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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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shots fired, man down! man down. one. ours. >> this is the news breaking out of the parker, a douglas county deputy with the department for 2.5 years is in critical condition. the shooter dead. lauren dispirito is live with the latest.
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spur lock who just spoke a few moments ago, saying the detective is detective dan bright. he has been with the department for more than two years, his wife is also a deputy with the douglas county sheriff's office. we know she is at the hospital now with their children. he is undergoing surgery and has asked for prayers. they to know wait f more cooperates. we were told by sheriff spurlock that this detective was in plain clothes at the time of this incident. an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. that explains why some witnesses thought civilians might have been the ones who fired. the suspect was killed. he was known to detectives. they're not giving anymore information on why or how. finally he added that parker
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lot of gridlock between the crime scene here and school letting out today. he is asking that in addition to prayers, people avoid this area as they continue to investigate what happened. we're live in douglas county, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. >> thank you. to tropical storm hermine, making for a stormy day across the southeast. heavy rain and strong winds to georgia and the carolinas. hermine was a hurricane when it made ldf heavy rains have flooded neighborhoods there. one person has died from the storm. kenneth craig has the latest from charleston, south carolina, tonight. >> reporter: things have really starteded to calm down here over the last couple of hour, but then picked up in the last couple of minutes really as the storm starts to make its way out of here up the east coast and into the midatlantic where millions of people are preparing for it.
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south carolina, friday afternoon, bringing heavy rain driven by wind gusts more than 50 miles an hour. >> we are expecting serious winds, serious rainfall. that can lead to flash flooding. >> reporter: the storm made landfall overnight near the florida panhandle as a category 1 hurricane. a first for nolan arenad in decades. trees knocked out power to more than 100,000 residents. this area could see up to 9 inches by the time hermine moves of gourdob and bonnie spent the morning securing the house in their family for 150 years. they're not worried. >> been there, done that a couple of times. shouldn't be that bad. it's just the wind. >> reporter: what's left could cause big problems for the labor
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midatlantic coast, bringing heavy surf and spreading rain through midweek. new york city's mayor has closed city beaches for sunday, possibly through tuesday because of rip currents. >> you go in the water, you are putting your life in danger. simple as that. >> reporter: for now, at least in the northeast, the coast is clear. >> reporter: andil tell you, we have seen a number of folks out and about toefrnlt, trying to enjoy -- tonight, tryingo and heavy wind. >> thank you. the young man who sparkedon outcry for lenient rape sentences has been released early. brock turner walked out of santa clara county jail this morning. he was released on good behavior after serving three months behind bars. that's only half of a 6--month-old sentence already under fire as too lenient. the exstanford
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of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a frat party. he faces supervised probation and must register as a sex offender for life. san francisco 49ers quarterback fueled more criticism friday night after he continued his protest over racism. for the second time this preseason, he refused to stand during the national anthem. he was joined by his teammate, safety eric reed. the crowd booed. the quarterback says he will continue protesting oexpression of minorities in america. >> i wanted to make sure the message that we're trying to send isn't lost with the action coming along with it. >> kaepernick may not get a chance to continue protesting. some nfl insiders speculate that he will be cut from the 49ers roster because of his performance on the field. a family of bears had quite an adventure in a southern california yesterday: a mamma
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they practiced their swimming skills there. homeowner ended up scare them away but they jumped into a neighbor's pool! then it was time for lunch. they rummageded through a dumpster till a brave dog ran toward them, barking and sending them back into the forest. teachers grade children, but who grades teachers? an investigation reveals why teachers labeled below the bar remain in classrooms for years. >> the front range in. northeastern colorado, heavier storms just about to leave the state. i will show where you we saw a tornado
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every parent wants their child to have a great teacher. we've learned that some teachers judge below the bar by their districts are back in the classroom this year. >> reporter: for ten year, bernadine taught kindergarten at
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valuation, two years in a row. >> it was devastating >> reporter: she was slated to lose her tenure under a state teacher effectiveness law that took effect this year. it provides teachers protections making it hard to fire them. >> i put so much into my work that it was hard to swallow. >> reporter: senate bill 191 forces school districts to put teachers into one of four categories. highly effective, effective, partially effective, years of being partially or inesquive and the teacher loses tenure, which provides job security. >> it's procedure naerl important in teaching that bee have a clear bar. >> reporter: school superintendent of denver says 47 teachers were under that bar. >> we do have great teachers in every one of our 5,000.
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a disparity that has pam with the teachers' union concerned. >> why does jeffco have 0 and we have 47? and they don't have a good answer for that. and my answer is there's something wrong with the evaluation system. the parents show they zero effectiveness. any parent that's had more than one teacher, some are great, some are decent, some are improving. it's not as if you can hide that. >> reporter: and teachers who were rated less than effective two years in a row and stripped of tenure are back in classrooms in denver and other districts. >> they are back with us, but without that tenured status. >> if i were a principal, i'd want to know who else. >> reporter: as for bernadine, she appealed her evaluation.
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and my students and my parents, and my community can back me up on that. >> reporter: her tenue was reinstated on arc appeal. but she quit anyway and started teaching in westminster. >> you can see how your district ranks its teachers at
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chaos in the fill beans after an explosion ripped through a night market. two people died, another two dozen hurt in the hometown of the new president. he was in but has not yet issued a statement. witnesses conflict on what happened. some say it was the explosion due to cooking, others say it was an explosive. today italian firefighters save d a dog from the rubble of a collapsed building. they were helping a couple recover some of their belongings when they heard the golden retriever barking.
