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tv   CBS This Morning  KCNC  August 31, 2016 7:00am-9:01am MDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump makes a surprise visit to mexico today. he'll meet with that on immigration. trump's running mate mike pence will join us irks the potential hurricane takes aim at florida while in the pacific. a pair of hurricanes could hit hawaii with a one-two punch. plus, we are on board the first commercial flight to cuba from the united states in more than 50 years. will the island nation be able to keep travelers safe? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> donald trump heads to mexico. >> trump heads south of the border today at the invitation of mexico's president. >> this is donald trump going to the person who he has made a promise of to pay for a wall that is going to cost tens of billions of dollars. the tropical depression churned its way toward the florida gulf coast. >> i'm a little nervous. >> first hurricane in more than 20 years. >> to go past the big island. >> the intelligence community is trying to confirm that the number two man in isis, ab due muhammad al adnani is dead. >> hope solo has resigned from her club team after being suspended from the national soccer federation. >> singer chris brown is charged with a deadly weapon after a nearly 14-our standoff. >> he was threatening with a gun
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>> a ferry in hudson river collided with kayaks. >> everybody is fine now. >> a woman run over a police who was tasing her. >> all that. >> on a flight from l.a.x. a woman is doing yoga in her seat and started doing a headstand. >> he caught it! that was unbelievable! >> hackie sack does pay off! >> and all that matters. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton in an eight-point lead over trump in pennsylvania and, boy, did she w >> on "cbs this morning." >> the russian telescope picked up a signal from a star 94 years from light of earth and some think it was sent by aliens. >> here is the signal that was received. ? just take a look at yourself
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. ? welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are off. josh elliott of cbsn and demarco morgan join us here again. donald trump lands in mexico in a few hours for his first meeting with the foreign leader during the his meeting with nieto is today. >> it talks about mexico and illegal immigration. major garrett is in phoenix where trump will speak tonight after traveling to and then from mexico. major, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump's hastily arranged trip to mexico created a media frenzy, just as he hoped. but trump won't take any reporters with him and there is precious little time for
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talks with the mexican president. that might be just as well. president pena nieto has criticized trump's talk of a border wall and nasty deposteri deposteriortation and ntfta donald trump mitt the safe grating talking point. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> reporter: but dodgehe deportation of undocument immigrants living in the u.s. >> big speech on immigration, talking about that in arizona tomorrow night. >> reporter: he failed to talk about a last-minute trip to mexico and meeting with their president nieto. he has compared him to benito
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he vilified the pact last night. >> we are going to renegotiate the horrible naft'er trade deal. >> reporter: he says this calls for performance. >> who? who? who is going to pay for the wall? >> reporter: and dismisses it without hesitation. >> there is no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. >> reporter: on twitter, presidenie this way. i believe in dialogue to promote mexico's interests and to protect mexicans. for over a year, trump rode criticism of mexico to the republican nomination. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. coming across the board is tough hombres it forces many bad people into our country. mexico is killing us. >> reporter: former mexican first lady called that kind of language hate speech, writing to
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not welcome. pena nieto invited hillary clinton to mexico but the democratic nominee with trump going first must weigh the risks of appearing to be a copycat. clinton released a statement saying in part, what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of millions. >> dansenor was a senior campaign manager for the romney/ryan campaign in 2012. will it work? >> it depends on what he is trying to achieve. i think a very basic level what this has the potential to achieve is just to show that he can deal with foreign leaders, not completely make a mess of himself, an embarrassment when he does so, and looks sort of
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these trips, i was involved in 2012 when we went with governor romney to israeli and the uk and poland and these were complex trips, months of planning, security considerations, logistical press events traveled with the huge press corps and foreign press when you're over there, public rallies and, obviously, a lot of mistakes made and it's tough to pull off. this one is pretty simple. they planned it this weekend. is going there and doing a meeting but not clear he is doing any press there and coming back. not a lot can go >> you worked with mitt romney. he had said during the primary campaign to win the nomination that these 11 million undocumented immigrants should self-deport. in the end he got 27% of the hispanic vote and part of the reason he lost the election. >> right. >> donald trump is not saying they should self-deport. he say he is rounding them up. >> he is going to have a special dedicated deportation and used the word remove, not that they should leave but actually going to physically remove them and force them to relocation. it's absurd.
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vote, i would be shocked. >> polls suggest he is 22% right now. your answer there as regarded this weekend echoed what steve bannon, the "the washington post" is reporting said about this visit. it will showcase donald trump's a statesman who can deal directly with mexico, rather brazenly, optical, if nothing else. so what is the risk for donald trump? >> west look. the standard right now -- i don't think is there a real high risk. the standard now for trump is so low like these speeches, every time he reads from a teleprompter, everyone says, it's like sis e dts row. if the mexico president comes out and says something critical what came out of the meeting and trump pops back. >> dan, the problem is not a plan. paul ryan has a plan. barack obama has a plan. there is plenty of plans out there. the problem is congress won't pass any of those plans.
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plan through congress? that is what ultimately matters. >> look. i think he doesn't have an answer. by the way, he also should be pressed on did you talk to the mexican president how they are going to spend their money, their tax dollars on building this wall? if you do the math, building the wall, the mexican government, if they pay for it, it's 5% of mexico's gdp and the single largest thing the mexicans are paying for it. rate running in the tank and this is a post-spin out of this meeting. >> dan, good to see you. in our next president, we will have vice presidential mike pence about donald trump's trip to mexico and the upcoming campaign and he'll join us ahead here on "cbs this morning." sources tell cbs news the fbi will soon release notes from his investigation from clinton's e-mail server.
