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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  September 4, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MDT

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dave, we've been watching a beautiful morning. >> yeah, it's unfolding rather nicely to get us started here in the first sunday of september, going on. beautiful out there in the sunshine. we're at 55 in brighton. and 56 in boulder this morning.
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the mostly clear skies, but there's thunderstorms out over western colorado, and those will be increasing as we go through the day. the biggest chance for storms will be over northern colorado, and then into the northeast. however, right over denver, there's a pocket of try air, so i think these storms will probably skip over us today. so we're in great shape. mostly sunny die skyes today. maybe a few buildups of afternoon clouds, but do you feel temperatures. 84 by noon, and should have a high of about 88 on out there. and i think we've got a pretty nice stretch as we head into the week ahead. we'll check that out coming up in a few minutes. >> new developments in a tough story we told you about yesterday. a douglas county executive remains in critical condition -- deputy remains in critical condition after a shooting yesterday. police shot and killed the suspect after he fired at
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dan bright. >> reporter: accord douglas 0 county, people are pulling for detective dan bright and his fame. >> reporter: joe ann justice living down the street from where the deputy was shot. >> you know, they put their life on the line every time they're on duty, sometimes even off duty, and we just all feel really terrible. >> reporter: bright's family said they need prayers and financial support through gofundme page, as relatives continue to arrive to be by his side. deputies say in the man who shot detective bright is 40- year-old randall roddick. when law enforcement were called to his home friday, police radio traffic indy indicates roddick had access to weapons, may have been drunk
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into deputies say roddick fired on them outed his home, striking bright, and then fled in his suv, crashing at sierra middle school, where another deputy hot and killed him. neighbors say rod inwas a recluse, who he they described as troubled. investigators say they have now gathered all of the evidence that they need from the scene, fund my page for bright passed its goal, raising more than 6,000 since it was created just yesterday. >> right now, denver police are looking for a man they say stabbed someone in downtown. this happened last night near broadway and curtis. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition. police say the suspect is black man, about 5'11", and wearing 180 pounds. and we have a sad update about a beloved elephant at the
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elephant doll by has been euthanized. dolly was in declining health and off in some sort of a hospice care. many of you may remember seeing dolly when you were a kid. stew officials believe she was at least 50 years old. dolly was transferred to the denver zoo in 1990 from aia. -- from asia. and now the latest on colorado's marijuana industry. in november, voters will decide pot consumption in restaurants and bars. a controversial idea. and now the latest on the g20 summit in china. president obama arrived at the international expo center for the openinger is more than this morning. the president said there is no quit in the u.s. effort to pursue peace in syria. he said our country is still
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in syria. both countries are edging toward a deal which could be announced soon. and donald trump traveled to detroit to seek support from the african-american community yesterday, while hillary clinton was trying to distance herself from an e-mail scandal. >> reporter: donald trump clapped his hands while acquire sang gospel music during his visitton a african-american church in detroit on saturday. he invoice vowed to fix the problems facing the black community across america. >> i'm here today to learn, be so that we can remedy injustice in any form. >> reporter: it's the first time trump has addressed a large black audience since winning the republican party nomination. >> i pray over this person. >> reporter: the person wrapped a special hall is around trump. protesters gathered outside with signs saying no hate in the white house. security set up barricades, and exchanges got heated between
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supporters. >> reporter: on friday, the fbi released 58 pages from its investigation of lynch's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. the documents show lynch's memory was scotty when agents showed her classified e-mails from her personal account. many she didn't remember. lynch didn't recall receiving any e-mails she thought should not be on an unclassified system and repeatedly said she relied on state officials to use their best handling classified information. lynch's campaign said the materials only prove why the justice department decided noth to move forward. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> most polls show trump's support among black vote seniors still under 10%. and happening today, thousands of colradoans have been enjoying a taste of colorado. the 33rd annual event in downtown denver is full with fry music and family fun, but
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several restaurants have already taken away prizes, including bistro colorado. this event lasts through tomorrow. dave is in now with a check of the forecast. dave, should be pretty good down there today. >> oh, man, that's such a fun time. not only do you haveny food. you have rides for the kids. you have music. you have it all down there. starting out nice, mostly clear across the area. i think our chances for thunderstorms are pretty small in denver today. wel in the mean time, a few twitter pictures for you. from grand another shot for you. our mountain bureau reporter is flying somewhere, but he had a great sunrise shot on the wing of a plane out at dia. and parker tech guy shot this september sunrise from parker. beautiful shots for us. if you have any pictures, go to you report here at, and we would like to get them on tv for you.
