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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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good morning, everybody. 4:30. this is the news on cbs4 on tuesday, august 23rd, i think it is. >> i'm brittal maureen know. >> we had nice conditions and mild temperatures. let's take a look at the temperatures. 72 in boulder. 64 in denver. 62 in burlington. 44 in leadville. 54 in avon. nice on the western slope. 63 in grand junction. 53 in meeker. satellite and rain, we had rain on the western
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the rest of us are clear, but a few more clouds in the high country in our north western corner. for your hour-by-hour forecast, mostly cloudy to sunny skies. we did hit 93 yesterday and today 88 degrees and a chance for evening thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check in with joel. >> good morning, lauren. take a look at i-25 and arapahoe. we have the overnight construction and we have restrictions in place if you're heading out i-25 and you can see that reflected. do you see that dash of purple along i-25. we have slowing north of 285. most of that work i road on it from king carol all the way out to 285 have been completed and now they have to get the work done north of 285. it's a rough ride. hopefully after this, it's bett. >> thank you. new this morning, two people are dead after a head on crash
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shortly after 10:00 on highway 34 east of i-25. police say a man driving a pickup was going the wrong way and that driver slammed into a woman in another car and they both died. police don't know why the man was going the wrong way. the campaign comes back to colorado today as vice presidential candidate kaine meet with business lead are in lakewood. controversy looms over clinton private e-mail server. here's brian web with the latest. >>reporter: appearing on jimmy kimmel, clinton talked about debating her republican debate. >> i'm drawing on my experience in elementary school. [laughter] >> before addressing the latest chapter in her enduring e-mail saga. >> we have released 30,000 plus, so what's a few more. >> on monday, a federal judge ordered the state department to
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previously undisclosed e-mails and documents recovered from her private e-mail server by the fbi during their criminal investigation. clinton campaign say they're not sure what's in the documents, but supports her work-related e-mails being released. at a campaign in ohio, trump kept the light on donations saying they got spec >> the favor is done and the significant number of times it was done require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> the republican nominee also made a pitch to minority voters. >> what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street
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clinton leading trump among black, hispanic and asian voters, 72 to 10%. brian web for cbs news. >> clinton continues her fundraising tour with four private events in california. trump has called off a planned speech on immigration in colorado on thursday. he will still attend a fundraiser, we understand in aspen. 21 people here in colorado are infected with the zika virus. the state health department released those outside the state to areas where zika is active. weld county has four zika cases. two children are back home with their mother after they were kidnapped during a car jacking. karen morfitt has the story. >>reporter: the photo captures the moments when officers took two young children into their arms. the 3-month-old and 3-year old girl was riding along
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like he was tearing up taking the kids because -- >> the mother ran inside the family dollar leaving the kids in the suv. while she was inside she saw a man trying to get into her suv. when she tried to stop her, he pushed her away and took off. a short time later he was spotted along i-25 and police went after him. >> i think this one was more of the dramatic o chase. >> the suspect jumped out and running into a tall grass. >> a professional photographer stopped to snap these photos capturing the arrest and the police comforting the children, but the parent's relief as they were reunited. >> the mother was in tears. there was a family member holding her hand and walking with her. she's gasping for
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reporting. the suspect is facing car theft and kidnapping. as for the mother, it's not clear if she'll be charged for leaving the kids in the suv. broncos fans, the wait to determine a quarterback is excruciating. head coach gary kubiak told us the start up for the game is siemian. all the quarterbacks is going to play equal time. which one of the qb's will be the second to get reps. that's interesting, and despite the turnover issues, he remains optimistic. >> i feel good about a lot of things we're doing. and this is -- i say this, they've all done really good things and they've made mistakes. i can say that about every player and every coach in that room. we made mistakes in the past, and we
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that's apart of football. >> you can keep up with the broncos as we ramp up to this season. our team of insiders reports daily, and you can see those reports in our cbs denver sports section, just click on broncos. this tuesday, investors looking to get a boost today after a down day to start the week. >> jill wagner joins us live on the floor of the new york stock report with report, jill. >>reporter: good morning, alan and britt. the markets are down. the dow lost 23 points and nasdaq lost 6. crusades -- it could cause collateral damage. the associated press reports the organization published personal info of regular citizens on the internet like their identity including a