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documents that may be related to the benghazi libya attack that killed four americans. nancy cordes is in cincinnati where clinton will speak to the american legion convention in a few hours. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. clinton returns to the campaign trail today after spending most of the past two weeks raising money. her campaign says it was always the plan to use the end of the summer to refill the coffers but it did come at a price. clinton's 22 fund-raisern wealthy enclaves of marriage's
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a lot of different opportunities for me to talk to the press. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: trump has held at least 14 news conference this year. >> this sleazy guy right over here. >> reporter: his combative approach is a far cry from clinton's. secretary clinton on foreign policy. she is generally too busy ignoring reporters. >> madam secretary. >> any report on your husband leaving -- >> reporter: cli earlier this month. >> i may have short-circuited. >> reporter: but two on her two least favorable subjects. >> i have acknowledged repeatedly that using two e-mail accounts was a mistake. >> mexico will be paying for the wall. >> reporter: as the election nears, trump has grown less accessible too. nearly all of his recent tv interviews have been with fox news. and democrats note he still has not released his tax returns or
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glowing letter released by his doctor. >> the healthiest individual ap on giving by wealthy donors. a new "usa today" analysis shows that wealthy americans gave more than nearly three times as much money to who is struggling as trump's ratings remain low. a powerful weather system is barreling toward florida's gulf coast. tropical depression nine is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm later today and could become a hurricane before
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severe weather warnings cover most of the state. at the same time, a second depression threatens parts of north carolina. omar villafranca is in clearwater, florida, where the downpours have already begun. >> reporter: the clouds are only expected to drop 1 to 2 inches of rain but the storm 400 miles out in the gulf that everybody is keeping a close eye on. from pounding rain and flooded to the dangerous surf in the carolinas. parts of the east coast are already feeling the impacts from two powerful tropical weather systems. and bracing for more as a troubling forecast looms. >> we are going to have storm surge and we are going to have rain and we are going to have flooding and wever the potential of tornadoes and we are going to have rip currents.
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coast, another is churning in the gulf. that system has the potential to dump 15 inches of rain in parts of florida before making its way across the peninsula and delivering a second round of severe weather to the carolinas later this week. the system is expected to make landfall tomorrow and coastal flooding is expected in florida's big ben before that system moves across to georgia and the carolinas. >> wow. looks wet there. omar, thank you. two powerful hurricanes in the pacific are threatening hawaii. madeline is a category 2 hurricane with maximum wind of 90 miles an hour. it is expected to pass south of hawaii's big island tomorrow. right behind it, lester is a category four storm and will pass by this weekend. the international space station shows the scale of the storm from more than 200 miles above earth. isis says one of its top leaders is dead. the terror group says strategist and chief spokesman abub
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pe and he has a 5 million bounty on his head and still not confirmed whether he has been killed. the u.s.-led coalition targeted u strike in aleppo, an area where isis has been moving and extremists said adnani was killed while inspecting operations. born in syria, adnani was a mysterious figure, rarely captured on camera, his face blurred in the only video we have of him. as chief spokesman for isis, adnani incited his followers in
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wherever they could in so-called lone wolf attacks. smash his head with a rock or slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car, he said in a speech in 2014. adnani was also an architect of sternal operations for isis, according to the pentagon. reportedly recruiting fighters and instigating deadly attacks. including those in paris. and brussels. the pentagon said earlier this have been killed by u.s. coalition air strikes. but adnani was no ordinary him critically but that was never confirmed. >> holly williams in istanbul, thank you. singer chris brown is out of
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kevin frazier from our partners "entertainment tonight "is in los angeles. >> reporter: it was a bizarre scene at brown's home as he took to social media to plead his case before surrendering to police. meanwhile, we are learning more about the woman at the center of it all as she speaks out and so does one of brown's friends who was at his the hours long confrontation at chris brown's mansion started when police respond to do a 3:00 a.m. call for help. >> he was threatening with a gun in my face. >> reporter: model bailey curran who is connected to a grand l larceny case. >> i do recall him taking it from his side so i don't know if he was already stand with it.
7:18 am
outside of his home, brown posted videos on social media claiming his science. >> when you walk up in here you're going to see nothing, you idiots. >> reporter: singer ray jay, a friend of brown os who was at the house, suggested the woman was lying and the police response was disproportionate. >> a hundred cops at your house of friends in the ctattoo artis. >> reporter: how many cops were there? >> i don't know. a football team. let's go to the football team and figure this out. this approach is way too much. >> reporter: if it hadn't been chris brown, would that have happened? >> absolutely not. ? >> reporter: brown recently finished six years of probation for attacking his then girlfriend rihanna. in 2013 he was accused of
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brown's former manager recently filed a lawsuit we will have much more on this on "entertainment tonight" hope solo puts soccer on home after cut from the women's national team.
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by ashley home store. this is home. maine's governor is under pressure to resign because of comments such as this.
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demanny, smoothie, shifty. they come up here, sell their heroin, and then go back home. incidental incidentally, after they impregnant a young black teen. >> now the report by paul lepage about the news he might step down. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by j. jcpenn jcpenney. ?
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good morning, everyone. it's 7:26. i'm britt moreno. a manhunt underway. a man wearg one shoe is on the run after stealing an suv and a gun smashing a car. man stole a black excursion in wheat ridge and ended up in edge water. he ran a stop sign and crash need this red saturn. three people were inside at the time and the people managed to wrestle the sweat shirt off the suspect. he left a shoe behind. police recovered a stolen gun. police are looking for a black man with red basketball shorts. at the time he was wearing a lighter t-shirt.
