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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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hi, ever a deadly dog attack left a mother dead and her son in the hospital. >> tragic story this morning. a blanket of heavy wet hail coated colorado springs. this morning, people are trying to assess the damage and deal with it. >> unreal hail there. and our first look from copter 4 over the city this morning. parts of the state could be in for a little rough treatment. let's find out about it. good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. let's gt
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center. good morning. >> good morning. we have some cloud cover. we're looking at the chance for rain later today. let's look what's going on this morning. quiet. you can see the clouds and thers fog near burlington this morning. western slope, you're very drive and clear. we have a little rain into our south eastern corner. we'll talk about the chances of wide spread rain later on. right now let's check with joel. >> lauren we watch as they opened up that ramp to get from hardland to westbound following a rollover accident. the lights malfunctioning at 29th and tennis. treat it as a four-way. we're going to follow that -- joel, thank you so much. a mother dead and her son hospitalized after two dogs attacked in confer. investigators say two pit bull terriers were loose in their home when they attacked their owners. shawn chitnis is live at swedish medical center where doctors are treating the son.
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yet? >>reporter: we're waiting for an update on his condition. we know the condition was non life-threatening of the late last night he was making a call to the sheriff's office asking for help and they tell us they could hear screams in the background. this was come interesting their house in confer -- this was coming from their house where this attacked them in the home. her son doesn't appear to have life-threatening injuries but was taken here to swedish medical center. we don't have an update on his condition, but we know those were the only people inside at the time and deputies say the dogs did live at that house. >> deputies were able to take the dogs into custody with the assistance of our animal control and the dogs were transported down the hill alive.
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custody until this investigation is over. that's when the sheriff's office will decide what to do with those dogs. live in englewood, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> here's a little information. jefferson county does not ban pit bulls, but aurora, castle rock and denver do. it's not clear who is at fault involving a greenwood police cruiser on i-25 before the orchard road exit. the police car collided with a station wagon and the highway was while, but reopened before 3:00 this morning. friend sxdz fellow police officers -- friends and fellow police officers thought this day would never come. he's going to return to work since a near life ending accident. that announcement came last night. a driver hit and dragged officer acid 2 years ago in december. he was escorting east high students back towards school along colfax after they protested downtown.
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not likely done. he's likely to need four more. we wish him the best as he gets back to work. this video from colorado springs incredible this morning. people are once again dealing with hail damage. they've been hit more than once recently. hail piled up in huge piles where the storm went through and that caused flooding as well. roger wheeler shared this video with us at the storm. cars were stalled out in the high water. the hail daniel vasquez says he didn't know if he would live through this storm. >> it just came like nothing out of nowhere. and i stood there and the water was rising and rising and i thought, i said i guess i'm a goner. >> the water from the melted hail filled vasquez's basement. colorado workers used heavy equipment to try and clear the mess. >> unbelievable. and yet here we are again. maybe we can deal with more storms today. let's check on weather.
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temperatures nice outside. 57 in denver. 55 in boulevard. 61 in burlingn . 48 in lineman. leadville at 34 this morning. there's a couple of cool spots. 57 degrees in grand junction. we have thicker fog out near burlington this morning. if you're out that direction or heading out that way you'll hit thicker fog towards burlington and then out into kansas. looking at our satellite and radar, skies clear for us this morning. except for the fog. a few clouds in denver and there's rain in a news bus stop for the kids. clouds and fairly mild for us. temperatures in the low $0.60 and upper 50s -- low 60s and upper 50s. morning hours dry and partly sunny. a chance for afternoon storms rolls in after 2:00, 3:00. we'll time that out in a moment. let's check with joel. >> reports of a ladder on the road southbound i-225 passed 48th. you want to watch out for that. that would ruin your morning commute. this is the cbs4 morning cam. you can see
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into town. you have the express toll lane which has opened. looking across the denver-metro area, that's what the yellow icon means, the ladder in the road. we're going to take you along here where there's reports of an auto-pedestrian accident at 14th and galapego. if you're getting in your car, you can turn on our partners, 850 am and 94.1 fm for the latest weather and traffic together. a man is behind bars accused high line canal trail. police use this sketch to arrest brookhurt. a man says she was walking her dog when a man came out of nowhere and punched her in the face. he told police he gotten in a fight with that woman when her dog tried to bite him, but the woman says the dog did not do anything to provoke an attack. police want to learn if friday's incident is connected to another attack a week earlier. another woman says someone assaulted her. breaking overnight, a
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chinese embassy in the capital of kyrgyztan died. the attacker crashed a car through the embassy and set off an explosion. nearby staff evacuated as a precaution, but they're okay. this is the news in campaign 2016. trump is holding a rally and fundraiser in washington state a day before delivering a major speech on immigration in arizona. meanwhile, hillary fund razors on long island and she's dealing with another distraction. clinton's closest aide, abedin announced her split from husband an thon an -- from husband anthony wiener.
