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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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with overwhelm generosity -- overwhelming generosity. >> colorado community church, after one month, we needed $90,000, you have given over $95,000. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: last month on the fourth anniversary of the massacre, organizers announced they needed to reach $200,000 for the memorial. itville a garden with benches for ef the victims killed. the church responded with 600 people giving donations. like kathy mosley. >> there were so many people that were impacted remember not only the ones that were at that theater but other people that are related or had friends within that situation >> reporter: 12 people were killed, a 13th was an unborn child. heather deerman is a cousin of ashley moser, who was paralyzed, lost her 6-year-old daughter veronica, and a
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all this money? >> i immediately burst into tear >> reporter: she knew of the pastor's efforts. >> every week he would e-mail us the amount of money they had raised so far. [ crying ] >> and the money is still coming in. we might hit $100,000 by the end of this weekend. >> reporter: as we spoke, heather spotted a rose left at the site for a memorial that is now much closer to reali theater shooting was gordon coweden who used to worship at the colorado community church. right now we have new information regarding this doctor being sued by two of his former patients in colorado. they claim dr. gary weiss treated them for multiple sclerosis for years even though they didn't have the disease. he sold his practice in vail and moved to central florida. in a
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investigated dr. weis for allegedly failing to diagnose a brain lesion. the two settled and he agreed to never practice again in colorado. today he gave this statement. "the reason i did not renew my colorado medical license." we'll let you know what happens to the two women inl man who jumped over the teller counter and took money from this us bank branch this morning on south broadway. the bandit was wearing motorcycle hel melt. he did not appear to have a weapon. a group of strangers rush in to save a woman's life. >> this happened in new york. this is the news across america. dashcam video showing the
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10-car pile-up. on the left of the screen, you see a car on fire. people rush over to pull the woman out. she escaped with only cuts and bruises. nine other people were hurt. they're all expected to be okay. the european union order apple to pay a nearly $15 billion tax bill today. the eu says a 3-year investigation found that ireland gave apple illegal tax benefits. now ireland nee money. tech giant found it got a sweetheart deal that let them pay almost no taxes for 11 years. apple will appeal. scientists have discovered that three existing drugs could help counteract the effects of zika. they may be able to reverse some of zika's damage.
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-- infected baby in the womb. top health officials spent the day updating people in florida on the spread of zika in that state. >> reporter: governor scott continues his tour around florida. updating correspond residents about the zika virus. tuesday he stopped in orlando. >> there are no nontravel related cases in orange county or >> reporter: the governor is using his roundtable discussions to guy to coordinate local attack plans. he's pledged more than $26 million to fight the mosquito-borne virus. >> this is something we can win. >> reporter: officials are turning to social media to calm fears. dr. fouchy from the national institute of health was
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bug spray. >> dee up to 30 feet it is highly courage forward women to use insect repellant >> reporter: more than 40 of nontravel related zika have been found in florida. the sdrshth asking congress for more money. >> it's important that this includes the r authority, and the funds that allow us to spend efficiently sxefktively. >> there have been no report cases of zika in orlando. but florida's theme parks are not taking chances. free repellant is now available. new video shows cops busting a major marijuana grow in a north carolina mansion. investigators found 17 trash bags full of pot. there were
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rooms filled with equipment. >> the power was an exowner tan -- huge amount of electricity being used. there are 140 converters in the house for the lights and the pumps and so forth. >> there was about $100,000 worth of equipment in the home, one renter has been charged with drug possession and trafficking. a developing story, an nvm player has changed his mind the same day he said he would sit through the national anthem to support 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, the eagles linebacker told mike tavares he too wanted to call attention to race issues. today his agent put out a statement in which he
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distraction. a california sheriff's department is responding to colin kaepernick after he talked more about his decision to sit through the anthem. >> cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. you can become a cop in sick months and don't have to have the same amount of training as a cosmetologist. >> his remarks about training did not sit well with the sheriff. >> we a speaking without exactly knowing what was going on. so made an offer to him to come out and view our academy, talk to our students. >> the sheriff said his department is known for their vigorous training. deputies don't patrol the streets until they have had two years of training and work at the county jail. crews still holding out hope they'll find survivors after the devastating quake in italy. and what else they did
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in colorado springs yesterday. one out near the airport, castle rock, a shower or thunderstorm. in general, they're all
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lights to keep visitors safe. these are led, which are of course brighter than the existing lights. xcel energy's day of service is offering an opportunity to meet your denver neighbors and clean up the community. extreme community makeover works in eight denver neighborhoods, bringing residents and volunteers together to get outside projects done. >> a clean, safe, nice and environment surrounding you makes you feel better about yourself and life and circumstances. >> help clean up westwood by signing up for xcel energy's day
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in is the news from around the world. those who survive the
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volunteers say as more refugees show up, resources get even more scarce. people waiting in line three hours for a shower. more than one million migrants entered europe last year. video from brazil shows thousands of protestors marching true the streets. police used water sprayers on protestors. they held signs against the interim president. a priest in burst into tears when he pulled religious relics from the rubble of a church. state funerals are being held for the nearly 300 victims. larimer county leaders have extended fire restrictions. we showed you recently how dry it is there. this fire earlier this month came dangerously close to homes. no open fires new york campfire new york smoking, no
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some areas have seen moisture over the last several days, but not everyone. >> we're getting rain, exactly, heavy in some cases, but not search getting it. outside right now, a few scattered drops here and there, that's all we're seeing downtown. around denver a little storm coming through, maybe one t rock has some off to the west, to the east, we see them as well. cheyenne county had the flood walk earlier and this has been aloud to end. we do have the storms just beginning to die down. even the lightning, everything dying down, and that's the way we're gonna see it. the hour by hour forecast, there other storms, they all take off. and tomorrow, same situation. partly cloudy sky, a few scattered thunderstorms around the area, not everybody sees one, and thursday, very little change, maybe a little more moisture over the west.
