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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  September 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MDT

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it's saturday september 3rd this is the news on cbs4 this morning. douglas county deputies areinvolved in a couple shot outs with a suicidal man. suspect is killed and a detective is injured and the latest on his condition. plus a new initiative by denver police on the fight against drugs in city parks. how police will punish for a italian couple who returned to their home more than a week after a deadly earthquake. >> live, from col ladough's he news -- colorado's newschannel this is cbs4 morning news. >> i am stan bush and we will have more on those stories in minute but first the colorado weather sent wear check on our forecast. dave how is it looking out there. >> hey look pretty good. good morning stan we are in great shape as we look at the map here. most of the temperatures are in
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region. we are at 5 and fort collins and 36 in denver and 49 up in aspen this morning. now as far as our satellite and radar goes we have quite a bit in the way of cloud cover this morning. and in some cases like in albert county we have a little bit of fog showing up as well. albert county lincoln county out there. now on the weather map there's moisture coming in from out west and we will have thunderstorms this afternoon but it's going to be a pretty warm day for us about 3, 4 degrees wa for the afternoon high this afternoon. and the rest of the holiday weekend looks pretty good as well. a warm one and we will be drying out as we get into sunday and monday. we will take a peek at that coming up in a little bit. >> dave thanks very much. >> all righty. developing now a. detective is recovering after a deadly shoot out in douglas county. gunman is dead and a deputy suffered critical injuries. detective dan wright underwent surgery yesterday. the douglas county sheriff office says the man who shot
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intoshootings with deputies. lauren tells us what happened. >> most important part for me right now is that detective bright comes out of this okay and we can get him home with his family. >> reporter: douglas county sheriff called on the community for support as detective dan bright undergoes treatment for wounds suffered in a shoot out with a man investigators call suicidal. >> the power of prayer is important and i think it can help him. he >> reporter: sheriff says the bright was working in plain clothes when deputies were called to a home off dixon drive near sierra middle school. officers tried to contain a suspect but he says the man fired on them spiking bright. >> shots fireman down man down. one of ours. >> reporter: investigators say the man fled in an rv crashed and shooting at law enforcement again. this time an officer killed the
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>> he shot at my vehicle. >> reporter: a parent headed to the school was noorl caught in the exchange -- was nearly caught in the exchange. >> i am drive by see the guy come out and pull out a gun. and fire a shot. >> reporter: parents waited anxiously as students he and staff inside the -- students and staff inside the school were placed on lock down for more than two hours. >> we were scared because we didn't know what was going on. we thought someone was in the building mostly everybody in the classroom was crying. >> that was lauren reporting. no one else was injured in the shootings. are now investigating. and there's a memorial sign for a young boy who was killed by a drunk driver in denver. cole was among a group of kids hit while skateboarding in july. family and friends got together at the corner of yale and madison in denver's university park neighborhood yesterday. rebecca perez who was his girlfriend says it shouldn't take a tragedy hike this to remind people of the rules. >> i hope it helps people
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drive and to listen to the speed limits because you don't have to wait for someone to die for the rules to be followed. >> young but a lot of wisdom. patricia liches livingston was behind the wheel of the car that hit cole. police say she was driving drunk. she died after a few days after the crash in the hospital. happening now, park users asked the city to do something about rampant drug use for years and now something is finally happening. de p new directive to fight drug use in city parks and bike paths when someone is caught selling or buying or using drugs. they will be suspended from the park for 90 days. >> we will be able to know if the individual is in violation by the contact the officer has with the individual and if they are found to be in violation of that suspension notice, then they make themselves subject to citation and arrest. >> you may not be able to see the officers because some of