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trump faces criticism afterk kk david duke released a robo call encouraging louisiana voters to cast their vote for his bid. the trump campaign has disvowed that move. you'll have the opportunity to vote for fracking measures. we showed the boxes of petitions when they were turned in. some were half empty. one would have schools and the other to allow lawmakers to impose their own fracking bans. they had to collect valid signatures. secretary of state office found there wasn't enough. the broncos have a starting quarterback. trevor siemian will help the superbowl champs reach for yet another championship. he did well during his start saturday against la. siemian had one interception, but followed it up with a touchdown pass.
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quarterback competition has been ongoing since ota's. siemian impressed him with his improvement this offseason. >> i knew he was a good kid and he worked hard and he watched payton go about his business. he knew he took care of his business from that stand pointed. once we started ota's it was time for me to see where he was. everyday he showed us i can do this and i'm going to be competitive and i believe in myself. you saw him grow during the offseason. >> the question, what do we do with sanchez. we're going to ask our broncos reporter romi bean in our next half hour. winter park -- tickets go on sale at 8:00. service runs from january through march. the train is going to leave every union station on saturday and sunday. visit
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good morning, everyone. this is the news in our health watch. the food and drug administration is now advising to screen the entire us blo supply for the zika virus. zika screening is happening for blood donated in florida and puerto rico. the agency says screening needs to be expanded for larger organizations like the red cross. the cdc says more than 2500 cases of zika have been reported in the united states. theme parks in orlando florida are give ago way free bug repellent to advise tors.
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and sea world started handing out bug spray is this weekend as a precaution. a rush man is volunteering for the first human head transplant. valerie is planning to have the surgery next year to get a new body. right now, he's confined to a wheelchair. a rare disorder breaks down his muscle and kills nerve cells. he told a magazine quote removing all the sick parts but the head would do a great job my case. y italian neuro scientist announced his plans to perform that surgery. scientist says it creates false hope. if approved, the surgery will happen in china. >> that's incredible. put another head on another body. here's a look at the weather. >> beautiful start and we have clouds and clear skies and temperatures nice outside right now. it's crisp out there.
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lot of people want fall to arrive, but summer is here. starting off with 57 degrees in denver. 55 in greeley. 61 in burlington. in the high country, chilly in leadville with 34 degrees. meeker 57 over in grand junction. now we have great visibility everywhere except for near burlington. so if you're heading out that direction heading into kansas, you'll have thicker fog this or this morning. that should ease up, but it's thick in that area. more fog tomorrow morning. we'llk moment. clouds across the front range and eastern plains and western slope into the high country. you're mild to start. we have a chance of more rain today. we're tapping into the monsoonal flow, so we have a chance of getting heavier fall in parts of new mexico. flooding is a concern with that heavy rainfall. looking at our future cast. we have a chance to start around lunch time. in the high country and san juan and here in denver, we may get
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and evening. most will be in the high country to our west and south and to our east. overnight, there could be a few showers. tomorrow morning, a potential to wake up to fog on the eastern plains maybe here in the denver area. western slope and into the high country. you should be on the dry side and we have a chance of more scattered storms tomorrow and pockets of heavier rainfall. temperatures today, low 80s. we have that nice mild temperatures coming our way. 80 degrees by 2:00. and 78 by 5:00. there's a chance for -- for your 5-day forecast tomorrow, 82. a chance for more storms and isolated on thursday and friday with slightly warmer temperatures. joel. >> good morning, this is our view from copter 4 as you're traveling from the tech center out to c-470 along i-25. it should be a good drive. we're seating load up in the usual places. southbound coming into town, 9 minutes from i-70.
