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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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it's scary. it's people's properties and you hate to see a fire at somebody's place. >> a fire in larimer county forces people from homes. first a live look outside. fire crews not getting much relief today. we're keeping an eye on a warm labor day forecast. good morning, i'm kelly werthmann. >> and i'm joelil there and expecting another dry day for colorado. very dry for us today. south of denver and parts of the high country and western slope, we're getting gusty and humidity levels are dropping today. plus there is dry vegetation around so be extra careful with your holiday plans outside. this is the news breaking out of denver this morning.
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a hit-and-run at 19th and chestnut. dpd did tweet out the pedestrian hit is in serious condition. you can see the police tape blocking off a portion of 19th and lanes that are blocked off along chestnut as well. we're working to gather more information and we'll pass it along to you as we get it. a fast moving brush fire is prompting dozens to evacuate in larimer county. the star wood fire broke o yesterday in livermore west of fort collins. shawn chitnis is live there for us this morning. we understand it's threatening homes? >>reporter: yes, the conditions are a combination of dry conditions as well as the wind is what made this fire grow quickly. 300 acres in size within the first 24 hours of the fire, only 10% contained so more people are out fighting the fire today.
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are watching the fire yesterday talked about the difficult conditions with the winds and dry materials around there. you see the smoke filling the sky outside of where the source of the fire is and certainly was one condition that folks were concerned about as well as lightning likely the source of this. the sheriff's office tells us when they first arrived the fire was only 2-3 acres in size but the winds were around 25 miles per hour. there are 30 buildings threaten no yours or damage so far. evacuation notices have been sent out to some but others choosing to leave their homes on their own. >> we came down here because the smoke got so bad so quick so we came down again. >> reporter: so we're waiting for another update from the agencies fighting this fire.
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live in larimer county, shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. a fire is out this morning after burning 200 acres yesterday afternoon. the fire damaged corrals but no buildings. the other fire burning in northern colorado is 60% contained. the beaver creek fire started back in june near the colorado wyoming border is over 37,000 acres in size. new this morning, westbound o working to clean up the mess of a semi fire. a mechanical problem caused the truck to burst into flames. no one was hurt. troopers say the crews continuing clean up later this morning and preparing for one lane closure. breaking overnight, north korea fired three suspected missiles off their east coast. they traveled 600 miles and landed near japan. the launch comes days after
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ended joint military drills. president obama and russian president vladimir putin have agreed to keep up negotiation united nations over a cease fire agreement for syria. their discussion came hours of diplomats didn't seal a deal aimed at providing access for humanitarian aid for thousands of civilians in the country. several bombs struck targets around syria today. 43 people are dead. >> timow traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. here's lauren. good morning, starting off with mild temperatures. 55 in denver now. 52 in boulder and 33 in leadville and 36 in gunnison. 74 in la junta and 42 in limon. 55 degrees in alamo sa. looks like a nice start for labor day. it's hot in some areas and windy
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quiet conditions. temperatures in the low 90s and fire danger is elevated to we'll talk more about that in a moment. take a look at 19th and chestnut downtown, that's a trouble spot where we this hit-and-run. we have the police tape up and that's making for a tough commute downtown. another accident as you make your way downtown and looks like you could have delays along 6th avenue out to i-70 this morning up into the high country seeing more volume in the eastbound direction of c-470 getting the approach to wadsworth. a lot of folks heading to chat field reservoir early this morning. i expect a lot of those areas loaded up. doctors are saying they are seeing promising results in the douglas county deputy critically hurt in a shoot out. he checked out reports of a suicidal man near parker middle school. officers killed the suspect as he continued to shoot. the coworkers say they are
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businesses and community members who are stepping up to support not only detective bright but also his family. this krus an owner of a coffee shop in parker. he's planning a fundraiser for detective bright. >> it's heartbreaking. it's any community in the world. what i'm doing is just a little thing compared to what we could be doing as a country. we need to give back to these people and show them our support and let them know that we're behind them 100% here and we just want to show support. >> the fundraiser for detective bright is next sunday at the coffee cabin on parker road at important rosa drive running from 7:30 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. every dime of every purchase made will go to detective bright's family. people on the east coast are keeping an eye on tropical storm hermine causing dangerous rip