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also be offered options for other treatment. the fbi has released 58 pages on the closed investigation of hillary clinton's use of a private e- mail server while secretary of state. it reveals what was said and done during the 3 1/2 hour inview between clinton and federal investigators in july. the fbi showed her classified e- mails from her personal account while she was secretary of state. she says she didn't remember any of them and relied officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information. the fbi says there was no evidence clinton or her aides intentionally mishandled classified information. donald trump says he doesn't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. this is the news covering the world today, president obama arrived in china this morning. the president is one of the world leaders for the g-20 summit that starts tomorrow. this is the first summit to be
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strengthening the world economy and cracking down on corporate tax evasion. and philippines president says that the deadly explosion in his hometown is an act of terrorism. and he is going to confront it. 14 people are dead and dozens were hurt after a blast ripped through the crowded street market yesterday. a mass vigil was helped to -- was held close to where it happened this morning to honor those who lost their lives. this is an the rubble of a collapsed building on more than a week after a deadly earthquake that hit central italy. the firefighters were helping a couple back to their home to recover some of the belongings when they heard the dog barking. they -- that was owned by the couple. golden retriever appeared to be in good health despite having spent several days among the debris. and let's go out to dave with a quick check of the weather. >> beautiful labor day weaning a few more clouds out there
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some afternoon showers and that's in the breakdown for today. by 9 a.m., 70, 83 by noon and 88 out to be the high with isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. i will show outfuturecast forecast and give you a -- you the futurecast forecast and tell you when the timeline will roll into the area. >> two csu students won big. how much tuition money they received from making a 20 yard
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welcome back. you are looking towards the mountains this morning. a few clouds haiking in the air -- hanging in the air but we will find out what it's going to be like this afternoon.
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picture you see the big white cloud bubbling in between mountains. that's a thunderstorm in the high country. >> there you go. >> we have got some moisture working into the states so it could be a stormy afternoon. dmoint if you stayed up late and watched the picture of the day but it was cool. here's a look at it. mike from bailey shot this aosprey nest and look at that guy hanging out. there he is watching things go by with the blue skies andsunshine this morning we are starting out pretty mild. 5 # in fort collins. 63 at dia. and mostly 40s and 30s in the mountains. out on the western slope david is our weather watcher and he has 57 degrees and up in nun susie j at 51 degrees this morning. check this out. house is and thunderstorms last night moving into the colorado spring pueblo area dissipated but left behind quite a bit in the way of cloud cover can over the eastern plains. we have thunderstorms from
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way up towards craig and outside steam boat and that's moisture moving n believe it or not, high pressure that's moving in. typically high pressure typically means clear skies and warm weather. this one has a little bit of moisture embedded in it. it's bringing in warm temperatures but there he's moisture along with it. should be strong enough to keep the front from making it into colorado all weekend long. so, temperatures gradually will heat up and we will dry out once we get into sunday and monday as well. but for today, oh i did want to make mention of th hermine is still causing problems out in the east coast. here's a look at that storm as it blew up during the course of the last 24 hours. now just off the coast of north carolina about 10 miles, northwest of oregon inlet with 60-mile-per-hour winds. it's expected to just skirt the coast and move over open water. could return and become a hurricane again once it gets out over the open ocean out there. so they will have to watch for that a lot of storm surge there
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the mountains. that's the map at noon and for us after 2:00 we can see some storms mob into the denver metro area and some way out east probably eastern adams and arapahoe county in nebraska and kansas could be severe today. so we will watch for that. strong hail and gusty winds. the forecast today, 88 for the high in denver. isolated afternoon thunderstorms. and we will have what we call partly sunny skies. more clouds than sunshine. and then tomorrow, 88 degrees again but mostly sunny skies. we keep that trend going tuesday and wednesday look pretty nice only isolated storms and temperatures holding in to the 80s. so i think we hit the jackpot for the holiday weekend. >> warm temperatures and fairly dry. not too bad. >> all right it's going to be a good day at taste of colorado. >> yes let's go eat. >> sounds good. >> dave thanks. the rockies are kind of but not really in the playoff race which means basically they are not math matically eliminateed yet.
