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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 news at noon. this is the news at noon. the denver broncos have a starting quarterback, trevor siemian. i'm britt moreno. thank you store joining us -- for joining us. the quarterback competition came to an end this morning when coach kubiak informed the team trevor siemian got the
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sanchez before telling the team he wanted to name the starter before this week's game because the first team will not play in thursday's game. siemian played the first half against the rams, lynch the second, leaving sanchez on the bench the entire time. the team says in addition to siemian's work on the field his growing confidence and presence in the huddle helped him edge out the other two. a big question, though, still is whether the broncos try to trade to san -- the team cut 11 players this morning. sanchez was not one of them. the coach will talk with reporters at 1:30 and we will have the very latest at and on cbs4 news at 5:00. hunting and fishing are just a couple of the past times coloradans love here but now these hobbies could actually have you paying more. our jamie leery is talking with colorado parks and wife lied about possible -- wildlife
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>> reporter: a big financial crunch for them. this is one of the many places you can get one of these, this is a fly fishing license, but by 2017 it could double in price right alongside your hunting license. this is one of the solutions being discussed to address what they call a substantial budget shortfall and it's a problem that keeps getting worse. the wildlife division has had to cut jobs and more than $40 million from the wildlife budget since 2009 but that's not enough. cpw says i the rising cost of operations, things like maintenance of dams, preservations of wildlife habitat and the cost that goes into fish hatcheries among other things. without doing something like increasing fees for these licenses, cpw will be making critical cuts. >> people see a cut in fish management, swole a cut -- we will see a cut in licenses that are available to the public. see less access to places where people have hunted and fished
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happen, obviously but it's up to the sports men. we need to ask them, do we need to increase a little bit, no increase, double fees, that's something that's part of the conversation but not up to us. >> reporter: cpw has had very mixed opinions from public meetings it's been hosting across the state, some people say that it's just too much money, it's breaking the bank. one of these licenses that costs $36 for in-state per year so if you can imagine a family of five, that's a lot of money to be spending. others are okay with the fee increase but ultimately it is up to our lawmakers so you can talk to them if you want to. but one thing is for certain, we will likely see something about this in the 2017 legislative session. live in denver, jamie leery, cbs4 news. two more meetings are scheduled this week, one in golden and one in collins/?txu. you can also submit comments to cpw online and you can find the details for that at developing now, we should learn more about the deadly
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a denver police officer this afternoon. it happened in the baker neighborhood early saturday morning. police say the man was armed with a knife and refused to drop it. officers first used a taser, which apparently was not effective, and then they fired shots. another man in that house hid on the roof and a fire truck lifted s.w.a.t. officers up so that man could be arrested. neighbors say police have been called multiple times to residents -- residence. developing news in fill i can't where a -- philadelphia where a fire destroyed a 100- year-old church. the fire started in the basement of the church but it grew and crews had to give up on that fight to protect houses surrounding the building. it took about two hours to get that fire under control but fortunately no one was hurt. although firefighters did find a person on the second floor who did not know there was a fire. about five congregations use that church. new details about the
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scotland. they are accused of preparing to take off while they were drunk. they will be in court today, cbs's jonathan vigliotti explains what happened. >> reporter: 35-year-old paul brady grabank and 35-year-old carlos ra kona was arrested shortly before their trans- atlantic flight was scheduled to take off from glascow airport. police believe both were about to take to the sky under the influence. mark rosen kerr is a safety analyst and former chairman the ntsb. >> we have heard on occasion and it's again very rare where maybe one of the pilots might have been potentially over the limit but to have both of the cockpit crew, this is extraordinary. >> reporter: it's still unclear who or what tipped authorities off to their concerned -- concerns over the united airlines crew but the flight scheduled to take off at 9:00 in the morning with 141 passengers on board. the flight was delayed for 10
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replacement pilots. police won't comment on what they were doing before their morning flight but as rosen kerr explains, the faa rule, eight hours from bottle to throttle protects everyone from the dangers of alcohol at altitude. >> the effects of the alcohol are exaggerated when you are at altitude so your judgment is taken serious consequences from that. >> reporter: saturday's arrests come nearly a month after two canadian pilots arrested at glascow airport charged with trying to fly under the influence. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. new information about a hit- and-run that killed a pedestrian overnight. this all may have started as a drag race, a 17-year-old boy is in custody, a 26-year-old man died after being hit near alameda and lowell. police say that driver was in an orange dodge caliber and
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black sedan on alameda at perry. >> witnesses give us credible information that they were revving their engine and they were acting as though they were preparing for a drag race and when the light turned green, both vehicles left the intersection at a high rate of speed with our orange caliber striking the pedestrian at approximately lowell. >> sergeant far says the cars were going at what he called highway speeds. investigators will look at any video from businesses along that stretch of alameda to find the other driver involved. an update on colorado's ballot and campaign 2016. two measures to add more limitations on oil and natural gas drilling have failed to make the ballot. shortly after the petitions were turned in for initiative 75 and 78, the secretary of state's office reported a large number of empty boxes, raising concerns about the number of signatures. this morning the secretary of state said neither had enough.
