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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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lot. thursday august 25th. i'm alan gionet good to have you with us. >> 49 degrees in denver and fros in the foothills and snow in the higher elevations. lauren is here now with a look at the forecast. you know what, it's august in colorado and this can happen. >> it can happen. it's just a crispens to the air. 38 in denver and 48 in avon and 60 in grand junction. we'll talk about our nice mild day storms coming up. one accident this morning, 13th and jackson affecting traffic in the westbound direction. we're seeing a load up across the denver metro area. we'll break down the drive times coming up. the sheriff aaccuseded of sexual assault is behind bars this morning. more on this whistle blowing case. >> reporter: he shook his head as the judge read the charges against him.
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a special prosecutor to handle the case where the defendant had worked closely with her office i felt it was best for the defendant and the public that a completely unbiassed person or agency be the one that handles it. >> sheriff anna abused a female inmate from his jail who was develop tally disabled. he took her to his memon money for sexual contact. the neighbor learned the sheriff was arrested when news crews arrived on her lawn. >> there's all kinds of people you think are respectable and above the law and would never do anything so egregious against anybody. low and behold, they're the 11:00 news the next night. >> reporter: the judge issued a gag order on the case overwhelming a department with only four deputies.
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he's a key witness and would now testify in a jump suit instead of a uniform. >> he returns to court in mid september and if convicted he could face decades in prison. the arapahoe county sheriff wants to find a man and woman suspected in a burglary and it happened late last month. this surveillance video shows what they were doing here. they were at the valencia apartments. the man is described as black in his 20s weighing 160 pounds and the woman is white and 5'2" and 150 pounds. this morning, the heartbreaking death toll rose overnight, 247 people killed. historic buildings crumbled raining down bricks and concrete. this is a drone view showing the homes in piles and much of the town.
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latest. >> reporter: rescue teams in earthquake ravaged italy worked into the tonight using search dogs and e heavy equipment trying to find people buried add live under mounds of debris. armored tanks are joining the efforts in hard hit towns where crews pulled a girl name julia to safety. she had been trapped for 17 hours. the scene did little to comfort this firefighter. julia is being taken to the hospital and that's good news he sa the images speak for themselves. the powerful quake hit wednesday leaving hundreds dead. many of the victims came from here amatrice, a town packed with tourists this time of year. several guests of the damaged hotel in the town lost their lives when the quake hit including an 11-year old boy who was first found alive in the rubble. amatrice was set to hold an an combrul food festival this weekend and now thousands of
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camp in tent cities around the devastation wondering how they will rebuild from here. tina krauss, cbs news, amatrice, italy. president obama offered his condolenceses by phone yesterday and commended the first responders on their quick action. that's a tornado. >> storm chasers caught a twister on camera. this is cocomo indiana. look at that starbucks that got flattened by the winds. the walls look like they were caved in. let's find out about weather and traffic on the 4's. a much cooler start compared to yesterday morning. 20 degrees cooler in greeley and 15 degrees cooler in denver. limon 38 degrees.
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and 60 in grand junction. 52 degrees in north west fort collins reported by our weather watcher. for the most part the satellite and radar is quiet. for your hour by hour forecast, most of the day is fab house outside. mid 70s and unshine and a chance for afternoon and evening storms coming in around 3:00 or 4:00 today. joel is watching the drive. >> as volumes pick up we see the cones picked up to moir son you can see volume picking up and most of the cones cleared out of the way as they do repaving work. side street accident at jackson, watch out for that. here's the drive times as you make your way southbound. a nine minute drive and all that green, that's what we like to see this time of day. when you step outside this morning there's a chill in the air and snow in the high country
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for ski season. this morning amtrak and winter park are making a big announcement. jamie leary is live at union station and the ski train is chugging back to town. >> reporter: absolutely. amtrak and wasn'ter park waiting to reveal full details about the new service. yes, it's back and going to pick you upright here from union station and drop you off at the base of the mountain. doesn't get much better than that. we were there last year for the limited service when amtrak made a 400 tickets selling out in a matter of hours. this is the second revival of full service. it was brought back again for the limited service in march of 2015. unlike that minimal service last season this season we do know the train will be running weekends january all the way through march. actually we just talked to an employee at the crawford hotel here in union station and they