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still an 8-minute drive. 9-minute from brighton to denver. just a lot of cars on the roadway. there's not a lot of trouble spots on highway. reports of a ladder in the road. southbound at i - lights malfunctioning as you get to 29th and tennis and remember to treat that as a four-way. we've been watching an accident at 14th and pecos. look at the drive times from the east. arapahoe to i-225. speeds into the 40s dipping into the 30s as you make your way southbound along i-225 towards the tech center. both directions along i 170 to i-225, speeds into the 50ss. >> chipotle faces a lawsuit from its current and former workers. and we have more - jill wagner is live on the floor at the new york stock exchange to
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hi, jill. >>reporter: good morning, britt. stocks -- the feds hit another interest rate hike. the dow gained 107 and the nasdaq gained 13. there's breaking apple news. apple could pay back 14. -- 14 apple says it will appeal that decision. nearly 10,000 former and current worker was suing chipotle for unpaid wages. they claim chipotle made them work off the clock hours without pay. it's a that known as wage theft. chipotle denies wrong doing and says it has no merit. a report shows americans love going out to eat. the average household spends about $240 bucks a month
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labor statistics found that prices at restaurants are going up and that's likely because there's pressure to pay employees more money. britt. >> okay, jill. thanks so much . you lose money on that one and you gain a couple of inches in the waistline. >> i saw a big plate of wings. that looked really good. tuesday's top stories this morning. the fbi is looking into foreign hackers who breached election data bases in arizona and illinois this summer. that development comes as voters in arizona head topo one of the key races there to watch involves long time senator john mccain. lawmakers in brazil are expected to hold a final vote today on whether or not to impeach the country's president for allegedly breaking budget rules. police dealt with violence from supporters of roussef yesterday. they were in the streets lighting fires and it was the same day she took a stance to defend herself. all
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was pulled from attending the owe lick pz. -- limb picks. -- people are saying goodbye to wilder. he died earlier this month revealing he had alzheimer's disease. >> he 52 degrees from don in deer stray. after the break, we'll look at our travel forecast and
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welcome back,ak at our travel forecast. delays if you're headed to chicago. there's thunderstorms moving through that area and delay down to 25 minutes. if you're headed to the east coast, there's warm temperatures and it will be muggy out that direction. we have storms as you head into the florida thanks to the tropical depression. texas, there's heavier rainfall, so flooding is a concern. flooding into parts of new mexico as well as they're expecting heavy rainfall and we have that this morning.
