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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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a man accused of pretending to be a doctor and work out of this office in denver is busted. >> he's accused of hurting four of his patients. tom mustin is live at his office. he is also accused of sexually assaulting two p the district attorney's office tells me some of the victims suffered permanent damage. carlos hernandez fernandez is facing serious charges. he sprinted into the denver county courthouse, refusing to talk about the charges against him. the 36-year-old denver man is facing 14 felony counts. he is accused. impersonating a doctor,
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charged with unlawful sexual contact and child abuse. >> this was a man who was holding himself out to be a licensed doctor, and he wasn't. and that he was performing surgery and procedures illegal without a license. >> reporter: in january of 2015, to august 4th of this year, he operated the hernandez fernandez care clinic on south foorl, performing mostly cosmetic surgery. >> tummy tuck, liposuck >> reporter: a complaint by woman led to four other victims, some who suffered permanent damage. >> they suffered serious bodily injury because of the procedures that he is alleged to have performed. >> reporter: a denver police officer entered the clinic while a procedure was being performed and arrested him on-the-spot. the district attorney's office says he targeted undocumented, spanish-speaking women. >> we may have folks who either
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>> reporter: and as he left the courtroom, surrounded by cameras, the office says this case may be far from over. >> the possibility for other victims is certainly there. >> reporter: hernandez fernandez did receive a license to be a surgical technician. he has had his license taken away and wearing gps tracking device leading up to his next court appearance. a of unlawful sexual contact. we told you about this nurse before. thomas mark moore is a former nurse for north suburban medical center. now accused of fondling a woman who came for treatment of a migraine. she accused of groping as many as
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from three hospitals before he was arrested for the charges. he remains in custody. an update on the breaking news that led our 5:00 pm broadcast. the sheriff of sedgewick county accused of sexual assault. he was arrested at an office this afternoon by officers with the colorado bureau of investigation. we expect to learn much more about the latest on an apartment complex in boulder that left hundreds of college students without a place to stay. the city now says the property owners could be punished. last week the building was deemed uninhabitable because of changes made to the unities after the final inspection. this is happening at the sterling university peaks apartment complex, just east of the cu boulder campus. jennifer brice is on this story, checking in from boulder. what a tough way
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>> reporter: it is ironic because they are starting a new smefter and cool. they are not happy about the situation, and that is the reason they feel stuck, not having any time to search for a new place. in the meantime, the city is looking into what kind of punishments could be possible for the people who made these modifications. >> they said you could take this out if you want to, it doesn't matter. he shows code violations were made in his apartment. a curtain separates a bookshelf supposed to separate his room from another. >> they fixed the violations but it's not what they advertised, which is a private room. >> reporter: he doesn't understand how this half of the room was considered its own bedroom when the window went to the apartment hallway rather than outside. the city of boulder deemed the apartment uninhabitable last week but says
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they are no longer in violation, but officials will now investigate whether criminal charges could be filed. >> the city attorney's office would handle any kind of litigation prosecution heard by the boulder municipal court. that is what this city could do in a situation like this. and as to whether we pursue that option, that is to be determined. >> reporter: after complaining to management, they were offered the option to get out of their lease if offered time and an additional $500. phillips is moving out but says many don't have that option. >> for some people it's definitely a lot tougher. a lot of people from other countries, don't have car s to go anywhere. a lot of people, this is their first experience out of their homes. >> reporter: an attorney for one of the property owners, i
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comment on is anyone who wants to be released from their lease, they will allow that today supporters of amendment t rallied at the state capitol. they want to change article 2, section 26. it says there shall never be in this state either slavery o a punishment for crime. >> we went to a couple of legislators earlier this year. they said that's in the constitution? and so i think it's something that people have not really paid that much attention to. but it is a very hurtful term. >> voters will decide on amendment t this november. a report will be release trmd that shows how much colorado relies on drilling for