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diamondback and we start tied at 7th in the air and charlie blackmon is home on a singel to give the rockies the lead. and then later in the inning, it's nick providing plenty of insurance a grand slam the rocks add another off a solo home run to end this 14-7 in the win. the series continues tonight. just after 6:00. and new this morning, a 5,000 dollar credit will be applied to a couple of csu students who turn out to sophomore aaron eck and matt glassmeyer kicked a rocket through the uprise. two others had a chance to win but didn't make it. all four contestants what 30 minutes to practice at their home field this week. we will have more on the highlights in just a minute but of course if you a csu fan, you just saw them. coming up, a warning for owners
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phone. why company is recalling more than 2 mill of the galaxy note devices and how long some customers may have to go phoneless. right now we are looking at at a beautiful shot where the rocky mount showdown was last night and last nights-- last night the game was not close. how the rams got buffaloed. >> time for the chevy sports break. >> the two things one he correctly predicted nick would start for csu and two as he he told boosters, csu would be ready to beat up on the team from up north. he used slightly different words. coach mack on the hot seat this year but everything going the buffs way last night. first drive he fumbled at the goal line but a lineman there to jump on it made it 7-0cu. rams offense was a mess.
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turnovers. and the buffs offense well, they were clicking. over 300 yards thrown and a long pass right there. the buffs score a play later. 44-7 the final from this year's showdown. the most lopsided game since the 1950s. and broncos must make the final cuts by 2 this afternoon. have a good weekend. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by two years in a row based on
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welcome back. right now jiewn gene wilder fans can watch two classic films in theaters this weekend.
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the chocolate factory and blazing saddles in theaters across the country. they will be shown today and tomorrow at the amc theater in highlands ranch and westminster promenade. tickets are just $5. wilder died on monday from complications from alzheimer's. he was 8 # years old. -- 8 years old. let's check -- 83 years old. let's check in with the weather with dave. >> looking good. yeah. check this out. our look out mountain camera looking over the city. a little hazy out there albert and lincoln counties but it's not pea soup or anything like that. at 61 in downtown this morning starting out pretty good weather watcher wendy in coming in this morning. and pretty good temperatures she is right at 60 this morning. here's the futurecast now. we have got clouds hanging around out here and there's a little rain in some of the mountains. going through the day, as you look at this you can see showers and thunderstorms in the foothills and then they will push out over the eastern plains by 2:00 i think we could
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not going to be severe in denver but later in the evening again, much like what happened last night out here in extreme eastern cruel dough fillics county and down to cheyenne county could have some heavy thunderstorms. some of the storms last night out there were like two to five inches of rain and that flooding and all types of things like that. that could happen again today. meantime, n. denver isolated afternoon -- in denver isolated thunderstorms. 8# in fort collins and 88 in looking day all things considered. drier tomorrow and another warm day on the way. we will check that out coming up. >> dave thanks very much. >> okay you got it. this is the news in your money watch report. samsung is recalling the galaxy note 7 phones after reports of them catching on fire. at a press conference yesterday samsung says it will take back 2.5 million of the devices. the company confirmed dozens of cases where phones caught fire and blames a problem on a
7:22 am
the suppliers. samsung says replacement phones will be available in two weeks. delta airlines says a computer outage last month cost 100 million dollars in lost revenue. malfunction caused 2300 of the flights to be canceled. delta also reported passenger revenue to be for august that fell more than 9% compared to a year ago due in part all to that outage. and it's not even labor day but walmart is retailers lay away program which is available. also it's out with a list of 25 hottest toys for the holidays as picked by kids. they include a teenage mutant ninja turtle remote control and disney princess carriage. labor day weekend bringing many events into downtown denver. and that means plenty of
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here's a look at civic center park. empty streets right now but get ready for a huge crowd today. a very busy weekend all around denver has already started. and this is what looks like -- this is what it looks like getting into downtown yesterday a slow go on our karen morfitt tells us about the events that could cause headaches for drivers. >> reporter: it's expected to be one of the busiest weekends. taste of colorado. 4 home games at coors field concerts and international skating and bmx festival according to alegra haynes is only held in five cities worldwide. >> we are in for a treat.