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triple digits and nice conditions in the pacific northwest. wait time at dia is 8 to 24 minutes and all lots open. >> taking a look from copter 4 of i-225 loaded up. if have you to head to the airport -- take a look at the drive across the denver-metro area. no trouble spots along i-70 or inbound along pena boulevard. we're seeing slowing. the drive t southbound along i-225 from parker road to -- traveling along i-70 in the eastbound direction from i-25 to i-225, that's a 9-minute drive. two men back on solid ground after they got trapped in a large boon over a bridge this. happened in rhode island. the men were in a bucket when the truck holding a boon tipped over. rescuers brought in a
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position. >> apple fans are getting excited and they'll show off its next generation iphone. apple set september 7th as the product launch. tim cook is expected to release dates for ios 10 and other apple operating systems. tim tebow gets a shot at major league baseball. he'll show off his baseball skills for teams inos includes its rockies. tebow has been training for month and he last played baseball in 2004 as a junior in high cool. there is a descent chance a minor league team will pick him up because he can put him in the stands. >> fun to follow this. new video gives us a unique perspective of the this was the
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smooth successful landing. i like it better down here on the ground. >> i love when they do that. 6:26. coming up, a fight to get rid of beer pong tables from
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good morning, everyone. this is the news at 6:30 on this tuesday morning. family dogs attack their owners in confer. the pit bull terrier killed a mother, injured a son. a live report from where the son is getting medical care in a few minutes. chris, let's give you a live look. copter 4 has a picture over denver this morning. we're talking about how things could
6:31 am
in colorado springs. they got whacked by hail. good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. we get - we get a reprieve. >> it's cool, let's take an outside. this is a view from our library camera. we have beautiful clouds 57 in boulder and 54 in akron. 606 in la man. 34 in leadville. 50 in steambot . 7 in grand junction. so mild temperatures expected today. low to mid-80s and we'll have sunshine, but there's a chance of storms. we'll talk about that in a moment, but first let's check with joel. >> congestion -- you can see the headlights along here and the nice sunrise into the distance. looking at the drive times southbound coming into town,
6:32 am
average speed eastbound along i 20 through commerce city, 30s and 40s in the westbound direction, and 30s from brighton to denver, britt. >> joel, through a tough story to hear. a woman is dead after two pit bull terriers attacked her and her son in confer. investigators say the dogs belong to the family they were loose in the family's home when they attacked. shawn chitnis is live from swedish medical center as doctors good morning, shawn. >>reporter: good morning, britt. we're told the son's injuries was not life-threatening. deputies telling us his mother's injuries were serious and she died on scene at the house. the two dogs involved live at that home. and were likely pit bull terriers. those two dogs were
6:33 am
to hear from deputies about receiving a 911 call from the son and what may happen to those dogs moving forward. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you very much. a 2-year old boy remains in an aurora hospital after investigators say his father intentionally crashed his car trying to kill the young boy. it happened in centennial. police say he told them he wanted to kill son because being a father was a big responsibility. he was wearing a seatbelt and the boy wasn't and he wasn't in a car seat. the boy has a broken femur and concussion, but he'll survive. new information about a suspected street racing crash that killed a person and a 17-year old left the scene.
6:34 am
custody. police says he does not have a drivers license, only a learner's permit and they're looking for the second driver involved. 1 man who lives nearby says racing is a constant problem. >> it's a big problem. it's a problem between friday and saturday night. sometimes sunday night. i think it's terrible because you know, you need more protection out here. >> investigators are trying to get surveillance video from nearby businesses. th street racers could face felony charges. >> today we could learn details about a suspicious device that delayed flights to denver. somebody spotted a suspicious item in the cabin before take off. an airport spokesperson says that item was inspected and cleared by a k9. it's unclear what the suspicious item was, but passengers were being rescreened before they were allowed to board that plane again. we're cooler this morning.
6:35 am
it's gorgeous outdoors in denver. really across its state. looking from our look out mountain camera where you can see the sun is up. we have a little cloud cover. not much and plenty of sunshine. let's look at the temperatures and our temperature change in the last 24 hours. 8 degrees cooler in denver. 7 for akron and 7 for lineman and greeley and boulder compared to yesterday -- 11 cooler in gunnison. gunnison this morning at 37 degrees. 34 in leadville. 57 in denver and 55 in greeley. 61 in burlington. 40 in aspen . 57 in grand junction. for the most part, skies clear. we have fog near burlington and it has been down to three tenths of a mile. that fog is thick. if you're heading into kansas or into nebraska we have thicker fog this morning. looking at our satellite and radar, we're dry with clouds and clear skies as you head west. there's rain down into our south eastern corner. let's look at our future cast for today.