7:27 am
drive with joel. >> we start with a littleton -- downtown little town light rail station. brakes malfunctioning and a littleton fire. they're stopping the c and d lines and there's a bus bridge, but that's a mess for commuters. effecting the c and d line this morning. we're across the denver-metro area, a trouble spot along yosemite and santa fe. that looks like as the south of 285 near boles and loaded up. here are the drive times southbound coming into
7:28 am
welcome back, looking at our visibility. thick fog all the way from denver to greeley towards akron, burlington and la junta, down to one tenth of a smile to dia. visibility is poor in areas. satellite and radar, we have rain in our north
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more later,,
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there's a major arrest in west palm beach, florida, yesterday, the ramifications of which are now felt all around the world. >> vladimir putin is in the county jail. it's this man who also apparently shares the same name with the russian leader. he was arrested august 21st at the publix store at city place. >> maybe that is the putin trump has been talking about all this time. what are the odds of a guy with that name would live in florida? >> it is such an unusual name! >> yes, it is. >> i saw some of the tweets yesterday, vladimir putin arrested and then you click on it. made for a good headline. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? new calls for the governor
7:31 am
a profanity voice mail to a lawmaker is one st latest surrounding the governor. ahead, the governor's conflicting remarks about whether he'll resign. plus, cameras captured hope solo's devastation when she was suspended from the u.s. national team and now the shock has forced her to walk away from her club team. she spoke her mind after a loss to brazil. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports on last night's primary results. ara a tea party activist to win the republican nomination. and florida senator marco rubio easily defeated his challengers after his failed presidential bid. both candidates face tough fights in november and debber wasserman schultz won her primary after resigning as chair of the dnc last month. "the hill" reports they are running out of money to fight the zika virus. three new cases reported in
7:32 am
are traced to the neighborhoods of wynwood and miami beach. officials are investigating where two of the new cases originated. "the new york times" reports poison soil is forcing 1,100 people to move out of their homes in chicago. east chicago's mayor said their houses will be torn down. they are 30 times higher for lead. to go assist relocation. "usa today" reports on company asking who is next? after the european union's tax ruling against apple. apple has been ordered to pay ireland 14.5 billion in what the eu says is unused back taxes. the eu says it's investigating some tax practices because they put up other companies at an unfair disadvantage.
7:33 am
league's concussion settlement in the supreme court. players who didn't like the $1 billion deal had appealed. lower courts backed the settlement. this decision now means the payouts can begin within three mopts months to former players who have conditions linked to repeated hits to the head. the future of the maine's governor is in question. paul lepage is stepping back from a remark he might and plans to meet with a legislator he cursed out orve the phone. a thousand people gathered last night near maine's statehouse calling for lepage to step down. vinita nair shows us how other republicans are under pressure. >> reporter: governor lepage is no stranger to controversy. he made vulgar comments to a
7:34 am
decide what goes on next. in an interview with the local maine radio station on tuesday, governor paul lepage said he was looking at all options about the future of his second term. >> i'm not going to say that i'm not going to finish it. i'm not saying that i am going to finish it. >> reporter: just hours later, he tweeted regarding rumors of my resignation, to paraphrase mark twain, there are reports my political demise are greatly exaggerated. history of controversial comments from the governor. >> everybody in maine, we have constitutional carry. load up and get rid of the drug dealers. >> reporter: including remarks about violence, race and gender made earlier this year. >> these are guys by the name demanny, smoothie, shifty. they come up here, they sell their heroin and go back home.
7:35 am
>> reporter: at a town hall last week, he said that 90% of heroin dealers arrested in maine are, quote, black and hispanic people. >> i didn't make the rules. i'm just telling you what is happening. >> reporter: after the event, lepage left this phone message with a democratic state representative he believed called him a racist. >> reporter: on tuesday, mail was a mistake. >> i want to look him in the eye and apologize, if i have to. at the same token, i think he owes me a little bit of an apology. >> reporter: they said the language that governor lepage used at last week's town hall was, quote, racially charged. lepage apologized to the people of maine and now asking for their forgiveness. newly released video shows hope solo's first reaction to being kicked off the u.s.
7:36 am
her anger in devastation to her husband former nfl player jerraja jerramy stevens. mentally, i am not there, end quote, she had. dana jacobson has more. >> reporter: good morning. hope solo's reaction to a six-month suspension' her u.s. soccer contract termination was recorded for all to see. solo is series called "keeping the score," capturing the journey of some members of the american soccer team and that means some were still on hand and that video was released yesterday. >> reporter: documentary footage shows a distraught hope solo moments after learning u.s. soccer officials were benching her career. >> terminated contract. not just a suspension! >> it's bull.