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but you really want a cool down? go to walden. mark russell, our weather watcher up there this morning, stan, has 33 degrees this morning. >> that is chilly. all right, dave. next on colorado's news channel, what most americans think about pharmacies selling tobacco. plus, a new studien indicates that coffee craving spray a genetic basis. you're are going to want to hear this to say if you're one
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the united nations health agency wraps up it's meetings on secaucus. the virus remains a global health -- zika, the virus remains a global health crisis. so much about the mosquito borne disease remains unknown, including the complications it can cause. currently 72 countries and territories are affected by zika. patients operated on at night, a new study, says are twice as likely to die as those
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regular business hours. doctors examined surgical data gathered over a five-year period, and found even people who had surgeries late if the day had a higher mortality risk. and 2/3 of americans say pharmacies should not sell tobacco, and half of smokers agree with them. tobacco free policies can improve health even two cups of coffee a day is the norm. but do you ever wonder why you might be such a big coffee drinker? we have more on that story in today's health minute. w. you need a pick me up at work, or just happen to be a latte lover, new research suggests that your espresso habits may be linked to your
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0ed genetic trait were found to be less than those who didn't have the trait. it is believed this knee gene affects coffee consumption by the rate at which carve teen is being metabolized. the studials also conducted to a group of roughly 1700 people in the netherlands, and the results were similar. the author says study that link food with generalth it ins can science between people's eating and drinking habits, and hopefully lead to solutions that can help change some of our bad choices. >> and now the latest on tropical storm hermine. two people are dead, properties are damaged, and hundreds of thousands are without power from florida to virginia. the storm could also regain hurricane strength as it moves slowly up the east coast. tropical storm warnings are in
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connecticut. >> what's happening now, we have good news and bad news, hermine moves out over open water. it's a tropical low pressure area, meaning it's a big storm system. in the a bond in a tied tropical storm right now. winds of 65 miles per hour. about but you can see, the coastline from boston, all the way down to the north si north carolina here, has either tropical storm warnings going on, or hurricane warnings going on because of the wind and because of the storm surge now that's expected as this storm pulls away. it's going to push back against the coast. leading to flooding right along the coastline there in many of those locations. so even though the rain isn't showing a lot of rainfall right now, the storm surge is what is going to be a problem out there
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mannered weather going on. >> a akron, they had over an inch of rain, sun and to
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to carand that type of thing last night. tonight, could happen any again. more moisture, and then northeastern colorado here, for are denver and all the way down to the southern stretches of colorado, i think we have some dryer air to work with. so here is the storm coverage for us. you can so a few storms in the northwest, and then they pop up out here in the northeast later on today. for denver, we night have some cloud buildups in the afternoon, but for the most part, we're going to be sunny. if there is any rain that pops northwestern corner to the northeastern corner of the state. and it is slight. not a huge chance, but there is a chance. 88 in denver today. mostly sunny. clouds build up late in the day. tomorrow a high of 88. next chance of storms for
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tuesday. sewell things considered web we've had some rough labor days in some years. this one is not too bad at all. >> and i like where this is going. temperatures slowly ticking down. >> and the good thing is when you look at that, there's no 90s, at least. we get close, but no 90s. so i think we did make it to 90 at dia yesterday, so we're trying to keep it down. >> the closer we can get to fall, the better. >> we still need some volunteers for xcel energy's day we need some works here would do anything from alley cleanup, cleaning up trash, painting over graffiti. you will be working with extreme community makeover, which relies entirely on volunteers, really helping us clean out the city in 8 denver neighborhoods. >> it is about bringing volunteers and denver residents together to say how can we be
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work and home improvement projects. >> it is september 10th, xcel energy's day of service. well, it wasn't that long ago that jerry lewis's telethon was as much a part of the labor day weekend as the last barbecue of the season. she now 90,
