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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  August 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MDT

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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. police are looking for clues after a deadly shooting in southwest denver. two men were shot at a home on knox court, one is dead. the others in critical condition. good evening. i'm tom mustin. >> and i'm kathy walsh. melissa garcia is live at the scene and melissa, do police
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police have no suspect description, neither can they tell us how many suspects they are looking for. we did talk to one witness here at the scene who told us that she heard arguing and shouting followed by gunshots. >> all of a sudden i hear a shooting. and like five or six gunshots. just like bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: miss pacheco says it was just after midnight when she heard gunshots in the alley behind her house. >> a neighbor here's the shots. a party ran thug and i saw a guy running through the alley. >> reporter: police responded to the shooting at this knox court home that left one man dead and another in critical condition. whoever shot them was already gone when officers arrived on scene. investigators worked throughout the day showing -- collecting evidence and judging by the bags in the street there was plenty of it. virgil herrera was saddened to
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people. and make them pay for what they did. >> reporter: after 20 years in a neighbor -- in pour that used to be comment before, now pacheco is thinking of moving somewhere else. >> scary and making you think about like, time probably to move on. you know? said to leave our neighborhood but it's the way it is. >> reporter: police right now are talking to wi and piece together the events that led up to this shooting. also they will be talking to that surviving victim. depending on the progress of his condition. melissa garcia, cbs4 news. new information on a bad crash in parker that sent seven to the hospital last night. one person died. cbs4's howard nathan his life near parker road and jay morgan boulevard where it happened.
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>> reporter: interesting information about an hour ago. i spoke to a man who told me last night about 7:00 he was traveling southbound on parker road. right about the jay morgan boulevard sign all of a sudden he sees someone coming up the wrong way. that guy is going northbound on the southbound side of the road. and they missed each other by about that much. let's take a look at some pictures from last night. a short distance up the road is where police say the driver in a red toyota tacoma clipped one vehicle, went airborne over to people who had been on a motorcycle, they had the presence of mind to lay that motorcycle down. tacoma collided head-on with another vehicle, with the tacoma catching fire. as of this morning, four people suffered serious injuries. the only loan fatality was the man who was driving the wrong way. we understand alcohol might have played a factor. coming up at 10:00, we'll hear from that parker man who came
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reporting live in parker, howard nathan, cbs4 news. >> thank you. weather now, this was the scene on vail pass a few hours ago, meteorologist chris spears joins us in the weather center. are we looking at hail here? or snow? >> that is some hail in that picture there. that video from see. the pictures from shannon, i know it's a little blurry but you can see the white, it was 2 inches deep on we do have snow on pikes peak, look to the east and to the north you can see the stormy clouds off in the distance and the snow on the mountain top, just incredible. let's take a closer look at doppler 4000. what is driving this weather, we have the upper level low pressure that's been spinning in the four corners and sending moisture into our state. somebody on twitter was talking to me and said how weird, coming from south to north. in some cases it is as the moisture rotates around the
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low-pressure. heavy rain at times around durango and telluride, snow mixed in about 13,000 feet. heavy rain outside of aspen. we've seen it on that i-70 corridor up around vail pass. eastern plains a few isolated storms have popped up. denver is just to dry over the city. we have very dry air in place so some storms have came through but they've produced more wins than anything else. there is a little thunder shower up here in the arvada area. laying down a little bit of rain fall. will get reports from our little bit. up at the eisenhower tunnels, it's just rain, but tom and kathy, there's a little snow mixed in about 13,000 feet. how about some rain in our future? can we get one or two thunderstorms through here? full forecast in a bit. >> fingers crossed. a crash involving a vehicle from the aurora fire department slowed down drivers, the driver of this white vehicle was injured and crews had to pull the roof off to get the passengers out.