7:37 am
>> 17 [ bleep ] years and it's over! >> sweden to go into the semifinals and they do it. >> reporter: soccer federation terminated her for calling the swedish soccer team a bunch of cowards after the americans were bounced out of the olympics. >> it's an issue that impacts this entire team. >> reporter: rich nichols is with the u.s. national team players association. >> essentially, u.s. soccer is telling the people that, you know, we can control what you to say, we can fire you. >> reporter: solo is no stranger to controversy. in 2015, she received a 30-day suspension for a drunk driving incident involving her husband. a year earlier, solo was rested for allegedly assaulting two family members. >> i'm embarrassed. i'm embarrassed for myself. for my family. and for my country. >> reporter: solo isn't the only american athlete to gain negative attention in rio but
7:38 am
punished. u.s. swimming have yet to announce their penalty to ryan lochte who earlier this month lied about being robbed at a brazilian gas station. matt pence of the seats times says. >> there's different backgrounds and different histories and two different governing bodies making the decision. >> reporter: we reached out to u.s. swimming. they said they have no time line for handing down any punishment for paralympics games are going on so they are still involved with athletes there. >> is this considered too harsh or the norm? >> i was saying to josh because we both worked in that sports realm. in the olympic sports, you have to remember six months would have been just two matches for her. when you look at this contract termination, the feeling really this goes back to the other events that she was involved in that weren't perhaps punished as fairly as some people in the sports world thought they should have been at the time.
7:39 am
lot of publicity for the reverse reason -- >> distraction. >> do you think she is being treated differently? there is a gender bias? >> i don't think a gender bias? she has a great role on that soccer team and she is lebron's status when it comes to team usa soccer as far as her influence on youth out there and that is their message. passengers in florida are making a historic trip to cuba this kris van cleave is one of them. >> reporter: this will be the first scheduled commercial flight to cuba, but before takeoff, intersome are security concerns. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> and if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. you won't want to miss the new research about dogs and how they understand what you say. we will be right back. enjoy the tunes. ? >> an airport found in addition
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we are over havana, a city close to the states, yet one which has an entirely different atmosphere. >> oh, c 1930. it was long before commercial kris van cleave is on the jetblue flight to make the historic journey. >> reporter: good morning. this is flight 38 7. it will be the first commercial flight to cuba since 1961. 150 passengers on board. you could get to cuba before today but it was private charter service and very expensive.
7:45 am
forbidden island seem a lot less forbidden. for first officer frank, being at the controls of today's history making flight to santa clara, cuba is to become full circle. his father frank senior was a teenager when he fled cuba on one of the last commercial flights to the u.s. 55 years ago. >> i think it's going to be an emotional moment for all of us. i never thought this day would come. in my lifetime. and it's amazing -- amazing first u.s. airline to resume regularly scheduled airline service under new rules, allowing americans greater access to cuba.
7:46 am
nt and making sure everything works. >> bottom line is this has been a very rushed process. >> reporter: after years of tense relations, travel security is a concern for republican mike mccall, the chair of the house homeland security committee. >> we don't know what their vetting process is for these empl it just takes one person to put a bomb on an air flight. >> reporter: they say they are confident at the eight airports so far. >> we, in fact, will make sure they meet all of those requirements we put in place at last points of departure. >> reporter: pure tourism to cuba is still prohibited, but the rules allowing americans to travel there have a lot more leeway than they used to. the process for passengers is
7:47 am
old-school in that no mobile appears, no kiosks. have you to go to the check-in counter and get your visa and the airlines are recommending be there three hours before your flight. one other interesting thing, each flight is going to have its own mechanic on board. >> that is good to know. thank you. former nfl quarterback tim tebow trades the gridiron for the diamond. ahead, his case to scouts about why he should play professional baseball.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
tebow last play baseball as a high school junior back in 2004. >> this is a passion and a thing i love to do. i think when you have that mindset, it lets you be free to just go out there and to compete and do something a lot of people think you can't do. >> he did leave the yard once. scouts gave him reportedly mixed reviews. tough to hit a curve. >> good for him. ahead, pulling back the curtain on social media posts that are product plugs. with diabetes. you're g oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive.
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good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm britt moreno. and we had a round of incredible weather yesterday. hail is still sticking around this morning. here's a look in adams county and copter 4 was over this aa at 72nd and pecos. it looks like a winter scene out there. here's what it looked like last night. big chunks of hail and the storm led to flooding and road closures and drivers got stuck in the water. the water splashed into people's cars. some could not believe this was happening. >> i thought it was a snow storm in august. it was coming down so thick. i couldn't even see, like, maybe 10 feet in front of me. it coming down like that.
7:57 am
and it was hitting me hard. >> that can leave a mark. the storm damaged nearby property. we're expected to get a better look at the damage later today. let's check on the roads with joel. >> luckily he had sun glasses on or else he could have gotten hurt. >> as you head in the eastbound direction on the elevator portion of highway, it's a slow go. we've got accidents across the denver-metro area. the ones on highway right now, 285 and santa fe. the rest all off highway. making a mess for things and britt take the drive times. as you're
7:58 am
taking a look at our visibility. tough at dia, down to a tenth of a mile and from la junta to -- be careful because this fog may not mix out for a while. it's going to stick out.
7:59 am
longer. rain in our north
8:00 am
? ? it is wednesday, august 31st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including new claims that dogs really understand us. our researchers say dogs can comprehend many of the words we say to them. but first eye opener at 8:00. donald trump's trip to mexico created a media frenzy but there's precious little time for productive talks with the mexican president. >> what this has the potential to achieve is he can deal with foreign leaders. clinton returns to the campaign trail after spending most of the past two weeks raising money, but it did come at a price. we're only expected to drop 1 to 2 inches of rain, but it's
8:01 am
everybody is keeping a close eye on. >> abu mohammed al adnani has been recorded by whom as the second most powerful figure within isis, the u.s. still has not confirmed whether he has been killed. it was a bizarre scene at brown's home as he took to social media to plead his case before surrendering to police. when you look at this contract termination, the feeling really is that this goes back to the other events that she was involved in. 49ers quartba stand during the national anthem, other nfl players are promising to follow suit. who will sit and who will stand? you decide with madden, national anthem. ? i'm norah o'donnell with josh elliott and demarco morgan. charlie and gayle are enjoining time off. donald trump visits mexico
8:02 am
mexico's president enrique pena nieto said he invited both presidential candidates. he has compared trump's language to hitler and mussolini, he also says mexico will not pay for trump's proposed border wall. at a rally in washington last night trump repeated that he would secure the border as president. trump has criticized mexico from his campaign's beginning and promised it will pay for >> when mexico sends its people they are not sending their best, they are bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> that wall will go up so fast your head will spin. >> mexico, in fact, will pay for the wall 100%. >> they are making so much money, mexico, they're taking our businesses. >> you're saying he can't do his job because of it. >> look, he's proud of his heritage. we're building a wall. he is a mexican.