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abuse records and -- the press attempted to reach [indiscernible]. airlines will likely suffer more outages like the one that grounded thousands of delta flights. the major carrier have not spent enough money updating their reservation systems. in some cases, they're using 1960s technology. skin care game, the screen company have a smell of chicken. they gave away 3,000 bottles. >> the bears are going to love that here in colorado. >> i was going to say. that opens up new problems. [laughter] >> as long as it doesn't taste like chicken. >> crunchy on the inside. >> less calories. thanks, jill. this morning, the denver center announced it has named janice as the key president and
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outside of myself and connect with the actors and actresses on the stage, and watch our community light up or be moved to tears because of something they're seeing in real time. it's organic, and you can't ask for a better complex and the other organization on the dcpa. >> she's currently chief of staff at denver. she'll be involved in education. the fundraising and corporate sponsorships. and that is my favorite shows. the phantom of the opera coming to town. 73 degrees in denver. the story of a loss of a father after a crash reported at
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to
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welcome back. how much added sugar should be eating or drinking. they recommend kids eat or drink less than 25 grams each day. that's six tea spoons. the recommendation is the same for children ages 2 through 18. eating too much added sugar in childhood is obesity. football players may have a higher risk of head injury. that's the finding at virginia tech who followed the football season of football players aged 9 to 11. 70% of magnitude head impact occurred during process. researchers reduce time on
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for breast cancer patients, attitude could impact hormone therapy. researchers shows that women who had higher expectations of suffering bad effects experienced those with positive expectations. the research found counseling could help women have more positive expectations and stick with their longer treatments. two commerce city police officers are in trouble for playing pokemon while on the clock. training officers have been suspending from training recruits and sources tells our investigator ryan moss that they confessed to their superior -- that their superior officers weren't training them in police work, but searching for pokemon go characters. time for weather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have a mild start today and it feels nice outside. looking at the eastern plains. 62 in burlington. 66 in la
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denver. 73 as you head towards boulder. the western side of the state, it's cooler to start the day. 63 in grand junction. 50 in miker. 49 in meeker and 52 in avon. there's been rain on the western slope and it's off in utah that's trying to work its way in the western side of the -- western areas. across the front range, eastern plains we're on the clear side and we stay that way. rain will hour and we could see heavier rain. there's a flash flood watch for this area. we have a chance of the rain getting into the central mountains at this point potentially into the foothills. in the evening hours, there's a potential we get an isolated thunderstorm, but it's going to stay to the west. there's descent pockets of rainfall in our mountains and high elevations -- overnight, the rain will continue into the foothills. western side will
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afternoon in denver before this clears out. today, we get a cold front working through and giving us rain chances. 88 degrees in denver. 88 in greeley. 93 in burlington. 95 in lamar. high country , 66 in fresco. 68 in eagle. cooler in the high country. 78 degrees in grand junction. for hour-by-hour, by noon, 88 degrees. temperatures tomorrow. 74 on wednesday. 76 on thursday. joel. good morning, take a look from our cdot camera coming south of town. this is a good drive. take you to the tech center cam. we do see cones in the northbound direction as they've been doing paving work. most has been cleared out here further to the south as you get closer to yale, they're working on the right shoulder. we're
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area. we have the little dash of purple. they're doing work underneath arapahoe where there's restrictions in place and the road work along c-470 north of 285. >> thanks, joel. state patrol says the investigation into a deadly crash on i-76 and federal could take some time. we were first told it was street racing, but now investigators say there is a question about whether that was its case or if the drivers were trying to beat a light. this here's jeff todd with the latest. >>reporter: john jefferson was on his way to work selling life insurance. he was turning northbound federal as another car was speeding towards him. >> he ran a red light and a northbound vehicle was making a left turn. he got t-boned and struck into a wall. >> everyone knew 48-year old john jefferson as j.j.. his family is still shocked saying
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the family is also concerned how long this investigation is taking. they feel like they've been left out of the loop. state patrol said they're not sure if people were racing, but speed is a factor. the 22-year old driver dominic and his 16-year old passenger are still in the hospital. criminal charges are expected. the investigation is going to take at least a few more days if not weeks. troopers hope to re-interview some of the witnesses to get of exactly what happened here. >> jeff todd reporting. that crash took place near cdot yard which does have cameras but normally live feeds and that video is not recorded. they came home to find fires and wheels off their vehicles while on vacation. >> this is happening. rick salinger tells us about this latest crime trend.