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which would have called for setbacks, potentially had forged signatures. that's been sent to the attorney general's office. the people behind the petitions have 30 days to appeal to the denver district court. on the presidential campaign, donald trump is expected to make a major immigration speech this week before heading to an african- american church on saturday. weijia jiang explains his push for the minority vote. >> reporter: donald trump continues to pu that america's inner cities are dangerous because of democrats. monday morning he tweeted, look how bad it is getting, how much more crime, how many more shootings will it take for african-americans and latinos to vote trump equals safe? but trump's tweet about the murder of basketball superstar dwyane wade's cousin in chicago this weekend sparked a backlash from some. trump wrote, dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying,
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trump, many on twitter call the response disrespectful. vice presidential nominee tim kaine agreed. >> reporter: trump tweeted his condolences so the family four hours after his original tweet. trying to stay on message, trump's campaign released a new ad focusing on the economy. they are spending $10 million to air it in nine battleground states. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. >> reporter: trump's campaign ys the polls favoring trump and feel now is the right time to air this ad, but some say it could be too little, too late. >> this is an ad that could have been put out months ago, it could have been running all summer to have the maximum effect on electorate. >> reporter: early voting starts september 23rd in minnesota and south dakota. weijia jiang, cbs news, the
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separating from anthony weiner and this is because he's accused of yet another sexting scandal. this morning abedin says after long and painful decisions she made the decision to separate. identified only as a 40 something divorcee in the west who is a supporter of donald trump. he told the post they had been friends for some time. why do we want to go check out this amazing video of a storm hitting silverton yesterday. silverton extreme posted it and it shows the heavy rains pushing the debris onto the road with rocks hitting cars, water streaming down the sides of the mountain there. let's go now to meteorologist lauren whitney in colorado's weather center. are we expecting any more rain coming our way? >> we have the chance a little bit later on and you can see there's snow on pikes peak right now. we will talk about the forecast coming up in just a moment.
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ride coming to the 16th street mall. the changes you are about to see. and later what parents need to know about choosing the right backpack to help avoid
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happening now, rtd is showing off its new buses for the 16th street mall.
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something the current buses do not have. rtd has ordered 36 of the new red shuttles and they will be charged overnight and then they run all day on the mall. the old buses have more than 200,000 miles on them. many of them have been running for the entire 16 years of the shuttle program. happening today, new rules go into effect for drones. the faa predicts there will be 600,000 of the aircraft operating in the united states within the year. weighing less than 55 pounds, operators must register the drones and pass an aviation knowledge examine but they no longer need a pilot's license and the faa has already granted 76 waivers to allow commercial companies to fly drones at night. and snow is already flying in parts of the state. >> yeah, we just showed you pikes peak not that long ago. there's been snow up there. maybe they should have been plowing up there too. >> amazing. >> i know. for us we are on the cloudy side here in denver.
