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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:23pm MDT

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the broncos make deadline today and cut 22 players. one of them, mark sanchez. >> mark, massive -- not necessarily shocking. >> there was writing on the wall. mark sanchez was never going to be his long-term solution. but his time at the team even shorter than expected. it's not a big surprise. the broncos had little use for sanchez is a high-priced backup . they tried to trade into dallas, but the pop -- cowboys waited and signed sanchez after he was released. the going to keep that draft pick. in the end sanchez is time was less than 6 months. >> we had a long talk with mark and he handled it with great
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i know he was disappointed. he wanted to stay here. we thought with where we are, it was best for us to go different ways. >> the other big cut . he was beat out by kapri bibbs. a douglas county detective is still in intensive care after being shot. it happened yesterday when police responded to reports of a suicidal community is rallying behind the detective. >> reporter: they certainly are. we spoke to neighbors who say that they are praying and asking others to pray for detective dan brite and his family. we know that he remains in what they call very critical condition. he was moved to icu after
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we know they have put out a call for prayers and financial support. they did that through a go fund me page started earlier today. all rally -- already having raised more than $3000. a member of the family saying they need support for other relatives coming into town to be by his side. we know that his wife is also a deputy and their children are there in the hospital with him. there is new information released as well. the man who detectives say shot detective dan brite is . he lives in the home or the call originated. police radio traffic indicated he might have been drunk in suicidal. that he had access to weapons when this began. he crashed an rv and that is when another deputy shot and killed him. we also know they finished
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investigation. now the focus remains on detective dan brite and his recovery. we're live in parker. right now douglas county authorities issued a warning for people leaving cars unlocked at popular parks. they say there have been more break-ins and thefts in broad daylight. we do live one of those parks, how are people being warned? >> reporter: take a look at this. we have a signs. we found 3 near this trail. warning part trail -- park goers to remove valuables. these are targeting cars in the late afternoon when many are on the trails. >> it surprising that someone can get in a car without being noticed. >> reporter: car break-ins are on the rise in douglas county in areas many may not expect. parking lots of parks and trailheads.
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i always locked my car. >> reporter: that many people don't. since july the douglas county sheriff's office says these have been targeting easy to grab items from unlocked cars. don admits she often leaves a car unlocked. >> to take advantage of tinted windows. it's not a deterrent in any way shape or form. but i don't hide them. >> reporter: tends to be more careful. >> when i come to a public spot i locked my car. >> reporter: these new science serve as a reminder, that they need to be put into practice. >> it's a necessary precaution. if you get back to your car and you didn't locket it's your own fault if you things are gone. >> reporter: some of the items thing taken include cell
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garage door openers. if you are the victim of a car break-in or saw anything suspicious the douglas county sheriff's office asks you call. new tonight at 10 denver police are looking for a man they say stabbed someone downtown. it happened tonight near broadway and curtis. the victim was taken to the hospital. police say the suspect is a black male about 5 feet 11 inches tall. 180 pounds. we're following developing story out of fresno california. 2 officers were shot inside a jail. visitor opened fire in the jails lobby. they say the suspect tried to cut the front of a line and was confronted by an officer. shots were exchanged and he surrendered. the suspect has a long criminal history. the injured officers are in the hospital. happening now the governor of oklahoma cleared a state of emergency.
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several buildings were damaged including this red brick home. you can see a crack running through it. a couple who got married today felt the jolt and did not faze them. >> i think it's good luck. we were upstairs getting ready and it started shaking. we were like, oh dear what's happening. it was an earthquake. we will take it is good luck. earthquake for the strongest earthquake in recorded state history. the latest news on 2016 campaign. donald trump addressed a large black audience today in detroit. he vowed to help the community battle racial injustice. it came as protesters clashed outside. >> guess what? >> fbi documents say her memory
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the fbi says the democratic presidential nominee allowed state officials to use their best judgment when handling classified information. obama arrived in china for the g 20 summit. the leaders of folk on's -- focus on strengthening the economy. the relationship to in the us and china allows cooperation on security matters and isis. has been held in china. hundreds of coloradans experienced a taste of colorado. the 33rd annual event filled downtown denver with free music and family fun. the focus is on the food. several restaurants took top prizes including eastern colorado. and best value grammies goodies. new video shows a brewery tour turned into a social experiment about drinking and driving. cdot commissioned a viral video
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but none of the passengers so the drivers to stop. it turns out the driver is a paid actor. he is drinking nonalcoholic beer. the passengers are brought to tears. >> i don't care. if something happens to me, and i drive somewhere and kill someone, -- >> seated -- cdot says it was made to target a different audience. people picture themselves here to get the message. tropical storm hermine kills 2 people and is now threatening more communities. >> we didn't think it would be this bad. i would imagine the undertow would take you out. >> what forecasters are now expecting. more controversy surrounding : kaepernick. why the police chief is stepping in. storms are moving out of
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i will show you who had ,,,, as a school superintendent,
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made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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most americans believe pharmacies should not sell tobacco. even 50 percent of smokers agree with that.