7:27 am
sports. >> reporter: with all the fun comes the headaches. for some, the crowds of people half a million expected to visit taste of colorado alone and the touch and go commute is more than they can handle. >> there's too much traffic people drive crazy and don't pay attention to stop signs or lights. >> reporter: and several roads have been shut down around civic center park. organizers suggest public transportation or ride sharing >> we left earlier. kids are saying why are we here so early. >> we planned ahead and were running about an hour and half behind and we were still okay. >> reporter: karen morfitt, cbs4 news. >> still looks like fun. if you plan to come into denver this weekend we have information about the closures and parking and rtd's ked jewel at check this out, a boulder firefighter is taking care of a kitten rescued from a home with high carbon monoxide levels.
7:28 am
at the clayton apartments. the leak was coming from the building's boiler room a woman reported feeling sick but no one was hospitalized. and coming up, much of the carolinas are being drenched from tropical storm hermine. now the storm is making its way into the mid-atlantic. latest on the threats to the
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live from colorado's
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>> welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it's 7:30 on saturday september 3rd. beautiful shot at the mile high stadium. we are looking at a beautiful day. dave aguilera you are out in the colorado weather center and how are we looking. >> we are looking great out there. there's a few clouds because we have had moisture coming through we have had high pressure over the state but moisture is embedded in that we will have warmth and few storms this morning. looking at the weather map most nice. 61 in golden and 63 in englewood and 49 colder up here. john in ever green is coming in at 54 with the weather watcher network. satellite and radar we have had the clouds drifting over the area all the way out into eastern colorado. things have dried out over sections of washington county out here yuma county cheyenne county where last night they saw from 2 to 5 inches of
7:31 am
and flooding. so hopefully they will dry out a little bit. there's another chance some storms that make it out there will be severe. so we will have to watch for that. here in denver, we are looking at partly sunny skies this morning. meaning more clouds and sunshine. 7 a degrees by 9 -- 70 by 9. and noon 83 and isolated storm later this afternoon. most likely in town after about 2:00 or so. and a high today 88 degrees. so a warm day for us today. and the rest of the holiday weekend will be in the same territory as least for this labor day weekend. this year. we will take a closer look at temperatures coming up in little bit. >> we look forward to that thanks. new developments in a deadly stabbing at family dollar store in adams county. friends of the victim say he was the store manager and was killed during what might have been a robbery gone wrong. melissa garcia talked with his best friend who is devastated by the deadly attack.
7:32 am
yord for joey cerda the death feels like a nightmare. >> he was hard working and and loved his job and husband. >> reporter: but the deadly stabbing inside the family dollar on 72nd and pecos is all too real. alex alvear was working as store manager when 42-year-old anthony grayson went inside and stabbed him to death. >> looked out the window and saw the guy. >> reporter: business owner george saw the suspect earlier. >> looked weird because of the way he slow pace not a normal pace. >> reporter: police arrived in 2 to 3 mense and i rested grayson at scene. >> i want to see this person be put away. i really really do because honestly he was too young for him to be lose his lifelike that. >> reporter: customers just learning of the tragedy came by to shed a tear. shoppers like anita romero were unaware and came by to find the store closed and the favorite friendly worker gone. >> i am shocked.