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the airport to union station and get your hotel room at the crawford and take the amtrak all the way to the base of the mountain at winter park. you don't even knead to rent a car. more details expected to be announced later this morning around 11:00. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. very user friendly. on on four we hear from the family of a high school football player who may sit out when the season starts next week. we learned about his school transfer rules are not fair. the teens family say this is truly a special case. makes me feel like i put a lot of work in that's been wasted. i was getting ready to play all ten games and now i have to wait and it's disappointing to me. >> eric jenkins must sit out five games for eagle crest high. he transferred from lutheran
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tuition. >> my main hope is i can set out and play the full ten. >> reporter: he's appealed to the colorado high school activities association. >> we're opening up our personal life which is embarrassing. there's nothing else we can give them that proves it's a hardship case. >> reporter: he told us hardships must be unforeseen, financial problems don't meet the standards. >> his exact words were when you put your kid in private school you can foresee having to pull him out for financial reasons and i said is there an appeal process and he says no, you're out of appeals and this is our final decision. >> reporter: the first game is next thursday. >> so any person can be denied under this rule. that's one of our big contentions. >> i played football my whole
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the first five games of my last year of high school is disappointing. >> the waiver has been returned to the school and the family still has ways to appeal this. the jenkins family told us they will do that immediately with the hopes of getting eric back on the field next week. >> we want to follow up on that one. an argument at a restaurant in an antonio between waiter and san san antonio. >> what led to the gun coming out and shots fires. the broncos getting ready to take on the la rams. i'll break down what to look for when it comes to the quarterback
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the government is spending millions of dollars in the fight against zika. they hope to increase public awareness about how to avoid the mosquito born have a rus. a new study finds fish oil
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brazilian researchers conducted their study on mice fed fatty food for a month. the mice that consumed fish oil weighed less and less likely to develop type two diabetes. a disagreement at a texas restaurant and a gun came out at a steak house in san antonio and it was all caught on camera. a man with a gun is a waiter a the little red barn steak house. apparently he and a couple customers got into a pushing and shoving match over an incorrect order. >> the customer went towards the waiter and said you messed up my order since the beginning and the waiter actually never hit back. he was just there trying to dodge the hits. >> that customer didn't want to be identified. the police are investigating the
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enough in spite of texas open carry laws saying they will post signs saying "no guns allowed" in the restaurant oofrnlt a live look from our lookout mountain camera. it's mellow and actually a really nice start to the day and noticeably cooler. 15 degrees cooler in denver. 22 degrees difference for limon and 18 for greeley and fort collins. as you step outside there's a 49 in denver and 46 in greeley and 38 in limon and 46 in re. 37 in leadville. satellite and radar is quiet. we have had rain in the south eastern corner and that's about it this morning. we have the possibility of more rain later today. for the most part, mostly sunny skies and it should be really nice. if you can get outside a bit today to enjoy it i would do that. a few more clouds building by noon as you head into the high country and a chance for rain to
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throughout the afternoon. some storms could head to denver after 3:00 or 4:00. so your community may be on the wet side. and a few showers tomorrow morning maybe a few rain showers on the eastern plains and tomorrow we have the possibility of a few more rain showers and storms to roll on through but not too bad. by the evening hours it's to our west. temperatures today will feel so nice. 76 degrees and on the sunny side. 73 in boulder and fort collins 79 in lamar. in the high country a lot of 60s and 80 in grand junction. the early part of the forecast, dry and mild and sunshine with nice temperatures and more clouds build and chance for late afternoon and evening thunderstorms and tomorrow still in the 70s and a chance for a few more storms and warmer on saturday. still could get isolated storms and much drier as we head towards sunday. let's check in with joel. >> crash and stall free but
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underway. look at all the cars we have near 6th avenue and you see it picking up in both directions. here's our mousetrap cam. look at it all load up as you make your way down to i-70 this morning. northbound along parker road from arapahoe road, speeds still into the 50s. southbound along i-225 from parker road, that's just the three minute drive. of course that will load up shortly. across the denver metro area side street is to worry about. north of 285 along c-470 we have had construction. nine minutes from 120th to i-70 nice and wide open in the eastbound direction. both directions speeds still into the 50s but with that volume we see it start to drop considerably. westbound a similar situation with speeds in the 60s. we're going to see those drive times really drop.
