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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. good morning. i am britt moreno. this is the news. august is already over. i am alan g&a. sean is life. >> and officer involved shooting kills a suspect and three officers injured. police had a feeling the suspect may try to get away. and live report coming up. on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable physical tall powerful beautiful
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>> he has been saying that for a little while now but there are new things donald trump is talking about. he sounds different on immigration. we will look at his trip to mexico before the big speech in phoenix. >> a driver smashes into a daycare in the metro area. a stunned owner reacts. a big beautiful forecast. >> whitney is tracking good morning. off to a nice start. mello across colorado. a few showers in the southwest. we will stay beautiful for the eastern plains today but we could have moisture. right now let's check in with joel. >> we watch the situation on evans in the westbound direction near santa fe. they have a water main break any portion of that street torn up. the hope to get that out of the way before the morning commute.
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overnight construction. developing story now. a man is dead after a struggle with police. three officers recovering from the whole thing and they were after the man for several more warrants when this happened yesterday near bates and bryant. shawn chitnis is there to follow-up.>> reporter: -- >> i think problem. >> we will check back in. >> shawn chitnis is covering the story of a man who was shot by police officers and arrested him on the ground after he ran out of the house in that area. donald trump delivers his immigration plan and it still includes a wall built on the us mexican border but there are things he is saying
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in mexico. >> reporter: mister president, i want to thank you. >> donald trump traveling from the us to mexico and back on wednesday after a week of back- and-forth and immigration. trump meeting with mexico's president and displaying restraint and disparately. >> i call you a friend, thank you. >> his warmth and mexico heated up in arizona hours later during his speech on >> trump slamming the obama administration claiming they failed to understand the scale of the issue of undocumented immigrants. >> it could be 3 million or 30 million. they have no idea. >> trumpet going after hillary clinton. >> she promises uncontrolled low skilled immigration. >> after clinton's plan trumpet presented his own. >> we will build a great wall
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and mexico will pay for the wall. >> trump laying out a multipoint plan including tough enforcement of existing laws and scrapping executive orders on immigration and zero- tolerance for undocumented immigrants arrested for crimes in the us. >> i will create a new special deportation task force. >> trump using the moment to take a swipe at clinton. >> mabel -- maybe they will be able to deport her. 04 and traffic. off to a nice start. temperatures are 59 in denver, 57 mimun, 62 lamarr. 50 avon, 53 aspen, 54 steamboat and 53 meeker. satellite and radar, little bit of rain to the southwestern corner. the rest of us on the clear side. there is fog and parts of the eastern plains and that could get more widespread throughout the morning.
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have a chance of rain in the foothills coming in later in this afternoon so by 2:00 we may have showers developing. may be a few more clouds in denver but for the most part the rain should avoid the denver area and what we may get is a few more late clouds of the day. let's check in with joel. since logo on 270 through commerce city. we've seen a lot of that move ago. they finally got the cones moved out of the way. this is the drive times from the north. great speeds into the 60s now and southbound coming into town. the slowing moved out of the way eastbound onto 70. speeds get back up to the 60s. the mousetrap camera, you can see plenty of volume heading southbound into town and nothing that will slow you down. an accident there as you get along colfax in the northbound
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camera, you can see plenty of volume heading southbound into town and nothing that will slow you down. an accident there as you get along colfax in the northbound direction of 2:25 25. consists -- some construction pushing you onto the left side. we continue to watch the situation westbound along and write at santa fe. that has been a mess the last few days. three police officers hurt and a man dead after struggling with officers reportedly over a gun. this went down yesterday at bates and bryant. shawn chitnis on scene this morning as we follow up on what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we hope to learn more about that man killed in that officer involved shooting. police have yet to release his identity but neighbors tell us it was around wednesday morning late in the morning that they were here and they saw police setting up a perimeter and surrounding the house that is here on the 2600 block of west bates avenue. officers were trying to serve a warrant to the man and other residents at the home led police into the house.
