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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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a residential area in centennial. so people trying to figure out how to make their way around this accident scene of the -- i want to show you a portion of the accident scene. the arapahoe county sheriff's office tweeted the news of the fatal accident. we know 1 person dead. you can see a black subaru right there that has heavy, heavy front end damage. we're told the motorcycle is around the corner of the fence. unable to see a lot of debris as a result of this accident. the subaru was in the front yard of one of these homes in the smoky hills division. the investigation continues this morning and because of how serious that accident is, i believe that these officers are going to be on scene for quite some time. right now, a lot of information still needs to be found out. arapahoe county sheriff's office tweeting as much as they can. it's early in
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to get updates this early in the morning is via their twitter feed. for more details on how to get around this accident and how this will impact your morning commute, let's check with joel hillan. good morning. joel. >> good morning, jaime . buckley road is closed to smoky hill. we expect that closure to continue for that time as they do investigation and they have to do cleanup of that accident. you can take orchard to parking road to chambers. weaver -- we're seeing the -- a car hit and killed a person on east iliff in south chambers. this happened just after midnight. the driver took a turn too fast and slid into a
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crosswalk. the driver and passenger went to the hospital. police tells us they suspect the driver was drunk. here's another friendly reminder to slowdown near schools. it's back to school for hundreds of students and this includes children in denver, puta valley and clear creek. miami dade students head back. but crew was deal with the zika virus. mosquitos infected 5 people i beach. the superintendent of schools distributed protective uniforms which consist of long sleeves and pants. >> it may be uncomfortable, but once in school, it's going to be comfortable. >> other states in the gulf coast may be at-risk for the zika virus. experts with its national institutes of health says zika could hang around in the united
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vaccine. we could learn the name of the man killed outside of a strip club. it happened behind the show club on south galena. family members broke down as investigators collected information. those in the area are disturbed by the scene as well. >> it's an eye opener and keeps us on alert. >> denver police say they're working the businesses in that area to try and get some surveillance video so they can they have not put out any suspect description yet. an officer accused in an apparently deadly road rage crash will learn charges against him today. blare jackson was on his way home from work before the crash on june 1st says the investigators. jackson and another driver started leap frogging on highway 85. jackson reportedly pulled out in front
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control and drive. moreno died. a live look from copter 4 as we have a hot start to the week and pretty schools, but a cool down could be around the corner for you. lauren a lot of kids starting school. >> it's the first day back for denver public school and it should be nice. hot at recess. temperatures to start, 62 in denver. 61 in boulder. 57 degrees in burlington. 49 in aspen. 66 in grand junction. our weather watcher randy watcho hartsville. not a bad start. on our satellite and radar, we have rain to the northwest. to the southwest it looks like snow mixed in. here in denver across the front range and the foothills, we're lovie. sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. later today we get back to the 90s. 92 degrees by wednesday and a chance for thunderstorms coming in this
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the drive. >> live pictures coming in from the northbound direction of i-225 as you make your way out to colfax. we have trouble along the right shoulder. do you see it on the right portion of your screen and on the left portion of your screen, you have the left lane and a portion of the center lane blocked. the cars have to get over. there's curiosity slowing that. we have speeds into the 60s as you travth with students going back to school, watch the slowing of u.s. 36 as they head to boulevard. westbound along i-76 this morning -- we're across the denver-metro area, 31st and downing, lights malfunctioning. don't forget to treat that as a four-way. you see -- there's an accident on i-25. you can turn on our partners koa 850 am and 94.1 fm for the latest traffic
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police say a 74 woman who crashed into a crowd of people at a concert in ohio confused the brake for the gas pedal. it happened in ohio 10 minutes of ohio. she left a frank nentara -- senatra. >> she well and that's why she left early. we certainly had spoken to her for a little while, but it appears it wan accident. she made a mistake with the gas and brake. >> police are looking into possible charges. right now, south korea and the united states are starting military drills and this is happening despite north korea's threatening strikes due to the
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seminoles war games. 3200 people remain in shelters from all the flooding in louisiana. there's more rain expected. many people have returned to find a painful lesson: even those with flood insurancee finding the home was covered, but not the contents. there's 60,000 damaged homes. volunteers are joining the guard groups and fema approved $55 million in temporary assistant million in advanced national flood insurance payouts. president obama is going to travel to louisiana tomorrow to see the devastation firsthand. he returned to the white house last night from a 16-day vacation in martha's vineyard -- >> i asked him to let us get out of the response mode where we were conducting searchs of houses and making rescues.