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new jersey. >> reporter: as hermine continues to whip up dangerous waves along the atlantic coast, some brave beach goers came it to watch the sunrise. this video shows the storm 's forceful winds tossing a cruise ship side to side on sunday confiding passengers to cabins. people from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. >> when you see the red flag it's a sign of danger have to take precautions. >> reporter: residents living along the water began pulling their boats in and others prepared for the worse. >> i locked up everything in the garage and packed a go back and i'm ready. >> reporter: many beaches remain closed today amid concerns that hermine could regain strength triggering a life threaten rip tide and flooding. >> with memories of superstorm
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minds they are prepared to open shelters we have plenty of bottled water and a place to take a shower. >> i hope to not have to use the assets but it's much too late if the storm is tracking west. >> hermine could linger around the east coast for days before exiting out to sea by midweek. >> reporter: hena daniels, cbs news. hermine which hit florida last week as a hurricane is being blamed for the deaths two people included one in north carolina. the 2016 presidential candidates turn their attention to critical swing states today. hillary clinton heads to cleveland and donald trump rallies in ohio. we are now less than 64 days from the election. time is running out for your chance to drive mount evans. c-dot closing the top five mile segment tomorrow. crews typically close the top section starting from summit
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the road from echo lake to summit lake will remain open into early next month. dentists across the state will give up time with their families to help others in need. they are donating free dental care for people who can't afford a trip to the dentist. reese's dental and braces 5th annual labor of love event runs from eight this morning until noon. people can get their teeth cleaned and x section at 55 degrees now out there. next on the cbs morning news, the broncos talking about their upcoming rematch against the panthers. how the smell of wine could lead to a break through for
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new clues on people who are at most risk for asthma. dannic researchers are linking childhoodei young adult admitted to the hospital with asthma were unusually underweight as children while young adult women were overweight as kids. wine tasting could lead to a break through for alzheimer's disease. research developing a keen sense of smell can develop your brain. dr. sarah banks did brain scans on 13 wine con sors and wine
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others could not but parts of their brain are bigger including areas susceptible to alzheimer's. >> they are most vulnerable to alzheimer's and park insons. it suggest they may have some degree of protection. >> developing our sense of smell with wine or anything else might be a key in growing our brains to help prevent disease. time now for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. a nice start to a live look over the city where skies are clear and not a lot of action. hopefully people are just being lazy this morning since you don't have to go to work and the kids are out of school. 55 in denver, 52 in boulder. 66 in burlington starting the day cool in the high country. 33 in leadville and 43 in van. taking a look at satellite and radar, quiet conditions across the state. fog in the far north eastern
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because of that with wind we have red flag warnings from garfield county down south and south of denver out east into the plains. red flag warnings starting at noon today and wind gusts reaching 30 miles per hour. plus a lot of dry vegetation around so be extra cautious if you're outdoors and barbecuing. mostly sunny skies and dry and hot for us with temperatures getting into down into the south eastern corner of the state you may get thunderstorms rolling through and rain overnight and tomorrow morning we should be on the dry side tomorrow morning down south and a chance of storms tomorrow. most staying out to the eastern plains today and tomorrow western slope dry in the high country as well. 92 in denver for the high. 89 in greeley. really hot on the eastern plains today and down south, 97 in la
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in the mountains lots of mild temperatures in the 70s. 76 in steamboat and 86 in grand junction. mostly sunny skies and windy this afternoon, especially in the eastern plains and high country. we will be breezy downtown. for your five day forecast, chance for isolated storms and a couple dry mild days. joel hillan, how is the drive. a trouble spot downtown at 19th and chestnut there's a hit-and-run accident. the pedestrian hit was taken condition. no word on the suspect or information about the suspect vehicle. we are working on getting that information for you. as you zoom out you'll sew an accident at kalamath and road work going on along 6th avenue coming down the hill off to the shoulder causing delays for you. we are seeing slowing in the eastbound direction of 6th avenue, a few people coming in maybe out to the recreation
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and reservoir eastbound along c-470 drive times though as you come from the north i think you will like this. nine minutes into town. if you're working today this is your consolation prize. new information on the delta computer outage and ups deliveries may cost you more. here's our money watch report. >> reporter: markets are closed for the labor day holiday. on friday wall street ended the trading week higher and the dow gained 72 points nasdaq added 22. delta airlines say a computer outage cost the airline $100 million in lost revenue. 2300 flights were cancelled. get ready to pay more for packages to reach their destination. ups is increasing rates by an
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december 26th. they said higher freight rates start december 19th. loius vitton has released a new collection of scents costing about $200, a little more than three ounces. the launch comes as a way to attract more budget conscious shoppers to the luxury brand. that's your money watch, in new york, i'm core ree na mitchell. new details about this week about the kidnapping of the 11-year old in 1980. investigators named danny hiem rick as a person of interest last year.