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photo. no word yet on what caused this accident. happening tonight larimer county will spray for mosquitoes to cut down on the spread of the west nile virus. fogging trucks will spray from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. if you live in the area you are asked to stay indoors and bring your pets inside. you can help fight the spread of west nile in colorado by emptying any standing water on your property. the latest on campaign 2016, green party presidential candidate jill stein is in denver today, hoping to pick up some of bernie sanders' supporters. sanders won the colorado caucus in april but lost the nomination hillary clinton. stein supporters say their goal is to let angry voters now there are other options in this election. >> i believe that voters deserve to know who all of the choices are. there are more than two choices. it's time to lose fear and vote with courage. there's another candidate out there who is probably better
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trump. >> this weekend stein also hosted events in fort collins, boulder and colorado springs. donald trump's campaign team worked to clarify his positions on illegal immigration on the sunday morning talk shows. but some questions still remain. cbs4's wendy gillett has the latest. >> donald trump's campaign manager told john dickerson on cbs face the nation the republican presidential nominee has not changed >> first, there is still no amnesty. secondly he is building that wall. that has been the centerpiece of his candidacy and his immigration vision from the beginning and it has not changed. >> reporter: what has seemingly changed is trump's position on what will happen to an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the west. trump's original plan laid out in november called for a deportation force to help send them out of the country. but in recent days his campaign
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though they say trump's views have not shifted. >> what you heard him describe their in his usual plainspoken, american way, was a mechanism, not a policy. you're going to hear more detail in the next two weeks. >> reporter: on the democratic side the chair of the party defended hillary clinton after trump called her a big hit last week. >> donald trump has not held an event in the black community. he has not gone to a black church as hillary clinton has done. >> reporter: t d fundraising in the hamptons. trump held no public events. wendy gillett, cbs news, new york. hillary clinton will continue fundraising monday in new york. trump has a campaign event scheduled in new york city. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson says he's optimistic about getting into the presidential debates with clinton and trump. johnson also admits if he doesn't make it, it's quote game over for his campaign. the former governor of new mexico needs an average of 15%
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right now polling around 10%. right now nearly 200 soldiers from fort carson are back home. family and friends greeted the group at the willie reed special events center on base. some had been deployed overseas since february. others since last december. >> being away from this lovely woman all the time is very heartbreaking. >> we actually just got married before. they would ask me, what's it like to be married? i'd be like, i couldn't tell you. >> [ laughter ] of operation freedom. >> welcome home. hundreds of men and women bearing it all for gender equality. it's go topless day at denver's civic center park. event organizers say the day recognizes win right to go without a shirt and public just like men. the goal is to decentralize the public's perception of topless females. demonstrate is picked today because it coincides with women's equality day which happened earlier this week. that event commemorates the day women earned the right to vote
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coming up next a bus full of people slams into a fire truck in louisiana. why the bus driver should not have been behind the wheel. incredible new video tonight of a police officer risking his life to save a man.
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i like it. always delivering ways to save energy and money. xcel energy. responsible by nature. new video out of louisiana where a charter bus hit a fire truck that had responded to an accident. two people are dead including a firefighter. as many as 41 others hurt.
