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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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hail, lightning, and some of those heavy rains. you can see this one band pushed right through the area, showers and thunderstorms. now we get a little break. that's what we got yesterday. then the showers and thunderstorms returned, off to the west, here comes that next round of moisture, pushing right into the area. i think we could see these after dark, maybe even after midnight. some showers go by, a few more, and tomorrow morning on the west side of the metro area, we may have some showers temperatures were cool today too. you can see the 50s, clouds and showers or thunderstorms. so you get that rain-cooled air. across the state, snoeb very warm. and the difference from yesterday, diais 6 below what we saw at this time yesterdaynobody is very warm. and the difference from yesterday, diais 6 below what we saw at this time yesterday. when these temperatures turn around, and when we see more in the waive
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new information as police release a sketch of a man wanted in an attempted kidnapping in jefferson county. the man touched the shoulder of a 9-year-old girl, told her to come with him. the girl went into her house. the suspect has a tattoo of a red skull on his left elbow. this is the news developing right now. the city of denver facing legal action after police swept through homeless camps downtown. officers removed tents and personal homeless advocates filed a lawsuit earlier this morning. howard nathan live tonight in denver for us. and that sweep took place earlier this year >> reporter: and months later these homeless people are still hurt and angry over it. one man telling me the documentation he needs for work went missing! that's another reason this lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of thousands.
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city, you're looking for a way to remove an eyesore. the solution in march was a sweep, that involved removing personal possessions. >> the city and county has no right to take our possessions or tell us that we have no place to camp. this is our home. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed this morning in federal court says the city used its camping ban to conduct a sweep of the streets near the denver rescue mission. >> this case has national implications. >> reporter: attorney williams constitutional rights were valided without due process. >> if these things happen to exxon, nestli, monsan oh, and their property was seized, taken without respecting their due process rights, the courts would be jammed up for the next 20 years in litigation. >> what was taken from you? >> all of my documentation, my i.d., my birth certificate. without our documentation, we can't work, we can't have a home. >> money is not what i'm going for. equal rights is what i want.
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>> reporter: the attorney agrees. >> people who we step over, ignore, push aside in aside, we're given them access to judges in federal courts. >> reporter: what does the city say about this? the smar being sued, the police chief, the department of public works. i'm hearing from the city attorney that they haven't seen the suit, that was this morning. we understand they were served. when they see it, have a chance it look at, it we may have an interesting picture of homeless people marching up to the federal courthouse to have their say. right now a big new development in a cold case out of aurora. more than 30 years after three family members were killed during a home invasion. in 1984, bruce bennic, his wife deborah, and their 7-year-old daughter were all found beaten to death inside their home.
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injured but survived. now new technology lets us see what the person of interest in those mrsdz might look like now. this snapshot was created using dna collected during the investigationurders might look like now. this snapshot was created using dna collected during the investigation. new video showing a van smashed into a couple of garages in denver, this afternoon the van drove through a yard before crashing into one garage and another. a medical condition may have caused him to lose control. new details on the return of this heat train to winter park. amtrak service will return this ski season after a 6-year absence. the service takes passengers from union station in downtown denver up to winter park. andrea flores is live for
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>> that's right, a lot of folks are excited about this service. the new winter park express will leave from union station bright and early, 7:00 am, drop you off on the doorstep of winter park resort by 9:00, have you back in denver for dinner by 7:00. >> reporter: it's still summer. but a new train from union station to winter park has some skiers already thinking about the slopes. >> it'd be so much easier. you ski, you're tired, and it'd take all the brain work out of it. >> reporter: it will run saturday and sunday through the beginning of march. passengers are excited to skip stop and go traffic. >> we're take cars off of i-70. and we estimate there's about 500 cars that would come off every time the train comes and goes. >> reporter: the president says a lot of work goes into getting the 500 passenger train and 88 complaint platform up and running. >> what you see going to behind
