offices across our state.
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controversy -- the foundation will not accept foreign donations if his wife is elected president. sanchez started in the pre-season game and the broncos will take on the 49ers at home in their second pre-season game. trevor siemian is probably feeling pressure. kubiak is giving him a shot to start saturd western has never thrown a regular season pass in the nfl. siemian will play the first quarter and a half. kubiak says he would like to name a full time starter next week. kickoff at 7:00 and we have you covered on-air and on for broncos coverage. the arrival to cantaloupe season, the biggest farm products in colorado, new shipments are rolling in overnight. this year's crop has been delayed and it's coming
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jaime leary live at colorado and yale. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, alan. it did have a bit of a rough growing season. that's why it's late. it made these guys sweeter than ever. they're doing something different with the cantaloupe this year. they're organic. so you can find organic versions of this cantaloupe in the star. diane mogan has been with us talking about these cantaloupes. tell us making beer with cantaloupes. >> we're making the worth the wait -- you can go to cheese and previsions. go to the preservery or we're working with brewery. you can enter a drawing so when the beer is done which is probably the middle of september, we have beautiful baskets people can win.
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eat this wonderful cut cantaloupe jam. when you go to cheese and previsions, they're going to have a cheese pairing with beer and -- with the cantaloupe beer and it's going to be a fabulous event. that's september 8th. >> lots of things i never thought you could do with cantaloupe, you can do. a lot of different cantaloupe dishes. tell me about that. >> we're joining with the colorado chef's association and some of the top chefs from denver are coming out for our 5th annual cook off. i said it. from 2:00 to 4:00 at little man ice cream where we're going to have cantaloupe ice cream. the best part is people can watch these chefs. they do everything from grilling the cantaloupe, using the cantaloupe with balsamic can vinegar cantaloupe. you can eat for free. i heard the weather is going to be perfect.
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welcome back, everyone. this is the news in our health watch. a miami city leader is confirming two more zika virus number in the city to 35. florida health officials have considered making miami beach a danger zone or a zika transmission zone. and many people worry that is going to effect the tourism industry. finally a warning when it comes to laser pointers as well. researches tested models people can buy on store and online, and they found the green lasers were the most danger. some can cause damage to the eyes. time for weather and traffic.
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stuff for us. chris, this weekend, is it disaster or what? >> no, it will start off rocky, but it will get better. clouds will set the tone ahead, but it's friday. we can handle cloud cover. the cool down is very welcome for most of us. here's the temperatures around the state right now. 50s on the eastern plains. a few 60s in the southeast. blues up high. 30s and 40s. 40s to mid-50s on the western slope. weather watcher, 63 near the kansas line in burlington from jeff. 44 from randy clark in hartsville. it's dry in denver. your lawn shows it. from our northern -- have you a moderate drop. we're hopeful for an all day rainfall. that's not going to happen. we may see rain later tonight. a mix of sun and clouds. another surge of air is going to come from the north. it reinforces the air mass and helps to get showers and storms going.
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crossed. you could have locally heavy rain and one or two could be strong. it comes to an end by tomorrow morning. quick snap shot at 10:00. look at this. high elevations above 12,000 fed we could get snow. a strong storm possible on the front range today. we'll have to watch that radar very closely for you. much cooler. about 15 to 20 degrees cooler than what we have been seeing in eastern colorado. western colorado you did not feel this front. still hot. 90 in grand junction. a little trouble aga tonight. watch that radar if you're going to catch the rockies. joel, today is unsettled today, but tomorrow is unsettled. we have a traffic alert. copter 4 over florida and alton. this is an auto-pedestrian accident. the pedestrian was able to get up and walk away from this initially, and so the investigation does continue. that's what they're doing right now. a portion of florida is
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stop and police talking to figure out what happened. southbound coming into town, speeds into the 60s. i know it shows up as yellow. 9 minutes from 120th to i-70. westbound along i-76 though, slowing down. eastbound along 270 not quite loaded up through commerce city. we have the issue, florida and alton, and we have 6th and camacho roen know. -- camacho roen knee. al 285 still wide open. big fines for harley davidson. this is the news on wall street. jill wagner is live on the new york stock exchange for us. >>reporter: we'll see if the markets could finish. the dow
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harley davidson agreed to pay $15 million to stop selling a device that regulators say caused access pollution. 300,000 screaming eagle super tuners were sold since 2008. they increased air pollution to higher than allowed levels. will seize operations next week. its parent company filed for parent company after losing a $ hogan settle. it's expected to maintain its other sites. ryan lochte's biggest endorsement deals could be in jeopardy. the olympian is in hot water after his claim that he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint. they're closely monitoring the situation and experts say it could make other companies think twice about getting involved with him. >> the scandal doesn't go well for them. it will be interesting to follow. thank
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stop stories. home secretary jay johnson -- flooding has effected 40,000 homes state wide. house after house, neighborhood after neighborhood. some people are being allowed to return home, but many are finding those homes water log and unlivable. another story. firefighters that wild fire in southern california. it has destroyed 35,000 acres and san bernardino california. this is video from overnight. this fiery erupted tuesday. it's now 22% contained. that means 22% of it has a line around it. they have not been able to get a count on how many holes are gone. nobody has died.