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church about 120,000 people filled saint peters square yesterday. this is the for the canonization of mother teresa. pope francis praised her for her dedication to society's outcasts. no rest for the broncos today. the team is on the practice field preparing for thursday's game against the panthers. everyone is excited about the super bowl 50 rematch. >> we let all that go. new team, new year and new season. we're studying what they are doing this year. i'm sure they're thing. have to stay focused this time around. we don't talk about that at all. >> the players we have we have a good opportunity to get those guys the ball with whoever it is. i feel good about everything and have confidence in the guys i'm working with so really excited for thursday to come around. >> trevor siemian throws and touch denver. >> we find new ways and new
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each week and each year. the fact that we are the underdog and everybody is counting us out, it's aadding fuel to the fuel to the fire. >> we will have coverage on air and online at we still need volunteers for xcel energy's day of service. workers willing to do alley clean up are needed pulling weeds, and painting over gra fee ta are many of the things you will be extreme community make overthat rely entirely on volunteers and do work in eight neighborhoods across denver. >> extreme community makeover is about bringing volunteers and denver residents together to work together to complete outside home and neighborhood improvement projects. >> meet your denver neighbors for a few hours this saturday, september 10th. sign up at 6:20 now.
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there. lauren has our weather watchers. >> checking in with weather watcher wendy brian, she says
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taking a look at what's happening across the country, warm weather on the east coast with storms possible up into the new york area. temperatures into the low 80s and 90s. midwest mild as we head into nebraska and minnesota. we have the chance of severe weather today and on the other
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southwest is cooler at 99 degrees. right now the wait times at dia are not bad so holiday travel could pick up this afternoon. >> good morning, take a look at live pictures at the scene of a hit-and-run at 19th and chestnut. portion of the inteks completely closed off. -- -- intersection. the pedestrian hit taken to the hospital in serious condition. also monin eastbound along i-70. if you're heading to the airport not too bad. take a look at drive times northbound along i-25 as you head from mississippi i 70 a four minute drive. speeds into the 60s and this is the best news of all -- no a-line delays. another u.s. athlete is
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national anthem. soccer star megan rapano kneeling during the national anthem. colin kaepernick continues to protest what he calls racial injustice and minority oppression. he said, "it's the least i can do to keep the movement going". the movie "don't breathe" tok the top movie box office for the second time in a r i see. 0. >> oh my goodness, the horror movie brought in close to $16 million followed by "suicide squad" and "pete's dragon". two nascar truck racers duked it out in ontario.
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and coming to the kline. who is it going to be? >> they're not giving it to him yet. >> now we got it. >> coal kuser and nemechek -- cole kuser did not hike how that ended. >> you saw what happened when they got togetr. with each other, not with their vehicles not too badly. a look at crack down on homeless in camps in boulder.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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live pictures now from photo journalist eddy castro. the pedestrian hit is in serious condition. the investigation continues. you can see as he zooms in he has the yellow police tape up and heavy police presence along the intersection of 19th and chestnut. we're working to gather more information. >> woe won't go anywhere until they tell us we need to. burning dangerously close to homes in larimer county. a life report in just a few minutes. our weather could make it tough for firefighters today. a period of hot and dry weather. good morning, thanks and for joining us on this labor day. i'm joel hillan. >> and i'm kelly werthmann. lauren whitney is on the roof top this morning. we're in the high 80s today. yes, eastern plains close to
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and about. live look towards denver where you can see this is from our foothills camera, a beautiful start to the day in the mountain areas and a few cars on the roads. 52 in bowl and 66 in burlington. 33 to start the day in leadville. cool temperatures in the mountains and 58 degrees in grand junction. we're getting hot later today and fire danger is a big concern so we'll talk more about that. now to joel. folks are keeping a close eye on their burns in larimer county. shawn chitnis is live from the sheriff's office. crews have a lot of work ahead of them today. >> joel, that's right, the conditions are the same dry, and windy and those are the conditions that made the fire grow to 300 acres in the first day. only 10% contained and those conditions creating quite a challenge for those living in the area. there was smoke all throughout the sky around the source of the