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such drilling. shaun boyd has the result of a look at this. >> reporter: this report won't be released publicly until tomorrow. it's the result of a first of its kind study by the u.s. chamber in response to a growing call to ban energy production on all federal lands and waters. the findings are troubling, especially for colorado. nearly a quarter of all energy exploration in the united state i lands and waters. under the "keep it in the ground campaign" that production would come to a halt. >> it's been hart of the dnetwork c platform, and it was padded by senator ascertaineds and adopted by -- sanders, and adopted by secretary clinton. >> reporter: researchers with the chamber's constitute for 21st century energy use government data to study the cost not only to the u.s. economy but to the economy of states like colorado, where the
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million acres of federal land produces oil, natural gas, and coal. >> we found a significant impact. >> reporter: in colorado alone, the chamber says the ban could cost the economy $8 billion, 50,000 jobs, and $124 million in royalties used to fund education and local government. nationwide, the cost could be as high as $70 billion, and $380,000 jobs. >> the reality is you can't simply shut off the spigot if you do, you'll create a void. >> reporter: countries with far less stringent regulatory standards fulfill that void. >> if you really want to help the environment, you want the u.s. to be the one producing oil, gas, and coal. we do it better than they do. >> reporter: i suspect environmental activists will have a different take when this report is released tomorrow at an event hosted by the colorado
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senators are expected to attend. i asked the clinton campaign about its direct stance on banning production, and it says it is a long-term goal. an indoor marijuana grow facility is approved in boulder county. commissioners approved the facility in the town of hygiene, just west of long mont. the owner of that commercial property asked the c than marijuana-infused products. some residents and business owners opposed the facility. we believe the proximity to the school could overshadow the success. >> planners are approving the facility because there will be no medical or retail pot sales on the property. we're getting an explanation of why a home was sold in colorado without anyone
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was later found in the bedroom. why some say this story shouldn't be that surprising! >> and scattered showers and thunderstorms still around. look a little closer, and you can see some rain or snow in higher elevations! >> a lake, a jet pack, and is an extreme stunt! >> investigators believe they
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new information on a south of colorado springs that was auctioned off with a body inside. the new owner found a woman dead in a bedroom. it's believed she was dead for months. attorneys say it's not uncommon for banks to never step foot inside a foreclosed home, especially if it looks like someone is still living there. >> the banks would usually do a
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drive-by inspection of the property. nothing more than that. >> woofgz said it began the foreclosure -- wells fargo says it began foreclosure procedures after it stopped payment. the illegal pet attacked a two-year-old girl last month she was not seriously hurt. animal's owner was cited for a stunt involving a guinness world record holder. the 52-year-old jet pack pilot launched from under the waters east of telluride. >> reporter: preparations for an extreme stunt the world has never seen before. the launch of the apollo energy gun.
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>> doing something different, something cool, something the world has never seen before >> reporter: few people get the chance to watch a jet pack flight. >> you never know for sure if it's gonna work 100%. >> reporter: no one had witnessed one taking off from under the water before this. >> really took off nice out of the water. you can feel the kick a lot harder in the water because it's pushing against something. >> reporter: the 52-year-old pilot is no strangetory extreme stunts. he holds guinness world >> we're risk takers though. so we have to mitigate the risk. but at end of the day, it's always a risk. it's really just he and i. >> reporter: his friend and fellow pilot says this flight was 15 years in the making. >> water and land and air, and how we can combine everything.
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colorado could provide. and these extreme athletes already coming up with their next big stunt. >> that's how you get to work every day! >> every day! [ laughter ] >> showers and thunderstorms across the state. still some lightning, it is beginning to die down a little bit. still a lot of moisture to work with, especially over southwestern sections of the state. as a continues until 10:00 tonight. in denver, moisture gets up here and just dries out. there's enough moisture gaining some speed that could get up here and give us a couple of showers before the evenings over -- evening is over. snow in the higher elevations. in the southwest, telluride, silverton, higher elevations, some snow or rain mixed with snow.
