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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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the american university in kabul is under attack. a photographer took this picture of afghans responding. several american professors are inside the university along with hundreds of students. some people were able to escape. witnesses heard gun fire and a
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the gate being blown open. a police smokes man says he believes there's one assailant on campus but two weeks two professors, an aurn and australian, were kidnapped. know is falling in colorado's high country. this is from hoosier pass. we have seen snow from other mountain cameras center and we feel it cooling off hear. >> yeah, here's another shot of snow on the ground. we see that on and off throughout the day and morning here across the morning. western slope on the dry side but here in denver some good steady rainfall and rain on the eastern plains as well so we'll start by moving into the denver area. this is just a fairly light to
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in the high country and foothills through idaho springs and down towards bailey some good rainfall and also some snow in the higher peaks. the ski resort in telluride sent us in beautiful pictures. you'll get rain from morgan towards nebraska near leader as well and we have had some showers near burlington. if you're not getting rain, you're on the cloudy 61 in burlington and 72 in lamar. 48 in leadville and 65 in aspen and 75 in grand junction. expect some rain on and off throughout the rest of the day. by 9:00 maybe a sprinkle or two left. temperatures in the low 70s today. we'll chat more about this in a moment. happening now, neighbors and rescue crews still trying to
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powerful earthquake hit italy. 73 people known dead. that number is climbing by the hour. three towns are set to be virtually destroyed. rescue carried a young girl to safety after she was pulled from the rubble in amatrice. it trapped people in collapsed structures and struck just after 3:30 this morning. one town clock sto the time. dazed residents rose to find parts of these communities levels and in some cases walls were cracked open or destroyed. this woman says a wall fell next to her but luckily didn't hit her. this is a remote region and an area where italians will come on vacation. one main issue is getting the heavy equipment to sift through
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in the village eight miles from amatrice, rescue crews waited to dig people out from the rubble. they sealed off the area and kicked us out. >> reporter: at the vatican pope francis skipped his lesson and prayed for the victims of the earthquake instead. seth done, cbs news, aic dead in italy. here three people are dead in myanmar after another earthquake hit. it damaged near 100 buddhists in a tourist site. there are no reports of major widespread damage in other areas affected by the earthquake. new details about the suspect who caused a nine hour manhunt in boulder overnight. that man is behind bars but
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were fired cbs4's jamie leary is live in boulder where the man was spotted with a woman. i understand that woman escaped? >>reporter: she escaped unharmed. we're in the corner of hickory and brooke lawn and just down the street there, there's a tow truck and the motor home where russell daniels was living when the incident took place setting off the nine hour police came to check it out last night because it was illegally parked. the situation kent went from bad to worst when they confronted daniel. >> as soon as we attempted to make contact with the individual and he saw police, he became uncooperative. >> he fired four shots inside the po inhibitor home. a woman inside who has a restraining order against him ran outside where police gave
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with their bodies to protect her from the shots being fired. >> there was so much commotion outside the motor home, sleeping wasn't an option. >> there were four bangs right after. >> what was going through your head? >> i actually came out in the street and couldn't see. it was very dark. and i said it's time to go back in. >> daniels was finally taken into this morning. copter4 was assisting police with the search and captured the moment paramedics took him. he's facing serious head and face wounds and police say they are self-inflicted. officials put warnings out to 600 homes overnight and the public is no longer at risk. daniels has extensive injuries. the extent of those are not yet known. they're getting to tow the motor
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we know he has an extensive criminal history. police trying to figure out why daniels did what did. live in boulder, cbs4 news. the sheriff of cedric county is appearing in court accused of felony crimes involving sex assaults. offers arrested him at his home in juls burg yesterday. he's being held on sus situation of first degree misconduct and sexualss and solicitation of prostitution. he was jailed because of safety concerned. the district attorney is asked for a personal prosecutor. a community has came together to honor a depositionty. deputy nate carrigan will receive a purple heart and medal
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jeff todd has the details. >> reporter: it reaffirms the fact my deputies did nothing wrong. >> it was february when the shooting played out at this home. martin expressed to several people he wanted to kill cops. two deputies were wounded and corporal nate carrigan was killed. >> would i change how evictions? no. what gets lost is martin worth had a choice. leave. all he had to do was leave the residence. >> reporter: his family and others have questioned whether a different approach would have kept him alive. >> i've known nate since high school. >> reporter: he has a constant reminder on his arm of the tragic day. >> we keep on getting characterized as the bad people. we enforced a court order that it's no surprise.
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he knew about it. why didn't he go to court and fight it? why did he take the law into his own hands and shoot at my deputies? >> nate was murdered. it was very hard on this agency. nate died a hero's death. that's how nate should be remembered. new developments now in the kansas lawsuit over a traffic stop with out of a federal appeals court says officials cannot stop and search motorists for only having plates from states with legalized marijuana. a colorado man is suing two kansas highway patrol officers who stopped and serged his car. the officers violated his fourth amendment rights. new troubles now for democrat hillary clinton. the associated press says a review of record shows people
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her while she was secretary of state. the clinton campaign says the data is flawed omitting 1700 meanings she had with world leaders and the meetings didn't result in policy changes. republican donald trump is characterizing it as pay fact-finding play and wants a special prosecutor. >> hillary clinton is totally unfit to hold public office. >> it's an act of desperation on his campaign givenhe campaign in recent weeks clinton has not commented ch she's had no public events and instead focused on fundraising. however, tomorrow she is scheduled to be at an organized event in reno. developing now, the youth hostel is closed.