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relief. investigators say the bus driver did not have a drivers license. a new jersey transit officer is being called a hero after rescuing a man from an oncoming train. it happened in secaucus. surveillance video shows a man rolling on the tracks with a train approaching the station. officer victor ortiz jumped down to help but the man apparently didn't want to be rescued. ortiz pulled him to safety anyway just seconds before the train came speeding through. wow. >> that's amazing. turning to weather right now, chris, what do we have going out there? >> a little ominous. it's this right here, a big upper-level low spinning right around the four corners. you can see the subtle positioning there and the movement of the rater echoes around that low-pressure. zooming in we've got a good scattering of showers and thunderstorms across the state. most of it in the higher elevations, a good pocket of light rain in the north central mountains. moderate rain around bull -- aspen, vail, telluride,
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denver unfortunately our air is just to drive. look at the dew point on the latest reading, on your app or whatever you get your weather information, the dew points have been in the 30s today. very, very dry air. storms try to get going and then they fizzle. showing you this one up around arvada, looked a lot better in the break we had a little while ago. then we got a report from our weather watcher of there. they did get .06 inches the storm started to visit. atmosphere is trying, just not doing it very well. if you climb in elevation above 8000 feet, squeezing out more moisture. nearly half inch of rain this afternoon. pretty wanted a right about 86 and 87. that's where we should be this time of year. started near 60. nowhere near the records of 96 and 42. around the metro a variety of temperatures due to the weather. south side that have had the gusty storms come through, much cooler. northwest side cooler, foothills but look out toward brighton and econo, hanging in
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storms so far. this upper-level low will slowly move across the state as we go through the night tonight. and the day tomorrow, eventually caught into the flow and pull away but it looks like this thing may hang around another 24 hours. we are going to reflect that in the forecast. for tonight cloud cover and scattered showers and storms moving through. some of these are going to hang on through the overnight hours believe it or not. you can see that low as the moisture rotates around it. tomorrow morning we wake up to quite a bit of cloud cover in the area. a little cooler tomorrow because of that cloud cover. for tonight 50s along and east of interstate 25, 40s for the higher elevations, arkansas river valley may hang in the low 60s. western slope, 40s and 50s, not any cold air across the state. another sign of the cloud cover keeping those temperatures up just a little bit. for tomorrow, shave a few degrees of most everybody's readings from today because of cloud cover hanging around.
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the metro area, 60s and 70s up high, 80s on the western slope. five-day forecast, tomorrow unsettled as you go back to work. by no means a washout. i don't think it's an all-day rain. but quite a bit of cloud cover with that little pesky low spinning off to our south. scattered afternoon storms, tuesday that low pulls away, we'll start to see this trend turnaround, more sunshine as we go through the rest of the week. temperatures pretty steady, low to mid-80s. all week long. forecast. >> not very ominous. >> no. in trouble. love it. in sports, now decision time for coach gary kubiak. the question is, will be the
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ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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you got to wonder mark sanchez's days are numbered now. >> certainly starting to look
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gary kubiak says he has not picked a starting quarterback but it seems like he has. trevor siemian started last night and played the entire first half. he had a touchdown and an interception. paxton lynch played the entire second half. didn't throw an interception but did lead a scoring drive. the one guy who didn't play, that guy right there mark sanchez. he watched the entire game from the sidelines. and left before speaking to reporters. kubiak says he is still evaluating but it's becoming more and more evident that trevor siemia >> i've got to continue to evaluation -- evaluation process. asked me that question about experience, it's really hard for me to answer because i got two of them that have no experience. that's the way it is. we've got young guys at that position and they've been battling. i think they're getting better and like i said i've got to sit down and decide what i think is best. >> i feel confident. ultimately that's up to kubiak.
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that i can be. >> obviously i think i can play. i don't think i'm where i'm going to be later on down the road when i have a full grasp of the offense and understand it well. but if i needed to play, i'm going to do what i've got to do for the team to keep it rolling. >> how do you feel about handing the keys to trevor siemian? you can tweet us, and we will have the best response is for to all yesterday. the number 1 defense still has not allowed a touchdown but one of the plays that stood out last night was this play against aqib talib, the penalty i should say, for unnecessary roughness. bradley roby also had one late in the game but the guys say that's all part of playing football. >> that's how we play football, man. them the kind of guys who john put together. so that's how we play, man. that's what he brought us here for, full speed football. >> 15-yard flag, but i do
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encourage aggressive behavior from my guys. it's a man's game. whenever we get those penalties and stuff, it's unfortunate but it's not going to end the game for us. when the penalties start to lose game, that's when it becomes a problem but today it was good. >> fill in the blank, the broker's defense will be better than last year, same, worse, go to the sports page at to vote. seems like he's in midseason form. the vikings opening up their beautiful new stadium today hosting san diego. melvin gordon breaking out for a 39-yard touchdown in the second, charters up 7-6. teddy bridgewater finds kyle rudolph for a 27-yard td. minnesota up 12-10. vikings win it 23-10. if the rockies could play the nationals every week, they would be in shape. the nationals have the second-
5:24 pm
the rockies won the series and had a chance to win the series in dc today. nolan arenado had himself and afternoon. in the third, two- run shot to left, get this, nolan, 4-4 with 3 rbis today. rockies go up 3-1. david dahl, a solo shot his fifth home run of the season, rockies up 4-1. than in the eighth, this was a weird one, wild pitch actually hits the umpire. heads-up play by daniel descalso, he comes ho. looks like everybody kind of stopped to make sure the ump was okay. rockies up 5-2. boone logan would give up a home run but adam ottavino shut the door. rockies get the win 5-3. now 4- 2 against the nationals. already looking ahead to what's next. >> always challenges. waiting around the corner. so i like the fact we're going home. for three series. we've got nine games at home. all in the division. so got an opportunity to make a move here. >> final round of the barclays.
