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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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4 shots fired! man down! man down, one of ours. >> news breaking out of parker. a douglas county sheriff's discipline in critical condition and undergoing surgery. the shooter dead. schools in the area were on lockdown as deputies chased the gunman >> reporter: you can still see that deputies and vehicles line dixon drive, adjacent to sierra middle school, where terface parents wait the for more than two -- terrified parents waited for more than two hours to be reunited with their children while the school was in lockdown. smfrt students said many were crying as they didn't know what was going on this afternoon. according to
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3:30 at a home on dixon drive with a suicidal man. he exchanged gufrd with a deputy who is in critical condition. a parent driving in the area at the time himself encountered the gunman. he says that suspect was driving in an rv, he was driving erratically, when he suddenly crashed. listen to what he says en to help. >> civilians run over to the camptory make surety guy is okay. and i happened to be in the close lane. and as i'm -- literally driving by, see the guy come out and pull out a gun and fire a shot. and one of the civilians reached behind his back and pulled out a .40 caliber and fired eight shots into the vehicle. then all gunshots stopped. and i happened to pass by and was thanking the lord at
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team, oh, man, this is a big deal. but i was just happy to be safe. >> reporter: that was one of the students who was locked down inside this school this afternoon. law enforcement is not commenting on that witness' account that you just heard, but we expect to get more information from them. we'll continue to bring you the latest information, live in douglas county, lauren dispirito,bs honor -- community comes together to honor a teenager died in a tragic crash this summer. cole was riding in a bike lane near madison when he was hit by a car, and the 81-year-old driver was drunk at the time. she died a couple days later. jennifer brice is at the memorial tonight for us. there is a new sign in his honor. >> reporter: it was a huge
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here. the 14-year-old was killed by a drunk driver at this intersection. today a huge crowd showed up with yellow balloons in hand. the memorial signs are a way to advocate for the families of victims of fatal crashes. there are about 130 signs like cole's in the denver area alone. they are a reminder for every driver to aware. and that's a lucky little boy to have friends like you guys, so thank you. >> reporter: and the driver that killed cole died a few days after the incident. jennifer brice, cbs4 news.
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county. they have arrested levi cisneros yesterday, facing charges of first degree murder. one person died as a result of a home invasion linked to a marijuana grow home. we are told a person inside that house shot a man who was trying to steal his pol plants -- pot plants. new developments in a case of child sex trafficking that we told you about on cbs4. the man convicted of the crime of thousands of dollars for the physical and mental health treatment of those victims. this is believed to be a first! >> reporter: this comes under a new state law in which prosecutors can ask that the person who is convicted of a crime pay money back to the state for the treatment of the victims involved. >> reporter: alex brown has
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the state's treatment of the girl he was convicted of trafficking. >> did you know she was 13? >> had no idea. nobody knew. >> reporter: the girls were offered in ads, but brown maintained his innocence. >> were you a pimp? you were engaged in putting teenaged girls into prostitution? >> under no circumstances was i involved with pimping. i am not a pimp. >> reporter: brown pleaded guilty and was given 32 years to life. then prosecutor cara moreland went backo got the judge to order restitution. >> if you traffic young girls, the message to the pimps out there, we will also hold you accountable financially for the damage. >> to get out of being charged as a prostitute? >> they're getting out of this to avoid prostitution charges. >> did law enforcement ever try to make a deal with to you turn on him? >> no. >> reporter: arapahoe d.a.
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the last. >> if you go out and commit a crime, you make victims and make victims have to spend money or the state spend money to help make them whole again, you should have to pick up the tab for that, not tax payers. >> reporter: brownville to start paying from his prison account. he did not bother to show up for the hearing in which he was ordered to pay. a david of colorado underway at civic center park. a lot of people down there, just one of many events over the weekend. andrea flor ses live down there. and -- flores is live down there, and already a huge crowd! >> reporter: a lot of folks already out here this friday. many consider it to be the unofficial end to summer. while this i don't remember draws a lot of folks out to check out vendors like you see behind me,
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commute may take longer than usual. >> it's ridiculous. it's making it a headache for me. >> reporter: with half a million people expected to make their way downtown for a taste of colorado this labor day, commuters are bracing themselves for a busy holiday weekend. >> and now i'm looking at an hour drive versus 20 minutes. >> reporter: major closures on colfax, broadway, bannock, and 14th will remain in place until tuesday morning. diane and mandy lopez dodged storms in florida but unexpected >> it canceled owl our tours. we had a tour at the pike peak that's canceled, and a city tire that was canceled. so now we're walking! >> reporter: a taste of colorado isn't the only reason you may experience some congestion over the holiday. friday nights's rocky mountain showdown at shorts authority field, executive home games for the rockies, and the international festival of extreme sports have some bracing
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downtown this weekend. >> there's traffic, people drive crazy, people don't pay attention to stop signs or lights. >> reporter: while there's no doubt getting around downtown will be an issue, taste of colorado organizers say -- >> it's worth it if you have to take 15 extra minutes to get here. just plan ahead. >> reporter: how good do these look! some ways to avoid the traffic here downtown is to take the light rail or lyft. and if you have to drive, organizers suggest that you pay for a parking spot at a public parking lot ahead of time before you get here. andrea flores, cbs4 news. the broncos are gonna kick off their season next thursday. but they have some accident to take care of first. the team has until tomorrow afternoon to set their final roster, so they're making some cuts.