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state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president. >> governor edwards expressed his appreciate for friday's visit by presidential nominee trump. >> trump's campaign promises it's back on track after falling poll numbers. his latest -- >> what he supports is to make sure we enforce the law, and that we are fair and humane for those who liv country. >> will that plan include a deportation. >> to be determined? >> a new battleground tracker poll shows clinton 6 points ahead of trump in ohio. a crucial state for his campaign. the clinton campaign says the democratic nominee is halfway to $1 billion in fundraising. her campaign manager is denying foreign donors to the clinton foundation that they received special treatment. >> republicans in congress and
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something out of nothing here. >> clinton will continue fundraising today in los angeles while trump campaigns in ohio. democratic advise presidential candidate -- democratic vice presidential candidate kaine will have a meeting with leaders. a popular southern colorado hike will be closed. people will have to wait 4 months. this closure is apart of an improvement and stabilizationpr crews will fix damaged retaining walls and cleanup loose debris. the incline will likely remain closed through december 2nd. people can still take the free shuttle to bar trail. bears are still out in colorado springs. check this out. new surveillance video shows two roaming cheyenne mountain. one decided to kind of hop over a rock here.
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he turned a rock over like nothing. 6:09. next on the cbs4 morning news, a new approach to
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breaking news we've been following this morning. you see we have a vehicle, an suv that hit a motorcycle this morning. 1 person is dead. we do know that. the news updated here though is that south buckley at crest line is now opened again this morning in centennial as we take a look at the subaru who collided with the motorcycle.
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teenagers avoid obesity and eating disorder. teenagers who parents encourage them to eat healthy and be physically active are less likely to suffer from unhealthy diet behaviors. experts say that parents should discourage teens from using diet pills. research proves why people in their late 20s and 30s should enjoy their jobs. ohio researchers tracked over 6,000 people and they say those who are unhap careers are more depressed and worried and have trouble sleeping later on in life. and today, may be your chance to pick up work in the health karen does tree. there's a job fair at the drubl free that runs from 1:00 to 4:00. >> here's lauren. >> look at the sunrise. pretty colors as we approach our sunrise time. it's gorgeous out seed if the it's the first day
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moment. we're 10 degrees warm near denver compared to yesterday at this time. 9 for boulder and steamboat and avon and grand junction. 7 degrees warmer in gunnison. temperatures, 62 in denver. 45 in lineman. 54 in greeley. 57 in burlington. 35 in leadville. 52 in avon and 66 in grand junction. satellite and radar, there's a little rain in our northwest to the southwest. sprinkles for the most part as we look at the front range, eastern plain side. the moisture is going to increase to our south western corner. we could get descent rain in the southwest. this is more wide spread through the afternoon and evening hours. in denver, we may get isolated thunderstorms. areas the foothills you get that earlier. 89 in burlington. 92 in pueblo.