5:25 pm
the tournament. a 71-foot putt for birdie. we sped it up for you, he needed to tell his partner to get out of the way. the pot goes in. >> wow. >> patrick reed, the leader. partly because of shots like this. he actually bogeyed two of his last three holes including 18 but finished at nine under, his fifth pga tour victory, he has qualified for the u.s. ryder cup. everybody talking about that putt from jason day. >> that is incredible. back to the rockies, they play so well against the good teams. >> it's mind-boggling. >> but they can't beat the phillies. >> and then you get swept in milwaukee by the brewers. makes no sense. >> still there. up next white officers in san jose california are spending their nights camped out next to the police station.
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ted edition bed.
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developing tonight, neighbors are worried after a deadly shooting in southwest denver. two men were shot at a home on knox court. one of them died. the other is in critical condition. cbs4's melissa garcia has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: police right now have no suspect description north can they tell us how many suspects they are looking for. we did talk to one witness here at the scene who told us she heard arguing and shouting followed by gunshots. a shooting and i hear like, five or six you know, gunshots. like bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: she says it was just after midnight when she heard gunshots in the alley behind her house. >> neighbor here says the shots, a party ran through the alley way. northbound.
5:30 pm
the alley. >> reporter: police responded to the shooting at this knox court home that left one man dead and another in critical condition. however shot them was already gone when officers arrived on scene. investigators worked throughout the day collecting evidence and judging by the bags in the street, there was plenty of it. virgil de herrera was saddened to see -- to hear someone had died such violent death. >> i hope they get those people. and make them pay for what they did. >> reporter: after 20 years in a neighborhood that pacheco says used to be calm and peaceful, now she's thinking of moving somewhere else. >> sca probably to move on or, you know? so it's sad to leave our neighborhood, but it's the way it is. >> reporter: police say investigators are talking to witnesses right now to try to piece together the events that led up to this shooting. they'll also be talking to that surviving victim depending on the progress of his condition. in denver, melissa garcia, cbs4 news.
5:31 pm
chris spears. a pleasant 75 degrees but seeing some ominous looking clouds out there. >> yeah. we've got some thundershowers in the area courtesy of low pressure system spinning off to our southwest. we've seen hale today, a little snow, this is hail on vail pass, it was 2 inches deep, caused problems on i-70 there, if you were with us at the top of the hour this camera was clear. there is now a shower moving across the east slope of pike's peak, completely obscured. if we turn and look to the north, there's the shower but this is snow on the top of pike's peak right now. weather watchers reporting everything from 40s to 90 across our state. 49 degrees from mark manheim are up in silverthorne. shannon, 74 in steamboat. looks like rain in the area. and hunter is just six years old, 76 degrees in northglenn with a little bit of light rain in the area. take a look at doppler 4000, a little regard to her, low pressure spinning across the
5:32 pm
scattering of showers, thunderstorms both in the higher elevations and on the four eastern plains. we've even seen a little snow way up high about 13 to 14,000 feet. closer into the southwestern mountains, some pretty good rain around telluride right now, we'll watch that for you, heavy rain off and on over the past few days. on some of those mountain roadways in the telluride area. pretty heavy storms west of sterling right now. north of fort morgan. these are not severe bu good rain and here in the metro we just told you our junior weather watcher had a sprinkle go through northglenn. just very, very light showers. we are just fighting extremely dry air here at the ground. so tom and kathy, while up high in those ominous clouds that you've been talking about it's raining up there but that rain just doesn't get down here to the ground. we mostly get wind. coming up in the big weather segment, we'll see if we can't get another shower before the weather system moves away. >> all right. six-year-old hunter rocks.
