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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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good to have you with us. this is the news on cbs4. monday august 29th, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. we hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us. lauren is tracking the forec fairly mellow start on this lovely monday morning. like britt said, hope everybody had a good weekend. 64 in greeley. 39 in leadville. 52 in steamboat and 57 towards the western slope. there's heavy rainfall early
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there's a little rain on the south side of town so you may hit some of that near castle rock and dia. it's lighter near silver springs and canyon city. for the most part this morning, partly sunny skies and then this afternoon there's a chance for rain. we'll be talking more about that in a moment. fairly quiet on the morning commute this morning. look at all these cars we on the road at 4:30 this morning heading ot southbound direction of i-25 making your way into denver. the rockies back in town playing the dodgers tonight. you see that icon with the exclamation mark. still in the clean up stanls and then lauren is tracking the moisture we have affecting the
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road. denver police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian and took off from the scene that happened last night. shawn chitnis is live from dpd headquarters with more on this sad story. shawn? >>reporter: police did have to close the intersection for some time starting last night and early this morning. we know the intersection of alameda and morrison is back open. take a look athe have here. you'll see there's extensive damage to the car involved in the hit run. we see the red sedan that has a broken windshield. part of the bumper is gone or smashed in and the airbags inside were deployed. we still don't know when was driving that car or if they have injuries but looks like they left the scene. the victim died on scene as well. no other details have been
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police to see if they have more information including who this suspect might be. live at denver police headquarters shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. donald trump says he's setting up for a major speech this week. meantime, hillary clinton continues to face questions over her time at the state department. >> reporter: to social media to talk about a big speech in arizona. it comes amid speculation the republican is softening his hard rhine proposal including plans to create a deportation force. mike pence maintained trump has stayed consistent. >> we will have a mechanism for dealing with people in the
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but no path to legalization or citizenship unless people leave the country. >> reporter: trump is facing an uphill climb trying to win over minority voters. >> he has been trying to make the case that the increase in random crime and senseless murders is unacceptable to all of us. >> reporter: hillary clinton is till towards minority while dealing with criticism over a so-called pay to play operation. >> it's not pay to play unless somebody gave someone 50 cents to meet. >> reporter: she is off the campaign trail again today holding more memorial fund raisers with wealthy donors.
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with murder. the terminal at los angeles airport is back open after a reports of a shooter. the reports came in at 9:00 around last night. the search ended with no evidence of a gunmen. it was just loud nose z of some sofrment they did question a man sure if he had connection to the evacuation. some colorado military members will wake up surround by family this morning. family and friends greeted the group at the william reid special events center at the army post. some had been deployed since february and others since last december. >> being away from this lovely woman all that time is very
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they would ask me what's it like to be married and i laugh and say i couldn't tell you. >> he will get a dose of reality now, won't he? the soldiers had been in afghanistan in support of "operation freedom". jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning, a possible interest rate hike ts friday. futures pointing to a lower open. the largest brewers will lead to over 5,000 job cuts after merging with sab miller the combined beer maker will sell 30% of the world's beer. amazon is experimenting with a 30-hour work week. a few dozen employees woshing
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same benefit as full time workers. one size does not fit all when it comes to work schedules, says amazon. >> 30 hours sounds good. >> monday through thursday, i like that. >> jill, i don't know, thanks for telling us about that and then taking it away. gary kubiak will be talking today and we may find out if he's made a decision about a starting quarterback for the broncos. 11 days now and talk around nfl trevor siemian has earned the job. he had a touchdown and interception friday right. paxton lynch did lead a scoring drive. mark sanchez did not play though. he watched from the sidelines and left before speaking to
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>> i have to decide what i think is best for the team. they asked me the question about experience. that's hard because i have two with no experience. that's the way it s. young guys at that position and they have been battling and they are getting better. i just have to sit down and decide what's best for our group. >> ultimately it's up to him. that's a better question for him but >> obviously i think i could play. i don't think i'm where i'm going to be later on down the road with a full grasp of the offense and understanding it well. but if i need to play i'm going to do what i have to do for the team. >> keep up with the broncos at
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daily reporters including cody lattimer's injury. counties across colorado are getting serious about laws with growing marijuana at home. >> it was a very strong smell. >> reporter: this neighbor shares her story but too scared to show her face. rental homes are becoming a haven for pot cultivation and now they'reck their properties to people for basically nothing more than to grow marijuana. >> reporter: and the people who don't want it growing near their home. >> i don't want her to grow in our neighborhood. i don't want to smell the smell. >> you can see the full report on home grown pot and the fight to limit it tonight at 10:00
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vaccines coming up the pharmacy you trust is now in the store you love
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? ?
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because cvs pharmacy... is now at target. welcome back everyone. in our cbs4 news health watch, new research on parents concerns about vaccines. a new study suggestion more parents are requests to delay their children's vaccines or refusing to get them all together. the number of parents jumped 12% between 2006 and 2013.
