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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities know what's best for our kids. a storm watch tops our news as we head into the labor day holiday weekend. we could have rains as early as this afternoon. good afternoon. >> good afternoon. we did have a few showers through denver this morning. we had stuff. on the west side of town
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conifer. a little in the high country as well. you'll have some across the state but we're not done yet. there is a possibility of storms later today. we have a chance for showers and we may get bigger thunderstorms this afternoon and evening and by 5:00, there would be a little rain in the foothills and some could pop through in the evening but by 5:00, 6:00, most should be wrapping up and then into the eastern plains. they have the chance to get storms that could potentially bring hail and heavier rainfall so flooding could be a concern because these storms could produce some heavy rainfall. for us again scattered showers and thunderstorms possible through about 5:00. if you are going to the rocky showdown or taste of colorado, there is rain early in the evening and then that clears out. we'll show you the state wide future cast. it is a holiday weekend.
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we'll talk about more about all the things happening in denver. we're going to have a busy labor day weekend with taste of colorado here at civic center park. we have the rocky mountain showdown tonight and the rocky's game. and the one caveat with these activities is that traffic will be tied up around the area. >> reporter: that is there is a lot going around denver including a taste of colorado which we are here at which started just about a half- hour ago, but other than this yearly event, there are a lot of other reasons your commute to and from the downtown area may take a little longer than usual. quite a few roads have been shut down around civic center park including koufax in both directions. broadway, sherman and 14th avenue, 15th and 16th street. those road closures will remain
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reason you may experience backups. the rocky mountain showdown starts at 6:00 and the rockies play as home. people trying to get through the area are frustrated with the traffic. >> it is ridiculous. it is making it ahead take to me. i have to get this one to school and looking at an hour driver sus 20 minutes. >> reporter: now there are some alternatives to get you through headache. that include the light rail, uber oralists or taking a bus. if you have to drive downtown, some garages allow you to reserve a spot and pay in advance before you head downtown. >> great piece of information there. we have a lot of resources that can help you figure out how to get downtown including what you'll find at taste of colorado and thelings and info page of cbs denver to the come. right now tropical storm
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florida into georgia and the carolinas. it came ashore last night. one man died when a tree blew over and fell on him. a seven foot high storm surge with heavy rain there and the water knocked out power to thousands of people. while florida begins the recovery, officials are warning their residents. >> we're expecting serious winds, serious rainfall, that can lead >> in florida, the storm could be devastating for efforts to fight the zika virus as it sidelines efforts to control mosquitoes. michelle miller explains. >> we have to get rid of standing water. that is the most important thing we can do now and once the storm hits. >> reporter: florida officials have been relentless removing
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to stop zika virus. after inspecting 2500 samples, nay identified it in three groups of mosquitoes trapped in miami beach, a first in the continental united states. >> if there are traps, we can identify where this is occurring. >> reporter: one of those was at the miami beach botanical garden which is temporarily closed while they plants. the flowers collect water where mose ketos can breed. hurricane hermine could drop rain in the state but its impact is a double edged sword. >> the good news about hurricanes, they can wash away mosquito population. the hurricane will interrupt any on going effort of mosquito control and as the flood waters reseed, we could see the
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facing in fighting zika is the cost. the director of the centers for disease control and prevention said funds have almost run out. they will consider a bill when it returns from vacation next week. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. new developments on the man whose lenient sentence sparked outrage. now that man is out of jail early. a judge sentenced turner to six months in jail but released after three months. this is typical for california inmates with good behavior. his sentence prompts law enforcements to have a tougher sex assault law. his jailers gave him all the hate mail he received. he is going home to live with his parents in ohio. jet blue put her five-year- old son on the wrong flight and she was flying from the dominican republic to new york
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fee to have a flight attendant accompany him to new york but when she arrived to pick him up at jfk, he wasn't there. three hours later she was given a different boy after another three hours, her boy was found in boston. that means two children ended up on the wrong flights. she was finally reunited with her son. >> and cried because i him in my hands. thank god. she said she will never let her son fly alone again. yet blue refunded the flights and gave them a 2100, something she doubts she will ever use. a stabbing. police arrested a suspect in the store and then they found the victim. investigators say the suspect never actually left. they used surveillance camera ras to make their arrest.
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county. it happened yesterday. a man was found in the front lawn of a home. the case is now being investigated as a homicide. sources tell cbs4 that a stolen car was found near the crime scene. detectives are working to see if that car is in fact connected to the one that the suspects may have had. this was near a pot grow house that was also in the area. the abandoned car had evidence on it that possibly in another person was hurt. breaking news now in campaign 2016. the fbi just released 58 pages of documents with interviews with hillary clinton and her private e-mail servers and the technical details of the actual set up. the fbi said while they were careless, there was no evidence they mishandled that classified information as classified.
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starting a roundtable meeting with black leaders in philadelphia. this comes as he is now reaching out to minorities. a pastor in detroit confirms trump was given questions ahead of tomorrow's interview at a church. his tough tone on immigration has angered some hispanic supporters and that includes a warning that anyone who enters the united states illegally could be deported. >> we heard a con artist. i'm done with it. >> not double down on his proposals i think they are even worse. >> reporter: several members of the hispanic council quit because of comments that trump made. democrat hillary clinton once again isn't campaigning today, but her running mate tim kaine and joe biden are on her behalf. the clinton campaign strategy, is to keep the focus on donald trump. he has been talking nonstop since the beginning of this campaign.
