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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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good morning to early risers. i'm britt moreno. this is the news at 5:00 on this wednesday, august 31st. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening on the cbs4 morning news. big breaking news, shawn. >>reporter: a stolen car in white ridge. after a huge car that lead to this house, we'll have a live report coming up. moving the car. isis says their leader is killed. we had heavy flooding in denver. it left heavy covering at 77th and pecos. what's in store for today's forecast. okay. it's going to be a big issue. everybody is talking about what happened last night. let's look ahead. >> as a news person we love
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let's get to -- let's get to lauren who is tracking thunderstorms. >> there's a lot of hail around the denver area and we have thunderstorm in phillips. we'll talk more about the storms coming up, but first let's check with joel. >> we're going to have restrictions in place along evans in the eastbound direction from santa fe to plat river dr detour is going to come up and around. they restored the water and they have to fix the roadway where the water main broke. alan. let's go to the lake area this morning. a man is on the run right now after stealing an suv and a gun. and crashing into another car. sending it across a lawn. he bailed out with one shoe and ran. this happened at 20th and fenton.
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>>reporter: let's show you the stolen car. it's the black excursion. they're getting ready to take it away. a gun taken away from the wheat ridge area. it makes its way to the edge water and lakewood area. several shots are fired and it crashes into this car. it's a red saturn. there were three people inside this car. they're okay, but this car went into the yard and broke had to pull out this car here. so the three people in that car, they come out and try and grab the driver of the black excursion. let's look at the video so you can see the scene as we talk about this incident. the three people grab that driver and they're able to get his sweat shirt and his shoe off. he also dropped a backpack in the area, but that man still able to getaway. police were in the area and did chase him on foot.
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him. let's hear more about what it was like for the women live nothing this house. we talked to her earlier: as you walk outside and you see two cars, one in your yard, what goes in your head? >> i felt lucky it didn't go through the house, so it definitely was a big wake up call, but i felt very lucky and glad the guys who were in it were able to be fine and walk away, so -- >> can see there was a gun located at this scene next to the stolen car. just apart of the evidence they're collecting here. a description of the man that police are looking for, we're told as a black man with a light colored shirt, red basketball shorts and of course one missing shoe. police looking for him at this hour. live in edge water, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> you have to wonder how far he can get wearing one shoe. thank
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a woman is robbed at gun point with her kids in the car. police say the woman and her young son were outside of a goodwill store outside of lafayette, when they asked for a ride. they picked up the other -- they got in the car and picked up the woman's children from school. and that's when the man pulled out a gun and demanded money from an atm. let's check with lauren as we look ahead forecast. >> yesterday, a big thunderstorm that rolled through. kathy our weather watcher says she got 1 inch of rain from that storm that rolled through. pretty intense heavy rainfall. skies clear. we have thunderstorm activity to our north eastern corner, so heavier rainfall and hail. we have rain near fort
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low visibility. 55 in boulevard. 54 in denver. 56 in burlington to start the day. 46 in aspen and 64 in grand junction. for your hour-by-hour forecast, we have a pleasant morning with sunny to partly sunny sky and a chance of more afternoon storms. we'll time those out in a moment. joel, how is the drive. >> looking from our cbs4 mouse trap cam, wednesday's is busy. take a look at this. a great drive across times southbound coming into town, speeds into the 60s. we're seeing it across the board into the 50s both directions as you get through commerce center along i-270. it's a 6-minute drive from denver to priton. road work done along smith to the south of i-70. not causing delays and northbound along parker road, speeds into the lower 40s from arapahoe road to i-225. that's going to take
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>> thanks, joel. an isis member is dead. they say key leader muhammad was killed in syria, but hasn't said how. we report from turkey. >>reporter: a startling admissi. the news agency and the mosque put statements out saying the same thing: that pretty much the public face organization has, muhammad is dead. and that he died during surveying military operations near alepo and we're hearing from the pentagon. they're saying in the early hours of the morning, they did target senior isis lead near a town called abad. we have no independent verification this man is dead. it seems far fetched that isis would accept
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morale. this man master minded their often slick and grew some high definition media operation where they put out execution and brutality videos to try and lure recruits. this is seismic moments. the man so much more often seen representing the ideology than anybody else and it does appear unless isis conducting a plot to mislead the world that he's dead. trump said he'll two to new mexico before delivering a speech on immigration. the president of mexico invited trump and clinton. trump says she'll --
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interview notes on clinton. the state department revealed they have e-mails -- the e-mails related to the 2012 benghazi attacks and the fbi recommended no criminal charges against her regarding the e-mails. denver police officer john adsit is headed back to work after 2 years of recovery. >> he nearly died after he was run over trying to protect student adsit was hit and dragged many feet by a driver having a seizure. he has gotten the okay to start working for a few hours a day and hopes to return to the streets 1 day. >> until they say you got to move on john, i'm going to fight as hard as i can. >> adsit has a foundation to help police officers hurt in the line of duty. to find out how to help, you can go to our website at
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for business and homes along evans. ahead, why they're still going to have some issues on the roads. erma calls herself about a lab rat.
