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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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>> reporter: a lot of tension for parents here. many just reunited with their children here at sierra middle school. we spoke to within woman who says her mother went to pick up her daughter, a 7th grade student heard four gunshots when she was in the parking lot. law enforcement told us that the school was not involved but very close to where this all started. around 3:30 this afternoon. and law enforcement are saying it started with a domestic situation at a hou property. we're told there was a man who was reportedly suicidal, that at one point there was an exchange of gunfire between that man and the deputy. we heard from witnesses, one man driving near the school when he saw a man driving an rv erratically. when civilians came over to help
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them. according to that witness, no other civilians were hurt in this. parents waited about two hours for information to be reunited with their children here. how were you notified? >> my daughter texted my wife at 2:56, to let us know she was in lockdown. so we tomorrowly hopped in the car and headed this way. we hadn't heard anything from the school. >> reporter: then to arrive and see the law enforcement presence, what goes through your head? >> well, it was scary. we tried to come in one way, couldn't get in. tried another away talked to an officer. and they said they're not letting anybody in. they wouldn't tell us what was going on, and just wait to hear
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heard anything. so we were just worried >> reporter: okay, and now reunited. thank you for that. we do not know anymore details about this deputy who was shot, except that she in critical condition at a local hospital. that's the latest information. and just into cbs4, an arrest has been made after a murder in adams county. this man levi cisneros degree murder. police found at body thursday near 76th. the shooting may be the result of a home invasion at a marijuana growhouse that was nearby. we're also on storm watch, severe thunderstorms to the east of the metro area. we've even had an ontario in the last hour -- twoorng in the last hour. >> we may see storms to the south and east. downtown, sunshine. good news for the rocky mountain showdown, and the taste of colorado.
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through the city. out east, that's where the big storms have been. we had a confirmed tornado. and we still have warnings out. we have had showers and thunderstorms, also heavy to the south. no watches and warnings here. t state, that's the heaviest of the storms. a few out of the northwest, and it's not out of the possibility one could push through denver before the evening is over. sunday, 5:00, not a drop of rain! the foothills, expected to be a busy holiday weekend in the mountains. we've seen traffic moving along at a pretty good
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downtown where the annual taste of colorado is already underway. returning a lot of people are gonna have some patience as they navigate the downtown area. while taste of colorado draws a lot of people to the downtown area, it's not the onlyso than usual. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: with half a million expected to make their way downtown for a taste of colorado this labor day, commuters are bracing themselves for a busy holiday weekend. >> now i'm looking at an hour drive versus 20 minutes. >> reporter: major closures on colfax, broadway, bannock, and 14th will remain in place until tuesday morning. diane and mandy
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has put a damp or their plans. >> it canceled all our tours! we had a tour to pike's peak that's canceled, and a city tour that was canceled. so now we're walking! >> reporter: a taste of colorado isn't the only reason you may experience some congestion over the holiday. friday night's rocky mountain showdown at sports authority field, executive home games for the rockies, and the international festival of extreme sports have some rethink their away from downtown this weekend. >> there's traffic, people drive crazy, they don't pay attention to stop science or lights. >> reporter: while there's no doubt getting around town will be an issue, taste of colorado organizers say -- >> it's worth it if you have to take 15 extra minutes to get here. just plan ahead! >> reporter: some ways to avoid the traffic include taking the light rail or bus, getting an
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allow to you reserve a spot and pay in advance. a new memorial sign unvamed in honor of a denver -- unveiled in honor of a denver middle school student hit and killed by a car in july. the memorial sign has gone up near yale and madison near colorado boulevard. that's where jennifer bryce is live for us tonight, and the unveiling was held after school today so his classmates could attend. >> reporter: and it was a huge crowd, karen! friends, family, school mates, all here to see this sign, coal's sign, be put here on the corner of this street. he was killed by a drunk
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the memorial signs are way to advocate for the families of victims ever fatal crashes so their loved ones are not forgotten. there are 130 signs in the denver area alone. it's a reminder for every driver to be safe and aware. >> i hope it helps people understand not to drink and drive. and to listen to the speed limit. because you don't have to wait >> reporter: the driver, an 81-year-old woman who killed cole, she also died a few days after that crash. the f.b.i. releases documents into the investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail use. she did not ask for
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e-mails complying with federal laws. the f.b.i. recommended she not be prosecuted but said she had been careless in handling classified material. enforcement begins on a new plan to tackle public use of illegal drugs in parks and on bike paths in denver. this comes after years of widespread drug use out in the open. rick salinger shows us how the enforcemt >> reporter: this bike path has been a heroin oasis for years. >> let me see that. >> that's black tar? >> this is black tar. >> how much? >> one is $25. >> reporter: there is a new approach. when someone is caught selling, buying, or using. >> the officer will respond and contact that individual. he or she will triage that call as they normally would.
