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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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this is the news breaking in denver this morning. one person is dead following a shooting near kennedy golf course, near where ham den turns into havana. denver police say there are no suspects in custody right now. we do have a crew on the way to the scene, and we'll update you as we learn we have another great day on tap weather-wise. let's get a check on the forecast with dave in colorado's weather center. >> good morning. yeah, we had a beautiful fall- like did day yesterday, and we're going to upright back into summer today. we're starting out cool out there. herald, our river watcher in parker, is coming in at 51. satellite, quite a few clouds and thunderstorms over southern colorado yesterday.
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state, we're in clear skies. so a lot of sunshine on the way. it's going to stay that way most of the day. 83 by noon. the high today, though, 88 degrees. a nice looking sunday out the number of dead in turkey to 50 after a bomb goes off at an outdoor weddinger is more than. at least check, 94 others were hurt. this morning turkey's president said the islamic state is most likely behind the attack. developing now, an innocent driver is dead after getting
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ricing, the fatal crash shut down parts of federal boulevard the i-77 on ramp for most of yesterday evening. the state has just spent millions trying to prevent racing in the area. >> the northbound vehicle was making a left turn, and he got t-boned. >> reporter: the driver of this silver car didn't know what was coming. the impact sent the car spinning into a li inside, and was pronounced dead at the scene. >> don't be racing down the streets. go to the track. >> reporter: the driver and passenger inside this new chevy sedan were sent to the hospital. it's expected the driver will be cited. the second racing car left the scene, and investigators don't even have a good description of the car they're looking for. >> all we had was a chevy. >> reporter: the crash happened just after 5:00. federal was closed underneath i- 76 for hours into the night, as investigators mapped out
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incidents when people decide to go race down all of these streets, and somebody has to suffer, and a family. >> last summer cdot completed a $2 million project to install meadenians and street lights along a 15-block stretch of federal to combat that street racing problem. happen henning now in doug has county, the search continues for a man who robbed a bank in castle rock. the unarmed they've targeted the key bank yesterday. he is around 25 years old, and so far investigators haven't released any other information. happening tonight, health officials in lair her county will again spray for -- larimer county will again stray in fort collins. the sprays starting at 8:30 tonight, and will be done by midnight. >> and it's back to square one for the broncos and coach
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quarterback. paxton lynch made it clear he wants the job. >> the quarterback competition continues for the denver broncos. mark, coming into preseason game number two against the san francisco 49ers, we thought this would be the game one of the quarterbacks would separate themselves and maybe give us a clear picture of who would be the starting quarterback, but that was far from the case. >> after the first quarter, it looked like trevathan semi had to get the job, but then turned the ball over, and the quick six. are so his chance to seize this, out the window. mark sanchez comes in, throws the ball well, and then in a matter of minutes fumbles the ball twice. something that gary kubiak said can't happen. >> well, they did some good things, but if you're not turning the ball over, and move hearing ball the way we moved
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hopefully the result would have been better. we have to hang on to the good things they do, because they both are doing some really good things, but we also have to find a way to predict the game and protect the ball ball which is -- so what is that, four turnovers now in two weeks. we can't have that. >> and we'll see whether he picks a starter for this game at the beginning of the week, gives to them the week to prime minister with the starters, or keeps splitting it, because maybe he doesn't know yet. >> paxton lynch had game, two touchdowns including a drive latest in the game, but did have the interception, and you have to remember, that was against the third team for the san francisco 49ers. i still think paxton is the odd man looking in at this point. >> yeah, but the young man certainly showed a lot of
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andrew, ari, and sky, all have is something in common. they had great vacations, until they found out their wheels were stolen while they were aware. >> my truck was actually sitting on cinder blocks in the parking lot. >> why denver police say this type of crime is on the rise. >> they get in, and they're out. very, very quickly. nd to keep from becoming a victim. >> given the right opportunity, they will relieve you of your rims and tires. >> you can see rick's report hot wheels tomorrow night at 10:00 right here on cbs 4. let's get a quick check on the forecast with dave. and sunrise this morning is officially at 6:17, but we're already starting to see a little bit of light out there. summer time is going to return today, but it been kind of cool, especially in the foothills.
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bailey. he found a few yellow leaves popping on a few aspen trees out there. fall is right around the corner. >> already. all right. next on colorado's news channel, the number of zika cases continues to grow in florida. after the break, an update on the outbreak. and it's back to school for many soon, and that means it's back to a regular sleep schedule, in possible. coming up, tips parents to get their kids the sleep they need to succeed. >> and and the number of fraud complaints ov ,, migraines aren't just bad headaches. they steal moments from my life. that's why i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea, all of it.