5:33 pm
death of a cousin of nba star dwyane wade. two brothers have now been charged with murder and attempted murder. police say darren and darwin are career felons. one of them was on parole when they started shooting at an uber drivers in chicago on friday. aldridge was killed in the crossfire, she had been walking with a baby in a stroller on her way to register her children for school. right now mandatory overtime has some police officers in california sleeping in rvs parked near their station. the san jose department is so shortstaffed, it is struggling to cover 348 overtime shifts each week. officers who can't make it home between shifts are struggling to find places to get some rest. at least a dozen are living in rvs while working 17 hour days. >> these officers should be sleeping in their own beds. they should be waking up and seeing their kids and seeing their family.
5:34 pm
and it's not happening because we are absolutely at an emergency state in regards to staffing. >> i know something's got to give. before we start getting in accidents because we fall asleep at the wheel or somebody gets hurt because they weren't paying attention. >> the mayor of san jose agrees. he called the rv situation shameful. the chief of police plans to go to the city council for help. a deputy in houston texas helped out with a very special delivery. the hospital when a woman went into labor. her husband pulled over and called 911 but the nearest ambulance was miles away. that's when sergeant elder gomez pulled up behind them to deliver the baby. >> just took over the situation. he got the baby delivered. and safely. made sure that everything was okay. >> i got two daughters. and i was in the delivery room and i watched what needed to happen. and how the doctor did what he
5:35 pm
it. >> good work, sergeant gomez. they made it to the hospital afterward for a checkup. everybody's doing just fine and sergeant gomez paid the family a visit as you can see in the hospital. a recent dna test revealed a four decade all mistake. two canadian men were switched at birth. forty-one years ago. it is the second such case at the same hospital in manitoba. the men were born three days apart in 1975 at the norway house indian hospital. it's not clear how they ended up going home with the wrong parents. it was an emotional discovery for both men. >> we >> i don't know what to say. >> they raised me, from day one. >> first time could be discounted as a mistake. a second time in my view is a criminal activity. >> it's not clear if there are any other cases, but more families have now requested dna tests. whether it's a selfie or a group photo, scientists are finding certain instagram
5:36 pm
andy rose has more in today's health minute. for valencia, juneau, mayfair or hudson? filters are meant to add more color and intensity to your life. but some filters can actually signal the opposite. researchers from harvard and university of vermont found instagram photos can be analyzed to screen users for depression. the photos, filters and traits like brightness and color identify those who suffer from the illness better than a typical physician. the study found that valencia is most popular with users who were not depressed. while inkwell which converts images to black and white is used by clinically depressed consumers. the discovery may seem obtrusive and could be lucrative, but michael face, the director of the mood and anxiety program at university of pennsylvania says companies would hopefully only use them to assist patients and not target depressed people simply to make a buck. a user could ask for feedback by giving consent to have their photo scanned. the computer system would analyze the user profile by
5:37 pm
filter of -- applied for us. once the results showed the user as depressed or not, the patient's physician could automatically receive the results. for health minute, i'm andy rose. a world war ii soldier has been laid to rest in rhode island after 74 years lost at sea. army captain elwood j ewart had been missing since 1942. he had been on board the coolidge a cruise liner that had been transported or converted to transport troops. his family men before going down with the ship. his remains were discovered, he was laid to rest with full military honors saturday morning. this week the united states will take in its 10,000 syrian war refugee. that will fulfill the country's goal in a year resettlement program. it has been a major topic in the presidential campaign with republican nominee donald trump alleging displaced syrians are potential security threats. u.s. ambassador to jordan says
5:38 pm
u.s. and syrian refugees undergo even stricter scrutiny. up next the beloved performers who will be absent from the circus for the first time in decades.