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aspen. 84 in grand junction. first day of school for d ps and a nice one at the bus stop. a great morning and temperatures in the mid-60s. later this afternoon, it gets warm. into the evening hours -- we have a chance for isolated thunderstorms. for your 5-day forecast, mid-80s and a chance for rain and storms and 70s joel. how is the drive? >> we have a new trouble spot. we're following live pictures f5 on the approach to colfax. the left side that's blocked off. what you can't see is further to the south along the image from copter 4, it should be on your left side. this is making for a mess for those making their way out to
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dipping to the 50s. 9 minutes have 120th to i-70 where it's slowing down. westbound along i-76. watch for added volume this morning as you get later through the morning commute, westbound along u.s. 36. we're across the denver-metro area, there's the trouble spot along i-25 in the northbound direction -- 31st and downing. lights are malfunctioning. directions to the south and to the north of 285 is going to cause delays. we learned that buckley load reopened as you get between smoky hill and orchard this morning. i would avoid this area as we expect to have heavy area. we have the middle school. so we're going to have heavy volume. with the kids returning back to school, britt, police are going to be out watching making sure that everyone is comply with the law
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>> it's a good reminder. slowdown. their morning there's an effort to stop the annoying robo calls. tomorrow could be your chance to snag a cheap flight. this is the news on wall street. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. hi, jill. >>reporter: good morning, britt. the nasdaq opens today after its 8th week -- it's a rise for the week. futures pointing to the fed meets at jackson fed. yesterday the banks vice chairman stanley fisher said the u.s. economy is close to job inflation targets and that means a rate hike this year is still on the table. some promising news for someone annoyed by the pre-reported telephone calls and who isn't, more than 30 companies including
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joining forces with the government to join a strike for robo calls. august 23rd is considered cheap flight day when the more expensive fares drop. tickets could drop by 10 to 20%. >> that's great information. have i to buy my holiday travel ticket, so jill, thank you for that. >> time to book. this is it. yes. >> sounds like you some where together. >> to see family. monday's top stories to talk about. a 12 year old that wore a vest that -- 51 people died saturday. nearly 50% of them were under the age of 14. so was the bomber says turkish president juan. he blames isis which has a history of using children as weapons. the dead include the bride's sister and
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south america's first olympics are over in rio. four time gold medals simone biles carried the american flag with style last night in the closure ceremonies. team usa earned 121 medals. 46 gold. the most of any nation by far. china had 70 total in second place. gary kubiak hoped to know his starting quarterback this week. not yet. he gave trevor siemian a start he played williams and had a -- he played a touchdown and he threw a pick to the off end zone. sanchez had a few nice throws, but then he had not one, but two fumbles. a bit of a problem. lynch may have been the odd man out. he may have a glimmer of hope. lynch had two touchdowns including the first
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he was playing third-stringers here. broncos insiders are sharing their thoughts. you can visit to check out our broncos -- those at denver public schools are going back to school. lauren that means the summer is over. >> 31 days until fall. peter reporting for us. 59 degrees northwest of albert county and says a beautiful sunrise and it's a great start to the day. ,, since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood
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we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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good morning, everyone. welcome back.
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tokyo. will it likely heavy rainfall. airlines have cancelled. here's lauren. >>reporter: let's look at what's happening across the country. they get relief -- temperatures warm, but the humidity will start to improve quite a bit as the front and jet stream moves through. new york, 89. as you head towards the other -- temperatures in the 70snd clear conditions and down in the desert southwest, fairly hot. 99 in phoenix. that's a nice improve and the midwest. 25 minutes at dia and all lots opened. let's check with joel. >> copter 4 over this. this is westbound, i-76 to southbound i-25. that ramp. you've got two garbage trucks ts making their way by. have you two that's stopped and one on its side. that's going to be a mess through the morning commute this morning.
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ram of i-76 to southbound i-25 this morning. let me show you the drive out to dia. you'll have plenty company on i-70. nothing to slow you down. posted speed limits. an inbound along pena boulevard looking good. the a-line running on time. >> video of four men letting three crocodiles loose. the men were pushing the through a window. the mouse tap were shut and they ransacked the school and took off. police are looking for the vandals who didn't appear to be wearing shirts and their shorts were running low. here's a preview of what you'll see on cbs this morning. there's nor o'donnell.
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you didn't know. the washington post journalist and trump revealed joins us. kareen abduel gentleman bar is here in studio 57. the news is back in a moment so we'll see you at 7:00. >> you can catch nora o'donnell and gale king and -- 62 in denver. coming up, what's behind the ,, over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen
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and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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this is the news at 6:30 this morning. 1 person dead in a crash involving a car and motorcycle. we're going to have a live report from centennial in a few minutes.
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outside from our roof top cam rachlt the start of the day gorgeous. we're seeing a warmup today. maybe some storms but there's a pretty big cool down approaching. lauren is on the roof. and lauren, i bit it looks stunning out there. >>reporter: it's nice outside right now. it's a little cool, but not bad. we're looking at nice temperatures later today. in 90s and the cool down comes wednesday. it's gorgeous to start the day. perfect first kids heading back to school. 62 in denver right now. 61 in boulder. 57 in burlington. 35 in leadville. 52 in steamboat. 66 in grand junction. we have a hot day in store so we'll talk more about that a moment. let's check with joel. >> a traffic alert we're following. copter 4 over a garbage truck which has rolled over to its side on the ramp of southbound -- we hypothetical fire truck which has arrived and
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that is going to be a mess as you try and make your way from westbound i-76 to southbound i-25 this morning, joel. >> breaking news. south buckley road opened in centennial after a fatal crash this morning. >> jaime leary is live from crest line and prentice. there's been changes. give us an update. >> that road is opened t. was closed for several hours during the investigation. two flat bed trailers towed away the vehicles lv you can see the fence in the front ward on the corner of buckley and crest line where the subaru actually came to rest. a little bit of damage to that fence. coming up at 6:45 we've got more details on this investigation. we were told to stay back bus -- we'll give you a look at the accident scene. live in centennial, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news.
