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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  August 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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let's check on the forecast with lauren who is tracking a nice week. >> it's not bad at all. certainly looking at nice conditions right now. starting off with a few clouds and we have a little fog near burlington this morning. western slope and up to the northwest and southwest clear this morning. we have a chance of more rain today so we're going to talk about that in a moment. right now let's check with joel hillan. >> there's word of auto-pedestrian accident. if you're traveling in the downtown area, just galpedo. there's a rollover accident onto harlem and i-70 and the ramp is closed off. a mother dead and her son is lying in the hospital after their two dogs attacked them inside their home. it all happened in confer. cbs4 shawn chitnis is live from swedish medical center where the son is right now. and shawn, how is he doing? >>reporter: well, britt, we're waiting for an update on his
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that was what we were told by those on scene as he was being taken to this hospital. and so again he's here at swedish medical center. this all happened at the house that he was at where his mother died in confer. deputies tells us she had serious injuries when they arrived at the house, and they were unable to save her. the jefferson county sheriff's office tells us these two dogs, they believe to be pit bull terriers do live at the home and the mom and her son were th time. the dogs were removed from the house alive and they will remain in custody. the sheriff's office tells us this started with the son on the phone. >> we got a 911 call from a male saying he needed help screaming in the background. and when deputies arrived, there were -- what we believe to be pit bull terriers loose in the house. >> and we won't know what happens to the two dogs until
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live in englewood, shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. not clear who is involved in a crash involving a police cruiser. this is on i-25 before the orchard exit. neither driver hurt. the other car involved was a station wagon. both towed away and the highway was shut down for a time but it opened before 3:00 this morning. trump is getting ready for what he calls a big speech on immigration tomorrow. today he'll speak at a rally and fundraisers in washington state. meantime clinton is another distract to her campaign as her aide -- as her top aide had enough of her husbands. >>reporter: clinton in the hamptons. another distraction to her presidential campaign. yesterday, clinton's closest
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post posted a nude photo as his son laid next to him. wiener's habit forced him to resign last year and drop out of the mayor race in 2013. it provided -- trump used the incident to blast clinton's judgment. >> abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that, no one would kno most of this information, anthony wiener would know about. >> trump drew criticism again monday after former kkk grand wizard david duke released a robo call encouraging louisiana voters to cast their votes for his senate bid and for the republican nominee. the trump campaign immediately disy vowed the move and trump expected to deliver a speech on immigration in arizona tomorrow while
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hanna daniels, cbs4 news. >> clinton holds fundraisers -- she's 7 points ahead of trump. two measures on gas and oil is not on the ballot. initiative 75 and 78 would have made it easier to put limitations on drilling. shaun boyd reported that half empty boxes means not enough signatures were turned in and $50,000 to taxpayers. those behind the petition has 30 days to appeal to the district attorney strict court. let's go to lauren. >> 59 degrees in denver and boulder. 61 in burlington. in the high country, there's a few cool spots. 33 in leadville. a mild jacket as you leave the house. 40 in aspen. 62 in grand junction. 49 in telluride and our visibility map we have thicker fog near burlington this
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experience low visibility. something to watch out for. on our radar and satellite, skies clear and we have religion in our south eastern corner. that fog as you head towards burlington. it's cloud cover here in denver and we have clear skies to the west. we have some tropical moisture flow from our monsoonal flow headed our direction, so there's a chance of more rain later today. bus stop should be nice. clouds and fairly mild temperatures in the low 60s. let's check with joel, good morning. >> well, good morning. following and more volume on the roadways. looking from our cbs4 mouse tram cap, that's 285, headlight in the southbound direction, and look at it stack up. we're across the denver-metro area, we have trouble. i want to take you into downtown. we have an auto-pedestrian accident. that's going to close off a portion of that intersection. take you up to the north and to the west just a bit.
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to get onto westbound -- a couple of trouble spots britt that could get in your way. >> joel, thanks for pointing those out. those living in colorado springs will try to clean up the mess left behind by heavy rain and hail that accumulated like a heavy snow when other people's homes were flooded. they had to look for another place to stay. jeff todd is it in colorado springs. >> it started pouring down rain and all of hail. >>reporter: roger wheeler shared this video. cars stalled in the high water. >> it hailed for an hour. >> across the street, vasquez doesn't know if he would live through it. >> he came out of nowhere -- it came out of nowhere ask the water kept rising and rising. i said i guess i'm a goner.