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buried in all of that rubble. nearly 300 people died when the 6.1 earthquake hit august 24th. always amazing. >> poor little guy. >> and we have a chance of rain. >> on the eastern else is try -- everything else is drying out. let's go outside and take a look, and there it is, mostly clear skies to the west. drier air moving in. we've taken all the chances for showers along the front range. scattered showers and thunderstorms. scattered showers and thunderstorms, that's what hermine was before it got going. thursday, 6:30 am, gets going. the eye begins to form, crosses over the coast of florida. that
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just drift out and stall along the midatlantic coast pumping in moisture for the next couple of days. high pressure in our area, pumping moisture out as well. we didn't see any of it in denver. lester, heading for the hawaiian island, should go just to the north of the islands. but plenty of moisture, lots of rain. showers, thunderstorms, and gusty winds. you can see where the heavy showers and thunderstorms are, crossing now, just about to leave the state completely. we did have some and severe thunderstorms, watch, flood warnings all day long, and a confirmed tornado west of yuma in the afternoon. and we still have watches and warnings and advisories all over the eastern plain, some as late as 10:30 this evening. all the storms move out of the area. a few wander around the mountains during the nighttime hours. saturday, a few scattered showers and thunderstorms move across the front range. especially out to the northeast. then they're gone.
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monday, dry too! right to about 2:00 pm, i think sunday and monday are gonna be your pick days of the holiday weekend. not bad today! 84 and 85. 82 and 83 right now. south breeze at 7. 24% humidity. this from kevin in breckenridge. and a little visitor here. temperatures tonight, 50s, 60s in the eastern plain, 40s for the mountains, 50s and 60s west. and tomorrow bwhere we were today. a few degrees warmer, 70s, 80s, no lazy. out east, 60s and 70s for the mountains. 70s and 80s west. denver forecast for tonight, clear skies, light 58 and 57 by morning remember for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, a few storms, and maybe in the mid-80s. and then for the next
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businesses are hiring fewer people. labor department says comloirps only added 151,000 jobs last month. that is half the gains of the previous two months. the unemployment rate remained unchanged. wall street ended on an up note. samsung recalling millions of its new galaxy note 7 smart phones after reports of those phones the recall will cost so much it makes the ceo's heart ache, but safety comes first. phones were release the just two weeks ago. a glitch in the battery cell has caused at least 30 devices to catch fire while charging. >> to have a real flagship phone, and that's what this is, to have the entire phone, millions recalled right after they get released, i can't think
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as this. >> samsung says the replacement phones will be availability in two weeks. a throwback for sony, selling a new gold-plated walkman. it's design forward high-tech junkies who love a clean sound. the wiring inside is gold and copper. the updated walkman has 250 gigs of storage. it has a price tag
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>> reporter: i'm rick salinger and is there's a new step in the wur drugs in denver's parks. those caught buying, selling or using will be beened from that
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has long been a center for heroin use. the aclu believes the 90-day ban sunfair because it does not involve due process. treatment will be offered for those in need of it. >> reporter: andrea flores in denver where many consider a taste of colorado to be the unofficial end of summer. while the yearly event draws a ton of people to the downtown area to check out vendors like these, may not be the only reason your commute may take than usual. major closures on colfax, broadway, bannock, and is 14th will remain in place until tuesday morning. tonight's rocky mountain showdown at sports authority field, executive home games for the rockies, and the international festival of extreme sports will have drivers navigating through busy streets. a taste of colorado's organizers suggest taking public transportation, using apps like uber or lyft, or reserving a space at a parking
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out of parker. douglas county sheriff's deputies were involved in a shootout with a suicidal man. that suspect was killed, and detective dan bright is in critical condition. he has been with the sheriff's office for 2.5 years. we'll have the latest
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(indistinct radio communication) (firefighter coughing, fire truck horn blasting) main body of the fire's been knocked down. give me a secondary search. dispatch (over radio): yes, captain. (firefighter coughing) (chuckles) not even 7:00 a.m. this calls for a celebration. maple bacon donuts from ?the nickel,? sir? make it two dozen.
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missing: simpson. mayday! mayday! mayday! man down. rookie, with me. firefighter: captain! in here! (alarm beeping) we can hear his pass alarm, but we can't get inside. what the hell is this thing? get the saw! now! (saw revving) (beeping continues, louder) masks on! (breathing masks hissing) (beeping continues) i got him! simpson!
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ow. work out wasn't that hard. what's going on? you tweak something? my lymph nodes are swollen, like really swollen-- feel this. you feel that? about? it's like the size of a frickin' golf ball. have you ever golfed in your life? have you seen how big golf balls are? all right, it's the size of a marble then. but that's still really big. okay, big deal, then maybe you have a cold or a sinus infection. but i have all these other symptoms, too. i've got, like, fatigue and night sweats. like, maybe it's something worse. well, the night sweats are because our house is 90 degrees and the ac is broken. something you were supposed to get fixed this morning-- did you? do i have bubonic plague? okay, no, stop, stop. nothing good's gonna come from googling. (sighs) now, what's going on?


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