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robbies y -- the rockies goes against the cubs. the rockies put up 22 runs to win against the first -- first pitch tonight at coors tonight at 6:40 in the weather holds. this is what's happening on cbs news this morning after our newscast. >> ahead, trump expresses his regret for his words. we'l whether this means a shift in the campaign. gymnast simone biles joins us. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00 on the dot. i'm a huge fan of simone. here's gale king, and charlie -- that's after our newscast at 7:00. what are watch watchers seeing, chris? >> cloudy, they want some rain and they love the temperatures. 54 from peter outside of elizabeth.
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could get bumpy in a few p,,,,
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traffic on the fours. if you're traveling out of dia, it might be a -- there's thunderstorms this morning in wisconsin. muggy in the western part of the country. wide spread 80s and lower 90s. summer like. hot in the southwest. look at seattle and
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today. that's excessive heat. if you're headed to the airport , security wait time 10 minutes. >> that's good. at least for now. looking from copter 4. this is alameda and you can see the cones in the upper right portion of the screen or the upper right portion of that intersection. we had overnight closures as they have done repair work along that stretch of intersection. along i-70, you'll have plenty of company. in inbound along pena boulevard, looking good. we'll loading up in the usual spots. twitter is cutting off ugly messages to -- the company announced it has suspend 25,000
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twitter says it has suspended 360,000 accounts since 2015. uber will offer rides in self-driving cars within a matter of weeks. especially -- vehicle was turning heads in pittsburgh. they have censors and a backup driver. some people are not sure about this new technology. >> would you ride in it? few months of people actually doing it and not dying. >> for now the rides will be free for anyone willing to take them. kbco britt sanders is breaking it down like you won't be in the cbs4 concert calendar >>reporter: saturday is a great day for music in the denver
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man rockers journey as well as the duby brothers. that's a lot of classic rock at the pepsi center. at red rock, it's spring -- they're shagging with the most -- that's saturday night. there's a lot of music happening saturday and all weekend long and the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother
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the roast looks good dad.
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p! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. this is the news at 6:30 this morning. we have a live look from the car railway on carl's peak. once again we could have snow fall ongoing the summit. it's august, but we're in the mist of a big weather change. >> it's not november. not
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look at the images from pike 's peak. you can see snow flakes falling. and this morning, 58 degrees in denver. chris spears here now. anything goes in colorado. >> anything goes and they could have more up there tonight. tomorrow morning, the big pike peak's run. copter 4 flying over our pine city this morning. a fantastic friday. love the cloud cover. it's a nice end to the week after hot days we've had. let's 4000. we had a brief shot of rain yesterday. see all that stuff up there in wyoming and montana. joel, that's another surge of cold air coming in. we may get a few more storms this afternoon. >> we have surges of volume coming into town especially as you travel westbound along i-76 and eastbound along 270. southbound along i-25, not too bad for now. 9 minutes from 120th to i-70. >> joel, thank you. firefighters hope to get full containment on the grass fire in larimer county. the
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dangerously close to homes. but luckily none are damaged. the fire is 73 acres and 75% contained. some wild fire evacuees are returning home. the 35,000 acre blue cut fire broke out tuesday near interstate 15 east of la. crews are letting those return home ashe lines. >> there's nothing quite like a taste of homelessness. i can't even describe you the feeling. this loss of security. >> we're thinking of those people there. this woman's home is still standing, but firefighters have yet to put a number on the ones that are destroyed. the city of denver is expected to write a check for $600,000 to a senior attorney. this is an agreement with
6:33 am
retaliation by the city attorney's office. cbs4 laid out how shapiro was placed on leave for 2 years and received pay raises while he was ordered to stay home. the settle has to be approved by the full council, but the suspension owe open it involves a jail inmate that got $3 million in a settlement with the city for injuries he received at the denver jail. shapiro was placed on leave saying his handl questionable. shapiro will get an apology. homeless people are filing a lawsuit against the city of denver after a cleanup of homeless camp ball park neighborhood. it happened in march. attorney jason flores williams met with the homeless who are unset and some say they were never able to reclaim their items after the sweep and they want to be reimbursed.