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a 950 foot heated cement platform to make it easier for people to get on and off the train. >> reporter: nostalgia brings us back to the days before they stopped service you want hill. >> tin really brings together that feeling of colorado and skiing, and the camaraderie that you get with all the people together who are all going to that destination to ski and play and have aat kids 2-12 can ride half off. tickets for all of those trip goes on sale next tuesday at 8:00 am. you can buy them online, or head to our website, for the details. donald trump is scheduled
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his campaign announced its cochairs forical coland the coalitions the candidate will have working for him here. they include women for trump, millennials for trump, and is hispanics for trump. coming up at 6:00, jennifer brice talks to one of the cochairs about what all those coalitions are hoping to get done. both trump and clinton accusing the other of playing the race card to voters. certainly strong comments race. >> reporter: sure is. both of the candidates had rallies today, back-to-back. and donald trump went first. it's almost like he predicted what hillary clinton was going to say because he started adamantly defending himself against claims that he's a racist. even before she started talking. then he turned the tables on her. >> trump is reenforcing harmful
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whistle to his mote hateful supporters. >> reporter: hillary clinton says donald trump is spreading racism by pandering to the so called alt right movement, a group associated with white supremacists and nationalists. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream, and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> reporter: clinton says trump's new campaign ceo steve bannon helped spreadd his website. her campaign released this video linking trump supporters with the ku clubs man. >> a he believes a lot of what we believe. >> reporter: >> she lies, and she smears! and she paints decent americans, you, as racists
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wall on the mexican border. >> that doesn't make you a racist. it makes you smart. >> reporter: trump continually pitched to minord voters early thursday morning, vowing -- minority voters early thursday. >> reporter: trump also slammed clinton over a controversy involving the clinton foundation. new reports say that donors who gave to her foundation got acces when i will she was secretary of state. and she's calling this one of the biggest shocking scandals in american history. clinton did not address this controversy during her rally. >> you can stay up-to-date with everything on the campaign trail right up to election day by visiting the campaign 2016 section at surveying the damage ever the tornadoes in indiana.
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it hit. >> and we continue to bring you the my developments in the soaring costs of epipens. the list price stays the same. some families can now get a break. >> and showers and thunderstorms pushing across the metro area. you can see they got heavier as they got east of denver. and we're starting to see a little sunshine. nothing lasts very long. to the west you can see another round of these showers and thunderstorms all moving our way! >> a project to protect a very
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ryan lochte is now charged in brazil with filing a false report of a robbery. he initially said he and three teammates were robbed at
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guards after vandalism at a gas station. the penalty carries a -- the crime carries a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison. a new emergency alert system is credited with saving lives after tornadoes hit in indiana. the telephone and the text messaging system that was installed in thousands of the storm. many were at home. >> i haired loud bang, i looked up at my ceiling, and it had caved in. >> it blew my window out. and that was it i just ran downstairs, i was just so scared. [ crying ] >> indiana's governor and vice presidential candidate mike pence toured the damage today. he said it was remarkable that no one was seriously hurt.
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vows to make the life-saving shot more affordable. my lan sparked fierce backlash when it raised the standard price more than $500 over the past four years. >> to do that to a parent to, tell them, that cost $100 five years ago, now it costs $600, that just can't happen in this country. make more patients eligible for financial assistance. investigators want help identifying two pen they say stole a player's helmet during a broncos practice session july 31st. one man grabs the helmet and hands it off to the other man. it was worth $400. so missing helmets today,
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their practice facility to special guests. >> getting in a tough workout! >> a lot of work for our servicemen and women today, but ton was fun. the usaa and the broncos teamed up for nfl boot camp. it's one of many ways to show some military appreciation. these men and women gave it their all and had a blast doing it. there were five drills in all, including everything from one called the gauntlet to tackling. the drills are actually similar to the ones used by scouts to potential nfl talent. it's one of the many ways the broncos show preeshg for our local military -- appreciation for our local military. and while some participants were a little out of breath, they were grateful for the opportunity to participate in boot camp today. >> the broncos had the mile high salute, and is they care a lot about the troops and sold scomrers supporting us. they opened up their facility, let us come out and be here.