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him into the street. the suspect tried to grab a weapon from one of the officers and several shots fired. the suspect was hit and died. officers were injured in the process and two went to the hospital but all three should be okay.>> we had to do something to get him off the street. because he was a danger obviously. >> that was one of the neighbors. they also told us that police were trying to set up a perimeter when they were in when they were invited. they knew the suspect had try to get away from police in the past. aurora daycare shut down this morning after a car being chased by police crashed through the front doors. the car smashed into the front of the daycare and left behind a mess. havana and mississippi in aurora. children will go to a second facility today owned by the couple who runs this one. two kids any staff member were
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the car came through my office. >> look at all of the damage. it started as a hit and run in parker. police chased the car that went out of control and into the daycare. they arrested the driver who is looking at charges of driving under the influence of drugs. people in hawaii have boarded up businesses preparing for tropical storm metaline. it brought heavy rain but it is weakening powerful but it is not expected to make landfall on hawaiian islands. people on the gulf coast in florida are preparing for more damage from tropical storm hermine. it will make landfall tonight with hurricane force winds and a dangerous storm surge. check out this video. the storm has left damage behind. yesterday rains and flooding in key largo, florida. it damaged the inside of a home.
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and a deck was ripped away from a home's foundation. people there are preparing for more of the same today.>> the water has been really bad. we have a pump inside ready to go to flow out the water out here. >> water was so high it even had this alligator looking to find higher ground. coming up, accident at
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welcome back. a freak baseball injury has required a woman from highlands ranch to get an implant to help her breathe at night. she has tried other ways of
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nothing is working after that strange accident. cbs4 health specialist kathy walsh explains. >> i am watching the game and i never saw it coming. >> it was a todd helton powerball june 18, 2011. this was diane shea. 10 days after the speeding baseball smacked her in the face.>> she needed speech -- stitches and had broken loans. >> it left me with nerve damage in her problems in my face. itta later. >> diane feels a sharp pain in her right cheek at the top of her gum. >> that pain has created new issues for an old problem. >> i do not get good sleep and it's gotten worse. >> diane has severe obstructive sleep apnea. she said she can tolerate a cpap. a cousin -- custom mouthpiece is uncomfortable. >> it fits up here and rubs
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to sleep. it is called inspire, a tongue pacemaker. it is implanted in the chest and sends mild pulses to the tongue to move it out of the airway. >> it gives you a little bit of zoom. >> the surgery will be done at poudre valley hospital. >> it will be a life changer. >> diane is hoping for new energy and maybe letter hit a rockies game.>> thanks to a good night ee >> that was cbs4 health specialist kathy walsh. it takes a month before the activate and calibrate the device. diane will turn it on at night with a handheld remote and turn it off in the morning. time to turn on weather and traffic. here is lauren. >> off to a mild start and temperatures are little warmer than yesterday.
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warmer in burlington and six degrees warmer and let bill. that puts us at 59 in denver, 57 greeley and mimun. in the mountains, 50s to start the day. 50 avon, 54 steamboat. 71 in grand junction. satellite and radar has been very quiet. a little bit of rain in parts of the western slope. we don't expect to see much across the front range and eastern plains later today. there could be fog on the eastern plains. a few patches but it is not near the sensors. watch out for that in some areas. as we look at future cast by lunchtime, a little rain in the central mountains to the southwest into centigrade to christos. eastern plains, we avoid the rain today. today we get showers into the foothills into the central mounds. could see a few pockets of heavy rainfall and snow in some spots. overnight there could be rain near el paso county and tomorrow morning clouds on the western slope and parts of the northwestern corner. could have more fog tomorrow
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it gets more widespread and heavier pockets it certainly possible and that goes for the eastern plains as well. brief heavy rain may rolled through in denver. 86 in denver today. 85 boulder. 78 burlington. the mountains have 70s. 77 eagle and aspen. 89 grand junction. bustout forecast, a great morning for the kids. up the five day forecast, a few warm days ahead with the upper 80s and chance for storms tomorrow. isolated on saturday and much drier as we head towards sunday and labor day on monday. this is 270 from the cdot camera . we had quite a bit of slowing eastbound. those of the taillights. there's quite a bit of volume already on the roadway. nothing will slow you down to bad. from the north door and to denver, 10 minutes right now.