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about possible evacuations but not necessarily tied to a specific home. we do know though as well 30 buildings are threatened at this time. as we mentioned the conditions are tough again coming up at 6:45 we'll hear from someone who lives a mile away and the concerns they have as this fire continues to burn. live in larimer county, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. a driver hit a woman in au the crash happened shortly before 111:00 last night -- -- 11:00 last night. denver park users say they're seeing a difference in the extra effort to fight drug use. friday the city began enforcing a measure to clean up drug traffic. those caught using drugs will be
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crews collected 3500 needles out in the open in denver parks. >> i've been running up here the last three years and it seems different for sure. >> this time of day there would have been dealers and things and that's better but if you look at the trash and debris that's still there. >> dpd says those caught using drugs will also be offered an option for treatment. boulder leaders hope to put an end t center. they want to enforce the urban camping ban after a five month time out. officers backed off after criminalization of people that are homeless concerns. the police chief is telling his staff to use restraint and respect during the enforcement. er rands may have to wait today. most city and county offices are closed. we have parking meters that are free. >> silver linings -- we like
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on the 4's. it's a beautiful day out there. >> it's gorgeous. you get the free parking meters and the taste of colorado downtown making things nice and rockies playing as well. gorgeous in denver. wind is a concern for later on today. let's take a look at temperatures. 55 in denver and 52 in boulder. 66 in burlington and the high country, 43 in avon and leadville and 58 in grand junction. on our satellite and radar, quiet but we do have fog in the north eastern corner so we have more clouds moving into karen morfitt county. red flag warnings go from gar faeld to the southwest. very dry gusty conditions on the western slope today. in the high country as well lower valley areas out east towards lincoln county. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour today. warm temperatures and dry vegetation so be extra cautious outside. it's a fun day to be outdoors with nice temperatures and sunshining so be careful.
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damage. mostly sunny skies throughout most of the day for most of us but there's a chance of rain down into our south western corner later this afternoon and evening. however, most of the state is on the dry side. overnight tonight the rain can continue and clear skies tomorrow when most people go back to work and tomorrow isolated thunderstorms rolling through the denver area and a better chance for the eastern plains. highs for today, 92 in denver and 89 in greeley and 93 in burlington and triple digits high country plenty of 70s. 86 degrees in grand junction but again, it will get windy around here. tomorrow an isolated chance of storms and cooler and dry as we head towards the middle of the week. joel? a hit-and-run downtown, 19th and chestnut, that intersection has blocked off as police continue their investigation. the pedestrian hit was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we'll continue to follow that for you as we get more information. see the purple line there?
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affecting the front end of the morning commute. just a heads up, an accident in the eastbound direction of kalamath. construction workers are coming down the hill along 6th avenue getting to the east of i-70. nice and wide hope. how about the drive southbound coming down into town? speeds into the 80s and that's what we're seeing along i-270 and westbound along i-76. a reminder this morning from police as you make your labor effect. more than 100 officers out across the state looking for drunk drivers. new video shows denver police officers going undercover to stop reckless driving in northeast denver. >> we'll go into the parking lot and set up and watch and blend in the crowd and start calling out vehicles, plates and what the violations are.
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doing donuts right now. >> do we have enough tows for here? >> that's a serious ticket. reckless driving aenough to get your license suspended. >> denver police department shared this video on social media. the operation took place back on august 19th and police tell us they issued four citations and towed three vehicles. they also arrested a driver wanted on an outstanding warrant. their undercover operation is an reckless activity. one of the challenges of updating denver's older homes is working with modern lifestyle. the designer show house did that with a 1930 tudor style home. >> this time of day there would have normally been a lot of dealers and things so that's better but obviously still if
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debris. the wrong sound byte there referring to the problems in denver's parks. you want to head out to denver life magazine's designer show house open this weekend september 10th from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00. tickets are $20 but the proceeds benefit habitat for humanity in denver. now time to get a preview of what you will see today this morning. here's josh elliott. good monday morning, hermine threatens to regain hurricane strength. we will be hearing from passengers on a cruise ship moving through very rough seas. also the jersey shore as the threat of dangerous tidal surges loom today. also nancy pelosi joins us in the studio.