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in this latest film, max rose, he's a retired jazz artist, coming to terms with his wife's passing. >> and i never told you, you breathe nicer than anyone i've ever known in my life. >> reporter: why max rose? >> i phil in love with the material. -- i fell in material. >> reporter: in this role, his facial expressions say it all. then again, they always have. >> comedy legend jerry lewis. plus a look at star trek at 50, and ballooning, the ultimate summer high, it's all ahead next on cbs sunday morning,
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8:00. >> well, a brewery tour turns into a lesson about drinking and driving. the new cdot campaign that hopes to stop people from getting behind the wheel after they drink. that story is coming up next here on the cbs 4 morning news. as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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mark sanchez was never going to be the broncos long term solution at qb, but his
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expected. yesterday's move, though, not a surprise. sanchez cut by the team. they tried to trade him to dallas, but the cowboys just waited and then signed sanchez after he was cut. broncos will see about 4 million in cap room and keep the draft pick from the original trade with the eagles. in the end, sanchez's time in denver, less than 6 months. >> long talk with and he was -- he handled it with great class, and i know he's disappointed. he wanted to stay here, and, you know, we just thought with where we are, it was probably best for us to go different ways at this point in time. >> a big cut yesterday, ronny himman beat out by bibbs for the final running back spot.
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and this is the news in sports. game two between the rockies and d-backs. rockies on the board in the third with a solo shot to left field. the rockies then start chipping away in the 5th. another homer. ramirez comes home another run. but all of these highlights a little too late, the rockies lose this one 9-4. the series wraps up this afternoon at 2:10. and in college football, maybe already the best story we're going to see all season. nebraska taking a moment to honor one of their fallen players. punter sam fults died in a car crash in july, so the cornhuskers took the field without a player on their their first punt. it was an emotional moment for fans, players, and coaches and
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a penalty was called, but fresno state declined. the huskers ended up winning this game 43-10. >> a colorado brewery tour with an unexpected ending. this group set out to enjoy a few beers, but it turns out it was all part of a social experiment. >> we're shooting a little video for social media, get to drink some beers. >> unsuspecting passengers get on to this bus, thinking they're are getting a tour of a few brews thing is up front. instead, they're being taken to school over drinking and driving. >> 70% of people believe that they are safe to drive after one to two drinks. >> reporter: the viral video shows passengers drinking right along with the driver, and no no one thinks to ask him to stop drinking for not drive. >> peel don't seem to care that i'm drinking and driving. >> reporter: the driver is a
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noticed that our driver was drinking with us all day? >> reporter: but the passengers don't know that until the actors reveal that the trip is a hoax, and had he been drinking what they expected, he would have been well over the legal limit. the passengers are stunned, and some brought to tears. >> i don't care, like, some something happens to me, but if i drive somewhere and i kill somebody? >> when they're having these emotional reactions, those are >> reporter: yeah, yeah. nothing in this video was staged. it's all true to life. >> reporter: the video was commissioned to target a new audience. >> we want to move beyond the slogans don't drink and drive. we want to get laser focus odeon the behavior that enables
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we're mostly sunny out there this morning. coming up, lyle let you know if we have to worry about any
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welcome back. we're looking downtown at where taste of colorado is over at civic center park. dave, you're in the weather center, and you i want a funnel cake, but thin i always want a
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any way you slice it. there's such food food down there. should be another great day for are the taste today ask tomorrow for that matter. current temperatures going like this. we're in the sunshine, 60 in arvada, and greenwood village, as well. so we're pretty good. as we get the afternoon going, while have mostly southerny skies for denver. 84 at noon. 88 should be the high estimate today. we'll have the clouds build up this afternoon. but i think for the most part, the rain and thunderstorms will stay to the north, to the northeast, and to the west. rest of the five-day forecast
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the clouds while we've got them. >> yeah. >> right now douglas county deputies are warning people to not leave their cars unlocked at popular park. they say there have been more break-ins and thefts in broad daylight. we look at which areas are being targets. >> it's surprising to me that someone could get in a car without being noticed. >> reporter: car break-ins are on the rise in douglas county in areas many may not expect. parking lots of parks and heads. >> i'm almost here every day with dogs, so, yeah, i always lock my car. >> reporter: but many don't. since you'll have july, the douglas county sheriff's office said thieves have been targets easy to grab items troy islands park ranch, and castle rock 0. dawn admits she often leaves her car unlocked, and doesn't always keep her valuables out of sight. >> i take advantage of the tinted windows, which is probably not a deterrent in any
