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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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a man shows us how close he came to being hit by a wrong way driver. that driver died but not before hitting five cars and a motorcycle. >> seven people are hurt. the crash happened last night on parker road. our howard nathan is following up on this story. >> reporter: a short distance from where we are, that is where that awful crash took place. behind me is morgan boulevard. that is right about the place where these tw to swapping paint. how close? how about that close. there was not much left of this red toyota tacoma after the driver passed george humphrey on parker road going the wrong way. >> it happened at morgan and i passed him write about here just before you get there. >> reporter: george was driving south in the middle lane when the wrong way driver speeding north in the southbound lane next to the grassy median came
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-- sites wiping him. >> reporter: how close did he come to hitting you? >> a few inches. >> reporter: that close. >> i could have reached out and touched his car. >> reporter: the tacoma clipped one vehicle, went airborne over two people on a motorcycle, then collided head-on with another vehicle. the tacoma caught fire. parker police say they found smaltt scene. >> that guy was either severely intoxicated, so much so that he had no idea where he was or he was on some kind of suicide mission. >> reporter: george was driving 55 miles per hour but the other guy was so fast it was a blur. >> if i had to guess, i would say 65 miles per hour .>> reporter: are you feeling lucky? >> i definitely am feeling lucky
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>> reporter: can't blame him for being shaken. we were told by the parker police that this driver got on sometime down the road, they're not exactly sure how long he was going the wrong way. maybe on monday we will learn the man's identity. live in parker, howard nathan, cbs4 news. we have breaking news of a deadly hit and run in denver. the driver hit a pedestri we are headed to the scene and we will bring you more as we get it. a gunman is on the loose after shooting a man to death. it happened overnight in denver. the gunman also injured another person. today, investigators worked collecting evidence and judging by the bags we saw in the street, there was plenty of it. one neighbor says that area used to be calm and peaceful but now she is thinking of moving.>> it is scary. it makes
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move on. it is hard to leave our neighborhood but that is the way it is.>> police do not have a motive for the crime. they also have not released the identity of the man killed. the other victim is in critical condition tonight. this is the latest news on the campaign. a presidential candidate is here in colorado tonight. >> she is the leader of the green party and the latest cnn poll puts jill stein with a single digit behind tw libertarian candidate, gary johnson. andrea floris is live in denver. stein was in denver and boulder today. she sees this election as an opportunity. >> reporter: it was a busy weekend for jill stein. she spoke with supporters today and undecided voters in denver and boulder, making her plans known for raising the minimum wage, creating millions of jobs and free college education for
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>> the democratic party did not deserve you. they were not good enough for you. they did you a favor by liberating you. >> reporter: jill stein spent the weekend campaigning across the state making a plea to undecided voters and former ernie sanders supporters. -- bernie sanders supporters. >> a lot of voters have to decide if they want to throw away a vote on a third-party candidate that the third-party candidates are going to get some percentage of the vote that will be meaningful. >> reporter: doctor stein to create 20 to create 20 million environmental jobs by investing in sustainable energy. she also is guaranteed to get rid of student debt and provide a free college education if she is elected president. major talking points today
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the minimum wage to $50 per hour, allow felons the right to vote and work with the dea to declassify marijuana as a dangerous drug. live in denver, andrea flores, cbs4 news republican presidential candidate donald trump says he will deliver a speech on illegal immigration. it will take place is wednesday in arizona. this comes a week after speculation that trump might be softening his promise to deport 11 million people living in the us illegally. today, kellyanne conway said his position. >> there is no amnesty. he is building that wall. that has been the centerpiece of his candidacy and his immigration vision from the beginning. it has not changed.>> what you heard him describe in his usual plainspoken american way was a mechanism, not a policy. you will hear more detail in the next two weeks. >> trump would only remove what he called criminal illegal
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libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson says he hopes to be on the debate stage with clinton and trump. the former governor of new mexico needs an average of 15% in five poles to make the debates. johnson admits if he does not make it, it is game over. ac dot worker directing traffic has been the victim of a deadly crash. it happened friday night on highway 119 in firestone. a gravel truck struck the victim . the name of the sea dot worker has not we have an update on a crash we showed you have five a clock tonight -- 5 pm tonight. this aurora fire department truck had been heading to a fire when it was struck by a car. police say a 65-year-old woman failed to yield to the truck. the driver went to the hospital. she will be okay. larimer county will spray for mosquitoes to cut down on the spread of the west nile
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8 pm until 2 am. if you live in the area, you are asked to stay indoors and bring your pets inside. you can help fight the spread of west nile in colorado by emptying any standing water on your property. new problems for us zika zones. florida is bracing for what could become a tropical storm. the system is churning off the florida coast. ocean winds could bring days of heavy rain. the storm comes as the miami area struggles to contain the can breathe in as small as a bottlecap of water. property owners face $1000 fine if they don't get rid of all standing water. in the meantime, doctors who treated this baby girl who tested positive for the zika virus say she does not have microcephaly. doctors are unsure of the long- term effects of zika. >> we were concerned because the description of the signs