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bacterial soaps. more on the player temperaturing away from his game to stand by his soccer star wife. the health crisis she faces weeks before she gives birth. the news is back in the morning at 7:00. coming up next here on cbs4 morning news, the community comes together to help a douglas county sheriff's deputy critically hurt in a shoot out. a tulsa labor during the earthquake in oklahoma. no holiday weekend for the denver broncos. the super bowl champs back on the practice field yesterday and rematch with the panthers just three days away. 1 way for trevor siemian to make his first nfl regular season start -- it's been two years since the former 7th round pick has played a full game.
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quarter and a half. hard to know if that will prepare him for a full 60 minutes against the denver defense. >> this last game i was able to get in a flow in that third game so excited to get in the flow of the game and the rhythm of the game and i got some great teammates to lean on in the huddle. >> everybody starts somewhere in the league. the key is can you be you can possibly be. we'll take it a day at a time. we're 100% focused on carolina and what we need to do this week to be successful.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet
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welcome back, it's a beautiful morning and the sun is up and clear skies here in denver. beautiful start to the day in the high country from our foothills camera. fort collins and beautiful sunrise. our weather watchers some of mark reporting 36 degrees for us north west of tabor gnash. cool in some locations. a couple trouble spots out there this morning. eastbound along kalamath, there's delays there. down the hill from i-70, some
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downtown, breaking news we have been following. take a look at these live pictures. this is a hit-and-run investigation at 19th and chestnut. you can see the police tape up and some cars moving along chestnut but a portion is shut down and all of 19th we have learned from dpd that the pedestrian hit is serious condition. we are working to gather more information about the suspect. right now people are hoping for crews to lift evacuation larimer county. the star wood fire broke out yesterday afternoon near county road 59 and star wood trail. shawn chitnis is live from the sheriff's office this morning so shawn, what are you learning? >> we know it's another challenging day for those crews because conditions remain the same -- dry and windy and that's what allowed the fire to grow to 300 acres on sunday with only
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that number growing to 100 people. yesterday conditions were pretty tough and we could see the smoke covering the sky a couple miles away from the source of the fire. residents in the area told us the wind was strong throughout the day. they were worried lightning started this fire over the weekend. the sheriff's office says when they first arrived it was only 2-3 acres in size. as of last night there are 30 buildings threatenedy yet. evacuation notices have been sent out as we mentioned but even those who haven't evacuated yet are concerned about what this fire may do. >> it's kind of scary. it's people's property and you hate to see a fire in somebody's place. >> so we're hoping to get an update on the size as well as the containment later this morning when there's a briefing at 9:00 a.m.
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morning news. investigators trying to learn what started a brush fire in deer trail. the fire burned 200 acres yesterday and is now fully contained. it damaged corrals but no structures. drivers on i-70 could face another lane closure today. crews worked overnight to clean up a mess of a semi fire. a mechanical problem caused the truck to burst into flames. troopers say they will continue their morning and preparing for one lane closure. u.s. leaders are condemning north korea's firing of three ballistic missiles off the east coast. it happened during the g20 summit in russia. president obama and russian president vladimir putin have agreed to keep looking for a path to provide humanitarian
6:49 am
in war torn syria. the two leaders did not reach a breakthrough in negotiation united nations over a cease fire. breaking overnight over israel. a collapse underground parking garage at a tell avif conduction site. it sent a large plume of dust over the area. in the ground. rescue teams cruise using search dogs to dig through the rubble for survivors. no sign of a man accused of shooting a woman to death in her westminster apartment. police want to catch up with 31-year old jared streng. a 30-year old woman was shot to death. neighbors said they heard
6:50 am
earlier in the evening. >> they usually argue often. i don't know, i guess it got crazy last night. >> he already has a lengthy criminal history including domestic violence, theft, and drugs. right now a warning out about a man accused of trying to sexually assault a boulder woman while she was sleeping. the assault happened early saturday morning in a home near colorado and 28th. the woman says she was sleeping on a couch and woke up to a man trying to have sexit he escaped and is described as black between 25-35 years old with a stocky build. the douglas county sheriff's deputy that was critically hurt in a shoot out remains in the hospital this morning. gun fire hit him on friday as a suicidal man started shooting near a parker middle school. officers killed the suspect. doctors are seeing promising results in the detective's recovery. we see how the community is