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>> reporter: adrian benham said he tends to be a little more careful. >> i never lock my car at night, but when i come to a public spot, i do. >> reporter: benham said these warning signs need to be put into practice. >> it's just a necessary precaution. if you get back to your car and your things are gone, and you didn't lock it, that's kind of your own fault. >> some of the items being taken are phones, purposes, and wallets, and even openers. they're all crimes of opportunity. if you seeing some suspicious, say something. if you've been a victim of a car break-in in douglas county, the sheriff's office is asking for you to give them a call. this is the news covering the nation today, a major breakthrough. officials in northern minnesota say the remain ross of a boy who was abducted decades ago have been found. the sterns county sheriff's office said jacob 0 wetterling's remains were identified yesterday.
7:34 am
kidnapped on a rural road in he 1989 on a road near his home. no one has been arrested or charged, but police have maimed 53-year-old danny heinrich as a person of interest. and pipeline protests continue across the country, including in north dakota, where a $3.7 million project is designed to travel more than a thousand miles from north dakota to illinois, transferring barrels and thousands of people traveled to downtown buffalo this weekend to get a taste of wings from all over the world. the national buffalo wings competition kicked off yesterday. 70,000 people are expected to attend a get a taste at the two- day celebration. wings from 28 local, national, and international eaties are forecast -- eateries, are
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>> and tropical storm hermine now moves think east coast from florida. those who live along the coast in new york and new jersey are now getting ready for what could be a lengthy and damaging storm. >> hermine damaged a dozen houses in atlanta georgia, and also toppled trees into homes in charles areton, south carolina, and left several hundred people electricianpy. >> i expect every city and county official to aggressively fix that problem. >> reporter: the storm is expected hit the jersey shore sunday night. it is already created high waves and dangerous conditions here. lifeguards locked the gates at seaside heights, closing down the beaches. more than 24 hours before hermine arrives. double red flags were posted, warning of the danger. >> we're at about 60 mile an
7:36 am
wave, so it's going to be even worse. basically just one big washing machine. >> reporter: but menacing crowds didn't keep people away from the boardwalk. >> we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being this, you know, tall, but i would imagine the undertow would take you right out, so i can understand their concern. >> reporter: there is concern here. this is the same town where sandy knocked a roller coast entire the ocean if in 2012. hermine is not pric burt the storm are could stick around for a couple of days, intensifying possible flooding and beach erosion. >> and take a look at hermine's path right now. it's expected to restrengthen back into a hurricane at some point today. >> also, happening tomorrow, comedy central is going to air the roast of actor rob lowe. retired quarterback peyton
7:37 am
that manning was not returning to the nfl, and peyton made sure to remind lowe about that, while also taking a couple of shots at tom brady. >> i don't wire about rob low. he is a work horse. and if they ever stop casting you sitcoms, just look on the bright side. you tried to take the air out of my retirement announcement so fast, you can probably get a job as tom brady's ball boy. >> peyton can dish it scout can take it, because you can't be part of a roas roasted yourself. here is comedian pete davidson on peyton manning. >> peyton looks like football players have einvolved to no longer need helmets. no, seriously, peyton, i live all of your work, especially when i saw you in the goonies,ing hey you guys! >> you can see peyton roasting
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well, the end of summer grilling season is here. coming up, some safety measures you should consider to prevent yourself or someone you know
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you have here this morning. 7:40 right now, 55 degrees as we look at our mouse trap camera. looking back out west. and there's a little breeze coming off the foothills, blowing some of those windmills around out there near the flat irons, but nothing too crazy. great start to our day. weather watchers are reporting mostly 50s and 60s coming if here. we have 56 degrees in frank town. from phil curry and his message this morning from frank town, the beautiful labor day continues, and we sent in a picture for us to check things out as the sun is shining through this aspen trees out there. so a great start to the day. here the way things look. mostly sunny this morning. a few clouds building this afternoon, but i think thunderstorms will be a chance of those up north. we have a few sprinkles coming out of lair her county now, and they'll move out over northeastern colorado, is our chances for getting rain in denver are pretty low today.