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some of the easier ones today. he said he wanted to make most of his final cuts today to focus on preparations for the panthers. and while the team has made at least a dozen, there are a couple big decisions looming. the biggest name reportedly cut so far today, running back jajuan thompson, on the roster the past two years. no word on rhone hillman and caprix bibs. one could make the roster and one could get cut. and what about mark sanchez? hasn't played in the last games. and if the broncos trust paxton lynch to be the backup quarterback, they probably won't want to pay sanchez almost $5 million to be a third stringer. gary kubiak would not comment. >> it's not about one spot and what we're gonna do at one spot. we gotta evaluate the entire situation. it's about 53 guys that want to go to battle with you. >> more on what he thought
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last night in arizona. a new effort to court young latino voters. why this voting block could decide the election, and the challenges both campaigns face to reach latino mel millennials. also grading school teachers. why educators labeled below the bar are allowed to remain in the classroom. >> and just a few storms pushing into the northwest. watch as they get to the front range, they dry out. where we had some showers and thunderstorms, very heavy out
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a proposal to create areas for pot consumption the november ballot for denver voters. those areas would have to comply with the clean indoor act. a second measure to create social clubs for marijuana consumption did not make it onto the ballot. there is a new effort to concerning young latino voters -- encourage young latino voters to participate in the upcoming election item this voting block could change the outcome. >> reporter: there are more
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41% of those voters are millennials. they are the fastest growing voting mrok in the country, and yet the least likely to turn out, but that could change this year, and the biggest motivator is not donald trump. from canvassing to social media messaging, this election has given rise to maybe the most graefb campaign ever aggressive campaign ever in colorado to target latinos. >> there are millions of dollars making sure latinos get to the poll >> reporter: an umbrella organization for ten advocacy groups are pooling money to step up latino turnout, especially latino millennials. the fastest growing voting block in the country. and colorado is home to a first of its kind effort to engage them. >> because we're reaching individuals who perhaps will
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what they don't change is that social media page. >> reporter: generation latino does all its outreach through social media. >> we reach more on social media, snapchat, foob, twitter. >> reporter: and they're worried about the same stuff everyone else is. >> trump, not voting trump. it's not motivating people to go out to the polls. what is motivating peo i wum wage. >> reporter: their political power remains untapped. they're least likely voting block to turn out. a move aims to change that this election. >> we're really going to target a lot of latinos that we've seen in the past aren't likely to go to the polls. so we're gonna make sure to agitate them a little bit more. >> latinos rise is being funded by the immigrant voters win pac, a washington dc-based group with deep pockets. it's spending $15
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and nevada, all swing states to get out the latino vote. i'm shaun boyd, cbs4 news. back to breaking news out of parker. deputies involved in a shootout. we want to listen as they bring us the latest. >> whatever we can. also the city of parker has been great in helping us in this investigation. the city of park serpretty much gridlocked in traffic. i city, we ask you not to. the roads are clogged and there's a lot of problems with folks trying to get their kids out of school and move around on a friday night. thank you very much for that. detective that was shot and injured and detective dan bright. he's been with our office for 2.5 years. he is married to one of our sergeants. christine, who works in a special investigations unit
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they are together at a hospital. their children there are together with family members. other family members are on their way. i do ask again that you have your thoughts and prayers with their family, and e investigation. we have two separate shootings. and with the assistance of the colorado state patrol, colorado police department, and the district attorney's office, we sure feel that we'll come to the conclusion of that. and the most important part for me right now is that detective bright comes
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couple questions. it's dan, bright. [ inaudible ] >> civilian or perhaps was a police officer in plain clothes? >> we had our impact team here involved in this. it just so happened that they were close by at first shooting. and that's where detective dan bright is assigned to. and so fellow officers were there. obviously obviously this became mobile. so it may have appeared if there were civilians out here, but there were detectives in plain clothes, and it was a police officer that engaged him at this location. >> you've been listening to the updated situation going on, breaking news in douglas county there. just give us an update on the press conference, wean that the detective that has been shot is a detective dan bright. he's been with the department for 2.5 years.