6:36 am
start. afternoon lunch time, scattered skies into our san juans. we have a chance for scattered showers even here in denver through the afternoon and evening. even though that's not showing up in the future cast. if you get a storm, the potential for heavy rainfall is there. be careful with that. and then overnight tonight, thee fog that develops on the eastern plains by tomorrow morning. here in denver, we may get that as well especially near the foothills and we have clear skies off to our west and tomorrow, you got it. we have thunderstorms and rain that are fairly scattered with pockets of heavier rainfall. bus stop should be nice. temperatures in the low 60s, upper 50s and a few clouds, nice morning and a little chill in the air and for your hour-by-hour forecast, temperatures into the 70s by noon and low 80s this afternoon with that chance of afternoon storms. again, watch out for heavier rainfall if you get a storm. low 80s tomorrow. let's check with joel, good morl , good morning. here's copter 4. live pictures of i-25
6:37 am
you can see the volume in both directions. we have an accident further to the west. 6th avenue and federal in the eastbound direction and it involves three cars. and you can kind of see them lined up here. looks like they're within the gore point. the solid line that takes you on the ramp to get onto federal. if you're trying to continue to i-25, have you to stay to the left. three cars involved in that accident. it's not causing many delays along 6th avenue just the way it's set up. the accidents don't cause as especially if it's in the gore point. we don't have emergency vehicles there. when they do, sometimes they get in there and block off a lane and that could be trouble. we have new trouble along i-70 between pena boulder and i-225. watch out for that. slow southbound along i-225, som the west right now, c-470 to i-25, speeds in the 60s. great speeds. slowing down into the 20s eastbd along i 285 as it turns into am den and you make your way to --
6:38 am
road to i-225, speeds in the 40s. teen i-225 and 40 between i-25 and i-225. crews installing new lights on denver's 16th street mall. they're putting up 187 new street lights between market and broadway. and they'll use led lights. installation expected to continue through the fall. new this morning, a reminder to get to approach the labor day holiday. the airport just set a new monthly record for passenger traffic last night. unbelievable here. more than 5.4 million people passed through dia. that is an increase of more than 9% compared to july of last year. boulder is thinking about spiking the beer pong tables. they're getting to be a common site in the university hill area. the school wants it gone and city leaders may help.
6:39 am
a night of partying. cu student katie isn't sure the table should be a priority. the tables are apart of a bigger issue. >> there's other things going on and problems we should be more worried about than couches and beer pong issues. >> we have trash issues and residents are concerned about all those because they care about their homes neighborhood. >> residents aren't quite the enthusiast. beer pong has been banned. there's no specific time table to talk about the beer pong issue. we'll follow the back and forth. >> in my day we just stud he'ded. hackers breach two -- this is a big story. denver bike officer nearly killed when he was run over has
6:40 am
when they say there's no place like home and the rockies are about to find that out. they have nine games at home in the next 10 days including a game last night against the la dodgers and boy, how about this for some home cooking. in the 4th, nick hundley with a 2 run shot. john on the mound. he pitched six solid hitting. g -- ryan will score. charlie blackman hustling on the bases and he beat the -- nolan arenado has been red hot. the rbi there, rockies sent ten guys to the plate and scored five runs. stephen with his first career major league hit. good night all around at coors field. rockies win 8-1. back in action later today. the big news from
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starting quarterback,
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welcome back. we're off to a beautiful start. let's look at pikes peak. they have descent snow up there yesterday. and a live look from our foothills camera where skies are clear this morning and there's
6:45 am
there's thick fog near burlington. jeff yager sent this picture of how thick the fog is. low visibility and he lives in the burlington area and he says low visibility so you need to be careful in the burlington area and into can -- >> we're watching in the eastbound direction of 6th avenue off to the right shoulder. it's not causing delays. be along -- what about drive times. southbound coming into town, good speed and dipping into the 30s a both directions along i-270 and along i-76. >> joel, thanks very much. a woman is dead and her son hurt after two family dogs attacked at a home in the shadow mountain area of confer. investigators say the animals were pit bull terriers. jefferson county does not ban those breeds. shawn chitnis is live where doctors are treating the son.