6:34 am
a similar lawsuit filed by homeless in california lead to a reward for -- there's a collection app. open the app and move over to the school option and the driver will collect your donations for free. the driver will run them to schools. this happens from 11:00 until 2:00 this afternoon. the items delivered to denver area schools including boston 5-k and paris elementary. happening right now, a look at the space station. astronauts doing space walk this morning. they are working to attach a new a dab tore. here's what's -- >> looking towards the city, fog has developed right around the sunrise. we may run into that as you step out.
6:35 am
higher elevations, a few 30s in leadville. lower elevations and 50s, but a few 60s on the south eastern plains. western slope, mid-50s. weather watcher nancy has 36 near ray. we need the rain and everyone is hoping for it. we're at moderate drought -- what's coming today will not break this drop, but some may get a temporary relief. clouds this morning, maybe a few peaks of sun through the morning hours. not much. by the afternoon, the next surge of showers and thunderstorms. we can't rule out some being strong to severe. something we have to watch closely. watch how fast it comes to an end tomorrow morning. one quick snap shot. you see the -- it could be a little snow. strong storms possible on the front range corridor. we'll watch it. cooler today. 70s on the eastern plains. a few 80s thrown in there. 60s and 70s up high. western colorado did not feel this front.
6:36 am
been experiencing for the last several days. if you're catching the cubs, 6:40. 72 today. we clear out fast tomorrow, joel. and we start climbing into the upper 70s and back to the 80s before the weekend is over. >> if you download that free cbs4 weather on the has a module up so you can avoid the traffic. can't avoid the traffic at i-70 and havana. there's an accident just now cleared out as you head in the westbound direction. southbound coming into town, speeds in the 70s and 60s. they dip into the lower 50s. almost into the 40s. 9 minutes from 120th to i-70 . westbound along i-76, eastbound along i-225, typical story. you look in the northbound direction, flashing lights as
6:37 am
causing slowing, but curiosity slowing as folks work to get over. an accident at 6th and corona. we were talking about that earlier accident in the westbound direction. we're seeing the backups clear from that. and you have florida and alton that was an auto pedestrian accident. that investigation does continue. it blocks off a part of florida as you get towards cu boulder students hoping to get out of their leases. the city discovered 92, 2-bedroom apartments had been modified with four bedrooms with bookcases splitting the rooms in half. students living sterling peak apartment his to find another place to stay earlier. the city says the changes were not safe. the owners made modifications, but the rooms reportedly lack privacy.
6:38 am
they showed you a product. you thought you were getting this product. they were in violation of code and now they're scrambling. >> the city didn't like how the bookshelves were housed. it's back to school time. colorado mills mall has a safety fair with multiple law enforcement agencies and the red cross. you can meet local officers and 9-unit and try out the distracted driving unit t. happens from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 at the colorado mills court food court. listeria plagued a farm. it seems the colorado farming industry is spitting out better fruit. jaime leary is live at the king super at colorado and yale.