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they sent us this. you can see the snow on the peaks. you can see the moisture we had already here. vail will see some snow as well. and that continues right into tomorrow morning. some early morning showers hang around, get a little heavy, scatter themselves and off we go. thursday again, showers and thunderstorms begin moving in. then they scatter themselves across the state as we get into friday. lots of moisture over the area. especially over the southwest. and then we begin to push into the metro area, and the eastern plains as well. the front has not dropped through yet. this is just into northeastern colorado. that was just mild air. only cooled us by 6 degrees. this is the more serious front. that'll go through tonight, and behind
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you can see a little light snow they had here a little while ago. still hang around, 87 and 85 our highs today, after 61 and 62. the starts pretty close to normal. 76 and 78 right now, west wind at 16. look at this little guy from robert humphrey! this is a burring owl. rockface here, the forehead, the ice, the nose, the lips? that was from ermelin shively. and a pretty temps tonight in the low 50s, low 60s in the eastern prans. 30s and 40s -- plains. 30s and 40s higher elevations. and cooler air from the north, 60s, 70s, low 80s on the eastern plains tomorrow. 60s for the mountains. out west, temperatures in the 70s to the mid-80s. for tonight, we'll look for a few scattered thunderstorms, still a possibility. 57, 56 the overnight lows. and for tomorrow, mostly cloudy, scattered thunderstorms again, much cooler, only in the low to mid-70s. we'll do that again as
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friday near 80 degrees. each day, one of those wednesday, thursday, friday, good chance for showers and thunderstorm. we dry it out for the weekend. >> cooler temperatures will be nice. >> and you can get ed's forecast anywhere, anytime on this planet. [ laughter ] >> just click on the weather tab of demaryius thomas has the perfect response to a panther who questioned his performance
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the broncos w trevor siemian as quarterback on saturday but he's not 100%. he was at practice today but didn't even throw the football. he went through the team running drills. when it was time for passing drills, he was on the sidelines. he's got a sore shoulder. he hurt it trying to make this tackle here on that infamous pick six on saturday. he should be okay.
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if he would have preferred that trevor let guy score! >> he's trying to prevent touchdowns. you gotta let guys play. he was the last line of defense there, it looked at the three yard line, but he's gonna be okay. you never want to lose a player but they're gonna compete, react the right way. demarcus ware back on the practice field. the first time he had practiced since the super bowl. he the plan is for him to be ready for the regular season open or september 8th. saying he feels better than he did at the end of last year. said he was about 70% during the super bowl, now he's back to 94% which is where he's decided to max out. josh norman likes to talk. he is now with the washington redskins but hasn't moved on from the loss of super bowl 50!
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demaryius thomas telling espn magazine "i don't know what he was out there for." >> dt is pretty quiet but he responded this a bringing straight fire! very nicely done. >> how confident are you the broncos will beat the panthers? less than two weeks away showdown. and mike vogel isn't about to give us a heads up. three q.b.s have been vying for the starting job. sound familiar? he says the defense will have to cast lots because they won't know who will be the starter and doesn't want to give away the secret. as for mike mcintire, he's got a pretty good idea. >> i'm pretty sure they're
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that's what we plan on seeing. if they start the other guy, i'm pretty sure the offense will be pretty similar to what it was because they ran the same thing in georgia. we're just preparing to -- yeah, the first game, you prepare for everything. i'm pretty sure they'll start their guy that took them to a bowl game. and the second team all mountain west, i would think. >> seems logical. continuing on, how about this moment from the little league world series yesterday? oregon's managerl his son a pep talk. >> i just came out to say how much i love ya. as a dad and a player, okay? you're doing awesome out here. one more hitter. this is your last hitter, okay? you got a chance. get right after him. hey, cheer up. have some fun. come right after him, okay? let's go. >> i love that! >> just wanted to tell him he loved him. >> that's great. >> i used to hear things like
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[ laughter ] the teenager seen spray-painting rocks on lookout mountain has been identified. >> and a democratic vp nominee campaigns in colorado. who he who he was targeting,, who he was targeting,, with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine campaigning in colorado today. he outlined a plan to help small business in lakewood. political specialist sean boyd was there. >> the american economy really isn't best measured by what's going on on wall street. happening with small businesses. >> reporter: as democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine rolled out a plan to jump start small businesses, colorado business owners had lots of feedback. >> one thing we'd like to see is higher incentives so we can invest heavily in automation >> reporter: he gave kaine a tour of his manufacturing plant in lakewood. heap says it struggles to compete with low-wage countries, from a lack
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regulations to gridlock, employers say there's much the federal government can do to help small businesses. >> first we just want to make it easier to start businesses. >> reporter: the plan outlined by kaine includes creating a standard tax deduction for small businesses, providing incentives to states to streamline regulations and licensing. improving access to capital from community banks and credit unions. and expanding tax incentives to offset healthcare costs. what kaine and how it would be paid for. >> two 30s of new jobs in -- thirds of new jobs in this country are in small businesses. if you want there to be more jobs, higher wages, innovation and entrepreneurship, it's the small businesses and start-ups that are gonna make that happen. >> reporter: donald trump has also released a plan that he says will help boost small businesses. it includes a 15% flat income tax rate for all small businesses, and


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