6:46 am
life-threatening injured. the mother died on scene there. the jefferson county sheriff's office told us the dogs believed to be pit bull terriers live at that home. the mom and son were the only two people inside. the dogs were a moved from the home alive and they'll remain in custody. the sheriff's office said this started with the son on theho male saying he needed help screaming in the background. when deputies arrived, there were pit bull terriers loose in the house. >> again, those two dogs are alive and in custody. we're told that once the investigation is over, then a decision will be made on what's going to happen to those dogs. live in englewood, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you.
6:47 am
what led to an overnight crash involving a cruiser. it happened on i-25 near the orchard exit. crews opened up the freeway before 3:00 this morning and the good news is no one is hurt. a son and father hurt in an accident. denver police officer john acid will get back on the job after 21 months and 18 surgeries. it hasn't been easy, folks. the announcement came late last night. >> officer acid. he was -- officer acid has four more surgeries ahead of him. breaking overnight, a suicide bomber attacked a chinese embassy in the city of kyrgyzstan and the bomber died. he set off an explosion. staff at the american embassy nearby
6:48 am
-- it's called a terrorist attack. ireland gave apple illegal tax benefits. that's the biggest single bill for tax avoidance in the history of the eu. this comes after a three year investigation. apple will debut the iphone 7 and ireland take issue with that ruling they plan to appeal. senator reed is urging the fbi to russia manipulating the u.s. presidential race. hackers breached website in arizona and illinois. reed says there is a direct connection between the russian government and donald trump's presidential campaign. but the president of the national association of secretaries of state says all machines have to meet specific government standards. the white
6:49 am
>> there has been a discussion about whether to designate a certain voting systems that maintain at the state and local level. as pieces of critical infrastructure. >> the fbi is warning states to check voter data bases. there's over 8,000 voting districts across the country. voter in arizona head to the polls today to select candidates who appear on the to watch out for involving long time senator mccain. >> the attorney general investigation is investigating the signatures for the minimum wage. kansas -- there's allegations, some signatures may have been forged. we learn the person who gathered them has a criminal record that includes
6:50 am
families for a fair wage says the background check did not uncover the convictions because it only went back 7 years. opponents have a higher minimum wage with the group keep colorado working are call ongoing the secretary of state to review all signatures. >> we want to prove there's not fraud and they should ask the secretary of state and say review all of our signatures because we don't believe they're fraud. >> we're confident we have vastly moref we'll welcome that. >> secretary of state williams says he does not have statutory authority to conduct a larger review. he put together a committee to -- people in colorado springs are trying to recover after getting pomibled with inches of hail and rain. a massive storm dropped hail that looked like a blanket of snow and much like a good snow. people had to use
6:51 am
equipment to clear away the mess. the storm also brought heavy rain which flooded streets and even homes. >> incredible. maybe you're starting to think about skiing then because it's august, and you can get tickets for the ski train starting today. tickets go on sale this morning at 8:00. the service runs from january through the end of march. the train will leave union station every saturday and every sunday. one way tickets start at $39. you can visit we have more there. >> pike's peak yesterday. let's turn to the broncos. he's calm and one reason -- coach kubiak announced he's the starting quarterback for the september 8th game against the panthers. >> let's go to romi bean who joins us. it's a tough fight. >>reporter: it's a tough fight s over. 4 months ago, maybe the only guy who thought trevener siemian would be the starting quarterback for the superbowl championship was
6:52 am
win the job? beyond his elite arm strength, there's two key items from the -- first look at saturday night second quarter against the rams. after throwing an interception, siemian came back on the next drive and went for for four. he handled the stakes and didn't let it effect his play. coach want to see from their quarterbacks how a quarterback rebounds from siemian showed he's got grace under pressure. >> i think he's earned the right to be our boy, that's what i told the team this morning. i look at the body of work through the course of the offseason and i watch training camp, you know, throughout the pre-season. how far he's come. i watch how much he's improved in my opinion. the grasp of what he has of what we're doing and to me he's earned the right to be our