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pediatricians say electronics and anything with a screen should go off and stay off at least an hour before bed time for students. they say it can keep your child's brain too active to sleep. there are some good guidelines
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dr. alyssa ruben said sleep needs to become a priority. >> try to get that bid time moved up a little earlier. in need be wake them up earlier. >> doctors say another key is consistency. don't let your kids stay up too late or sleep in too much on the weekends as school starts. south florida continues to be ground zero for zika in the united states. thirty six total cases have been identified, cdc to issue a travel advisory to those at risk. >> the crowd in miami beach was a little smaller than usual for a 90-degree saturday. some might say you can blame it on zika. >> now that i'm here, and i know it's close, i feel afraid. >> it's dangerous for us, because we are on holiday.
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careful about it. >> reporter: aerial spraying here is not effective due to high-rise buildings and strong ocean gusts. today ground level spraying was done. the city's mayor joined in on the fight against zika. >> we have vacuums, blows, which blows and disperses, so it dries in the sun. >> reporter: the first case can be july. when did you find out there are cases? >> we found out yesterday when the governor gave his press interview. >> reporter: no hid's up. >> no, which is so trust racing. the governor has been using this in his political press conference to score political points. it's a shame. >> reporter: pregnant women are urged to avoid this area by the cdc. this woman canceled her plans to travel here even before the
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one either, and thing birth defects sore devastating that it's not worth the risk. >> reporter: today the governor's office told cbs news the governor did try and call the mayor yesterday, and again today, but was unable to reach him. >> you know, beach sounds kind of nice right now, minus to go right there. but it's going to feel like summer again. >> we cool down yesterday. it was actually pretty nice yesterday. i don't know. but the summer time heat is going to come back today and tomorrow, the way things are looking out there.
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in greeley. 52 in woulder and 57 in grand junction. nancy rock well, one of our weather watchers is coming in at 48 degrees. this morning we're clear to the north and boughtly cloudy to the south. we're watching this high pressure ridge sliding in from ne of the storms and push then down overrule southern colorado, so we'll have a day much like yesterday, where storms fire fun southern sections of the state, but don't make it up north. it is also going to bring in a little bit of heat. clear to start things off. here come those isolated storms down south. if we do have any close to denver, it's go to be, like, park county, maybe doug has county, a few buildups there, but that's about it. i'm not counting a lot of rain from those at all.
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day. 80s from denver northward, we'll be in the 80s to near 90s from the southeast, and grand junction, you're looking at 93 again. it's going to be a hot one. for you, one more day. we'll have 90 tomorrow, isolated storms, and then 85 on tuesday. another cold front comes through tuesday night into wednesday. that will pull our temperatures back down into the 70s. so another early shot of fall- like weather there, and it will also give us a little better chance of rain, scattered thunderstorms both wednesday and thursday. so yesterday 76 degrees for the high. >> it really was a perfect kind of day. >> it was, almost like those september days. i love september. you get 70s and sunshine for days on end. >> and it was kind of perfect. it was like football weather, and football is back in denver with the preseason game. thanks, be dave. >> the late i show with teachen colbert got a lot of attention following the reppen and
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from the start because of colbert's choice of band leader. we caught up up with the very musical john baptiste. >> do you just break out in song? >> yeah. >> in the middle of the street. >> you've got to do your thing. >> some people don't look at you funny? >> they be looking, but going. >> it's hard not to look. musician and composer john babt iste and his stay human band take to the streets for what he calls a love riot. >> a love riot is a street sprayed that can happen anywhere. >> reporter: they're his way of bringing a classic new orleans street parade to the people of new york city. >> they may not have had the
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hall, or something like that, so we bring the move to them. >> and now he is sharing his move with millions, as the band leader for are the late show with stephen colbert. >> oh, i love that sound. say "hi," everybody. >> now, did you have this image of what you wanted in a band lead wish, and did he fit it, or is he completely blowing it out of the water? >> in some ways he's something new in a throwback at th time. there hasn't been like a big jazz sound on one of these shows in a long time. >> michelle miller has band leader and john blackstone has tips for moving to canada if you're a presidential candidate loses. all of that and more coming up when we're done here, on cbs sunday morning, begining at
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569er last night's performance, gary kubiak's decision on quarterback didn't get any easier. trevor got the start, and it looked like he would win the job. he led the broncos to a touchdown, but that was the high point. a few drives later, a cardinal error, throwing a pick 6. mark sanchez looked good at times, too, but turnovers remain the issue with sanchez. two fumbles. really outplayed the other. as for paxton lynch, hard to critique him playing with and against third teamers, but the kid can improvise. impressive. but the broncos did go on to lose 31-24. >> they both did some good things. think they were both 10 of 14. that's throwing the ball for a good percentage, but you have to protect the football. so obviously we have to hang on to the good things, find a we to protect the ball for the team, and that's what we need
6:22 am
anything. we're going to keep working here, find the guy that we think is best for our football time, and go from there. >> jeff hoffman, the rockies rookie starting pitcher struggled last night, as the rockies lost to the cubs 9-2. a chair arety cr first infusion of cash from the founder. he donated it to the chan zucker berg initiative in december. the group made $95 million selling those shares this week. its goal is to promote equality for all children in the next generation. zuckerberg has promised to give the group $1 billion worth of shares each year for the next three years.