6:39 am
they're rolling in. >>reporter: delicious cantaloupe. sweeter than ever. you might think you know how to pick out the perfect cantaloupe, but you're going to tell us how to do that. >> you want to make sure the netting -- this is the outside edge, it should be similar around. you see right here, this is where the vine connects, just give it a little push. if you give a little bit, that means it's perfectly ripe. you want to make sure you scrub. when you cut with your knife, keep your knife clean. come on sunday to the rocky ford cantaloupe cook off with all the chefs and eat fresh cantaloupe made to perfection. we'll have a good time at little man ice cream 2:00 to 4:00 on sunday. >> they're cutting these cantaloupe and coming up with grilled cantaloupe. they have cantaloupe balsamic
6:40 am
we're going to talk more about cantaloupe around 6:45. coming up next, a nasty crash involving two transient buses in new jersey. it happened this morning and we do know of some people hurt in this. the price, one u.s. swimmer has to pay to leave brazil after that robbery scandal. we have clouds because of this cold front that's rolling over us. cold is always a relative term, peaks in august. here's mark haas with a preview of the weekend's broncos-49ers game. >>reporter: at broncos practice yesterday, i saw james throw an uppercut at a 49ers player. he hit him in the shoulder pads. one of several fights at the broncos 49ers joint practice. great
6:41 am
sanchez will get equal relationships. collin kaepernick will not play. heeds nursing a shore shoulder. there must have been bruised eagles because the fights kept happening until gary kubiak stopped practice and gave his players a choice. >> i told them do you want to practice now or come back tonight if you're not ready to practice. we were too busy with other stuff, personal agendas instead of practice being football. we settled down >> broncos and 49ers, 7:00 p.m. saturday night.
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weather and traffic together on the fours. we start with a traffic alert. live pictures from copter 4. we have the entire westbound direction of i-76 which is shut down. this is right near 136th as you travel in that westbound direction. again, eastbound is nice and wide open. police continuing an investigation there. we've got lots of emergency vehicles that are on scene. we have the ramps closed off and it looks like a portion of 136 is closed off. this is next to bar lake. you can see the backups we have because of this. all of those cars forced to line up in cues right behind this accident. it's going to bradley lane. that's not our only trouble. we've got side street trouble spots as you make your way in
6:46 am
all of those usual places. >> good news with the weather. all the cloud cover and no sunshine glare this morning. clouds in denver. here's pikes peak. no snow last night. this may change tonight. colder air out of wyoming. one more surge comes through and that's going to kick up one more round of showers. andrew is up early with us before school checking in. he says to him, it feels crisp and 57 degrees. i have to agree, britt and alan, i like it outside. coming u talk about our rain chances later today. >> chris, thanks a lot. breaking news this morning. two buses collided in new york, new jersey a few hours ago. one ended up on its side. one bus driver is dead. and you can imagine in that bus on the left, the impact of the driver area must have been severe. 19 people taken to hospitals. the two buses ended up tangled up into the median along broad street if you know the new york area right
6:47 am
pulling passengers through a side window and loading them into ambulances earlier. still unclear as to what caused the buses to collide. breaking, the lawyer for u.s. jam fagan said he reached an agreement with a brazilian judge. fagan has to pay more than $10,000 to leave brazil. he appeared in a rio courthouse over the claims he, ryan lochte and two other teammates got robbed. and that's reporters swarming the swimmers, gunner again and conger as they may their way to the united states last night. surveillance video proves the robbery story is not true. they say it shows armed security confronting the swimmers after they vandalized a gas space. lochte's former coach says the swimmers could face
6:48 am
of the $400 million payment to iran for the release of prisoners in january. the state department is linking the two. they say they waited until the americans left iran. this was retain maximum leverage. the obama administration says it wasn't ransom money. puts a face behind the deadly civil war. a man removed 5-year old omran was reused and he sat in a chair. the child was not crying. we talked to a man from the aleppo center to find out what's happening. >> this is common. here in
6:49 am
this specific photo or video was viral. it's something we're used to, to be honest. >> the boy's parents are actually believed to have survived that air attack by government or russian forces. and the little boy is expected to be okay. 400,000 people have already died in this war. the clinton foundation is undergoing changes this morning. meanwhile, trump admits he has made some mistakes in his campaign. debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> trump campaign aide paul faces scrutiny. the associated press says it obtained e-mails showing he works to sway american public opinion in favor of the pro
6:50 am
a staff shake up diminished his responsibilities earlier this week. major changes coming from clinton's family foundation. former president bill clinton announced yesterday he's resigning from the board and the foundation will no longer accept corporate or foreign donations if his wife is elected as president. rockets from -- the launch alliance is in space. we had a pretty launch last night from cape canaveral last night shortly bef that rocket carrying military satellites into orbit so far. successfully we believe. rocky ford cantaloupes are in. they're late this year. a lot of people look forward to it. the industry making a couple back after a listeria contamination a couple of years ago. jaime leary live at the king supers at colorado and yale. jaime, weather was a factor in this late arrival.