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people look for pharmacies to support their health. smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the us. almost 500,000 americans died from smoking every year. this weekend the us workforce is getting older. nearly 9,000,000 people 65 or older work either full or part- time. 20 percent of the total of older americans. 35 percent from the year 2000. an update computer outage the canceled thousands of delta flights. we learned it cost the airline $100 million. ?also said passenger revenue for last month fell 9 percent or do one year ago. they say the outage was partly to blame for that. new video of a prayer vigil for mother teresa. thousands of followers gathered. the pontiff denounced those who
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she is known as the saint for helping the needy in the slums of calcutta. the latest sounding -- surrounding kaepernick. the police chief urges the local police union and citizens safety 1st. that after some members say they might boycott policing future 49er games if kaepernick isn't disciplined. the quarterback refused to stand during the national anthem earlier this week. he said it was in protest of police at black man. 2 people are dead and hundreds of thousands in the dark as tropical storm hermine moves up the east coast from florida. tonight new york and new jersey are gearing up for what could be a long a damaging storm. hermine caused trees to crash into homes in charleston south carolina. the storm flooded roads. and left several hundred thousand people without electricity. from florida to virginia.
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hurricane is now a tropical storm. it could regain hurricane strength as it moves north over open water. after the announcement lifeguards locked the gates at seaside heights new jersey. closing down the beaches over 24 hours before hermine arrives. double red flags are posted warning danger. >> 60 miles per hour winds. 10 or 15 foot waves. basically one big washing machine. >> menacing clouds crowds from the boardwalk. he brought his family from pennsylvania. >> we didn't think it would be this bad. with the waves this tall. i would imagine the undertow would take you out. >> this is the same town where sandy showed up in 2012. hermine is not protected to be anything near savannah -- sandy's severity. the storm could stick around for a few days. forecasters predict it will hit the jersey shore tomorrow
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the outer banks of carolina. here in colorado we had a little bit of bad weather. >> out in eastern colorado. denver wasn't too bad. a little wind and sprinkles on the west and north side of town. nothing major. at the moment west of those storms of pulled out. right along the kansas nebraska line. a big thunderstorm with a lot of lightning. a little thunderstorm action to the northwest. in the last couple of hours a few week thunderstorms county. up into weld county. it still sprinkling south of greeley. the bigger storms really just walloped morgan county, washington county, and many reports of hail and high winds. we start up north, akron had to brief funnel clouds. a tornado warning posted for that. no reports of touchdowns.
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there were's roof vehicle damage. over 1.25 inches of rain. one-inch diameter hail in poni pass. your burlington one-inch diameter hail. it was really rough over the eastern plains. our high in denver managed to make it to 90. we added in the moisture and got some thunderstorms going. normal is 83. we started at 58. out there it 69 right now. southeast wins at 6. we did have some reports of moisture from some weather watchers. and cliff under quarter inch. peats, 7/10 of an inch. we had reports of over 1 inch of rain fall there.
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we will start partly cloudy tomorrow. clear to partly cloudy across the east and just drying with isolated storms here in there. denver will remain high and dry. we will call it mostly sunny. there is a chance of some more severe storms for morgan county up into nebraska. overnight 50s and 40s down lo 50s and 60s in eastern colorado. 80s and 90s the turn over the eastern plains. if you want a cooldown go to the mountains. 70s. gusty isolated storms north denver upward in the next hour and that will wash out. 50s for the overnight low. tomorrow mostly sunny and breezy at times. near 90 again tomorrow. a hot day. same thing on monday for labor day. upper 80s to near 90.
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wednesday. maybe a storm on tuesday but a drying trend that carries into the following weekend. temperatures just slightly cool. i would call that comfortable. >> no 90s to be seen. >> hopefully we have washed those way. >> the taste of colorado is going on that looks nice. >> tomorrow will be okay as well. just a little breeze and that will be about it. >> we hit the jackpot. thank you for watching. >> sport extra is coming up next. >> another nice day tomorrow
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welcome to saturday mark sanchez, set -- cut by the broncos. signed by the cowboys. broncos also cut . was beat out who makes a roster after 2 years mostly on the practice squad. sanchez let go because the team did not need him as a high- priced 3rd string quarterback.


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