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waldon. the fire started in june and it has burned 7,000 acres. crews have it halfway contained. the weather is going to test the containment lines over the next few days. full containment is not expected until mid-october on that fire. wild life getting around. those told to evacuate fire in southern california are allowed to return home. it burned in the national forest. it's 85% contained. that fire ate up 300 building and homes as winds and high temps sent it out of control. fortunately nobody is hurt, but there's a lot of charred landscape in california. firefighters battled three fast moving firefighters in east washington state. the flames
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started yesterday afternoon. they burned nearly 7 square miles. a canby of dust -- the national weather service issued a dust warning last night. we call this an haboob and driver his to slowdown because visibility was so low. it was down to a mile. quite a job getting this water log truck out of cherry creek reservoir. i think it would be fairly easy, but here's her grandfather was inside when it rolled into the water. tow cables were attached. a diver put an airbag to get the truck free. officials pulled the truck out hours later. 6:34. time for weather and traffic as the kids are going back to school today. >> it's a beautiful start to the day. look at our beautiful view
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evergreen mount camera. crisp this morning. it's a nice start to the day. it's warmer than yesterday. 10 degrees warmer in denver. 9 for boulder. 19 in fort collins. 9 degrees warmer in grand junction. burlington at 57 degrees. 62 in denver. 52 in greeley. 61 in boulder. 52 in avon. 66 in grand junction. jonathan greenspan our weather watcher in telluride says it's a nice morning. 65. sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. fairly mild to start, but later today, we're looking at heat. so it will get hot for those kids at recess time. showers down to our south western corner and the northwest. that's about it. the rest of us on the dry side to start this monday morning. and we'll have the chance for
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mountain peeks could get rain. we're looking for that to shift into -- in denver, we may get a few isolated pops through the evening hour. it's a nice, hot day. clears will clear for almost everyone. however, there could be rain to our west to start tomorrow. we have a chance of rain and thunderstorm in the denver area as we head into the evening hour and those could pop out to the even plains. 93 degrees. 92 in fwreely. 89 in burlington 79 in aspen. for your hour-by-hour forecast today, again, mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. 92 degrees by 2:00. 90 by 5:00 and a chance for evening rain showers and -- we're down to the mid-80s and a chance for storms and cooler by wednesday. almost a 20-degree drop in a couple of days. >> the garbage man laid out the
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to southbound i-25. a traffic alert we're following this morning has closed off most of that ramp. the car -- the cars barely getting by. we'll see a portion of i-76 with speeds in the 60s. we're in the westbound direction i-76. as you make your way from 88. not too bad. it's the ramp -- that's going to back things up eastbound along and we could see struggling southbound along i-25 because of it. there's an accident in the northbound direction i-255 towards colfax on the left side of the roadway. you can see the delays because of that. either direction or both directions of c-470 towards the is the of 285, there's ongoing paving work and hopefully that will get picked
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arapahoe road to i - speeds dip into the 20s now because of that accident, northbound along i-25. that's a 10-minute drive from mississippi to i-70. britt. >> joel, thank you. people in denver, the capital hill neighborhood are keeping a close eye on their cars. four woke up yesterday morning to find their tires slashed. in the happened at 11th and logan downtown. police haven't releas information. a need for vacation and come home to find wheels stolen off your car. we have that tonight on cbs4 tonight. >> andrew sky all have something in common. they had great vacations until they found out their wheels were stolen while they were away. >> my truck was actually sitting on center block in a parking lot. >> why denver police say this type of crime is on the rise if
6:39 am
very quickly. >> what they suggest you do to keep from becoming a victim. >> given the right opportunity, they will relieve you your rims and tires. >> you can watch rick's report tonight at 10:00. coming up next, critics are chastising president obama for not cutting his vacation short to visit the -- a family's boat capsized. how a parents couldn't find her in the water. here's michael spencer with a rockies update. >>reporter: earlier this week, the rockies lost ten of their last 12 and had the two best teams on the majors on the schedule. that's usually not a good thing, but they turned it around. tim howard on hand to the pitch to know plan. arenado had a ball game.