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in the first trimester. as you will note, this is a moving target. this is a changing detection of illness. we were a little bit of a step ahead from the current cdc recommendations that came out for the evolution of the infants. we decided to go ahead and do the ultrasound of the brain looking for abnormalities. >> according to the doctors in miami, some children born to zika infected mothers in brazil defects. men and women go topless in a denver park. the campaign to make it legal. a southwest jet lows an engine. -- blows an engine. passengers talk about what happened on board. a major pot bust on the road. we will show you who pulled over a camper full of marijuana from colorado. a news legend plans to sign off. some of you may have heard
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very much longer. we have been watching quite the light show to the south. take a look at doppler 4000. good we get any in denver? we will have the answer for you
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a new jersey transit police officer is hailed as a hero after rescuing a man who was lying on train tracks. watch as he pulls the man off the tracks just before a train races past. on friday, that officer climbed down the platform and fight him. it is not clear why the man was on the tracks. it is a harrowing flight for passengers and crew aboard a southwest airlines jet. the plane was heading to orlando when one of the engines blew out.>> this is the emergency aircraft and we like to request the emergency vehicle. >> reporter: it started with a loud boom and the smell of
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when i looked out the windows, they saw this. metal casing around the number one engine ripped away. exposing the fan blades of the 16-year-old southwest airlines boeing 737. >> it was shaking. >> you could hear it blow. >> then there was rattling. >> reporter: barry and faith green were among the 99 passengers and five crew members on board flight 3472. the plane had been heading from orlando saturday morning. >> the people across from us were crying. everybody was trying to calm everyone down. >> reporter: oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. pictures showpieces of damage engine flying off and striking the plane, gouging the fuselage and forcing an emergency landing in florida. >> this is a tried and true engine. it is an uncontained failure. >> reporter: steve wallace is the head of faa office of investigations. what happened is extremely unusual.
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starting today could easily fly a 35 year career and never experience a single engine failure. >> the flight landed safely. tammy rogers and her family were sitting on the wing. >> the pilot was amazing. southwest has amazing pilots. he saved our lives. >> the airlines are designed to fly on one engine. we have no reports of any damage on the ground. ed court in scotland. they are accused of getting drunk before flight. the two pilots were arrested while the passengers were boarding. that plane had been scheduled to take off at 9 am from glasco headed to newark, new jersey. the flight was delayed 10 hours. we have a traffic alert. if you are headed to the airport in the morning, dia says there is road construction starting at e-470. the work is expected to last now through 4 am. you should
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fort carson are back home. family and friends greeted the soldiers of the william a special events center on base. some had been deployed overseas since february, others since december. >> waiting for this woman is heartbreaking. >> we just got married before. they would ask me what it is like to be married and i would say i couldn't tell you.>> the soldiers had been in afghanistan in support of operation freedom. men and women went there tested in denver civic center go topless day. the day recognizes a woman's right to go without a shirt in public just like men. the goal is to de-sexualize the public's perception of topless women. they say it is a gender equality issue.>> they should legalize this everywhere. just from when -- men and women both being topless two women breast- feeding and us being able to be in public without a top on. it should be legal and
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left civic center park and marched in downtown denver. a driver is spending unexpected downtime in tennessee . he was busted with 100 pounds of marijuana stashed inside of his motor home. the driver told tennessee state troopers he had been traveling from colorado to florida. troopers noticed something suspicious and pulled them out over. inside the bedroom area, they found duffel bags and boxes stuffed with vacuum packed bags of marijuana. troopers seized the motor home and arrested the suspect. counties ac marijuana growing in homes. douglas county past one of the toughest laws in the state, restricting how much pot you can grow. jennifer brice has a preview. >> it was very strong. it was permeating the whole neighborhood. >> reporter: this neighbor shares her story but says she is too scared to show her face. law enforcement and douglas county say rental homes are becoming a haven for pot
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i will tell you about the new rules. >> we have people out there that are renting their properties to people for nothing more than to grow marijuana. >> the people who don't want it growing near their home. >> i don't want her to grow in our neighborhood. i don't want to smell the smell. >> you can see the full report on homegrown pot and if it limited tomorrow on cbs4 news. chris spears is here. i understand a slight change in tomorrow's forecast. >> i have tweaked the temperatures down a little bit. i e bit. this is the upper level low pressure that is brought about week. it is big enough that it is influencing colorado. after sunset, these storms took off down to the south of denver . in colorado springs, they have a flash -- flash flood warning until 1 am. if you look out to the south and you have a good southern
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some of the air coming out of those storms has fired off a handful of additional storms now on the south side of the palmer divide. we may have a little bit of number -- thunder rumbling for the next couple of hours. on the north eastern plains, a few showers hanging on. in the metro area, this looks like a lot of rain. it is more just our cloud deck lowering a little bit. we will have quite a bit of cloud cover for the next 24 hours. we talked often the mid-80s today, started off near 60. 85 and 55 the normal. not too far off the ma chile erin high country. 45 in telluride. it is 69 and west greeley. there was quite a bit of rain in a southwestern colorado. the storms out there tonight will continue for a few more hours. this is 5 am. futurecast is showing that we could keep some showers on the far eastern plains any south