7:42 am
close to about 80 in evergreen for the high temperature today. not a bad day, stan. >> for many, labor day weekend is one of the last chances to go outside and grill. grilling is, of course, a staple of the season, but it may also expose you to chemicals that are linked to cancer. you may not have known this. don champ explains. >> it is something about that grill that makes it nice. >> reporter: mark wilson is celebrating his wife's birthday with a >> grilling is just a perfect way to prepare a mat, i think. >> reporter: it mate be tasty, but grilling too much may be bad for your health. some say that chemical forge men meat, poultry, and fish are cooked at high temperatures has been linked to colon be, parent keyiatic and breast canser.
7:43 am
for canser. >> reporter: there are some administration can do to reduce your risk. start with a clean grill and cook foods at lower temperatures for a long time. >> we also recommend marinating meats, because that increases the moisture where, and that will decrease the forms aof the chemicals. >> reporter: mark wilson and his wife try to keep that advice in mind whenever they grill. >> every day there's something new 0, a new risk to look out for, so you just try to do the best you can. r grills are safer because they cook more evenly, and fruits and vegetables can be grilled with no health risk. don champ, cbs news, dallas. >> experts also say it's a good idea to have a food thermometer handy when you grill to make sure that your foods are cooked thoroughly. >> coming up, a camp value ride accident sends 8 people to the hospital in memphis. >> the seats, the things that hold you down came up, and we
7:44 am
>> scary story.
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7:46 am
a scary moment on a carnival ride in memphis, tennessee sent hospital. it stopped short in the middle of a go-around, and the operator accidentally caused many of the safety bars to rise. >> pope francis declared mother teresa a saint this morning in front of thousands at the vat can. the nun and noble peace prize
7:47 am
death in 1997. the pope offering more than a thousand homeless people a pizza lunch after the ceremony today in honor of mother teresa. >> a beautiful weekend. you should take your pizza lunch outside. let's go, let's do it. an few more clouds on the fringes, especially up north of thornton, towards >> a double take for you from steam boat springs. our dear trail weather watcher out there shot a beautiful sunshine appdown shot from last night.
7:48 am
over northeastern colorado. current temperatures are looking like this across the state. we have 61 in greeley. 57 in boulder right now. it's 35 in leadville, still. now, on the satellite and radar, we'll take you through 24 hours here. yesterday big thunderstorms, there they were over washington county, up into logan county, and now this morning, we've got little shot of moisture with a guy isolated thunderstorms over clear skies from denver, and throughio so a a cloud bank. there's kind of a dry patch here, and you see all of the clouds are coming in from the southwest. so with a southwesterly flow around a trough at the over california here, we're going to see down sloping winds over denver, and that should keep us fairly dry. it will create thunderstorms in the central portion of the state, and we hay see some
7:49 am
of the storms northwest and then here in the northeastern corner during the afternoon. there's a slight chance over north denver of seeing a passing shower, but for the most part, it will be mostly sun by here during the bulk of the day for us. temperature-wise, the heat is on here in the east. 80s and 90s over the eastern plains. 7 dispose 80s in the mountains and the west today. my forecast for denver looks like this. mostly southerny early, with clouds up to the north. we'll be near 9 for almost summer-like. well, it is summer-like out there, isn't it? mostly southerny skies tomorrow for the holiday. and then as we look ahead, 85 for tuesday and wednesday, just a slight chance of a late day storm on tuesday. otherwise, a lot of sunshine in the week ahead. so we're starting out september rather nicely, i think, all things considered there for you. september is not only a good month weather-wise, but it's also ovarian cancer are
7:50 am
in females here in the united states. >> no screening test for the disease, so symptom recognition is huge. joining us with the ovarian cancer are alliance. good morning, guys. how was the alliance formed >> sure. the alliance is about 11 years old, and really started as a small support group for women with oh 0 varyian cancer. it has -- ovarian cancer. it has programs, and we also raise awareness of ovarian cancer in colorado. >> and we pap test is one of the main tests to pay attention to? >> this is actually a common misconception among women. it is a an excellent test forker isicle cancer, but no