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suspension notice up to 90 days. >> reporter: it will apply only to the park where the citation is received. you may not be able to see them. some of the enforcers will be operating undercover, and keep track of those banned. >> we'll be able to know if that individual is in violation by the contact the officer has with that individual. >> reporter: but the american civil liberce union has questioned the legality of such action without due process. the department of parks and ban certain activities from its parks. >> unfortunately there's been a chronic epidemic of heroin use, particularly -- it's all over the country, but it's also here in denver. >> reporter: the evidence is 3,500 needles collected so far this year. those caught using will also be offered options for treatment. we're following breaking news tonight, a douglas county
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he was shot by a man in parker. that man also dead after continuing to open fire. we'll have an update coming up next. and look at the damage from hermine in florida, and where the storm is moving next. >> and a couple of shoermz drifting across -- showers and thunderstorms drifting across the northwest. even a tornado was spotted, heavy showers to the southeast. >> broncos coaches won't be take anything time off this weekend. season opener just six make final cuts by tomorrow. >> reporter: advocacy groups band underneath colorado to make an unprecedented push to get out the vote. how they're targeting
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a deputy in critical condition after a shooting today. the suspect is dead. this happened near sierra middle school around 3:30 this afternoon. the man was suicidal. that suspect who fired the first shot at deputies. this story is still developing. we'll gather more information tonight. storm watch: hermine the southeast. heavy rain and strong winds to georgia and the carolinas. hermine was a hurricane early this morning in florida. neighborhoods there flooded. one death has been blamed on the storm. kenneth? >> reporter: as you can tell things have really quieted down here within the last couple of hours, and it's become clear
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charleston, south carolina, this is not over yet remember it's making its way up the east coast and into the midatlantic where folks s are preparing there. tropical storm hermine roared into charleston, south carolina friday afternoon. >> we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall that can lead to flash flooding. >> reporter: the storm made landfall overnight near the florida panhandle as a category 1 hurricane. first for florida in more than a decade. a 7-foot storm surge and several inches of rain flooded streets and downed trees knocked out power to more than 100,000 residents. this area could see up to 9 inches by the time hermine moves on. gordon and bonnie gear spent the morning secure the house in their family for 150 years. but they're not worried.