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morning. mylan has been in the cross hairs for spiking the cost of the epipen. it now says it will initiate a savings program to cover $300 out of pocket costs and it's doubling eligibility for its patient system program which gets rid of out of pocket costs for underinsured patients. mylan has h frequently as three times a year over the past nine years. the list price for a two pack is more than $600. the nfl series time line will feature peyton manning after he came back from his neck injury. it's got some funny stuff in it including this. >> you're killing me on this.
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>> that's disgusting. eat the bag. 0. >> let me open it. >> quit, i can't handle that. >> you're enjoying that aren't you? >> i'm trying to eat. >> you think peyton manning likes to control his surroundings? >> maybe a little bit. broncos have a starter for the preseason game and there's movement inhe look. good morning, where are you starting us off this morning? >> good morning, so for the first time since the broncos prepared to pay in super bowl 50 demarcus wear was in uniform this week as he returned to practice. they held him out of work because of a back injury and tuesday was the first time he participated in practice since he played in the title game.
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panthers. wear is still on track to play in that game but to keep the most feared duo together, the broncos plan to regulate his playing time in an effort to keep back troubles from flaring up again. this saturday is the broncos third preseason game against the la rams and your best chance to get an extended look at the team starters. watch out for taliv. he's expecd on saturday after missing much of training camp with a leg injury. the broncos still don't know if he will face league discipline for the off shooting shooting incident but they want to get him ready to play so he's getting his first preseason action against the rams. trevor siemian will start saturday but still waiting for gary kubiak to announce which quarterback will follow him in the game. trevor siemian on the track,
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team's number two. in the offensive line, the broncos still have questions to answer with guard brylo missing three weeks and weams currently in the concussion protocol. neither play is expected to play so as a result look for michael skoe field to get heavy wraps. >> this becomes a big question too when you're talking about an o-line program and there's a quarterback question. which quarterback may be more mobile. >> exactly. the thing is the broncos we're talking about relying on the run game and that way the quarterback can really fit into the system. if there's deficits on the offensive line that makes it more difficult when you're going against a defense like carolina who is front and seven and so stout. >> anything to worry about with the la rams? it's a great foreshadowing for the season. their defense is really strong.
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the o-line is doing. >> it will be exciting to watch. you can hear from more romy next tuesday and weekdays from 3:00 to 6:00 on denver sports 760.
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49 in denver right now. 38 this morning in limon. 44 in aspen and 44 in meeker. our weather watcher brandy brian reporting 48 degrees this morn for us in pets. good sleeping weather for the dogs so hopefully your pets are sleeping well this morning too. taking a look at the satellite and radar, there's rain in our south western and eastern corner. we'll talk about rain again in just a moment.
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roadway. take a look at this. that long streaming line of headlights making your way down into downtown. a lot of company slowing things down in various places northbound along parker road out to i-25 and speeds dipping in the 40s. they just dipped from the 50s and 60s and that does degrade rather quickly. >> thank last night stephen colbert looked at the people who donated to the clinton campaign. >> donald trump demands an investigation to anyone who got favors after donating to the foundation. >> with hillary clinton i said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. you know why? he she had no choice because i gave to the foundation that frankly that foundation is supposed to do good.
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foundation to get hillary to come to his west wedding. catch the late show tonight at 10:00. tonight tim kaine will be there. denver's largest outdoor fashion show is going on tomorrow night. i get to mc the red carpet at mc nights wearing a dress from a local vendor. it starts at 6:00 and you can buy tickets and get them on our website under events at if you're going, let me know.
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the odds are longer now but rescuers are still clawing at the rubble in italy looking for signs of life. how they found hope ahead. how the u.s. gs has a new way to explain the severity of earthquakes. denver police are looking for this man. he's a serial bank robber. which ones he targets and how he manages to get away ahead. big announcement in morning it's the return of the ski train and details are coming up on cbs4 morning news. also ahead at 6:00, why ford is recalling thousands of cars.
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good morning, this is the news at 6:00 this morning. search crews continue to look for survivors after an earthquake hit central italy and killed close to 250 people. >> we're going to show you the rescue of the little girl. a colorado sheriff arrives in court in a jail suit and shackles. the at-risk inmate. 49 degrees here in denver. it's been a while science we have seen the 40s. >> thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno. >> and i'm alan gionet. great to have you with us. there's frost in the foothills this morning. lauren has your weather. good morning, clear skies and actually really nice outside. i think it feels good. let's look outside with


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