7:51 am
that women should look for? >> the symptoms are unfortunately very vague. i say unfortunately, because they're common for women in their 50s and 60s, and these are common to the tingle presenting age for women with oh vary yarn cancer. these include abdominal pain and bloating. pelvic pressure, or urinary problems. women who have these symptoms should speak to their physicians at any point. >> you were diagnosed at a pretty young age, weren't you? >> uh-huh, right. >> to some young women out there, what is the most important message you could send to them? >> i was diagnosed over 17 years ago, and i think the most important thing is to listen to your body and your instinct, and if you have symptoms that just aren't going away, like the systems that dr. core mentioned, other things like constipation or diarrhea, you should report those to your doctor, and it's important to listen to your body and notice
7:52 am
you. maybe write them down, and consider for ovarian cancer to be ruled out. >> great advice. thank you guy force coming in. learn the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. you can visit the coca website on your screen. or call them 303-506-71014 for more -- 70014. pour -- 7014 for more
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y23egy yvpy welcome back. new research shows dogs respond to much more than just the tone of your voice. they say brain scans confirm that canines can understand most of what you're saying. so better watch your mouth.
7:55 am
and they'll tell you, their dog usually does what it's told, especially if you say it nicely. but a time of hungarian researchers have taken what's always been assumed one step further, saying they prove that dogs actually understand a lot more than we think. >> the regulars like sit, stay, come here. when we're walking, i always say wait. >> reporter: the experiment counted on the cooperation of 13 dogs, a group comprised mainly 0 border collies and golden retrievers. they were trained to lie still for 7 minutes during a functional mri scan, wearing headphones, the togs listened, as trainers combined phrases with different intow nations. brain scans revealed that, like humans, dogs processed words with the left side of their brains, and used the right side
7:56 am
alexandra horowitz is the author of being a dog. what did this study teach us that we didn't already know? >> this statedy shows that this actually -- a division in the dogs brain between meaning and sound. so they're hearing the. i of what we say. but they're also attending, at some level, to he meaning, and especially to familiar words. >> reporter: the results also show the dogs were positive. and what this study indicates is that they notice that you're intow nation is positive, but that what you're saying doesn't quite match up, because the rest of your behavior doesn't jibe with average real happy, rewarding voice. >> reporter: for dog owners like lee cannon, the result is knowing his four-legged friend is one he can talk to about anything at all. >> i wouldn't be surprised if nancy started talking english
7:57 am
all. like it just sames natural, normal. >> critics of this study say a lot more tests need to be conducted before any conclusions are made, but a word to the-wise, just to be on the safe side, if you talk in that cute little voice with your furry little friend like henry here, you better mean it. >> so what this tell mess, and i'm nice to my dog, i just think my dog disagrees with me. >> oh, that could somebody. >> do youing have another check on the forecast? >> yeah, sunshine all over the city. look at that shot. beautiful from our mousetrap camera for you there. mostly southerny. clouds to the north this morning. we should have a high around 90 degrees today, and we repeat that forecast for labor day tomorrow. next chance of showers in denver might be on tuesday.
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,,,, the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids
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you see his big old feet? look.
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations .>> pauley: good morning and happy labor day weekend. charles osgood is off today i'm jane pauley and this is "sunday morning." we americans will be spending this holiday weekend in any number of ways and in any number of places. some of us may even be spending the weekend quite literally up in the air. ly cowan has been watching some


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