6:51 am
in the world here and we want to show support. >> support of a coffee shop owner in parker. >> if you ask, people will give. >> reporter: and the customers lending a hand. wesley heard the devastating news of ai douglas county deputy critically injured in friday's shoot out and knew he had to help. >> it's heartbreaking. it's any community in the world. >> reporter: every dime of every purchase at the coffee cabin next sunday septemberh dan bright. the violent rampage near an elementary school was the topic of sermons on sunday and also the sacrifice of officers who put their life on the line to intervene. >> it makes you feel proud there are people out there willing to step in harm's way and do that for us. >> the gift back is but a small token for the first responders who save, serve, and protect day in and day out. >> what i'm doing is just a
6:52 am
could be doing as a country. we need to give back to these people and show them our support and let them know that we're behind them 100%. the fundraiser for detective bright is taking place this sunday september 11th from 7:30 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. it's the coffee cabin on ponderosa road on parker drive. you can make a donation online. we have a link the unofficial end to summer vacation will end in a wet mess for people hoping for a last day at the beach. hermine is making a final push to the u.s. coast. the national weather service is calling for 70 miles per hour winds and higher gusts in parts of long island and massachusetts. the storm caused significant damage late last week when it made land fall as a hurricane in florida making its way through
6:53 am
trampoline go over the porch and that's when i knew i had to shut the door. >> new jersey governor chris christie is urging caution. almost 40 wells in northeast oklahoma are shut down after the 5.2 earthquake center knew states. the earthquake may have been scary for families around oklahoma but turned out to be a miracle for one couple. a mother gave birth to this baby girl. the nurses kept saying the earthquake caused her birth. >> i thought the water breaking caused the earth to shake because my daughter was coming into the worl. >> dad says his wife and child are doing well and it's a memorable way to mark the birth
6:54 am
fort carson soldiers and their families. a homecoming ceremony is planned for tonight. a group deployed in february to afghanistan is excited to reunite with loved ones. happening now, the final morning of the labor day lift off underway. in colorado springs ts a community celebration with dozens of hot air balloons. it's free and running until 9:30 this morning.>> check out a taste of colorado at civic park from 10:30 to 8:00 tonight and lauren, it's a gorgeous day for people to check out the taste of colorado. yes, you may get a little sweaty but a nice day with a little bit of wind as well. at least for us. in some areas a lot of wind. let's take a look at temperatures. 55 degrees in denver.
6:55 am
66 in burlington. 53 in gunnison and 58 in grand junction. on satellite and radar we're quiet with fog in the north eastern plains and the rest of us on the dry side. a hot, sunny dry day and winds cranking up on the western slope from garfield down south. low humidity mixed in so fire danger is high. this goes through the central parts of the mountain valley and south of denver to the eastern plains. be careful out activities for labor day. we stay on the dry side throughout the day today across most of the state but there's a chance of storms firing up to the south and moving through the south eastern plains and kicking into parts of kansas. tomorrow morning we wake up to sunshine for most of us and a chance for isolated storms tomorrow from the denver area out to the eastern plains. some storms could produce stronger rain and also maybe a little bit of hail mixed in. 92 in denver.
6:56 am
upper 90s so hot out east and in the high country, low to mid 70s and 80s to our west. mostly sunny skies skies for us. if you're heading to the taste of colorado, don't forget your sunglasseses and drier as we end the week. how is the drive, joel? we have been following this incident downtown. live pictures coming in now at 19th and chestnut, there's a hit-and-run accident. the pedestrianas hospital in serious condition. that intersection is completely blocked off. one lane of chestnut is getting by downtown. unfortunately it's not our only trouble spot as there's an accident eastbound near kalamath and construction work going on, some ongoing road work as you make your way across the denver metro area. these are drive times and i think you will like them. if you have to labor like us
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thank you for joining here on colorado's news channel. >> we're always at cbs this morning is coming up next. see you back here at noon.
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hermine threatens to become a hurricane once again. a storm that is powerful rip currents to the northeast coast and we will hear what it's like on a cruise ship being rocked by rough waters. >> president obama fails to reach an agreement with vladimir putin at the g20 summit and overnight, north korea experience missiles. why some soaps in body washes may do you some harm than good.


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