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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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that was a $195 million satellite. that was destroyed. >> reporter: spacex released a statement saying there was an anomaly on the pad. the blast was felt miles away, and billose of smoke poured into the sky. the falcon 9 has experienced problems before. one rocket exploded shortly after lift off in 2015 company is a critical partner for nasa. it carries supplies and equipment to the iss. >> nasa has a $26 billion contract with spacex for cargo to the space station. >> reporter: they are designed to transported humans into space, and those flights were scheduled for next year.
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will affect that. hillary clinton and donald trump focused on ohio today. trump picked up where he left off in arizona last night. >> we need to protect american job, security and safety. [ yelling ] >> trump delivered a long-awaited speech on his immigration plan after m with mexican president pe?a nieto. nearly half of trump's hispanic advisory council have quit or say they will after listening to that speech. there are several individuals immediately after donald trump's speech last night that were, to use their term, disgusted. it was the tone, it was the dehumanizing, it was the unrealistic idea of self-deportation. >> joe biden was in ohio today stepping in for court's
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he -- clinton. he called trump out of touch. an emotional mother describes the three excruciating hours she waited for her 5-year-old son after he was accidentally sent to another city. her young son was supposed to travel on a jetblue flight from the dominican republic to new york. he was travelling alone, so she paid to have him accompanied by a flight attendant. somewhere a mixup sent him to boston and 5-year-old boy to jfk. hours passed before jetblue realized the mistake and connected them by phone. >> i was placed on another airplane. when he came, he had a lot of stomach pain, pain in his knee. >> he arrived back at jfk later that day. jetblue offered the family $2,000 in future vouchers. hermine is headed toward
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>> that's the governor. what make this is storm so dangerous, and his warning. >> and a little storm by thornton already dying down. showers and thunderstorms to the west, lots of moisture to the southwest. ,,,, as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary
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made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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how tough is it for the circus to move away years of tradition? >> for ringling brothers. >> reporter: society changes a lot of aspects, including something fiercely traditional as a circus. times change. tastes change. and so does an enterprise as successful as
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>> at the heart of why we've been so successful is because we've always respected the times we're in. we just do. it's what we do. wreen we have to move on and change >> reporter: a major part of that change is retighter elephants from the show and sending them to the company conservation center in florida. though animal acts still pepper the show, "out of this world", the focus is shifting to a colorful presentation of human performers from around the world. >> we've languages being spoken! all the time! we have all these different types of people, and is all these different types of peculiar talents that have their own specific needs. >> reporter:s >> and somehow we manage to get them all and make magic every day. >> reporter: it is a well oiled machine. music, lights, costumes, dare devila, crobatics
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dare devil moment! i've remained fascinated by the pace and energy of it all. it's a form of theatrical magic. the impossible made seemingly simple by people who are dedicated to an art form, a theatrical style and have made it their life's work. >> we're what we are. >> reporter: in many ways, you simply can't help but be captured. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ringling brothers and barnam and bailey circus presents out of this world at denver coliseum. the big show runs september 30th through october 9th. a taste of colorado. you can check out the food and
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on >> too late to get in line? [ laughter ] >> and the weather should make for a beautiful labor day weekend for eating or anything else! >> reporter: there's a lot of exciting live music for you this labor day weekend.
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for just 70 dollars a month for one year. speed may not be available in your area. switch today. dallas's top cop is ready to retire. >> just a fews sniper attack left five officers dead. this is the news across america. there is chief drafd brown announcing today he'll retire october 22nd. he is a 33-year veteran of the force. during his six years as chief. he faced criticism for how he dealt with a surge in violent crime but earned widespread praise for his handling of the sniper shooting. authorities in florida have
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mosquitos. three mosquitos in miami beach tested positive for the virus. miami dade county has seen 47 cases of nontravel zika infections in the last month. hurricane hermine is soaking florida's gulf coast. the storm will make landfall overnight. residents being told to expect a more than a foot ofa declared a state of emergency in 50 counties. >> we have not a hurricane in years. so many people have moved to our state. and we always have visitors. this hurricane is life-threatening. >> 8,000 members of the national guard are on standby to help all those affected by that storm. >> so much water. >> lots of rain,ip to 20 inches
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tornadoes. that's something else! in our area, we have a few clouds around here. a little blue sky there as well. a pretty pleasant and dry day in the city and along the front range. doppler, thornton saw a shower and thunderstorm. not a lot of support for these storms. it is pretty dry out here on the eastern plains. er us. in has gotta move through the state tomorrow, and as it, does those storms could be heavy. watch how the storms wander around tonight over some of the mountain areas. 5:00 am, some early-morning heavy storms in the northwestern sections of the state. then here it is, 2:00, they start to line up along the front range, could be heavy in denver. and look how heavy they get on the eastern plains.