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the afternoon rolls on, we are getting the backside of this low pressure circulation. watch how much moisture tries to swing back into eastern colorado. not widespread. we will of the chances from 30 to 40%. just a hair better chance to get a passing storm tomorrow. they certainly won't last long. low pressure leaves colorado. we have a couple of quiet days. looking ahead to the next weekend, there is a big trough of low pressure developing off the west coast, dropping to washington. for us as we roll into the first week of september. 50s night on eastern plains, 40s in the higher elevations. 40s and 50s at west. tomorrow, mostly low 80s. if you 70s on the planes. toasty in grand junction at 87 degrees. here is your five-day forecast. i didn't lower our temperature tomorrow just a notch and up the precept a notch. hoping that we can get a shower through here. we really need a. tuesday we
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don't look at it too much. the trough of low pressure coming up to change this. is as the labor day weekend. right now we have a normal weekend but we will have to watch that.>> very consistent right now.>> we like that. visit anytime . we have a picture now of that deadly hit and run in denver. the driver hi alameda and morrison and then took off. the intersection is closed and you can see police are still on the scene investigating. we will continue to follow this and bring your new information on the morning news. charles osgood is confirmed that the rumors are true. the host of cbs sunday morning is retiring excellent.>> people have been asking me why i keep doing this, considering my age. i am pushing 84. it is just that it has been
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>> osgood has worked for cbs for 45 years. he will continue his osgood file on cbs radio. jane pauley and anthony mason are all rumored to be parsed -- possible replacements on sunday morning. the end is in sight for the broncos quarterback competition. why the broncos defense isn't worried about getting a new personal foul in the preseason.
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i wond
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he sat and watched at what could have been. his chance to start for a super bowl contender, all but gone. sanchez was among the 70,000 at mile high who watched trevor semien play the entire first half with the rest of the broncos starters. based on what we saw, there is every reason to believe it will be semien who will start the season opener against the panthers. after halftime, it was all paxton lynch the rookie first rounder getting the chance to season as the backup and give the broncos a very young depth chart at qb.>> if you ask me about experience, it is hard for me to answer. i have two of them that have no experience. that is the latest. we have young guys of deposition . may have been battling. i have to sit down and you're out what is best for our group. >> i feel confident. that is up to kubiak.
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obviously.>> i think i can play. i don't know where i will be later on down the road when i have a photograph of the offense. i need to play, i will do whatever i have to do for the team. >> broncos defense looks regular cash ready for the regular season. one and negative, a pair personal foul's. after the game, i asked to leave if he being an issue like it was last season. he said what issue? we won the super bowl. >> that is how we play football. i think they are the guys who john put together. that is how we play. that is what he brought us here for, to go out and playful speakable. -- and play full speed football . >> i encourage aggressive hitter for my guys out there. it is a man. >> how will the broncos defense
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better than last year. aren't we all optimistic? preseason football, texas hope to the cardinals. simon says i want a touchdown. broncos fans will be keeping an eye on the texas this year, comparing was a better defense and of course watching brock osweiler. he was good today. 146 yards. houston one, 34. a small and the national like leaders are lucky that the rockies are most likely to miss the playoffs because the rockies are at their best against the best. wrapping up a series against the nationals, the 35th us for for for double shy of the cycle. next, david donald doubles up. back-to-back home runs. no one approves. eighth-inning. wild pitch. hits the umpire in the shoulder. anybody is concerned about the
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who races around from second to score. the umpire was okay. >> adam pitched a perfect ninth to close the door as the rockies have one series against the nationals, cubs and doctors who they host again tomorrow. -- dodgers, who they host again tomorrow. >> there are always challenges around the corner. i like that we are going home for three series. we have nine games at home. we have an opportunity to make a move. >> we will see. >> they just beat brewer ? sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale!
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we need volunteers for a day of service. our partners at xcel energy center dozens of projects across the state. just show up and were close and how about the community. the event runs for three hours on saturday, september 10. xcel energy employees make it a top priority. >> we are all busy. we all have families.
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live in. >> you can sign up for a project by heading to their website. show up from 8 am to 11 am, september 10 at your product site. the leaves are changing.>> here is a reminder of what is coming. this photo was sent in from matt kroschel. just to let you know, the days arin those leaves are getting ready to change. i know you want some water on your yard. tomorrow is your best shot. it is only a 40% chance. fingers crossed you get a shower or storm. we will start to dry out a little bit as we go tuesday into wednesday. >> i gave up on my lawn months ago. thanks for watching cbs4
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coming up tonight on autonation all access. it looks like the quarterback competition is all over. all signs point to trevor. >> i wi >> what we learned from what we didn't see saturday night. >> we'll get jeff's take on what the bronco's should do know. >> if you picked the guy the team didn't think won the competition we have an issue. the raining champion -- reigning champions are ready to


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