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there at hospital right now, we want to keep their them in our thoughts. two separate shootings they're investigating. the suspect is dead. we'll have another live update coming up at 6:30 tonight. we want to get over to ed for the latest on the weather. >> the big talk has been hermine. and let's go back to yesterday, 6:00 am. and you can see it was just a cluster of thunderstorms, a tropical depression. now it begins to strengthen. the eye begins to form, and is last night bmidnight our time the the coast. and it continues to pump moisture into north carolina. then it starts to move off and compress a little. we have a stationary front hanging around there. it may just hang around the coast for the next several days, pumping lots of rain into the midatlantic coast. high pressure holding, but that's pump up some moisture into our area. stationary front here, high pressure will hold
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. hawaiian islands. still tons of rain just like madeline did, and. heavy storms for us in northeastern colorado. they are just pulling off, soon in portions ever kansas and nebraska -- of kansas and nebraska. number of strikes so far, the last 15 minute, 204 strikes! and we had a confirmed tornado 11 miles northwest yum arc washington county. we continue to see that tornado warning. we had some flash flood warnings, thunderstorms until 6:30. and another flood warning down to the south until 10:30. still pretty active identity there, south eastern colo but they continue to move off, and a few rumbles up in the mountains. saturday, 3:00, a couple scattered showers and storms.
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sunny skies all day long. monday into the holiday, the same situation until 2:00 in the afternoon. today, 84 and 85 after starts of 62. 83 and 83 right now. pretty shot from larry pierce. as far as the eye can see, a sunflower field. and this from william danly. converging in the 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. 40s higher up. out west, 50s and 60s. tomorrow, warming up a few degrees. 70s, 80s, 90s over the eastern plains. 60s and 70s for the mountains, 70s and 80s out west. your denver forecast, clear skies tonight, dry. 58 and 57. then for tomorrow, partly cloudy, maybe a few widely isolated storms will be in the mid-80s once again. and for the next several day, we're going for dry conditions on sunday,
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degrees. same on monday with 87. and then we start next week, maybe an isolated storm on
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what to do with mark sanchez! trevor siemian beat him out to be starting quarterback. do the broncos have any reason to keep him? sanchez spent all of last night's preseason game on the sideline with siemian, as the broncos had paxton lynch play the entire game against the cardinals! presumably to see if he is ready to be the team's backup. and hard to say if lynch definitely answered that question one way he also threw a late pick six. broncos need more of the good, less of the bad. >> and to be more consistent day in, day out. being a good player, i think i've gone up and down learning everything. so i think as time goes on, i'm be more consistent. >> i think he did pretty good. you take the interception away
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and he's gotta make a better decision with the ball. but he continues to make great plays because of his ability, but it continues to be about consistency. >> here other notable cuts being reported. mentioned thompson, tidwell played high school football in colorado. candidates for the practice squad. golf comes back in the cobank women'sol but a quick congrats to eric christianson for his coverage of local golf. congratulations. jennifer hahn finished her round in style, chipping on 18 to finish tide for 2nd. she had already been passed by the hard-charging lauren coughlin whose birdie on 16 capped a stretch of 4 birdies in 5 holes, as she came from 5 shots back to
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check this out from western kentucky's season opener last night. one of the hilltoppers tripped on a tunnel, causing a multiplayer pileup. as the rest of the team just kept on coming and running into the mess. everybody was okay. and the hilltoppers did better witness the game started. from a high school football game in south carolina, looks like somebody was rushing off for the holiday weekend and didn't exactly take their time putting the sideline or maybe they started their weekend partying a little early. did not do a very good job. >> may not have a job doing that next go around. [ laughter ] florida cleaning up after that mess left behind by hurricane hermine. what's left
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shots fired, man down! man down. one. ours. >> this is the news breaking out of the parker, a douglas county deputy with the department for 2.5 years is in critical condition. the shooter dead. lauren dispirito is live with the latest.


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