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us, they supported us. i actually, when i was deployed in afghanistan, peyton manning came to visit. we did some tossing the footballs around. >> reporter: they don't just get to train, they get to watch the broncos play. rhonda kubiak personally donated tickets to all of them today. what's happening outside! >> a few showers and thunderstorms around here. this is 1:00 t sunshine, pretty nice morning. here come the showers and thunderstorms. not much in denver tell the end. heavier off to the east. and to the west, sunny skies in denver now, sun is breaking through, not gonna last long because you do see these other showers and thunderstorms moving across. and over the texas panhandle,
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severe thunderstorms, even tornado warnings down there as well. for our hour by hour forecast, you see the showers and thunderstorms, and another round comes through, and things die down. saturday things begin to calm down! more sunshine over the northeast. showers, relatively light, mainly over southern sections of the state. we stay in pretty good shape. sunday, more drier. about noon, we'll see mostly sunny skies there, and to the south, we continue with the showers and the thunderstorms. showers and thunderstorms -- slowly but surely, this system of high pressure is gonna beat this one and push this off to the east. that will allow that warm desert air to come in here and warm us up. heavy showers and thunderstorms along the gulf coast as well. moving along
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into arkansas is. thelies, 47 degrees -- the lows, 47 degrees, 7 degrees over the 1910 record low! 65 downtown right now. 84% humidity, rising barometer. sunset and look at this, our weather watcher in the air, mt. evans. you can see t peaks along the chain of the rockies! temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 50s over the eastern plains. 30s and 40s for the mountains. out west, temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and for tomorrow, we start to warm it up just a little bit. 60s, 70s, 80s over the eastern plains. 60s for the mountains, and out west, temperatures in the 70s to the lower 80s. for tonight, scattered showers and thunderstorms overnight.
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temperatures in the mid-70s, and sunshine, warmer temperatures. >> nice streak coming up. the avs have a new head coach. >> hear from the new man behind
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14 days later, the avs have
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from the lake erie monsters. they used to be an avs affiliate. last year, he led them to the cup. he played for nine years in the minors. this will be his first coaching job in the nhl. >> i take this very seriously. i've been preparing for this my whole career. and i'm a competitor, and that's what i put into it on a daily basis, and i work extremely hard for it. so i know that our team will do the same thing. >> i like the way his teams play. i think it suits and fits with the way we play. we have a fast forward group, and is that up-tempo pressure game on the ice. all of the ice is exciting,
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nothing rue to report today -- new to report today. gary kubiak still claims he does not know who the backup will be. he says his decision for the season starter will be made next week and be based on the last six month, and he's not wo if the starter has never thrown a regular season pass. but the q.b. is not his only concern. and there's a big question mark at right guard. he is still confident will be ready to go in two weeks against the panthers. >> i think we played well. i think we walked on the field two weeks in a row, went right down the field, that's pretty good,
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>> couple of months? >> couple weeks.,,,, over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet:
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bennet to look out for us.
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even more rain tonight! >> more rain tonight and tomorrow. and we dry it out for the weekend. 74 tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms once again. less in the waive that. saturday, monday, even -- in the way of that. saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, summer is not over. [ laughter ] >> cbs evening news coming your
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> brown: the race turns to race. >> there has been a steady stream of bigotry coming from him. >> it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. it's a tired, disgustingac argument. surviving a tornado. >> he shut the door in the bathroom. "close the door, it's coming." >> brown: a drug so powerful, it's used to tranquilize elephants. now, more and more people are abusing it. >> reporter: you have tears in your eyes. >> yeah. >> reporter: because? >> because i'm here and i'm alive, and i shouldn't be. >> brown: the french ban on burkinis.. and, the national park service


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