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much for us downtown. it's actually really lovely outside with our mild temperatures and those clouds. take a look at what's going on outside. we are at the 80s right now, 82 in denver, 81 in greeley, 74 in burlington, only 69 in lamar right now, so there's some rain out that direction. 46 in leadville, 61 in avon and 59 in aspen, 77 over in grand junction. satellite and radar, again, we have rain as you head up towards the central part of the state. also have scattered showers near the san juans pagosa, cooler temperatures thanks to rain into the southeastern corner of the state so as you head towards lamar down near campo, near la junta, trinidad, near wilsonburg scattered showers to the north. we have this flow heading up our direction so we have a lot of subtropical moisture heading up our way. a lot of rain in new mexico, the texas panhandle, a lot in western kansas. looking at our futurecast for the rest of the day, we are expecting to see rain, most of
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the north so that is going to happen as well but for the most part of the bulk of the rain will stay to the south and to the eastern plains. denver may get ah phi isolated thunderstorms and rain showers that roll through. if not, a few more clouds and it may be breezy at times and then overnight tonight there still is a little bit of rain out on the eastern plains. there could be clouds to start the day tomorrow and then we have a chance for more showers tomorrow, again, not everyone gets it, there may be a couple of pockets of heavier rainfall and there could be heavier rainfall with the storms today. they don't look to hail and heavier rain. 85 in denver today, 84 in greeley, 86 in ft. collins, 80 out in burlington, 69 in frisco and for salida 73 in eagle and 86 over in grand junction. so for the rest of the day, we will have cloud cover, blue skies, but there is a chance this afternoon and evening of a couple of storms heading up our direction and temperatures are fairly mild today in the mid- 80s. for your five-day forecast tomorrow we are in the low 80s once again, and then we are in the low 80s again on
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drier to end the week as well and overall not a bad week, it's just a couple of rain showers possible and we keep watching that. but i like these mild temperatures, not too hot, not too cold, just right. >> it really is perfect. thank you so much. keep track of weather anytime on burr weather on the go appear -- anytime on the weather on the go app. what parents need to know about getting the right backpack to prevent their kids from getting injured. a live look at where we starred up -- started up this morning and continuing
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new developments in the cost of epipens which help aid allergic reactions. the manufacturer mylan now says it's going to put out a generic and less expensive version of
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company has come under fire for hiking the price of the life saving device. critics say the company should simply lower the price. back-to-school warning in our health watch now, it involves backpacks, especially ones loaded with all the books. the wrong backpack can leave children with injuries. kenneth craig has some advice for parents. >> reporter: 9-year-old jackson montgomery is getting ready to start fifth grade with a new backpack. his father wa picking the right one. >> there's no doubt, you know, once you have put in even just the lunch things and all the other things, you know, not even talking about heavy books, that they are carrying a decent amount of weight. >> reporter: this one is designed to carry more weight and evenly distributed. the bag has more straps and compartments, about 5400 kids are treated each year for backpack injuries. many of them sprains and strains to the shoulder or
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avoid messenger bags, use a bag with two wide padded straps to distribute the load and make sure the bag isn't too heavy. >> take the child's weight and do them on 10% or even less if you can, but it's usually hard as a good examination. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics also suggests adjusting the backpacks so that the bottom sits at the waist and packing it properly. >> if you do have heavy items, try to center in the center of the backpack, pack it and in the lower part of the backpack to kind of distribute the weight. >> reporter: jack loves his new backpack. >> kind of helps me in school carrying big books. >> reporter: and he's one that he and his dad feel good about. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> great advice, isn't it? day of service is a great opportunity to find out about a new nonprofit in town. you will be able to spend three hours helping that day but you
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>> they find out a little bit about what's going on here and the next thing you know, maybe they are volunteering more often, maybe they are on a committee, maybe they are on a board, maybe they are giving more to that specific nonprofit just from that three hour event where they volunteered and meet a group that they have never been involved with. >> xcel energy's day of service is saturday, september 10th from 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning. you can pick a project by going to the day of service pay at and we have a final check of the re
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symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. eric decided the way to take charge of his life and take weight was by biking around the country. he set up a gofundme page and hasn't made it very far.
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to do a coast-to-coast quest. >> right. >> and then you went to florida and hung out for two months. >> what happens when people who doubt his intentions confront him. find out today on "dr. phil" at 4:00. there are more questions about the effort to get a minimum wage increase issue on the november ballot. our political specialist boyd looks into those questions over the signature gathering process. a final look at the forecast. >> take a look outside right now where it's lovely in some areas, we are getting much needed rain in some spots, however there are a couple of spots of heavier rainfall so be extra careful. you can see that as you head into elbert county and into parts of douglas county and a few showers in our high country as well. lightning in some spots as well to watch out for and we could get heavier rainfall today as well for your five-day forecast some of the storms could head up into denver tomorrow, we may
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fairly moderate week temperaturewise in the mid to upper 80s and even a nice, mild day on wednesday with 81 degrees. >> thank you so much, lauren. >> you're welcome. looks like a nice forecast. >> that's going to be great. have a great day, everyone. thank you for joining us on this monday right here on cbs4 and lauren and i will be back tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00
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