8:03 am
many bad people into our country. >> we are also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in and destroying our country. >> john heilemann is managing editor of bloomberg politics, also nice glasses that he has cleaned on the show. >> they are pretty fly. >> i want to have a full visibility of this incredible table. >> we have full visibility after thish trump, earlier today his campaign manager said there will be no reversal of his current policy. so what's the point? >> well, it's not clear what his current policy is, so it would be -- it may be that there is no reversal of the current policy, but we don't know what his policy is right now. >> because he has originally said he would round up and deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants, then he suggested a jeb bush-like plan which is those who have been here for a while and pay back taxes might be allowed to say.
8:04 am
softening, i'm hardening. it's all unclear. the crucial issue is he's going to emphasize all the things that he has been clear about. he is not wavering on building the wall, he is going to talk about the wall, talk about enforcing existing law, a wide variety of things. the key issue that every looep has to face is the issue of what to do with 11 million or so undocumented immigrants in this country illegally. that question has bee defld every republican, including tough on immigration because there is huge issues on trying to deport 11 million people. trump is facing the fact that his base loves that idea but the general public does not like that idea at all and recognizes that it's impractical and i'm humane. i think he's going to fudge the iss issue. we don't know what he believes or what he is going to say. >> there is going to be added context tonight because he will have returned from a meeting in
8:05 am
>> yes. >> pure optics, then? >> well, again, this is a hugely high risk thing he's doing, right? as you guys pointed out mexico's president has not been particularly friendly to donald trump in the past. he did issue an invitation to both candidates, both nominees to come. trump decided i believe at the insistence or the urging of his new campaign ceo steve bannon to do this thing. is it going to be full of conflict, are they going to get in a fight or is it going to be a standard issue presi country visit where they say we have had a full and frank discussion. >> does trump have the gain? >> he has to gain what every nominee has to gain which is he looks like a president going to a foreign country and, again, if it goes well and is calm and peaceful, it shows that trump is in a position even though he has adopted tough rhetoric against mexico to be able to come out and say we have had our differences in the past but we can do business, i met the
8:06 am
get work done together and try to solve this problem, which is a problem for both countries. that's what trump will argue if it goes well. you could argue if it goes badly that there are some ways in which trump could capitalize politically on that with certain parts of his base but it is a combustible unpredictable thing to throw in until the middle of this day for him. >> is it an effort to get the hispanic vote? >> you know, i think the most seem to suggest that more of what he's trying to do on the immigration front is to put at ease white college educated suburban mainly women who have become uncomfortable with his rhetoric on all matters related to diversity. so by softening his stance, by becoming a little more mainstream he's trying to say to them i'm not as troubling or for some people as racist as you
8:07 am
a those core republican voters than actual hispanics. >> john, thank you. some veterans are supporting san francisco 49ers colin kaepernick. he refused to stand for the anthem before last week's pre-season game and vows to continue his protest of the "star-spangled banner" until he sees significant complaining in american race relations. >> many veterans are who criticized the gesture but some are showing support online with the hashtag veterans for kaepernick. others said they support his motivation because they do not support police brutality and some did not specifically comment on kaepernick's message but said they agree with his right to protest. new evidence your dog really does know what you are saying. ahead we look at the ground breaking research knowing that
8:08 am
like we
8:09 am
look where i am. i'm outside the cbs broadcast center inside the ford gt race car that has come all the way from europe. it's about the smallest steering wheel i have ever seen. we are going to talk to ford's executive chairman, bill ford, about ford's new car and the technological change ahead. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." where you keep things safe. who wants that? i'm moving forward. new oikos greek nonfat yogurt helps keep me going. now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. oikos, be unstoppably you. with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery.