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welcome back to cbs4 don't breathe is choking the competition at the box office this weekend. >> we're trapped in here. >> a lot going on there, cassie. a surprise win at the box office taking in more than $26 million. "suicide squad" script -- slipped to number 2. the
5:42 pm
mechanic rounds out the top five. the circus is heading back to town but without some of its biggest stars. greg moody has more on why elephants are out. >> reporter: for more than 130 years, elephants have been a part of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus experience. not anymore. with their latest show out of this world ringling bros. owned by feld entertainment, it's taking a step toward a human only circus. much along the lines of cirque du soleil. >> it was time. and it really opened up a door for us to try something that american audiences have never seen before. >> reporter: american circus tradition has always had a focus on animal acts. the bigger and more impressive, the better. but times have changed. attitudes have changed toward animal acts and concern for the
5:43 pm
grown. ringling bros. is catching up. >> it's a focus on conservation. as many people know, elephants in the wild is severely endangered. there are few organizations in the world that are legitimately combating the issue and we've been at it since 1995. >> reporter: out of this world still features a lion and tiger act which i've got to wonder about. a dog act and a horseback riding act, somehow placed the storyline appeals more to children than adults but you can see the direction in which the circus is moving. >> the show is the star. the show has always been the star. it's never really been any individual star. there have been people who are highlights in the show, there have been animals that are highlights in features in the show that draw the public in, but if you really think about it, it's always the show that's the star. >> reporter: more human thrill acts, more music, more effects. just know elephants to lead the
5:44 pm
ringling conservation center in florida. it's a circus, it's thrilling eye candy. always has been. but now it's catching up to an audience that is more aware and paying more attention. and critic at large greg moody, cbs4 news. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus presents out of this world at the denver coliseum, it opens september 30th and runs through october 9th. for tickets and information, head to our website, we've got a link to the circus box office. we need volunteers for our day of service. are partners at xcel energy have set up dozens of projects across the state. all you have to do is show up and work climate -- in work clothes. the event runs for three hours. september 10th employees say it's a top priority. >> we're all busy. we all have families, we have activities to do.
5:45 pm
only this company but the state that we live in here. >> you can sign up for a project by heading to the day of service page and and show up from 8:00 till 11 september 10th in the morning at your site. a live look outside right
5:46 pm
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." one in america think he would respect them.
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
take a look at those clouds from our mousetrap camera. you would think the rain was coming down. it looks like virgo to me. >> breaking out the $20 words. >> kathy, you are making my heart pitter patter with the weather terminology. we need some rain, badly. still have a pocket of moderate drought from denver up to fort collins. the yellow abnormally dry. let me -- don't get your hopes up. we're not going to get a drought ki spinning here in the four corners. pumping some moisture into the state. fighting dry air, down near the surface. so that is why we are seeing more wind than rain in denver. we have got a few pockets of some decent rainfall, though out of those clouds up in the higher elevations. good rain in and around the telluride area down toward durango. rain around buena vista and aspen up toward vail. hail on vail pass earlier.
5:49 pm
boundary sitting right here with a couple strongest terms, this one right here in southern washington county stationary, they just put a flood advisory out. somebody has had 2 inches of rain out of that. so it's possible to get a little dose of rain but for the most part we're going to miss out as the moisture closing. it evaporates and we see a lot of virga as kathy pointed out, good job. some gusty winds from these thunderstorms as they collapse. we have wind gusts in the 20 mile-per-hour range in the northwest metro area right now. we got into the 80s today, started off near 60 where we should be for this time of year, nowhere near the records of 96 and 42. richard hoffman has 69 in southwest littleton. 82 degrees near brush. most of the metro area upper 70s, low 80s right now unless you've had one of those gusty showers go through. you've cooled off like a sedalia, 71. low pressure sitting and spinning is going to slowly pull away and get absorbed into the atmosphere over the next 24 hours. but it stays in the area through tomorrow. we state little bit on the
5:50 pm
futurecast, we keep the scattered showers in the forecast tonight. some of these especially southern colorado may hang on through the overnight hours. a lot of us will keep cloud cover around. pretty cloudy skies tomorrow morning as you get ready for work and school but temperatures will be comfortable. most of us should be dry, a few showers hanging on the higher elevations. once we get the daytime heating tomorrow, we'll do this all again and op of showers and storms. fiftys and low 60s on the eastern plains, 40s in the higher elevations. 40s to mid-50s for the western slope, warmest in the valley, grand junction area, tomorrow a little bit cooler than today. and it's been quite a bit more cloud cover from morning through afternoon. today we were sunday. so low to mid-80s on the eastern plains with some 70s thrown in. sixtys to near 70 in the higher elevations. telluride chili, 64 degrees. you may get more rain. eighty-seven over there in grand junction.