6:51 am
that did something great for these cantaloupes. it made this sweeter than ever before. these cantaloupes are going to be on the shelves hopefully longer pending a freeze. if it doesn't freeze, we'll see these through last september. the listeria outbreak you mentioned, it had nothing to do with these rocky ford cantaloupes. >> correct. it happened at a farm 90 miles away, and what the farmers down there have done for safety unbelievable. they've invested more than 100-0000 and they have been certified with the highest safety standards. they have passed all these tests. they go around and teach others about safety and again the listeria issue had nothing to do with these cantaloupes. these cantaloupes are fabulous. they're sponsoring the cook off on sunday. they are so serious about making sure that this fabulous sweet
6:52 am
possible. >> they're 6 generations strong. >> the 7th generation is going to be born in december. we're excited about that. so we want everybody to come out and taste the cantaloupe this year. it's sweeter than it has been because of the hail that has happened and we're going to have it later. so come out. it's little man ice cream. 2:00 to 4:00 on supposed at 30th and tahon and we have top shelves from the chef's association in this cook off. they're going to compete with the craziest creations o have seen and the tastiest ones you have seen. and it's free. >> thank you so much. delicious cantaloupe. you can find it hopefully on the shelves pending a freeze in september at your local grocery stores. jaime leary. free wifi, that's its latest thing you can check out from the denver public library. the program -- they have hot spots available
6:53 am
hadley and people are excited. >> i have difficulty getting around especially in the winter time. it will allow me to go on the internet at home and follow my church because my church live steams. >> people checked out those devices within minutes of the debut. a replica of the old mile stadium is almost ready for broncos fans. the monument is it will give fans a chance to relive the history. the monument includes tributes to players and fans like barrel man t. has 200 seats that was in the original mile high stadium. >> what i'm really excited about is people who were season ticket holder and people who have spent every sunday all winter rooting on their team and sit in the seat and get the memories flooding back to them and remember what it was like to
6:54 am
with the crowd. >> the mile high monument will be opened to season ticket holders tomorrow. >> it's like a mini me. von mill -- miller is dancing again. this is apart of a -- he sang it armor a ridiculous commercial. >> ? when i'm rushing the passing and attacking the [indiscernible] ? ? >> ? >> von said the dance number was his different sack dances put into one routine. it's to a justin bieber song. >> look at that foot work. time for weather and traffic. we have a traffic issue this friday morning. >> we have been watching from copter 4. the live pictures. westbound i-76 which is shut down. we've got some activity going on along the highway there in the westbound direction.
6:55 am
is off the highway and into some trees along the side of the highways as well. westbound does remain closed. and you have a portion of i 36 closed over the top of i-76 as well. i want to take you and show you this area. you can see bar lake right along here. and as you're trying to make your way into town, this is north of e-470. it's going to be a mess. we've got big backups. across the denver-metro area, trouble spots, but you get onhi drive southbound along i i-225 westbound along -- >> more clouds than sun to start your day in the front range. there's fog out there in spots. western colorado, you did not feel this front. you have sunshine. let's dive into the future cast here. more clouds than sunshine today as we roll through the morning. a few peeks here. by the noon hour, another surge of air comes from the north and that
6:56 am
be strong to severe. i can't promise everybody gets wet but we have a chance and this will quickly come to an end as we roll into the evening tonight. a few clouds tomorrow morning and we start to clear it out. cooler today on the eastern plains. 70s in and 80s. 60s and 70s up high. hot on the western slope. 90s. here's the 5-day forecast. brit and alan, it's a short lived cool down. tomorrow we return this around and we have a good weekend ahead. >> that we shall take. jep see is chilled out. >> she has a big heart and lots of love to give. she loves her humans and she's mellow. >> he came -- she's 65 pounds or so. it's going to be a good dog for you and loves the belly rub. >> she's a cuddlier.
6:57 am
>> me next, me next. thanks for joining us on colorado's
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? two of ryan lochte's teammates involved in the rio robbery scandal return home. surveillance video from a gas station shows the donald trump expresses regret over his comments during the campaign. the republican nominee blamed the heat of debate for any pain he may have caused. health officials tell cbs news there is a cluster of zika cases in the miami beach area that could represent a second zone of active transmission. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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