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the super bowl mvp is starring in a commercial for the new video game. ?just start me ? rushing the passer ? are dreams of mine ? my rating is 99 ? >> von said this dance number is the result of all of his different sack dances rolled into one fantastic ro song. he said he only had about 40 minutes to learn his own dance there, and compared it to five hours a day practice when he was on dancing with the stars. just too much fun. >> well be, on-line sites offer free shipping and discounties to attract customers, but sometimes that cops with a hidden cost. >> it was diet pills. >> it was like what the heck is
6:24 am
free shipping. >> the dollar total is about $260. >> reporter: both were surprised to find that what they thought was a one-time purchase is a recurring subscription. the founder of drewbill is a company that helps users find ask cancel subscriptions they forget about, no longer need, or didn't sign up with to begin with. more and more are companies are be moving to a subscription mod well, and in some cases you may not realize you've even subdescribed. yayant offer discounts of so-called vips, code for members with subscriptions. you may be charged monthly, whether you buy something or not. >> so what you thought was a $25 purchase, actually becomes $50 a month reoccurring. >> reporter: of course you can cancel anytime once you realize you have subscribed, by yaya says in? cases, it's not easy. >> there are companies that are sneaky about signing you up, and then those that make it difficult to cancel.
6:25 am
the ones you don't want. he said that newspapers appear to be the hardest to cancel. dave, summer is makeing a comeback. we're warming up. >> it definitely is out there. take a look at our cameras here. our mountain camera here. our tech center cam, library cam. mostly clear skies this morning. sunrise is happening as we speak it's 53 now, but albers we go through the day, you can see a lot of sunshine today, just a few clouds down there in part, jefferson county, might see a sprinkle down there, but everybody else stays high and dry. 87 in boulder. 82 in castle rock, and denver should be about 88 degrees. check out ron's number this morning. he's in lone tree. a weather watcher temperature of 55 this morning. >> on the other side of the break, a family pleads for help
6:26 am
eldora man. we hear from those desperate for answers in our next half hour. and incredible video out of los angeles after a high-speed chase through neighborhoods. coming up, find out in police ,, there's nothing like trying something new. ,, especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover.