5:51 pm
a decent little shot for a shower tomorrow. although if it materializes again, it won't amount to too much. just enough to soak your grass here in the city. the mountains could get some decent rain tomorrow. a little better shot. we stay in the low to mid-80s all week long. gradually warm it up and dry it out. >> there you go. you had us at virga. >> that's the word of the day. tonight we're saying goodbye to a legend. charles osgood announced he is retiring as anchor of cbs sunday morning. he ends a 22-year run on that cbs news. >> some of you may have heard rumors lately that i won't be hosting the sunday morning broadcast very much longer. well, i'm here to tell you that the rumors are true. for years now, people even friends and family have been asking me why i keep doing this considering my age. i am pushing 84. it's just that it's been such a joy doing it. >> well, osgood will continue as the anchor of his radio
5:52 pm
and he will also make occasional appearances on sunday morning after his last show which will be september 25. we wish him the best.
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counties are getting serious about growing marijuana in homes. douglas county passed one of the toughest laws in the state restricting how much pot you can go. cbs4's jennifer brice has a preview. >> it just was very strong and it was permeating the whole entire neighborhood. hope this never shares her story but says she's too scared to show her face. law enforcement in douglas county say rental homes are becoming a haven for pot cultivation. and they rules. >> we have people out there that are renting their properties to people for basically nothing more than to grow marijuana. >> reporter: and the people who don't want it grow near their home. >> i don't want her to grow in our neighborhood. i don't want to smell the smell. >> watch our report on the fight against it, monday on cbs4 news at noon. tonight at 10:00 what we're learning about ac. worker who died while on the
5:56 pm
into a motor home. where it was confiscated at 10. chris has a final check on a pretty pleasant day here. >> this forecast is really pretty good. five-day forecast, best chance for a shower tomorrow, and then we just have a seasonal tame week ahead as we turn the page from august to september if you can believe that. >> turn the page.
5:57 pm
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents t's best for our kids. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: the man in the gray coat with the german accent is an undercover investigator posing as the representative of a fictitious african minister who wants to bring millions in questionable funds into the u.s. >> if it's not in his name...
5:59 pm
as a straw man. >> kroft: it's part of a hidden camera sting operation to see how willing american lawyers might be to offer advice. >> so we have to scrub it at the beginning, if we can, or scrub it at the intermediary location that i mentioned. >> there is a clear pitch consistently presented in every one of these tapes of what amounts to an incredible number of red flags that scream corruption. >> kroft: dirty money? >> dirty money. >> leslie stahl: schuyler bailar seemed to be a young woman who had it all: outstanding grades, admission to harvard. >> for harvard. >> stahl: and a top spot on their women's swim team. >> lane 2, schuyler bailar! >> stahl: schuyler still swims for harvard, but he's now on the men's team. welcomed by his classmates as an openly-transgender athlete. how different are you? if i had met you a couple of years ago and then saw you today-- >> physically? yeah, you might not recognize me
6:00 pm
>> stahl: you look that different? >> i would say so, yeah. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60 minutes." >> reporter: you're in charge. >> >> good evening, on friday the report about 200,000 jobs which are added in august. next weekend, president obama will be in china for his final leadership conference.


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