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8:13 am
? ? well, people will tell you it's not what you say to a dog u that counts it's just how you it. t but now researchers say that dogs respond to much more than just your tone of voice, m they say that brain scans now understand most of what you're saying. michelle miller is in washton square park, a popular spot for dogs and owners in new york with more. michelle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, science claims to have proven what dog owners have long taken for granted, that man's best friend not only listens, but actually understands what's being said, which could mean that dogs are not only smarter
8:14 am
their relationship with their e humans could be far more complex. >> good ask any dog owner and they willk tell you their dog usually does what it's told, especially if i you say it nicely. but a team of hungarian researchers have taken what's a always been assumed one step s further saying they've proved p that dogs actually understand a >> the regulars like sit, stay, come here, when we're walking i always say wait. >> reporter: the experiment t coun counted on the cooperation of 13 dogs, a group comprised mainly of border choles and golder may retrievers, they were trained to lie still for seven minutes during a functional mri scan, cs wearing headphones the dogs verd listened as trainers combined phrases with different inn
8:15 am
that like humans dogs processed words with the left side of ds their brains and used the right side to process pitch. br alexandra horowitz is the author of "being a dog." process pitch. alexandra horowitz is the author of "being a dog. >> what does this city teach us that we don't already know? >> this study shows a division in the dog's brain between meaning and sound, so they are hearing the pitch of what we say, but they areo at some level to the meaning, especially to familiar words. >> reporter: the results also showed that dogs only recognized praise if both words and tone were positive. unfamiliar words spoken in a neutral tone didn't have the same effect. meaning the dogs weren't easily tricked. >> what this study indicates is that they noticed that your collision
8:16 am
of your behavior doesn't jibe with having a happy rewarding voice. >> reporter: for dog owners like lee cannon is the reward is knowing his four-legged friend is somebody he talk to about anything at all. >> i wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't talk to me every day. i wouldn't be surprised at all. it just seems natural. >> reporter: now critics of this research say that, you know, a lot more tests need to be conducted before any conclusions are but just to be on the safe side, a word to the wise, i should say the next time you talk in that cute little voice to say, like, henry, or one of your furry little friend, you better mean it. right, norah? >> right. michelle, really good point. >> good boy! >> but can they write the great american novel? >> josh!
8:17 am
understood, i think, is one of the main points. >> most important. >> yes. thank you, michelle. ahead, a nonprofit push to make sure you know whether celebrities are getting paid for some of what you're seeing. you're watching "cbs this morning." the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. ? ? ? you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner. you know, no matter what. ? dogs - sure can be messy. you always have people in your corner. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks.
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8:21 am
the federal trade commission to crack down on defective social media ads. they say many social media stars fail to disclose when they are being paid to push products and services. and urge more than 100 instagram post by the kardashian and jenner sisters they ignore the law because they are not clearly labeled as ads. anna werner shows us what the ftc is doing about it. >> reporter: the ftc says to educate social media stars on the right way to post an ad, which could be a lucrative business. one pr agency told "cbs this morning" a youtube account with more than 7 million followers commands 300,000 dollars on average for a video. 1 million to 3 million instagram followers is worth about $50,000 per post. ? >> reporter: pop star selena gomez has the most popular
8:22 am
this photo of her sipping from a coca-cola bottle has more than 5 million likes. olympian usain bolt has plugged gatorade and lady gaga gushed about her dior jeans. they label these posts were not labeled as ads and that may be a problem. >> there is restrictions on commercial speech. so if they are getting things for free or they are being paid to post what they are photographing, then there are rules and enforcement policy statement in december which said consumers must be told in a clear and conspec conbus. this makes jack in the box sponsorship obvious but truth in advertising says often not the case. earlier this month they accused
8:23 am
relationships with companies they are promoting. >> these are businesswomen who are experts at marketing and that is one of the reasons that we kylie jenner said this mansion in some of her posts was a birthday >> you never want to hide anything. i don't think the viewer is going to mind. they mind a lot on more if you try to hide something from them. >> reporter: we asked social media sites how they handled paid ads. youtube tells users they are responsible for following any applicable laws. snapchat requires a disclaimer identifying the advertisen and instagram encourages followers
8:24 am
transparency and youtube has added a new tool to identify branded content. earlier this month, oprah winfrey revealed her book club here on "cbs this morning." oprah sat down with us to reveal her thoughts on the book "the underround railroad." >> when i read the book i had about who i am as a daughter of slaves and a renewed sense of strength about what it means to come from a people who had that kind of strength to survive the underground railroad. >> visit for more from oprah on her book club and club selection "the underground railroad."
8:25 am
mexico's president today and we will ask his good morning, 8:25. i'm alan gionet. the two dogs that attacked and killed a woman have been put down. the woman's son has a wound to his arm. the monday night. the dogs bit richard shaw as he pulled them off his mother. neighbors are shocked by what happened. >> to go after their owner, i just couldn't hardly believe it. >> we learned authorities ticketed the dog owners 8 years ago after they broke out and frightened one neighbor. a decency that created a break through to build a
8:26 am
aurora theater shooting. without the colorado community church -- they put a challenge to its member and a month later they have done it. they've raised $95,000 to create a memorial to the shooting victims and the church says 60 people donated and it will have a bench for each murdered. a cousin of a woman who lost her pregnant see and her 6-year old [indiscernible] of the pastor's family. >> he e-mailed the money they raised. >> the money is still coming in. it looks like we might hit 100,000 by the end of this weekend. >> that memorial is going to be built at the corner the alameda and chambers road by the aurora municipal center. your forecast
8:27 am
8:28 am
taking a look at our future cast. we have storms popping up after lunch time into the afternoon and evening hours. there could be pockets of heavy rainfall along with hail. be cautious. overnight we could have rain down to the south and east. here in denver, we should be on the dry side and we we could have fog tomorrow morning and more storms possible to the south and west and into our central mountains today,le 82 in denver. 79 in boulevard. 82 in fort collins. fairly mild in the high country. 77 in eagle. 73 in fresco. 91 in grand junction. for your hour-by-hour forecast, morning hours sunny skies and a chance for the storms to pop up. isolated storms and warmer and
8:29 am
8:30 am
? welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, republican vice presidential nominee mike pence is helping to clarify donald trump's plan and he'll join us from florida to explain trump's sudden decision to travel to mexico before that speech. >> we have a ford race car on the street this morning outside of the cbs broadcast center. norah had a chance to sit in that bad boy. ford's executive chairman bill ford is here with us the le mans