7:33 am
>> i mean he always what smile on his face. >> for some reason people can't get along and that hurts. and the tragedy that happened now, i just can't believe it. >> that was melissa gar see ha reporting. alvear's friend started a gofundme fund so he could belaid to rest with his family in mexico. we will have a link on our website. new information about another murder another tough story. this investigatioa was. yesterday afternoon, police announced ate rest of levi cisneros charged with first- degree murder. early tuesday morning a man's body was found near 76th and pecos he was shot to death. sources say his murder could be related to a nearby marijuana grow operation. and an update on an explosion at home in winter park. investigators say this happened at a remodeling project. three people were installing new carpet at the home on
7:34 am
enjery work on a natural gas line of the one of the workers plugged into the carpet iron which was -- which caused the explosion. that person has burns on his upper body. the others were treated and released at the scene. the home is uninhabitable. and brompgos have -- broncos have until 2 to get the roster down to 53 men. most notable cuts was thompson. still waiting to see if will keep ronnie hillman and bibbs and what happens with mark sanchez. if the broncos trust rookie lynch to be the tam's backup. sanchez will likely be cut traded or asked to take a pay cut to stay. all this happening with just five days away from the beginning of the season. making yesterday feel like a monday in a normal week. >> it's a hell of a monday. let me put it that way. there's a lot of work to do
7:35 am
planning and doing the things we do on monday for a regular season game. we have to evaluate the entire situation you know. it's about 53 guys we want to go to battle with this season so we have a lot of tough decisions to make. >> for complete broncos coverage from the final cuts to thursday's kick off versus the panthers go to our website cbsdenver.cop. -- most of the hawaiian islands is under a hurricane watch. the first hurricane to strike florida weakened to scale storm. right now it's -- tropical storm. right now it's moving along the virginia coast and will bring heavy rain and wind this weekend. kenneth craig has the latest. >> reporter: hermine battered the carolinas overnight dumping rain and knocking down power lines and trees with the powerful winds. tropical storm warnings now stretch to new jersey. storm watchs continue on through connecticut. but slows down and stalls in fact it drifts back to the west as we head into the day on
7:36 am
reintensifying and may become a hurricane again. hermine could bray storm surge as much as 4 feet to parts of the mid-atlantic as millions try to enjoy summer's last hoorah the long labor day weekend in new york much of lower manhattan is close to sea level and vulnerable to storm surges. hermine is expected to bring the worst rip currents to hit the region in 10 to 15 years. and in new jersey, people living near the shore are preparing for hermine's arrival. some space underneath and we will have to bring everything in and make sure everything is secure and keep everyone safe. >> reporter: hermine came ashore early friday morning in the florida panhandle as hurricane. heavy rains called flooding and destroyed roads. winds brought down trees that crashed into homes and knocked down power. >> it's not safe to stay so we have to leave. >> reporter: as hermine now moves up the east coast, it is leaving behind damage that will
7:37 am
ken can it craig -- kenneth craig cbs news charleston south carolina. new video shows one married couple that was not phased by tropical storm hermine. both husband and wife posed for pix as the storm started to dump rain in kitty hawk north carolina. they said their i dos yesterday and said they didn't mind the rain and wind as the backdrop for the wedding photos and think the weather will give them great memories. people are tougher. coming up a family of bears decide to man's backyard in california. >> hey, i thought i told you guys to get out of here. now go. >> what else mom and her cubs
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welcome back. daveing alayera live you are talking about a beautiful weekend. >> we have storms in the forecast so we may have to take cover for a little while but all things considered we hit the jackpot and we have a big weekend taste of colorado coming up. bagpipeers waiting over this. >> we have all the good stuff this morning. >> warming up in the lunchroom and they sound great. >> there you go. >> oh my gosh can't wait for that. check out our roof top cameras as we look out there. a few cloud fittering the sunshine but blue is making it
7:41 am
have going on this morning. so, a good start to the day. there have been a few rain showers in the mountains so the moisture is working its way in. check out the sunrise shot from dale in beautiful bronco blue and orange and we get great looking sunrises once we get a little cloud cover in the mix. current temperatures now going like this we are 66 in grand junction. look 37 degrees here to start you off and 57 in greeley and degrees and he said he had thunderstorms going through this morning so a little rain down there. there it goes right there. and some of that has fallen apart as it moved into colorado springs but look at cloud shields over eastern colorado. also some thunderstorms out here near delta pushing over to south of aspen and around craig over to north of steam boat and wyoming this morning so that moisture is working in. there's high pressure associated with this. and typically high pressure
7:42 am
combined and it's bringing in heat and bringing in some moisture as well. so thunderstorms this afternoon. there is a cold front you see on the weather map but i think the high will be strong enough to hold it out of the region for most of the weekend. so once that high settles in over colorado which happens today, we will start to dry out tomorrow and monday. so, chances for thunderstorms going down tomorrow and for labor day as well. here's a look at futurecast for today. showers and thunderstorms firing up in the mountains by noon and then they move out over the eastern plains this of these out here in the extreme -- one or two of these out here from eastern adams and arapahoe county could be severe so much like yesterday you could be under the gun again. they had wicked storms with a heavy rain out there yesterday. temperatures 80s, 80s down low. 7 -- 80, 90s. the rest of the forecast for denver 88 through monday upper 80s with sunshine and this morning and mixed in with
7:43 am
on into monday and we keep the 80s rolling tuesday and wednesday as well. so looking good around here. now, we have got a treat this morning. long speak irish highland festival will celebrate the 40th anniversary. >> dave the 4-day celebration starts this thursday and here to tell us is expelodicious and and jacob stellar good morning guys. >> good morning. >> what can you tell us about the festival. >> it's you -- it's as you know it's the 40th year and it's the largest festival for the celtic music. >> hear your accent where are you from. >> scotland. >> you are from scotland. >> yeah i am here for the festival and this is my thirdyear. >> awesome. >> you will have bag piping and what are the other tegs special things we can look forward to?