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one person is dead following a shooting near kennedy golf course. this is happening on the 3400 block near where hamden turns into havana street. there are no suspensions in custody right now. we do have a -- suspect physician custody right now. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you updates ass we get -- as we get new information. let's check on your forecast. >> today the heat comes back,
6:30 am
wire cool this morning at 46 in eerie. it's 54 in highlands ranch this morning, and mostly clear skies going on across northern colorado, and i think it will stay dry as we have warmer air coming in. 67 in the sunshine by 9:00. noon should be about 83, and then 88 for the high today, as we go back to afternoon, but that's going to be it, i think you're going to love the day. a little hotter than yesterday, though. >> thanks, dave. a family is desperately calling for help seven months after their son vanished. ryder johnson was last seen january 17th leaving his job at a mountain ski resort. his father is offering a reward for any information in the case. >> reporter: this is flagstaff road in southwest boulder county. ryder johnson's father believes
6:31 am
watch the sunset on his way to gross dam road, but since then, ryder has not been scene, and no one has been able to say what happened to him. >> a wonderful kid. he was a occasioning, compassionate, humble kind kid. >> reporter: richard johnson talks about his missing son. the boulder man does not believe ryder had any desire to leave his job at eldora mountain resort, his girlfriend, or are colorado. efforts to find reider have been thorough. >> we thermal detection lanes to helicopters, two drones. it's really been kind of a cutting edge search effort, and search and rescue people have been fantastic, as well. >> reporter: richard himself has searched the hills above boulder nearly every weekend since the january stance. so now an old-fashioned method is being applied. money. family and friends are offering $100,000 for clues to help them find ryder. >> and to keep his face out
6:32 am
so that he is not forgotten. >> reporter: the reward money will expire january 17th, the win-year anniversary of ryder's disappearance. if you have any information, you were urged to call the boulder county sheriff's office. in boulder, howard nathan, cbs 4 news. new information on the woman who was killed while walking along i-76 friday. the victim has been as 51-year-old cindy augustine. melissa garcia spoke with augustines family. >> shock, disbelief, loss. >> reporter: a team is in mourning after the tragic loss of cindy a gus stone, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver. >> to hear that she was hit by a car, the car didn't stop, it's -- you know, its something
6:33 am
kathy, also a close a friend of cindy, who grew up with her in wisconsin, said that cindy moved to colorado a decade ago for her love of life and the great outdoors. >> she ran a marathon. she was always very health conscious. liked to run. liked to be outside. hiking was one of her favorite things to do. >> reporter: she was shocked to learn of cindy's su questions unanswered. police believe she first struck this poll and crash ared into the bushes. 911 received two calls from early morning drivers reporting a woman walking along the interstate, but police could aren't find her, and then at 6:20 a.m. another driver called to report a body lying on the side of the road. it was cindy, and she was dead. police believe a motor it's struck her and didn't stop. >> very, very heartless, and
6:34 am
was. she would give you the shirt off her back. >> a man who was struck by lightning friday has died. it happened in the red feather lakes area in larimer county. 45-year-old chad trove 0er had been standing between two trees outside his cabin when he was struck. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. a group of native americans gathered in denver saturday to protest the controversial dakota access pipeline. it would build a pipeline between north dakota and illinois. members of the standing rock sioux tribe in north dakota say it could contaminate their drinking water and their sacred land. now to the latest on a massive wildfire burning in southern california. some evacuation orders have been lifted. many residents are returning to their neighborhoods to find homes burned to the ground.
6:35 am
destroyed 105 homes, and more than 200 out buildings in san bernardino county. the fire is now 73% contained. into three people are are in custody this morning after a wild nighttime chase on the streets of l.a. police gave chase after the suspects robbed a grocery store, and at one point, the suspects threw bottles, believed to be champagne, out the window. the driver are evaded police for more than 30 minutes, but eventually lost control of the vehicle. >> you see him right there, slowing wn brakes, trying to slow it down! whoa! whoa! whoa! into the building right there! and you have to under standard, there's nobody behind this vehicle! this guy just loses control! three people jumping out unfortunately that car. you see that stop sign wedged there. 4 people! >> the three were taken into custody shortly after the crash. one person, though, is still on the run. happening now, six notre dame football players are under arrest in one incident. a player was arrested for
6:36 am
against a police officer. later, indiana state police say a trooper pulled a car over for speeding, and found 5 notre dame players inside, as well as pot and an unlicensed loaded handgun. the university says it's aware of the situations, and will decide on sanctions. >> well, move over, broncos, there's a new champ in town. yesterday, the denver outlaws won a nail biting 19-18 over ohio, giving them the major league lacrosse championship. it's the second title years for the team, and their 6th championship appearance in 11 years. congrats to them. well, tonight, the olympic flame will be extinguished in rio. it's the last day of competition. a few final mid-ales will be handed out today, including basketball. and the men going to a bronze medal against russia in volleyball. health look at the medal standings.
6:37 am
43 of them are gold. that's the highest medal count for are the americans since 1984 in los angeles when team usa won 174 medals. china is second with 70, and third in the gold medal race with 26. great britain is third overall with 66 medals, but in second place when he it comes to gold medals, with 27. coming up, a new pilot program sum and running at a denver library aimed at brin their own. after the break. after the break. however it's ,,
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here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. to look out for us. mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash.