8:31 am
future. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. google's challenge to uber. google will have a carpool service and offers it in san francisco and uses wase, the app connects people with drivers heading in the same direction. riders then reimburse drivers. google says it does not want the service to become an on-demand taxi business, will decline 50% and wild coffee could become extinct. hours before donald trump's campaign calls one of the toughest speeches on illegal immigration in modern political history. trump has said he will focus on
8:32 am
deportation. in a recent poll most americans say their priority is in handling illegal immigration. mike pence, the republican candidate for vice president with donald trump, is with us from florida. thank you for joining us, governor. >> good morning. good to be with you, norah. >> reporter: one issue that donald trump has not wavered on is to build the wall. how much do you estimate it will cost to build a wall? >> well, i think is yet to be seen, but you're absolutely right. he wasn't wavered for a minute. i expect he'll reinforce that commitment when he meets with president of mexico today. i just have to tell you, i'm so proud of donald trump's decision to head to mexico. i think the american people are seeing today the kind of decisive leader that he will be as president. he gets an invitation late last week to meet with our neighbor to the south and even in the midst of a day when he is in
8:33 am
last night, important, if not historic speech tonight on illegal immigration. he's headed down to mexico and emblematic of what the leads he will provide. >> reporter: its unclear what donald trump will would with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country and he suggested in a town hall last week they would pay back tax. those in this country have paid tax or do not have a criminal stay? >> well, i think -- i think what people here tonight is really, you know, the details of a plan and an objective that donald trump has been laying out since he put the issue of illegal immigration at the very center of the national debate, now more than a year ago in the republican primary. >> forgive me, governor. i didn't hear an answer to my question. let's be clear. the 11 million estimated
8:34 am
country, if they have been paying taxes and don't have a criminal record or if they paid back taxes, will they be allowed to stay? yes or no? >> i think, norah, people are going to hear -- well, i like the way you want me to answer questions, but let me answer them my way. what you'll hear tonight is donald trump will reinforce a commitment to strong borders, to building a wall, to internal enforcement, ending sanctuary cities and make it clear to your question that there will be no path to legalization, no citizenship. people will need to leave the country to be able to obtain legal status or obtain citizenship and that is going to be very consistent with what he said throughout the course of this campaign. the contrast obviously, with hillary clinton couldn't be more dramatic and hillary clinton is an advocate of amnesty -- and that contrast will be very clear. >> thank you. i want to be clear. i'm still confused and i try to follow this very closely so i
8:35 am
know the position and i know you're proud of the position so let's be lear. for the 11 undocumented immigrants -- 11 million estimated undocumented immigrants in this country, they will be deported? >> what you will hear tonight from donald trump is a very clear articulation of the very same principles he articulated in the course of the primary campaigns, that he is going to end the flood of illegal immigration. >> do you know the have you seen the speech? governor have you seen the speech he is giving tonight? >> it's going -- it's going to begin -- well, look. we have had lots of discussions about the speech tonight. i'll let the speech speak for itself tonight, norah. i know people are anxious to know what is in it, but tune in tonight, you know, it's going to be a very important address and the american people, as they are used to from donald trump, are going to hear someone who speaks very plainly, very forthrightly and in the context of that speech, donald trump is going to
8:36 am
immigration has had on this country, the impact that it's had on costing jobs for american citizens and people who are here illegal, the cause of suppressing wage the last 10 and 15 years. frankl frankly, the fact that illegal immigration has cost lives in this country will be high relief again tonight. look. donald trump, going today to mexico is beginning a relationship with the president of mexico and with that nation that i believe is to - credit. i think it shows the kind of broad shouldered leader he is and he is willing to sit down with whom he may have strong differences of opinion to look for things we can work on together and begin the process of discussions. but i think at the end of the day, tonight, the american people are going to hear that clear-eyed message that under donald trump, different from hillary clinton, we are going to end the flood of illegal immigration and we are going to uphold the constitution and the rule of law. we are going to make our nation
8:37 am
a result. >> governor, after the last election in which mitt romney lost to barack obama, the republican party did an internal examination about what went wrong. one of the issues that with what chairman pence wrote -- priebus, i mean? >> well, what i agree with is that donald trump was right more than a year ago to put the issue of illegal immigration back at the center of the national debate. it had really drifted off the attention of many view in the
8:38 am
both political parties. the american people are very troubled by it. they know will this lackluster economy the slowest economy recovery since the great depression that a flood of illegal immigration has cost jobs for american citizens, including latinos and hispanics here in this country. it's suppressed wages in this country. and it's brought violence to our streets in too many instances. i've actually met with families that have lost children because immigrants. donald trump has made it very clear that is going to be a priority in this administration and when we take office after january 20th, there will be a focus on removing from this country people who have engaged in criminal conduct beyond their status as illegal immigrants and you'll hear tonight, i think, a large-scaled plan that is all
8:39 am
donald trump will faen sinally n end to illegal immigration in this country. ahead, we will talk to bill ford about his company's super car that is outside of our studio 57.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
it was 50 years ago, 1966 that a ford race car roared past a ferrari to take first place in the world's oldest and most prestigious races in france the le mans. ford entered a new version of its original gt super car of and won its class. 60 minutes followed the ford gt team from the design board all the way past the finish line and they found that road to victory was anything but smooth. >> you can't go into a 24-hour race with a strategy that you think is never going to change because it will change every minute, every hour, every day. >> daytona became a complete disaster. >> he may have lost a lower gear
8:44 am
the race. both were forced back to the garage within two hours. it could not shift gears. >> another problem for one of the ford gts. >> reporter: the mechanics quickly identified the problem. >> yep, we got it. >> reporter: but the replacement parts failed as soon as they were installed. ford had a fiasco on i its hand with our farmers reorganized every minute of it. >> you always hear don't let going on inside the head is frustration, disappointment, questioning, did i do all of the right things? >> reporter: a supplier had changed the specs on a part without telling ford. >> we changed valves. >> reporter: by the time it was fixed, darkness had fallen and so had ford's chances.