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cancer patients who have exhausted standard treatments are finding promising new therapies here in colorado. the sarah cannon institute ran 32 clinical trials. kathy walsh visited the facility in denver. >> how are you doing? >>reporter: everybody loves seeing erma stack. today it's
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draw blood. in july of 2015, erma showed up here scared. >> oh, yeah. that's not what you want to hear. >> the word was cancer. after months of chemo therapy and radiation, what started ads uterine cancer was back and spread. >> it went to the hip and went to the lungs and the stomach. >> erema was sent to the -- it offers jerald enrolled erma in a clinical trial. >> we find a way to stem late our own immune system -- to stimulate our own immune system. >> her only side effect was fatigue. >> in the first 8 weeks her tumors were getting smaller. >> in a year, the tumors were gone. >> you know i'm going to cry. thank you.
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clinical trial and they offer hope for many people. for rerm, a miracle. >> we're rooted for you. it was named for sarah cannon known as nashville mini pearl who battled breast cancer. let's get to weather picture. hi. >> good morning, we're off to a mellow start after a bumping night last night. fog with for fort collins through greeley and akron and ray and towards burlington as well. there's low visibility especially from akron to fort morgan. it's less than 3 tenths of a mile. we have thicker fog to contend about. looking at satellite and radar, there's thunderstorms in our north eastern plains and that should take some time to kick out. the rest of us on the dry side. if you don't have the fog, it should be clear.
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subtropical moisture headed our direction. if you get a storm or thunderstorm later this afternoon, watch out for that heavy rainfall like we had last night and the hail. the hail isn't that big. we're getting a ton of it with these storms. taking a look at future cast, a few clouds and fairly sunny. the storms could continue on the eastern plains through the morning hours and we'll see more activity down south throughout the afternoon and here in denver, we may get a couple of isolated storms tonight and a couple of pockets could heavy rainfall and small hail. we that go down into our san juans. rain on the eastern plains tomorrow morning and we have a chance of more storms tomorrow. most looks to stay to our west and south and 54 degrees in denver. 56 in burlington. and high country, 34 in leadville. 46 in aspen. 64 in grand junction. later today, temperatures are fairly mild. very similar to the past
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80 in boulder. 77 for ray and burlington and 83 in steamboat and 91 in grand junction. mellow morning with sunshine and clouds. 61 degrees and a lot of 60s. for your forecast tomorrow, 86 degrees. we warmup with isolated storms. joel, how is the drive? >> it looks as good as that 5-day forecast. take a look at the cbs4 tech cam. you have both directions through the br of headlights, but nothing to slow you down. thornton to denver, is a 9-minute drive. 5 minutes from i-225 commerce center. i-76 is going to take 7 minutes. we're across the denver-metro area, we have road work along smith south of i-70 which will cause delays. look at the green across the map. i'll take you in here because we
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fe as you get to evans towards santa fe. water has been restored to homes and business in that area. a water main break shut down evans in southwest denver, so as far as the road damage is concerned and there's some there. denver water tells us the repairs are going to keep westbound evans shut down between santa fe and plat river drive-thru the evening commute tonight. there's a way around that, but it's kind of -- if you can take florida to the north or south to dartman is a better idea. xcel energy day is coming up. it's a great opportunity to meet people. they need volunteers. it's a clean up project with a group called extreme make up. you'll clean up and doing it with those who enjoy it. they work in 8 denver neighborhoods and brings neighbors and volunteers together to get outside projects
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ocal control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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a lifelong republican and the ceo of a major company is openly campaigning for presidential candidate clinton here in colorado. our political specialist shaun boyd talked to leaders and why she's backing a democratic.