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that is a seven minute drive. mouse trap camera, a lot of company in the southbound direction but as we saw nothing will slow you down. we have an accident on colfax and then we have the ongoing roadwork as they had the water main break and they will try to get that cleared out by the morning commute but now we are entering into the community and it is still here. that has made a mess of the whole area with increase to drive times. this is northbound on santa fe as well. take a look at this, northbound on parker road, arapahoe 2 to 25, speeds in the upper 40s. parker road out to i-25. a new report focusing on the effects of marijuana use in colorado. three years since voters read -- legalize recreational pot and we see some of the data is in. it is not good.>> reporter: the rocky mountain haida, they want
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2013. >> here it is that you decide whether it's good or bad. >> tom gorman runs the group behind the study. the pull the data from highway safety surveys along with police investigations. he says in just three years marijuana -related traffic deaths increased to 48%. er visits went up 49% and calls to poison control up 100%. diversion of colorado pot to other states up 37%. try to present this case in colorado. >> brian present a is a marijuana activist. he believes the average colorado and is happy with legalization based on jobs and tax revenue. gorman says there is a dark side. colorado youth and college age and adults rank number one in the nation for pot use. he believes kids are mostly
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school resource officers are seeing on the front lines. >> these kids are going out loaded in the back of the classroom and not being educated. is this a work group we want. >> that is jennifer brice. we have reports from both groups >> that is jennifer brice. we have reports from both ,, switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media...
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so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david.
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"she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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welcome back. a day before the jobs report, the labor force is aging. 20% of americans over the age
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than they were doing in the year 2000. some people want that and a lot of people don't. a lot of good reasons to work longer so we will look at that side. joe, good morning. a lot of these folks are working to earn money and stay involved. >> absolutely. obviously after the work because they lost money. 60% of retirees said making money or earning benefits after the age of 65 was at least one reason they kept working. but here's another interesting fact. 36% said they work mainly because they enjoy their jobs or want to stay involved. this is according to a survey from transamerica. the latter group, they are onto something. a lot of people found that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. more than half of responded -- respondents said retirement was moderately satisfying or not at
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nice benefit there.>> there is another benefit to staying on the job.>> this is wild. this is when you love research. working longer may help you live a longer life. that's according to oregon state university. working past 65 could lead to a longer life and retiring early may be a risk factor for dying earlier. i know, stories about people retire and they become ill. here are the numbers. healthy adults who retired one your past age 65 had 11% lower risk of death from all causes even when taking into account demographic lifestyle and health issues. even those who describe themselves as unhealthy, were also likely to live longer if they kept working. for more on why you may want to keep working longer go to jail
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>> my wife said she wants me to work when i retire. she said so you are not around. >> [ laughter ]. >> joe, thank you. type of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. no major delays across the country but florida is the biggest weather maker. tropical storm hermine making its way that direction. flooding is going to be a huge issue for parts of north florida into georgia and the carolinas. we could see severe thunderstorms as well. it will be not so good situation down there. if you fly check with your airline. rain into the northeastern area and cooler temperatures and that cold front swings to the plains. we could see scattered storms. at the midwest, mild and a nice day. 73 chicago and 75 minneapolis. hot in the desert southwest. 101 phoenix. we have rain and the pacific
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it should be a great drive to the airport. not a lot of volume through the bridges. in the northbound direction we've had some slowing past the approach to hampton after gail. that is due to on growing construction. we have great speeds to go along with that. this is the drive from the east. northbound on 225 and parker to 25 will take you three minutes. a line runn now. people along the gulf coast of florida are preparing for more damage from a tropical storm. we will see what it has done so far. donald trump ended speculation that he was going soft on immigration. prompting no amnesty and to build a wall on the southern border. i am hannah daniels and will have the latest on campaign 2016 coming up.
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he got the call to come up to the majors and had his first major-league hit and yesterday in game one against the dodgers had a first major-league homerun. yesterday was his 29th birthday. then in game 2, how do you follow the first, the first major-league grand slam. in the first inning a four-run shot puts the rockies up 5-1 and what a day it was. in the seven, all an a two run homer of his own. they were going for the sweep but the bullpen get involved and you can tell by the long face, bases-loaded, two outs,, dino on the mound and that gives the dodgers a 10-8 lead. colorado falls 10-8 in the finale of that series with la.
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let's go way up and get a birds eye view of outer space. here is a live look now. this is a crew at the international space station getting set for the second spacewalk in about two weeks. here is a live look outside. eventually jeff williams and astor not kate rubins will


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