6:40 am
rockies 3-0. later the first, de la rosa helping his cause. the ditcher with two rbi's and all of a sudden it's 7-0 rockies. then in the 4th, more from nolan, another 3-1 jack. he said he stayed last last night or two nights ago to work on his swing. it worked. he was four for five. rockies up 10-0. dj with a solo shot. colorado gets the win 11-4 and >> we've won series against the better clubs in the game. i think that should show us that we're capable of doing those types of things. again, it's about consistency and sustaining
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every 10 minutes on the fours. we start with a traffic alert. you can see a garbage truck overturned on i-76 to southbound i-25. live pictures from copter traffic barely getting by along the right shoulder that's causing huge delays as you're going westbound from i-76 to southbound i-25. northbound along arapahoe running slow. speeds into the 20s because of an accident blocking the left lane on colfax. >> let's outside because it's a nice start. beautiful conditions outs side. take a
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downtown. the sunrise has been spectacular. fort collins looks good with a few cloud and clear skies and temperatures nice as well. ted carlton reporting for us this morning, 44 degrees from steamboat springs. he said they had a red sky this morning with layered clouds. we'll talk about the forecast in a moment, but first back to alan and britt. >> buckley road is opened after a deadly crash involving an suv and jaime leary is live to tell us about it and see what happened? roar -- >>reporter: you can see the tires landing in the many -- landing in the middle of a fence. buckley closed for hours. it involves a motorcycle and suv.
6:46 am
but right now, we're not sure if the victim was riding a motorcycle or inside of the suv. heavy front end damage to that suv. arapahoe county sheriff's office is in charge of this investigation. they tweeted out news of the fatal sometime after 3:00 a.m. we know this was an early morning accident. they said the only updates we're going to get is from twitter. serious accident. two flat bed tow trucks came 5 minutes ago to a we know 1 person is dead as a result of this accident. but the investigation is ongoing. we're going to continue to keep an eye on this story. live in centennial, jaime leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you. breaking overnight, a driver hits and kills a person on east iliff avenue and south chambers road. this happened shortly after midnight. the driver took a turn too fast and slid near a group of people walking in the crosswalk. the suv hit a
6:47 am
police suspect the driver was drunk. a 74-year old woman could be facing charges for backing her car into a crowded dancers in ohio. the crash happened last night 10 miles south of cleveland. the woman had just left a frank senatra show when she drove into the dance show in reverse. she hit a telephone pole and a car. correct herself -- nine people are helped. there is a disturbing trend for car owners in colorado. theft is on the rise here. denver led the state last year with an advantage of 286 thefts each week. howard nathan explains why. >>reporter: folks, it's time to lock your car doors and pocket your keys, car theefb was active again in colorado. this
6:48 am
lock your secure your items. >> it's silly we have to remind each other to do that. >> theft was up due to those not locking their cars up. how much is it up? >> 15%. >> higher. >> 20%. >> 30%. >> 30% higher in 2014 compared to 15. you can blame new comers to colorado. >> as move to colorado -- >> when a car thief gains access to their car, they're gaining access to your life and maybe even your home. in denver, howard nathan, cbs4 morning news. family members hoped surveillance video will help police arrest a killer. someone shot and killed a man yesterday morning outside of a denver strip club.