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good to have you here this morning. we're looking a nice summer time day in the mountains. we have great air quality. nonalert day today, pod rat is what i guess i should say. susie jay our weather watcher coming in at 44 this morning. we'll start out with mostly sunny skies, and stay that way through most of the day. might see a few clouds building up, but for the moist part, all
6:41 am
park, 88 in greeley today. low-to-mid 80s in castle rock, looking at 88 in denver today. normal high this time of year is about 87 degrees or so, so that's about where we should be. >> checking out books, cds, and dvds from a library is really nothing new, but now some families can also take home free wi-fi. jennifer explains how the new service is >> reporter: getting around can take a lot of effort with rheumatoid arthritis, especially her trips to the library to access the internet. >> the only way i can get around is by bus. >> reporter: so you can imagine how happy she was to hear about a new program launched by denver library which offers free high speed internet to it patrons for these wi-fi hot spots. they can be checked out like a book. >> the kit has everything you need. so at home, you can very
6:42 am
the internet. >> reporter: the library now has 50 of these wi-fi hot spots available at five branches. computer ownership and high speed internet use in colorado is some of the high next the nation, and some people are getting left behind. >> if you have lost your job, you may have to make cuts in your budgets, you may not have this kind of ability to do these searches from home. >> reporter: janine said these device are already making a huge difference >> it is going to allow me to go on the internet at home, and follow my church, because my church live streams theirer is morns. so i'll be able to do that. i'll be able to skype my dearest friend, moved to michigan, and i'll be able to skype to her without having to bundle up and try to make it to the library. >> the library said, minutes of offering those hot spots, they were all checked out, and
6:43 am
program. after the break, an uber driver with a son going for gold, gets help he from an
6:44 am
6:45 am
a person is killed as a victim of what is thought to be street racing. this comes in an area where the state has spent million ross of dollars to prevent such acts. well, parts of louisiana are again under flood advisories, as rain continues to make its way through the south. hist or 0ic flooding has ravaged the area and killed at
6:46 am
registered for federal assistance. that's a one week told the agency said it hasn't seen since super storm sandy back in 2012. and officials have raised the death toll to 50 after a bomb ripped through a we hadding sell bare in turkey. at least 94 others were also hurt. this morning, turkey's president said the islamic state is to blame for the attacks. it comes after a series of other bombings, and a failed coup in the country last month. >> let's get a check of today's forecast >> it is. hire comes the sun, yeah, and it's to heat us up today. we have sun, warmer air coming in. dryer air, as well. it's going to feel like 100% summer time today. 53 out there right now. speaking of sun, check out the sunflowers. it's the time when all of the big sunflower fields are bursting. this one is out near dia. peter sent that in. sens us a lot of great pictures. what a good shop there.
6:47 am
spot is. look at leadville at 34. 38 in craig. 39 in steam boat. we have 50s and 60s across the east. 50 degrees in boulder right now, and it's 60 in lahunta. joy jordan, 56 degrees out there. she said she has a nice, cool refreshing breeze going on out there. we had some big thunderstorms yesterday afternoon in southern colorado. those have pushed out, but we have partly cloudy skies going on tmo to the west, and most overrule the day it should stay that way. here is what is going on on the big picture now, that cool air that blasted through here and gave us that fall-like feel now just kind of spread it out across the country. high pressure behind it will be moving into utah today. that's going to bring in dryer air for us. with that northwesterly flow around the high, that will keep most thunderstorms over southern colorado today. add into that as this cold air is sinking to up into texas, we
6:48 am
texas. we have flooding in san antoine go going on there. now the southern part of the state just going to really get a pounding today. several inches of rain with flooding in the southern part of texas today. around here, a flood of sunshine going on across the state. with the futurecast, forecast mostly clear. and watch what i mean. thunderstorms are really southern pressed down south. if there are any storms that get close to denver, it will be park county, southern evercompany, maybe douglas county, but they're going to be might just get gusty wind out of anything that forms there. temperature-wise, 80s and 90s here in the east. 88 in greeley, 900 in lamar today. 74 in frisco. and still hot out we've. 85 in miker, and 95 in grand junction this afternoon. so my forecast looks like this as we break it down. 88 today, sunny, warmer. tomorrow, back to 90 degrees. isolated storms in the
6:49 am
isolated storms in the afternoon, and then we have another fall issue cold front coming in on wednesday. we should dip down to the 70s. 72 wednesday, 75 on thursday, and a little better chance of seeing those scattered rain showers and thunderstorms, as well. and with that front, too, much like the last one that went through, we might have a few flakes of snow on some of the higher mountain peeks. >> okay. you just said the s word. you're not allowed to say that here yet. >> yeah, as long as we don't say snow and denver in the sentence, we're okay. a philadelphia uber driver couldn't afford to go to rio to see his son participate in the olympics. that all changed thanks to the help of one of his passengers. jamie has the story. >> reporter: shot putter and first time olympian durrell hill may not have made it to the final -- >> it's going to be a day that i'll never forget. >> reporter: but for his biggest supporter, his dad, just being in rio to watch his son compete was a gift worth
6:50 am
intention of going. >> i had already made a decision, you know, like to stay home, you know, like and not really go out of my way to try to get the money. >> reporter: that all changed when the retired but driver picked up passenger liz in his uber car. hill told her that is right his son was competing in rio, but he couldn't afford to go. >> he shared information that she had a friend that was competing in the swim quick and fold her about my son -- and i told her about that was awesome. >> reporter: she promised to him. she lives in chicago. >> when he told me he couldn't go to the olympics in rio be, i just wondered how i would feel as a parent of an athlete. so she set up a gofundme page, and 152 people dough nateed $82 -- donated $8,200.