7:44 am
age from adults to children and highland dancing for kids and competitions for kids. >> what is this they call with the logs. >> that's tossing the ceeber and that's-- and it's a full eventful weekend and it's worthwhile because you are going to see one of two. [audio not understandable] and there's dog shows and island dancing. >> you feel festival. >> absolutely yeah. we have scottish festivals in scottland and that's last year and this is probably as good as any festival i ever played and it's a good festival. >> looks great so when does it take place and how can we get tickets to go? >> okay takes place from 8 to the 11th starts 7:30 on the first night the gates will open. and then it is opened 9 a.m.
7:45 am
scott fest from the website here. >> there you go right there. >> and i know from experience one of the things that makes it authentic if you eat food you have to try the hagas. >> you have to have a kilt. >> you have one in the weather center. >> yeah we wear it on windy days you know look out. >> amazing because it's amazing how many people have them and some have bet are highland dress than highlanders. >> so scott fest starts this thursday as and you can can get tickets at participating walgreens and king soupers location and buy them online at the website we showed you scott except can and but first you will play us out here. >> i am. >> let's do it. >> jacob here we go.
7:46 am
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z23eiz zvpz y23eiy yvpy welcome back. a flight attendant wouldn't stand for it when a passenger started to do handstands in her set.
7:49 am
-- genie moose tells us -- jeanne moos tells us about work out. >> reporter: bear feet on the tray table ponytail over the screen are not bad enough a head stand on an aisle seat. >> we are laughing because it was in my opinion the best inflight entertainment i had. >> reporter: rod whipped out the phone and captured the passenger limbering up on a 2- hour united flight from l.a. to mexico. he started to live tweet making up names for the the raptor's spirit. but when she started to do a second head stand a flight attendant intervened and he tweeted my face right now. >> she was saying miss if you could stop doing that and the lady is like i guess and like she was just a little weird. i will be honest but, i mean she seemed like a sweet lady too. >> reporter: at least she was not naked wearing a pillow case over her eyes or giving her sea
7:50 am
the lady doing the head stand told the ateddant she was not feeling well. this latest example of a passenger misbehaving comes as american airlines launched a new ad campaign. campaign showcasing how the world's greatest flyers are supposed to behavior. they like babies but bring noise canceling headphones. they always ask before they raise an shade and shouldn't you ask before raising your legs? >> in all fairness to her she did it really well. >> reporter: so well, she didn't even wake up the guy sleeping next to her. >> we told him afterwards when he woke up and we showed him the videos and he couldn't believe it. >> reporter: feet in the air, 35,000 feet jeanne moos cnn new york. >> wow. a mamma bear and cubs has
7:51 am
in the pool on thursday. mom played lifeguard while her youngsters practiced their swimming skills. the homeowner scared them away but the bears jumped into a neighbor's pool. then it was time for lunch and the cubs went through a dumpster until a dog ran towards them barking and sending the family back into,, ? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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dave is back to give us the best weather 15 seconds can buy. >> lovely labor day weekend upper 80s through labor day and few isolate storms other than that perfect. >> all right dave thanks very much. and thanks for joining us on cbs4's morning news for news any time go to our website we will have more news tonight on the cbs4 news at 5:00. have a great weekend. >> i will be there.
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