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colorado springs workers tried to clear as much as possible hoping not to clog an overworked drainage. many residents shoveled their walkways, but packed up and way. >> he ended up with two and a half feet with water in his house and he talked to his insurance company. he had oil in his house. >> the rain did subside around 7:00. the homeowners are rk companies to get the weather damage fixed. protestors in brazil took to the streets in support of their suspended president. lawmakers are questioning the president and yesterday was the 4th day of her impeachment trial. the demonstrators are setting setting fire to items in the street and police responded by setting off teargas canisters. president brands the i am beach of crew and her rivals blame her --
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bomber is dead. the chief of security at the chinese embassy says no chinese workers were hurt. and this is being described as a terror attack. the suspected suicide bomber crashed his car into the embassy and killed when the bomb went off. the explosion took place in the center of the compound. this morning if you're just waking up, it feels nice at 59 degrees. here's what's ahead this morning, we're going to actor who brought us laughs and warm moments. we'll remember gene wilder. >>reporter: the broncos have their starting quarterback. i'll look closer look at how
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,,,, ? ? ? you live life your way.
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tering life.
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good morning, everyone. in our cbs4 morning news health watch, researchers are looking into why it could mean life or death. a study shows those patients operated on at night are likely to divers those undergoing surgery in -- doctors exams surgeries and found even people who had surgeries later on in the day had a higher mortality risk. researchers say possible causes include provider fatigue during anesthesia and surgery. overnight hospital staffing
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there's enough operating rooms. scientist at the university of california san diego school of medicine say they have identified a key chemical characteristic in the blood of chronic fatigue syndrome patients which is similar to a state of hibernation. researchers hope the new discovery will lead to faster and accurate diagnosis and therapies. well, friend and family and fans are mourning the loss of actor comedian and screen writer application of alzheimer disease. kenneth greg look back on the work fans will remember. >> ? come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination. >> the funny man was known for
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>> give me my creation. >> wilder was born energy roen silverman and grew up in wisconsin and adopted his stage name at age 26. >> i used to be called the waco kid. he landed his first film role in 1968 comic rock, the producers earning him an oscar for best supporting actor. >> i wouldn't do that. >> h brooks in young frankenstein which wilder co-wrote. that won them an academy award nomination for the most -- >> it's the movie that makes me laugh. although it was outrageous comedy, i gave my best. >> he blessed every film with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship.
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the pair turned out to be good partners. wilder was married four times including to the late saturday night live actress ragner who died of cancer in 1989. the actor passed away from complications of alzheimer's disease. >> wilder's nephew says the actor kept his condition private because he didn't want to disappoint traffic. 5:44 on the clock. >> we have a few clouds in denver. it looks beautiful from our library camera looking towards the city and county building there. just a gorgeous view of the state capitol this morning. let's look what's happening outside this morning. we're a little cooler than yesterday. 4 degrees cooler in denver. 5 for boulder and greeley and avon and gunnison. a couple of degrees different. we'll in the 50s this morning. 59 here in denver. 57 in
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a couple of cool spots in the high country. 33 in leadville. 43 in avon. 62 in grand junction. now, in burlington, this morning and in that area on the eastern plains, there's thicker fog this morning. down to three tenths of a mile. taking a look at satellite and radar, other than that we're on the mild side. clouds across the front range, western slope, crystal clear this morning. a touch of rain down into our south eastern corner. looking what's monsoonal flow bringing the subtropical moisture. there could be heavier rainfall in new mexico and flash flood warnings. western slope, for the most part, you stay dry. by lunch time, starting to see a little rain pop up in our san juans and potentially on the eastern plains as well. here in denver, a mix of sunshine and cloud cover for us. we have a chance later in the afternoon and evening of the storms heading our way. fairly isolated if we do get them. overnight tonight,
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tomorrow morning there's a chance of fog on the eastern plains. we could get that here in denver. western slope, high country you're on the clear side and a chance of more scattered showers and heavy rainfall mixed in there tomorrow as well. looking at temperatures today. 81 in denver. 81 in fort collins. on the eastern plains, mild with 82 in la junta and lamar and fresco -- sunny skies this morning with a chance of thunderstorms coming in and for your 5-day forecast tomorrow, 82. a chance of storms and warmer to end the week with a possibility of storms as well. let's check with joel, good morning. >> good morning, we have a traffic alert we're following. this is blocking off the ramp from hard land to i-70. you can see the car facing the wrong way about to be loaded up on that wrecker there, but heavy police presence not allowing anyone pass this morning if you're trying to get westbound along i-70. this ramp closure is in place.