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growing number of -- she's not just voting for hillary clinton. she says she's all in. the pack hard ceo may be the most prominent republican to hit the campaign trail for clinton starting here in denver. >> i have been a lifelong republican. >> meg whitman says it's not easy to cross party lines. >> have you taken a lot of flack. >> i've taken some flack of course. >> once the republican candidate for california, whitney agrees she doesn't agree with clinton on all policies, take free trade but says clinton is better than trump for the economy and jobs. >> we need to compete with those with the right leadership. and my belief is that hillary initiative on technology and invasion will help. >> a ceo with ties -- whitman had a breakfast with leaders in denver looking for recruits.
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up. >> what is a republican doing at a rally for a democratic candidate. >> a great question. i think hillary is going to provide the more certainty and put focus on the economy short time. i don't believe markets could afford to be disrupted. >> governor hickenlooper, a business leader whose --s has got republican crossover says that this election caused people to look deeper. >> i question is it always the party first. >> whitman says it's country first, but she's not abandoning her party. >> i'm a republican and i'll stay a republican. >> she's committed to contributing significant cash of her own to clinton's campaign, but says she will tact
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funds as well. the red cross six homes are unbelievable. people there muddle through deep piles of hail and flooding along begu street and we saw feet of hail on sidewalks yesterday, and as it melted, it seeped into homes >> what a mess. look at that. bailing that out, and lauren as we approach labor day weekend, folks are thinking is that coming. >> we could see more storms like that. this weekend we start to dry out more and into early next week. we should get a little reprieve from those storms. looking at our travel forecast. rain in the pacific in the west. hot in the desert southwest. towards the midwest, there's rain and mild conditions. hot as you head toward the southeast. florida bracing for the tropical depression.
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flooding is a concern. looking at heavier rainfall in new mexico and texas. wait time is less than 10 minutes at dia. joel, how is our drive? >> excellent drive. here's a look from our mouse cam trap. we had a delayed commute. i hope it doesn't hit at once as folks hit the snooze button before heading out the door. we have a new accident along high 8 to i-76. along i-70 inbound along pena boulevard, it should be a great drive. look at the drive times from the east. if you're headed in the eastbound direction to i-70 towards pena, speeds into the 60s. i-25 to i-225 is a 9-minute drive. britt and alan. >> thanks very much. 5:25. for the metro area, it was a dark and stormy night. we'll see the other problem that
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pecos. trump plans to visit new mexico to visit with its president. trump is going to deliver a speech on immigration. i'm hanna daniels in new york. i'll have the latest on campaign 2016 coming up. they say money talks. brooklyn found that out. the broncos released their punter. mark sanchez was not cut by the broncos which was a bit of a suse starter, sanchez is the highest paid qb on the roster. gary kubiak saying he'll be available to play thursday night, but only if something happens to paxton lynch. sanchez admitted he was disappointed to not win the starting job, but he's not going to shed tears. >> if things don't work out the way we want, you can't act like a cry baby and cause a problem. that's not the professional way to do it. i'll help trevor anyway i can.
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>> rogers and rockies got rained out. they'll play later today.
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hi, everybody. great to have you with us. let's give you a live picture. there's trouble there overnight. we had a man stealing a car, crashing a car. a car ending up on a lawn. all of those details coming up and the man still on the run this morning. we're at 5:29. last day of august. i'm alan gionet. >> and september is coming in
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it looked like a winter scene at 77th and pecos. heavy rains flooded the area. some of the cars which ended up in the water got drenched inside and out. >> we had to get a bottle of gatorade and a wendy's cup to take the water out and move the ice. >> marcos said the blocks of hail weighed about 50 pounds each. can you imagine having to move these. he did because that's how he had to get his sister's vehicle mess. >> looks like styrofoam, but that's not. >> it's heavier. >> let's find out if there's more coming. thanks for joining us this half hour. >> i'm britt moreno. we have more storms on the way later today. here's lauren. >> good morning. there's a potential for more storms later. we're fairly quiet and mild after those storms last night. up in our north eastern corner, however, we have a little more activity with heavier rainfall and a little lightning this morning. so we'll talk about our storm chances in just a moment. right now let's check


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