6:53 am
not sacked in his three pre-season games. no sacks means siemian has a strong understanding the broncos offense. he throws with anticipation and he understands what opposing defenses are trying to do in the pass rush. and with three pre-season games done, the broncos starters won't play again until the regular season. after three games, the defense leads the nfl in sack and the first teamers didn't surrender a touchdown. it looks to me the defense that won superbowl other picked up whe >> we're wondering what happens with the more seasoned guy sanchez. do you think the broncos will drop them? >> there's a lot of options. one option the broncos could do is trade him. but if they trade them, they're responsible for giving philadelphia the 7th or 6th round draft pick which the broncos probably aren't going to want to do. they could keep him on the rosters. mostly like we'll see sanchez released and
6:54 am
some where else. gary kubiak is a very respected quarterback coach in the nfl and a lot of gm's are saying if gary kubiak can't fix sanchez's problems, we're not sure if our guys can either. so it's going to limit his options, but he'll get picked up some where. >> it doesn't go well for him. >> we fleed to practice, defense -- we need to practice, defense, defense. >> romi, thanks a lot. you can get more on cbs mornings and weekdays from 3:00 to 6:00. let's check on weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the fours. >> gorgeous view outside this morning. this is coming in from our evergreen park camera. you can see clouds, but overall fairly clear. let's look what's going on this morning. temperature wise, we're 8 degrees cooler in denver. it's cooler than yesterday. 5 degrees in lineman. 7 for akron. 10 degrees cooler in salida.
6:55 am
59 in boulder. 61 in burlington. 34 in leadvie . and 357 -- and 57 in grand junction. down to three tenths of a mile in some areas. you'll have foggy conditions out that way. satellite and radar, clear towards the western slope. and down into our south eastern corner there's a little rain this morning. other than that, we're dry. we have a monsoonal flow bringing up sop pockets of heavier rainfall and concerns about flash flooding in new mexico. mostly sunny skies to start with a few of those clouds. lunch time and after, we get rain in parts of the central mountains into the san crystals and off to san juan and eastern plains potentially. here in denver, although it's not showing up in the future cast, we have the potential to get a few thunderstorms and rain showers this afternoon and evening. they'll continue in the high country overnight tonight. they'll be fog that builds on the eastern plains and north of denver, we may get that
6:56 am
more rain tomorrow. looking at our hour-by-hour forecast, by lunch time, a few clouds and temperatures in the 70s. nice outside. a chance of rain and thunderstorms. for your 5-day forecast tomorrow, low 80s and a chance of scattered storms. joel. >> at 6th avenue, there's an accident and there's the tow truck blocking off the right side northbound. i-25 at 6th avenue. looking at the drive times southbound coming down speeds dipping down into the 50s from 120th to i-70. the average is 11 minutes. look at this, into the 20s along i-70 through commerce city and be -- we're across the denver-metro area, there's an accident at 6th. eastbound along 6th avenue at federal and westbound at chambers. that's slow this time of day anyway. if you see behind me, the accident not causing delays. here's the
6:57 am
speeds 40s from c-470 i-25 eastbound along i-70. >> thank you joel. >> thanks for watching. have yourself a great tuesday.
6:58 am
i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
6:59 am
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good morning, it is tuesday, august 30th, 2016, welcome to "cbs this morning." new details about the separation of hillary clinton's top aid from her husband, anthony weiner, after the fme congressman's new sexting scandal. donald trump tries to make it a campaign issue. and the fbi warns that hackers could target the election after reported cyber breaches in two states. top senate leader says the threat of russia manipulating results is real. also this morning, unlikely match creates an unbreakable bond. wisconsin judge receives a life-saving kidney transplant. but we begin this morning


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