6:49 am
south -- officers put out -- have not put out a suspect's description. the smell of freshly sharpened pencil and backpacks are back in denver and puta clear skreek -- schools start at csu and cu. the smell of mosquito repellent is in the air. the superintendent of schools also distributed protective uniforms that consist of long sleeves and pants in steamy miami. zika infected five more people in miami beach. experts with the national institute of health says zika could hang around in the u.s. for a year or two. congress has yet to approve the administration's funding package. president obama is back in
6:50 am
vacation on martha's vineyard. he'll travel to louisiana tomorrow to see the devastation. louisiana governor is pushing back at critics who says the president should have visited area sooner. >> i asked him to let us get out of the response mode where we were conducting searchs of houses and we were making rescues. i didn't want to divert the police officers and deputies and state troopers and essential ur president. >> no rain could be -- rain could be on the way to the baton rouge area and the government says 60,000 home was reported damaged. that's a 50% increase compared to what governor john bell edwards said last week. two disaster centers opened. 3200 people remain in shelters. leaders in louisiana can setting up a temporary bus system to
6:51 am
area. rescuer saved a little girl in -- rescuers saved a little girl trapped on a boat. two officers pull the parents and a baby to safety and they could hear crying, but they cannot find the toddler. they did find her after 45 minutes of searching. she was air pocket beneath the flipped boat. a life jacket kept her [indiscernible] and saved her life. >> it was great seeing her come out like that. >> thank you for saving my baby. i can't imagine. >> the family was reunited and tammy says she's forever thankful to those officers. new information did the death of legendary singer prince. authorities say pills
6:52 am
were counter fit drugs that contained phytanoyl. the pills were inside aspirin and vitamin bottle in a suitcase and a duffle bag. prince did not have a prescription for any controlled substances. last june, an autopsy report shows that prince died from a phytanoyl overdose. trump's campaign promises they're back on track. he tried to reach out to minority voters. >> you're live nothing poverty and your school was no good. 58% of your youth is unemployment. what the hell do you have to lose. >> a new cbs news battleground tracker poll shows clinton 6 points ahead of trump in ohio. a crucial state for the campaign. meantime the clinton campaign says the democratic nominee now is halfway to a 1
6:53 am
nothing here. >> clinton is going to fund raise today. she'll be in los angeles. trump campaigns in ohio. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine is visiting colorado tomorrow. he will spend time in lakewood for a round table discussion with small business leaders. we'll have the latest on closing ceremonies including music and dancing and athletes enjoying the moment in spite of the rain. looking for video that didn't come up. rio celebrated its final moments the olympics. the united states dominated in the medal count with 121 medals finishing first. china was a distant second with 70. we have video that shows denver police reaching out to
6:54 am
dancing. >> all righty. ready. here's commander -- breaking itn . ? [ music ] ? ? >> they have rhyme. >> the officers held the dance out with students at east high school. i got to see you dance, come on. >> you know better. >> no dance moveser >> it's getting close to time. >> i look like a dump truck on a highway. live pictures along i-76 on the ramp to i-25. you can see the left shoulder blocked off. look at the traffic now. it has to get by on the right shoulder. speeds in the single digits find that. take a look at this. there's an accident northbound 5 right after 6th on the approach to colfax this morning. delays to mississippi because of it. we're seeing
6:55 am
northbound along i-225. we've got somebody out changing a tire near the mouse trap. we can see it our cbs mouse trap cam. not causing delays. hamden from i-25 from southbound i-25 to hamden, there's a school bus broken down and off to the side. we expect delays as you head in that area. c-470, construction work as they do repaving work. that's caused delays -- 9 minutes from 120th to i-70. we're seeing slowing westbound along i-76. let's outside this morning where we have a mixture of sunshine and cloud cover. this is a nice morning. gorgeous. beautiful view and we have plenty of sunshine for most of us today. it's warmer to start the day on this monday morning compared to yesterday. 11 degrees warmer in denver. 9 for boulder and fort collins.
6:56 am
64 in denver. 58 in burlington. 57 in pueblo. satellite and radar, we have rain. the rest us on the dry side to start. we'll stay that way through most of the day. the rain will get wide spread as we head towards the latest morning hours and early afternoon and a chance of some storms heading into the denver area. as we head into the evening hours, most willy skies clear for most of us, but rain tomorrow morning into the southwest and western slope. and we could get more of that tomorrow. a couple of storms in denver as well. temperatures today, it's 93 in denver. 89 in boulevard. 89 in burlington. 92 in lamar. 71 in fresco. for your bus stop forecast this morning, we're looking at temperatures in the mid-60s. great morning for the kidos and hot on the way home
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>> pewter goes back.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, august 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? is donald trump wavering on his promise to deport 11 million back to trump's childhood is here is a revealing look at the candidate. >> back to school for thousands of students at the epi center of the florida zika scare. many are dressed for protection. >> the rye owe olympics come to a record close with a record haul of medals for the team usa. we look ahead to when the games could return to the states. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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