6:51 am
can you believe you're here? >> no. >> shortly after arriving, father and son connected, and the son tweeted: >> i got to meet his coach, as well. to hear him talk about my son was great. and to hear him tell me that you did well. it's great. it was he said he has not lost his confidence, and he is leaving these games with his chin held high. well, after the break, another heart warming story you are won't want to miss. a world war ii veteran finally gets recognition he deserves.
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(playing harmonica) get your own liquid gold. go on, git! there's gold in them thar shells.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. 4-844-2424.
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seven decades after serve income the navy at 91 years old, he's getting his three combat medals. >> i wanted to say thank you for serving, and you have blessed us all. >> this means a lot to me. >> reporter: he was drafted in 1942, and sent oea recapture guam from the japanese. three years later, he came home to his sweetheart, and today still lives in the first home they ever bought.. >> i was always pretty happy there, and comfortable. >> reporter: the fake and grandfather knew he earned the medals, but never got them. now that oversight has been fixed. county executive ron astorino.
6:55 am
mind when he was serving, he just wanted to get home. >> reporter: he said serving america was the greatest experience of his life. >> it was such an honor to live and grow up and be drafted in the service. >> reporter: and he has no regrets. >> i can't complain about anything. i love everybody, i love everything. >> what a great attitude. the county said his children found out about his medals from his paperers. from now on, august 19th be celebrated as john poletto recognition day there in west chester. >> incredible new video out of can da where kayakers had a close encounter with two hump back whales. the mother and calf could be seen jumping out of the water just a few feet away. they paddalled over for a closer -- pedaled --
6:56 am
paddled over for a closer look, and what a crew viewer they got -- what a view they got. >> the baby comes shooting out of the water, and mom is just as excited. >> wow. well, some have criticized them for getting too close to the hump bakeback whales, but the group said they backed off when the whales started jumping. >> one person is dead after a crash on federal coming up, what police say led to that wreck. and we've seen prettier broncos games than the one that have had last night, but through the rough quarterback play, is there a bright spot? we look into that question when we come back. but first, dave, how are we looking weather-wise today? >> a bride spot on our lookout camera mountain. the sun is up, and we're going to heat up big time today. i'll show you how warm we'll get. in the meantime, take a look at your favorite temperature.
6:57 am
want. it's 51 in lake wood this morning. >> and it's just going to be a gorgeous day, looking west. gorgeous day, looking west. nothing but blue skies ,, [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] [ cellphone vibrates ] n hour. weren't you just...? got it.
6:58 am
6:59 am
one person is dead following a shooting near kennedy golf course. this is breaking news. this is near where hamden turns into hash he anna. denver police say there are no suspects in custody right now. we do have a crew at the scene who tell us that police will likely be there for several more hours. we will continue to update you
7:00 am
it's going to be a happy day for us. look at that clear sky. not a cloud in the sky as we look at our library cam there, and nancy johnson our weather watcher at lay fay it coming in at 43 -- la fayette coming in at -- la fay it coming in at 43 this morning. i think sunshine is by 9:00 al, 67. 83 by than. the high today 88 degrees as we sail back into summer. quite a change from yesterday when we only had a high of 76 degrees, so we'll squeeze in two seasons this weekend. looking pretty good. >> new this morning, officials have raised the number of dead if turkey to 50 after a bomb goes off at an outdoor wedding


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