8:45 am
alfonsi's great piece. gt brought from europe to 57 street by ford executive chairman bill ford who is here for an interview you will only see on "cbs this morning." good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> we did see in a 24-hour race, tlrge p there are pitfalls to be sure. how concerned perhaps were you to be what happened and what might is not?>> our first year back at le mans. i think to think we could win in the first year didn't give us much of a chance. i'm very confident and you race to win. people say can you win this race? i said we are not here for practice, we are here to win. >> i like that. i asked you earlier, how long does it take to assemble a vehicle like this? >> the race car is almost ha hand-assembled and reput together again.
8:46 am
hand assembly there too. >> you are investing high performance race cars at the same time you're working on making drivers obsolete. what is the future for driverless cars? >> well, it's coming. you know, we are working very hard on autonomous driving but, you know, and you're right, a car like this, this is a driver's dream. >> yes. >> and so we are going to be a bit schizophrenic for a while. we will have autonomous vehicles are being driven by people. >> were you concerned about the dangers that come along with driverless cars? >> not concerned, but it's something we are going to have to always work on and work out. that is why you won't see an explosion of these vehicles. you will see them introduced in a very measured way so we do get real world experience. >> technology, where do you see it? what sort of time frame? >> the technology is developing
8:47 am
we said we would have one ready by 2021. i think the issue is the regulation and society's acceptance around it. >> it's so interesting because personal car sales reached record highs in 2015, yet less than a quarter of 16-year-olds have driver's license. like this new change is happening we are watching before our eyes and that trend has been declining. when do you see that as a problem for ford and other automakers where people stop buying cars like they have in the past? >> it's an opportunity, really not a problem. i think the way people access vehicles you've already ever seen that with uber and lift and the ride hailing companies. we will participate in all of that too. our business model will change and we are'ing thanti anticipat and looking forward to it. rural and urban transportation will change much slowly.
8:48 am
world and rest will change but more slowly. >> do you see it all, all rivers flowing together? >> ultimately, it has to, because the technology going into the vehicles willing into all vehicles, eventually. yes. but, you know, i love to drive. and, you know, i'm a car nut. and will always be. so will i access a ton of vehicles? sure i will, for some things but i'll also want to get in my car and drive for other things. >> the question is will you own >> i got serial number one coming and i can't wait! >> technology! >> you're a fit guy so clearly i could barely fit in this guy. >> you're the first person to p guarantee you that! and you did very well. >> can i ask you quickly? because the larger political debate, donald trump is heading to mexico. he is criticized for -- ed an absolute disgrace for ford to be building 1.6 billion dollar plant there. ford has said this is going to
8:49 am
jobs. why don't those jobs belong in the united states? >> well, they do. in fact, we have added many, many more jobs in the u.s. than in mexico and it's important. we have been in mexico over a hundred years, so this isn't some new thing. but for every job we have added in mexico, we have added a multiple of that in the u.s. and we are continuing to. so we are doing both. one of the things that henry ford actually started with was he believed that we should make vehicles all around the world and so we always have. av international company for well over a hundred years. but we have more u.s. jobs than we do mexicans. >> thank you for being here and congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> you can watch the rest of the ford racing story on september 6th on the next edition of "60
8:50 am
8:51 am
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good morning, everyone. 8:55. i'm alan gionet. a denver officer nearly killed n duty is back to work after 2 years. police officers john adsit was hit and dragged while working on his bike. the drive her a it happened as officer adsit and officers were dismissed protecting students who walked out of schools to protest police actions. he endured 18 surgeries and will likely need four more. it was an uphill battle. >> the day of that accident, they didn't expect me to live. >> he says his family is
8:56 am
the job and those fellow officers who beat the odds motivated him. >> we're worried about hours and are we going to see you and they're concerned after what happened. they want to know i'm in a safe spot. >> officer adsit is starting off in a new position and work a few hours a day, but hopes to return to the streets. broncos part ways with colquitt. he was the longest free undrafted agents. it was a mini deal. he was the highest paid punter in the league and making $4 million. your forecast is coming up
8:57 am
8:58 am
looking at our future cast, we have rain to continue on the eastern plains. through the morning, spotty and we have sat erred showers that could develop as early as 1:00 across southern colorado. denver, we may get isolated storms and if you get a storm, you have a chance of heavy rainfall and small hail. overnight tonight, there could be rain that continues south of denver out to the eastern plains. and we have a chance of more thunderstorms tomorrow. again, mainly off to the south and west moving into the central mountains and we could have snow in the higher elevations. 82n 80 in greeley. 70s 80s on the eastern plains. high country, mid-70s. for your hour-by-hour forecast, beautiful morning, mostly sunny to partly sunny skis and a chance of isolated -- sunny skies and a chance of isolated stormed. warmer tomorrow and isolated storms tomorrow. friday and saturday we could get some as well. tomorrow looks to be a
8:59 am
and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
9:00 am
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