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hostel to the hotel task force which inspected it and found the violations. coming up, the push for an investigation into the cost of epipens. what congress wants to know. plus, one elementary schoolteacher decided to skip
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developing news as members of congress have new questions about epipens. the price has jumped by hundreds of dollars in the past few years. a senator from money minute says her daughter is allergic and uses an epipen. she wants to see if the manufacture mylan has violated anti trust laws. >> to tell them it costs $100.06 years ago and now it costs $600 they insist the price increase is related to the value it provides as well as investment in the devices. the price has risen 400% and the compensation for the ceo has risen more than 600% in the past
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moisture across the state. rain and snow in places? >> yes, it's rainy here in the denver area and foothills. this is from our foothills camera from the every green parkway. you can see the splash back from the cars. it's significant cooler outside thanks to the front working its way through. you can see the rain on the camera as well. it's noticeably cooler. 18 for bould this. 30 degrees cooler in burlington than we were 24 hours ago. we are feeling the affects of this. 61 in burlington. 66 in denver and greeley. 73 in re and eastern plains we are the ones feeling most of the cool down. in the high country 66 in avon. 65 in aspen and 75 over in grand junction. pikes peak again this is a good camera to show.
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of the west you're drive. spotty showers popping up and rain out on the eastern plains. you'll find spotty showers as well. we'll zoom into denver at first. you will find nothing severe or anything we should worry about too much. maybe just grab your umbrella and don't wear your good shoes. we have moderate rainfall south of town and as you headow towards nebraska you'll find the rain as well and spotty showers near burlington too. temperatures today, noticeably cooler. temperatures are down about 20 degrees from yesterday. 73 degrees in denver today. on monday we hit 93. so it's a lot cooler out there thanks to the system. 73 in great deal and 79 in burlington and they have a hard time getting to that today. 65 in frisco and 70 in aspen and 85 in grand junction.
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the afternoon. drier air is working its way up from the south. some areas may start to clear up but you're still on the cloudy sky. still rain to the west and that should ease up as we head into the morning hours and a chance for more rain to roll on in throughout the afternoon and evening. nothing we should worry about. maybe spotty showers and pockets with heavy rainfall. 72 by 3:00. we're in the 60s by 7:00. it fee windows. tomorrow 76 and we're a little bit warmer. then we're in the 80s by friday. hitting that low 80 degrees could see more rain on friday. we look to dry out this weekend. it should be levelling outside. . it's feeling more like fall, isn't it? >> probably reich right back to the heat soon enough
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app. new information about the hunt for a legendary nazi gold train. researchers have found no sign of the train or a tunnel in southwest poland. that's after a week out there digging extensively. all the pits are being filled and local legend says the nazis hid a train filled with treasure in a secret tunnel there in
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a teacher's letter about homework has sparked a nationwide discussion about
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there's no formal homework this letter. she tells families to spend their evening together eating, reiding and playing before heading to bed early. >> i did a reflection of what we did the previous year and it wasn't working for my classroom. if something is not working you need to change it. younger elementary students don't need pencil and paperwork. i know what my kids know and know what they can do. it just wasn't right for them anymore. >> young's letter has sparked discussions around the country about how much homework is appropriate. experts say it should be ten minutes a night for each grade level so that means ten minutes for first grade and 20 minutes for second. a recent survey found actual levels are higher with kindergarteners assigned
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graders 28 minutes. rebecca is looking forward to meeting new people in her senior year of high school. this week's wednesday child opened up with me. she calls herself a peaceful person. here we are inside ink lounge with our wednesday ace cheeld rebecca. how are you today? >> i'm good, how are today we're learning print screen. >> reporter: art catches rebecca's eye. >> i try all the time. >> what is it about art that speaks to you? >> i like the creativity. it shows your inner self-and how you express your emotions through paper. >> art is also a source of hope for the 17-year old. here she has drawn a vision of her future family.
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again. >> rebecca lost her parents a few years ago and is currently in a foster home. she's going into her senior year of high school and would love to be adopted by a family before she graduates. >> you have a permanent smile on your face. what makes you smile? >> i try to think of the brighter things. that might be an issue but it gets better. >> her drawing today is a version of herself, and peaceful. her arms open ready to embrace whatever lies ahead. >> you can find out more about rebecca or any of the children
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? >> ridge: knock, knock. you just missed breakfast. >> ridge: i don't want breakfast. >> brooke: but there's some fruit, croissants -- >> ridge: you know what i need? i need coffee. stuff at the hotel is awful. >> brooke: what? i thought eric was going to apologize last night and insist that you move back in. >> ridge: no, he did not. he did ask somebody else to move in, though. >> brooke: no. >> quinn: [ chuckles ]


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