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different story. another surge of moisture coming in, heavy rains over the southwest, and by 3:00 pm, right through the metro area, this is our best chance for storms right through the weekend. friday, and saturday and sunday we dry out once again. cold front to a stationary front being held back by high pressure. and some hurricanes to deal with, this is madeline, the hawaiian islands. just south of the hawaii abisland, but close enough. high surf, gusty wind, a lot of rain out of it. and behind it is another hurricane, stronger, lefer. this may go to the north of the islands and do pretty much the same thing. south eastern sections of the u.s., the same situation. tropical depression 8 off the coast of north carolina doesn't look like it's gonna do much. but that is tropical depression 9. it could develop into a hurricane or a tropical storm and go across the northern coast of florida, and they could get some very heavy
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one. 82, 83 the highs today. 55 and 56 the starts. the temperatures from our weather watchers, 68 in bailey, alamosa 73. temperatures right now 78 and 73. east wind at 7. 49% humidity. and from phil curry, the sunshine. and early from ledville. and this is susan scott, the -- suzanne scott, the view from mt. evans. temperatures tonight, 50s, low 60s over the eastern plains, 30s, 40s for the mountains. 40s, 50s, 60s out west. and tomorrow, kind of like today, mostly in the 70s and 80s over the eastern plains. at higher elevations, mostly in the 70s. in the west, 70s, 80 degrees. for tonight, maybe a few isolated storm,
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for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, isolated storms, low 80s. and thursday, friday, best chance for storms and 86. >> looks great all wait around! why thousands of chipotle workers are suing the company. >> and an old scam making a
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you you >> >> nearly 10,000 former and current workers are suing chipotle for unpaid wages. they claim chipotle made them punch out after their official shifts ended but keep working without pay. the practice is known as wage theft. chipotle hackers don't always have to break into your computer. sometimes you let them in. an old scam making a comeback. some users getting fooled by fake notices from microsoft it. pops up with a number to call for tech support. on the other line is a scammer who wants money to fix your computer. >> at that point they got your credit card, your xiergz date, your home address. >> experts warn never call a phone number on a popup, never
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computer. make sure to update your antivirus programs as well. ryan lochte's fake robbery scandal took the spotlight from other athletes at the olympics. >> now he'll be center stage on dancing with the stars. we'll also see vanilla ice and >> i'm dmeerg her, i think. [ laughter ]
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is >> reporter: cis
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flood deposited tons of hail in this neighborhood. 29 hours later, we have hail from 14 to 17 inches deep. the flood waters brought rain, torrential hail flowing into basems, breaking window, covering everything in its path destroying furniture and personal belongings. in some cases, the water filled basements in 3 minutes and entered the main level of home. here in east central colorado springs, the power of the water evident with this cinderblock fence blocked off. homeowner's yard filled with feet of hail that still has to melt. dodgers in town. rockies fans trying to stay dry! >> you can see a little shower just popping up, not gonna last very long. a nice rain in denver right now.
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whole lot different than what we saw over the past couple of days. temperatures in the 80s with a slans for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. >> the rox will probably come out and score 20 runs. [ laughter ] >> thanks for joining us.
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gibbs: previously on ncis... bishop: british prison break has left two convicted felons loose. mcgee: jacob scott. former mi6. caught selling u.s. nuclear intel to russia. ncis are the ones who put jacob scott in prison. i asked homeland senior division chief morrow to join us. formerly director of ncis. gibbs: mcgee. got a network security alert. what the hell is it? someone accessed our records using a duress password. what did he get away with?
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juniper strike. russian national, nika razin. she was his wife. boss, this is a hit list? where would he start, gibbs? tom. tom morrow. fornell: the man who ordered the whole damn thing. (baby fussing) marshall: i'll be back real soon, okay? daddy loves you, baby girl. shh. anne marshall: david? the van's here. listen... six months is gonna fly by. no, it's not. yeah, you're right. the pizza in iraq tastes like ketchup on cardboard. (quiet, wry laugh) i need you to take care of your mom and sister while i'm gone. hmm?
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i will. (sighs gently) i love you, buddy. (anxious breathing) protect them for me. (anxious breathing) dad: protect them... i had to do it.


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