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arie's trip to the bahamas was picture perfect until he got a call near the airport where he parked his cars and the wheels came off. >> they informed me my truck was actually sitting on center blocks in the parking lots. >> all the tires and wheels were stolen and the truck was left carefully balanced on blocks. >> that was nice of them. really it was crazy. there wasn't a scratch o going to get home. >> i wonder if uber driving to greenwood springs. >> he's not the only one. he was on his way to disney world when his wheels were stolen from the holiday inn. and his family was visiting the alamo to find his car on its last stand in jack's in the economy lot. >> they're professionals. they
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>> white with the police says real thefts are happening across the city. most frequently around dia where all thefts for motor vehicles are up 168% year to year. dpd posted a warning about wheel theft on social media advising customers to buy locking lug nuts for their wheels and investigating in the boot to protect their own car. >> they have the types of tools they need to remove these wheels quickly. i think these pretty fast. >> fortunately joe can joke about it now because his insurance company had new wheels on his truck before he arrived home. >> i had to pay my deductible. >> gym -- gym sal in-- jim salinger.
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taking on milwaukee after beating the cubs, you would think the brewers would be a welcomed sight. the problem is the rockies are the rockies. two rbi single. that's 3-1 milwaukee. in the third, carter with a solo shot. rockies went at a run in the 5th. dj with a single run. that's a 2-1 ball the rockies fall 4-2. he walked 7 guys in 5 innings of work. >> i didn't have much working and it was a battle. it was a tough loss, and i have to pitch better than that. >> broncos news game, kubiak announcing yesterday, that stem yan will get to start saturday when the los angeles rams visit
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ryan lochte is losing sponsorships after making up that robbery story in rio. and jenny moos shows us the message that the swimmer sees his career is making a hit. by justin bieber. who is sorry, not just lochte. >> he lied to you and lied to matt lauer. >> when he was asked to leave a special message to rio owe airport, sorry about ryan lochte was the most popular one scrolled on the board. embarrassed americans felt the need to apologize. you know who said sorry more times than the message board, lochte himself.
4:56 am
embarrassed and i'm sorry. how sorry i am, i'm really sorry. i'm really sorry. how truly sorry i am. >> he's paying a stiff price for saying he and his teammates were robbed and he had a caulked gun held to his head. he lie a little or lochte -- >> you have to lochte. >> now he seems strip -- he's been stripped of his endorsement deal. not anymore. on monday, speedo dropped locht. it's ironic to lose a speedo endorsement over a cover up. his gentle laser hair removal sponsor cut off lochte. ralph lauren refused to renew his contract.
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when i get into the water, everything disappears. >> he better dive and make the 1 day of admitted intoxication, disappear. drunk -- >> ? to see ? ? >> i over exaggerated that story. >> jenny moos, cnn new york. hundreds of people showed up hungry. those meals are shifted to food banks and schools through colorado. that's not the only big project. >> we have another big project where we're going to be making blankets and everything. this is for low income kids and disabled veterans.
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