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the next quarter hour as crews move that out the way. it's a good sign when the wrecker is there. a couple of other trouble spots, things on the road, but there's an auto-pedestrian accident and no word on the injuries, this is 14th and galapego. looking across the metro area, there's something in the road of i-25 as you go passed i-70 and overnight closure still in place there as you travel. it looks like it's along smith road. let you the drive times along parker road. speeds in the 50s from arapahoe to i-25. southbound along i-225, that's a notorious stretch to i-225. that's a 3-minute drive. thank you. more people are weighing in on the debate involving san francisco quarterback kaepernick and his protest of the national anthem. he's refusing to stand up because he says he doesn't want to quote show pride in a flag for a country that
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people of color. his former coach harbaugh responded yesterday and the quarterback is getting some support from hollywood. >> right now that's his right to do that, but i don't respect the motivation or the or the action. >> i support him. i find it so interesting how people want to pick and choose people have. >> a lot of people in football in an uncomfortable place. let's turn to the broncos. siemian is your guy. gary kubiak announced he's the quarterback against the panthers. >> we're gearing up for this. romi bean is with us. >> the wait is over. 4 months ago, maybe the only guy who
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starting quarterback for the defending superbowl championships was probably trevor siemian. why did siemian win the job? behind his arm strength, there's two key items from pre-season which shows you why he won this job. let's look at saturday night second quarter against the rams. after throwing an interception, siemian came back and went four for four including a touchdown pass to green. siemian handled his mistakes and didn't let it effect the rest of his play. coaches want to see from their quarterbacks is how the quarterback rebounds from a bad play. siemian showed he's got grace under pressure. >> i think he's earned a right to be our guy. that's what i told the team this morning. i look at the body of work during the offseason and i watched training camp through the pre-season. how far he's come. i watched how much he's improved in my opinion.
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to me he's earned the right to be our starter. >> the second major reason siemian won the job is he was not sacked in his three pre-season games. no sacks means siemian has a strong understanding the broncos -- he throws with -- with three pre-season games done, the broncos starters won't play again until the regular season. after three games, the defense leads the nfl in sacks first teamers didn't surrender a touchdown. it looks like the defense that won superbowl 50 picked up where it left off in february. >> i like that point. what happens to mark sanchez at this point? >> alan, it's interesting. there's a couple of things that could happen. the broncos could keep him on the rosters and pay his salary which is $4.5 million, but that's unlikely.
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the broncos will owe the eagles, a draft pick and potentially a 6th round. the broncos won't want to risk having to give him that draft pick. the most likely option is sanchez is released and brought back after the first game at a lower rate. that's probably was going to happen. >> i like how you outlined how siemian can play this role physically, but do you think he stood out emotionally or physically. is he the best person for that position, romi? >> touchdown drive after the interception and that shows he's calm and he can lead his team and demarcus ware says he's calm in the pocket and quarterbacks need to be calm because that keeps the rest of the team together, gets the rest of the team going when bad plays happen through the game. >> it's nice to see him throwing a nice spiral. it's a beautiful pass. >> oh, yeah. >> we wish him the best. of course, so let's see what's
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romi from,,,,
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet
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and i approve this message.
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welcome back. let's look live outside where it's a beautiful start. it looks like a water painting. beautiful oranges. let's look at our temperatures starting off with 59 in denver. 57 in boulder. 48 in pagosa springs. thicker fog near burlington so if you're headed out that direction, there's low visibility. for potential for thunderstorms and rain. south of denver, we may get a couple of those to roll through. by tomorrow morning we have thicker cloud cover and there could be more fog to start the day. for your hour-by-hour forecast, 76 degrees by noon. 80 by 2:00 and a chance for that rain. most may stay to the south. we'll talk about that in a moment. let's check with joel. >> crews out there sweeping up the remains of what was left from this accident. we had a rollover accident on the ramp from hardland to westbound i-70.
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it looks like the truck that -- that flat bed truck has been loaded up and the car taken away. they need to make sure everything is ready for other cars to drive over that so we don't have flat tires. we're watching another incident here, alan, this is an auto-pedestrian accident. >> free bug repellent is given to advise tore visitors. universal studios and sea world are handing out bug spray. it started as a precaution. a 4-year old boy is thrown from a bridge into a river in washington state. it was caught on video and -- caleb folly captured the video. the boy's father apparently tosses him over the bridge. the boy's mom
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him. a woman called 911 right after it happened. >> i was scared because at first i thought he was going to smack his head on the lower beam and second i thought he broke his neck because his neck was -- he hit his neck right here on this lower part and he had a life jacket so. so he got sucked up really fast. when he came up he was screaming and crying and it broke my heart hearing that. >> the boy did survive that fall, but deputies did not or i should say they parents for reckless endangerment. this morning, 59 degrees in denver. >> this is still ahead, the cbs4 morning news. shawn is live. >>reporter: a mother and her son were attacked by their dogs in their own home. the mother has died. and the son is here at the hospital. we'll have a live update coming up. >> terrible tragedy. shawn, thank you very much. people in southern colorado survive the storm. incredible hail. look at that. are we in for more
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ireland offered apple tax,,
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hi, ever a deadly dog attack left a mother dead and her son in the hospital. >> tragic story this morning. a blanket of heavy wet hail coated colorado springs. this morning, people are trying to assess the damage and deal with it. >> unreal hail there. and our first look from copter 4 over the city this morning. parts of the state could be in for a little rough treatment. let's find out about it. good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. let's gt


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