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unnecessary but fewer parents are expressing concerns about autism. adults or add le sents who continue to play after a concussion took twice as long to recover as those who sat on the sidelines. children who specialize in a single sport at a young age may face a higher risk of injuries. stress and even burn out. in the journal of pediatrics. i feel a little hint of fall coming. yes, we're looking at the possibility of rain later. 63 in denver and 64 in greeley and 61 in burlington this morning and 46 in aspen and 57 in grand junction. on our satellite and radar
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early this morning. scattered showers near pergosa springs. there's light rain near parker and castle rock area getting a little bit of light rain this morning. wood mother towards colorado springs towards so lie da and close to crested butte showers -- -- salida. there's showers in the central mountains as we head into the lunch hour and then there's a chance of some of that heading towards denver throughout the afternoon and evening. we may get isolated storms and potential for rain to roll through. high country will get rain this evening and overnight tonight there's a few showers that may stick around tomorrow morning. western slope is dry through this and eastern rains, rain
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some of this could stick around tomorrow. temperatures today are fairly mild. it should be nice outside. temperatures in the low 80s. 84 in greeley. low 80s out east. 72 in eagle and 70 in aspen and 80 in grand junction. a couple sprinkles around town but a better chance for rain coming this afternoo possible. friday we are back to hot weather with temperatures in the upper 80s. take a look at our mousetrap cam at this volume down into town. quite a few cars across the denver mour. not too many cone zones in the way either. slowing in the westbound direction on the approach to wadsworth. look at this green we have. we have the road weather index
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causing slowing. c-470 nice and wide open as well as 285. the circus is heading back to town but without some of its biggest stars. more on why elephants are out. >> reporter: for more than 130 years elephants have been part of the ringling brother cuss experience. circus. now they are having a human only circus it opened up the door for us to try something that american audiences have never seen before. >> reporter: american circus tradition has always had a focus on animal acts but times have
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changed and concern for the animals have grown. ringling brothers is catching up. >> i think if the root of it is really a focus on conservation. as many people know, elephants in the wild are severely endangered and there's few organizations in the world that are legitimately combatting the issue. we have been at it since 1995. >> reporter: out of this world still features a lion and tiger act which i wonde dog and horse act placed in an out of place story line. it appeals more to children but you can sea the direction in which the circus is moving. >> the show is always a star. there's never been any individual stars. there's been people who are highlights in the show and fae churs that draw the public in but if you really think about,
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more music and effects, just no elephants to lead the way. they have all been moving to the ringling conservation center in florida. the circus is still fun but now it's catching up to an audience that is more aware and paying more attention. i'm greg moody f it opens september 30th at the denver coliseum. for ticket information head o our website, our partners at xcel energy set up dozen of service projects across the state. just show up in work clothes and you meet lots of dpraet people and you help the community. it runs three hours september 10th. >> we are all busy. we all have families and we work
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they really belief in not only this company but the state that we live in here. >> you can sane up for the project by going to the day of service page at cbs4 news and show up from 8:00 to 11:00 on september 10th at your project site. good morning, we're talking baseball and the rockies are at their best wrapping up a series against the nationals. nolan his 35th. next batter david dal doubles up back to back home runs rockies up 4-1. wild pitches hit the umpire in
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to score. the umpire was okay. the rockies have won series against the nationals, cubs and dodgers and the rockies host the dodgers starting tonight before hosting the diamondbacks later this week.
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thousands i community mourn the loss of a legendary grammy winner. juan gabrielle died of natural causes in california. he was mexico's leading singer
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100,000 albums sold. a new movie looks at a boy with nine lives. >> reporter: for if first time ever mtv hosted the music video shows in madison kwar garden. >>. >> i dedicate this award to people of new orleans. >> marine rihanna was presented with the lifetime achieve award. and brittney performed for the first time since 2007.
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profession but this might call for an exception. >> reporter: a neurologist tries unorthodox techniques to tap into his conscious. >> aiden wouldn't be very good at lying still with his eyes closed. he wants to talk about race cars and computer games so those moments are a challenge but in a fun way. >> the 9th opens in theaters on friday. we're saying goodbye to a legend. charles osgood ends a 22-year run on cbs morning. >> some of you may have heard rumors lately. well, i'm hear to tell you the
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asking me why i keep doing this considering my age. i am pushing 84. it's just that it's been such a joy doing it. >> he's going to continue to deliver his radio segments. he'll also make occasional appearances after his last show coming up on september 25th. >> i'm a big fan of his. a jersey police officer is bein rescuing a man lying on the train tracks. he's pulling the man off the tracks moments before a train raced by. the officer climbed down and
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. good morning, we're coming to a close in august soon. jamie is out this morning. >> reporter: a new fleet of buses come to the rail service. we'll tell you more coming up. a shooting report at the los angeles airport had people scattered last night. what police eventually found a shots fired. >> two men shot in southwest denver, one of them dead. ahead who are police looking for this morning. it's a little breezy this morning and feels different in the air. >> it does. fall is so close and lauren whitney is tracking it for us. >> good morning, off to a mild start with rain around town.


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