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>> reporter: what's left of hermine could cause big problems for the labor day weekend throughout the northeast. storm is expected to stall off the midatlantic coast bringing high surf and steady rain through next week. the mayor has called for closed beaches because of rip kirns. >> if you go in the water, you are putting your life in danger. simple as of that. >> reporter: for now, at least in the north east, the coast clear. >> reporter: still pretty gusty, the clouds are finally starting to break. we experienced winds out here of about 60 miles an hour. we want to get over to ed greene, talk about our weather and some storms that are happening. >> we have had some pretty good storm in northeastern colorado, but we're gonna continue with hermine for just a moment. it's 5:00 am on thursday, watch how the whole thing storms, it gets
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night, midnight about our time. continued to pump heavy rains into georgia, and south carolina and south carolina. now you see it stalling here, not just moving right up the coast. we have a stationary front. and that's gonna have it stall right in this area. so it's not going to move much. without this front, it would go out to the atlantic and it would be done. not this case. a couple high pressure system negligence our area, pumping moisture into our state. we have a stationary front off to n it's going to stay there through the entire weekend. and here is lester, 105 miles an hour. a category 2, west northwest, probably just to the north. the hawaiian island, ton was moisture and strongwinds with that. our state, here other heavy showers and thunderstorms. we have a couple over the northwest. confirmed tornado, 11 miles northwest of yuma, 5:05 this -- 4:05 this afternoon. and
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flash flood warning, and down here a flood warning. they continue toward the border, then they'll be gone. then we dry it out, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms on saturday two, clock in the afternoon, a few push across, maybe one or two heavy extreme north eastern colorado. now here's sunday. not a cloud in the sky. all day long, right into monday at 1:00 pm. also sunny skies. i think sunday and monday will be perfect days for the holiday weekend. we're 84 and 85 today, after starts of 82, 84 and the records. 83 now, 25% humidity. a couple of rainbows here in the morning! sunrise over st. princeton. that's from sherry thomas. and here's one from susan, what a pret schott that is. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. 40s for the mountains, and is out west, temperatures in the 50s
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then tomorrow, still nice and warm around here, 70s, 80s, lower 90s over the eastern plains. 60s and 70s for the mountains and out west, temperatures in the 70s and 80s. for tonight, maybe an isolated storm, 58 and 57 by morning. tomorrow night, increasing clouds, only a few scattered thunderstorms. 86 and 87. and sunday, monday, near perfect days with 88 and 87 respectively. lots of sunshine to go around. and isolated storms in the forecast tuesday. 9-year-old andrea is a junior weather watcher and joined lauren when i had no. >> if you see all of these, it seems like we have linked storms throughout the state. and we have some heavier ones toward colorado springs and monument and limon. but the ones that are
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>> looking sharp! if you are between the ages of 6 and 12, you can be a junior weather watcher. log onto
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but if cu has hopes of making a bowl game this year, can't afford to lose to csu tonight. the 88th meeting between the teams is tonight at 6:00. the buffs won last year's game in overtime. csu has five games on this year's schedule against teams in the preseason top-25. csu has zero. so the buffs' path to a victory tougher. how this is rivalry? >> wean the magnitude of this game, what it means for both universities, what it means for this state. we're excited to be a part of it. >> to me it's just another game. it doesn't really matter who we line up against in week 1. not to disrespect anyone. but whoever you put in front of me, i'm gonna play my best and treat each game like it's a championship game. >> who am be playing in a bowl
5:25 pm broncos remember last year that montee ball made the 53-man roster on saturday's cut day, only to be released the next day. i mentioned that because the roster the broncos announce tomorrow may change again by sunday or monday. they have started to make some of their cuts from 75 to 53. so far the pig names that we're waiting on, mark sanchez, ronnie hillman, all in limbo. and the team's first game isex on a normal week. today is kind of liege a monday in terms of game prep. >> it's a hell of a monday. let me put it that way. there's a lot of work to do with the teams, as well as the game planning and doing these type of things that we do on a monday for a regular season game. we got a lot of decisions to make, defensive decisions to make, wide receiver. it's not about one spot and what we're gonna do
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>> here are some of notable names that have been cut already. juwan thompson is probably the biggest, been there two years. they are candidates to possibly make the practice squad. a lot going on!
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breaking news out of parker: douglas county sheriff's deputy in critical condition, in surgery right now, after a shooting. the suspect is dead. authorities say the man was suicidal and fire the the first shots at deputies.
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thank you so much for watching colorado's news channel. captioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: hermine's knockout blow. >> i can't see! >> dubois: florida's first hurricane in 11 years knocks out power for hundreds of thousands, then starts a holiday weekend trek up the east coast, 43 million people in its path. also tonight, what hillary clinton told the f.b.i. in its criminal investigation of her e- mails. a former college swimming star gets out of prison after serving just three months for sexual assault. new photos reveal the wounds he received that night. and chloe's special guest for show and tell. >> what brought me here today to talk to your class was an act of character. >> dubois: steve hartman will


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