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thunderstorms once again, spilling into the eastern plains. a little less chance for those, though. and by sunday, 2:00 pm, a few scattered to the northwest, to the southeast, otherwise we are high and dry. and that pattern goes into monday. a holiday weekend, sunday and monday will be pretty good. friday could be a little tricky. all that moisture moving up into the area, over the southeast. that is hurricane hermine. winds now to 80 miles an hour. they have increased just a little moving north northeast at 14 miles an hour. and the well defined eye right there. a strengthening storm, and putting a lot of moisture onto the coast. in the gulf, they have had up to a foot of rain so far. you can see anywhere from an inch and a half to 4 inch was rain. all of this still continues to move across the northern sections of the florida panhandle. as you look at hawaii, this is hurricane lester. it was a category 4 last night at this time. now down to
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islands. we'll keep an eye on that. as we look at the almanac, 87 and 86 today after starts of 54 and 56, 84 and 54 normally for this time of year. and 80 and 82 right now, south breeze at 82. 37% humidity. i'm bringing this back just for jim, cloud to cloud lightning! this is over the twin sisters. lows tonight, home in the 50s, 60s over the eastern plains. 40s for the mountains. 50s and 60s out west. and the eastern plains, 70s for the mountains, 80s to near 90 out west. here is your denver forecast for tonight, maybe an isolated storm, partly cloudy skies, mid-50s by morning. increasing clouds, scattered thunderstorms, and low 80s for tomorrow. and for the next several day, temperatures in the 80s on saturday but will warm up, 88 degrees on monday. labor day. 86 and sunny.
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coloradans have a number of options for live music this weekend. brett saunders explains in our concert calendar. >> reporter: there's a lot of incredible live music fur outdoors for labor day weekend in denver. let's kick it off at civic center park with a taste of colorado. three performances for blues tve voodoo daddy and a lot more. and live music on the stage. then it's the riot fest, happening at national western complex. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: bands with cool names like death cab for cutie and more, the riot fest at national western complex friday through sunday.
6:48 pm is your car keeping your kiddo safe? >> what a new study found out
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[ music ] >> announcer: you've been here before. taking on that challenge. and now, you're pushing yourself in a different direction. reaching out for something bigger. knowing that someone you trust, will always there to help. you can do it again. because... you're ready. ready with purpose.
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you've been here before, and with csu-global, you're already on campus. reach out for what's next.
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the dow eeking out an 18-point gain. tomorrow's report could give the fed more of a reason to bump up the interest is rate. executives with sports authority will be getting bonuses despite the bankruptcy liquidation that left 14,000 employees out of work. denver post is reporting the defunct retailer will pay $1.5 million in bonuses to three senior executives. a federal bankruptc payout but a judge is ruled they can collect bonuses buzz they handled tough negotiating sessions. if you ever installed a car seat, you know it can be a tricky task. a new report finds the process getting easier in newer model. the insurance institute for highway safety studied the latch hardware
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safety rating. three models are in the top safety ratings. >> when the latch hardware is difficult, parents can make a lot of mistakes which can leave children less well protected in a crash. >> all the vehicles with a perfect score allow them to place the car seat in the middle position. starbucks spicing up its fall drink lp. a new seasonal beverage called the chili mocha. starbucks says it's reminiscent of mexican hot chocolate with a mix of sweet and spicy. it officially launches on thursday.
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there's a death investigation in adams county after an alleged attempted burglary at a marijuana growhouse. >> reporter: deputies are investigating a homicide in this neighborhood. sources sate shooting is connected to a home invasion of a marijuana growhouse. they say a person inside the house shot one of the suspects. a lawn nearby. deputies are looking for a person of int but will not release the name. crime tape was lifted around noon but police guards remain at this home. in grand junction, the homicide trial, lester jones, charged with murdering paige birgfeld is in week 6 here. and testimony today, we heard from the defense's star witness, a woman they brought in to review
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county sheriff's office has done. and that person testifying in court today that there were major missteps and mishandling of this entire case. and that lester jones was a prime suspect from the beginning and because they were looking so closely at him, they weren't looking at other suspects close enough. closing arguments are expected tomorrow afternoon. the sixth annual day of service coming up september 10th! now is the time to big xcel energy has set up nearly 70 projects, from landscaping to preparing food. they need 3,800 volunteers to fill every project. >> let's bring together some nonprofit, volunteers, family, employees, kids, businesses, our customers, and let's come together and figure out how we can improve colorado.
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from 8:00 to 11:00 am. >> just a huge success story. >> great day. >> feels good to help. >> thanks so much for joining
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hey. hi, how was the screening? oh, sheldon invoked rosa parks to make somebody who cut the line feel bad, but only the white people felt bad. ugh, i should've never bought him that coloring book that explains black history month. how'd it go with my mother? uh, you know, it started a little rocky, but i think we got to a good place.
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ff at the hotel, she even gave me a hug. did she think you were choking or... i'm sorry, that's great. thank you for spending time with her. no problem. um, so listen, i don't know if you have any plans next weekend, but i kind of promised your mom we'd have another wedding ceremony so she could attend this time. wait, we're gonna get married again? yeah, kind of, but now we can invite our friends and family. seems like a lot of trouble for a hug. ou know, your mom was genuinely hurt we didn't invite her to the first one. look, in our defense, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, and also, we don't like her. leonard, come on, she's your mom. if we can do something to make her happy, why wouldn't we? i just said why-- we don't like her. hey, look, then forget about her, let's do it for us. we could keep it small and informal. this time we can invite our families. is your brother out of prison? thanks to overcrowding, yeah. i'd love it if my dad could come.
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