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for it but when he sat town and looked president enrique pena nieto in the eye, he didn't have the guts to bring that up. >> clinton has been criticized for not taking questions but the campaign now says she will soon start flying with her traveling press this month. a proposal to create areas for marijuana consumption interest rants arbor's will be on the ballot for denver voters. those areas will have to with the clean indoor act, a second measure to create social clubs for marijuana consumption did not make the ballot this tile. head to the campaign section on cbs and all the stories are here and a list of helpful links just for you. >> >> coming up next, the broncos end the preseason with a loss. so what does the coach have to
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timing of player cuts? and samsung is recalling millions of phones just weeks after their release.
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it is time to make the final cuts for the denver broncos after last night's loss
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here was a good moment the paxton lynch had a good night connecting with taylor for a 57- yard touchdown. he did well, but needs to be more consistent. the coach thinks he will improve. we're starting to see the first cuts from the broncos. coach again says that would be the first order of business because the team really needs to switch gears and get ready for the regular season opener against carolina on thursday. we'll have much later on today at 5:00. and meteorologist lauren whitney joins us with the friday forecast and labor day weekend forecast. >> there are storms coming back and then it gets better for most of us. we'll take a live look where you can see downtown. it is just kind of cloudy in denver at the moment. we had a little rain so far this morning, just a little
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now that has cleared out and we are in store for more of that, but as you head out to the eastern plains you're fairly dry, but here in denver toward the south and toward the west side of town, a little rain. then as we head down towards florida and into the carolinas we have been watching of course now tropical storm hermine. you can see there is still rain, a lot of rain down in parts of florida south of the charleston is getting hammered up to raleigh. we have severe weather outlooks for these areas because tornadoes can be mixed in there. if you are going there, it will get better over the next 24 - 48 hours, but flooding concerns are high. it will start to move more up the coast and shoot out to sea by saturday might and then through monday more and more out there. some bands will bring rain into
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some of that. we could see severe weather, but mainly hail and heavy rain. we're not worried about tornadoes but some could bring some heavy rainfall. flooding for us out of the eastern plains a concern. >> >> here is denver we could get more thunderstorms and rain showers and then we should clear out. a couple pops still possible, but not likely. the skies will clear overnight tonight. diamondbacks game, temperatures it 50s and 60s and tomorrow morning showers into the southwestern corner. we have a chance of isolated storms rolling through denver in the afternoon and evening as well. then some of this skirts to the eastern plains into the afternoon and evening hours. right now 72 degrees. a lot of cloudcover.
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up to the low 80s. you'll see a lot of 60s and 70s in the mountain text. >> they should kick out by early afternoon or into the early evening hours. it should bow okay for the activities tonight. we're in the upper 80s on saturday and sunday and monday. drier conditions, but storms around. should be fine for barbecue plans but it is colorado so you have to make a backup plan. >> you have to wardrobe i think. >> this made my morning. you had a little help with the forecast. >> yes. he stopped on by. >> if you see all of these, it seems like we have linked storms throughout the state and we have some heavier ones down towards colorado springs and monument and limon but the ones really getting the storms are
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that, sterling was also getting a good storm. >> incredibly intellectual. he knew what he was talking about out there. >> you're looking for more jr. weather watchers. >> he had his sunday best on. it is easy. head to cbs you'll see the link to join on the home page. every friday we're going to have a different junior weather watcher help me out. andrew kicked it off in style today. he did a t >> impossible to beat but we want more. >> yes, keep the kids coming. lauren is talking about the weather on the go app. you'll get live radar and forecasts. there is information on the junior weather watchers at cbs
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we would like you to meet princie, a ten-year-old purebred doxin. she is a loving lap dog who gets along well with everyone and children. she likes to be next to her human all the time so if you want to make her family, visit her at the shelter. that is at 2087 south quebec. labor day means the end of the summer, but grilling season lasts almost year-round here. grilling exposes us to chemicals linked to cancer. don champion explains. >> reporter: it is something about that grill that makes it nice. >> mark wilson is celebrating
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barbecue. >> grilling is the perfect way to prepare meat. >> reporter: it may be tasty but grilling too much can be bad for your health. oncologists says chemicals that form when meat, poultry and fish are cooked at high temperatures and smoke from fat that drips and burns on the grill have both been linked to colon, and breast cancer. >> some studies have shown those who consume meats grilled on a high basis may be at increased risk for cancer. >> reporter: you can start with a clean grill and cook foods at lore e temperatures for a longer time. >> we recommend marinading meats because it in creases the moisture. >> reporter: mark wilson and his wife try to keep that advice in mind whenever they grill. >> everyday there is something new, a new risk to look out for so you try to do the best you
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safer because they cook more evenly and fruits and vegetables can be grilled with no health risk. don champion, cbs news, dallas. an alert for anyone who has the galaxy note 7. two weeks after hitting the market it es recalled because it could explode or catch fire when it is charged. there are at least 35 reports prompting the recall for 35 million phones troublesome for samsung. it is battle against apple. >> they finally had a hit on their hands and they were going to out match apple. now look what happened. they pulled those and they
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new tonight on cbs4news at 5:00, people will honor the
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banning chemicals long used in anti-bacterial soaps. >> lauren is back with the long weekend forecast. >> we have scattered showers in the high country and not bad now 72. we'll see the rain clear out
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>> bill: we're not waiting. >> brooke: you only just signed divorce papers. we shouldn't be rushing into this. >> bill: ending a marriage that was dead a long time ago. and -- and haven't i been the poster boy for -- for patience, i mean, counting the days until this moment? we have nothing to hide, no one to protect, no fears. our life together starts now.


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