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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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live from colorado's news channel. this is cbs4news at noon. this is the news at noon. crews expect a good day on the fire lines in larimer county. hello. the fire started afternoon yesterday. it started as two to three acres but quickly grew to 300 acres in about three hours.
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is then the teng about 30 structures. so far the fire is staying out of the trees. primary-care of the fire is the surface, the brush and there was occasional torching of trees. it did not have an active crown run of any significance yesterday. >> there are 120 firefighter os seen that have crews hopefully -- hopefully, they will be able to get moreta as long as the forecast holds. as for the cause of the fire, investigators are headed to the scene, but there were storms in the area. fire danger is a real concern. >> reporter: it is and it is windy in some areas. on the western slope, we have winds around 20, close to 30 miles an hour. we have gusty winds almost at 40 miles an hour so it is
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humidity levels are very low. here in denver 14%. we have very low humidity in parts of the state and because of that we have red flag warning and very dry conditions. you can see it is really dry across the state. we do have red flag warnings for parts of our northern mountain valley areas and south of denver so if you're barbecuing or doing outdoor activities, be cautious. temperatures 84 in denver. 93 in la hun ta. 75 avon. 71 aspen. 81 grand junction. we have warm temperatures, low humidity. fire danger is high. for us in the denver area and front range and most of the state, we stay on the hot side. storm chances today and tomorrow. and we'll talk about the heat in a moment. crews are still on the scene of a beaver creek fire which is also burning in
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containment is not expected until october 21st. firefighters say the fire is human caused and is under investigation. that started back on june 19th. now to campaign 2016. labor day is when the election season clicks into high gear. that means hillary clinton traveling with reporters. donald trump is coming up in the polls. cbs's mark albert has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: vice presid kicked off labor day with union members in pittsburgh. >> when fewer workers in unions, wages are lowered. hillary clinton meets with voters in ohio this afternoon. many of whom have questions abut her e-mails while she was secretary of state. clinton told fbi agents she doesn't recall any briefing or training on handling classified information and she thought the
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was marked in alphabetical order. 60% say they are less believable. >> it still does add to the level of distrust that has dogged her from the beginning. i think in so much these stories keep coming, they will be a problem for her. >> reporter: clinton had the lead but donald trump has cut the lead in half. >> [applause] >> reporter: trump is making his pitch to voters in ohio. >> ohio is having jobs sucked outgoing to mexico. >> reporter: many voters are still confused about trump's stance or immigration and if he will because he pivots right back. it is a 360-degree pivot at times. >> reporter: trump campaigned.
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white house. right now president barack obama is in laos. he met with his russian counterpart vladimir putin hoping to broker a deal to have peace in syria however that deal fell apart. >> if we do not get some buy in from the russians on reducing the violence and easing the how many terry yen crisis, then it is difficult to see how we get to the next phase. there could be more talks on a syrian ceasefire later this week. that crisis overshadowed the president's efforts to ease tensions with china and military expansion. adding to the unease, north korea testified three ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. a warning about a man who tried to sexually assault a woman in boulder. this is the sex of the suspect.
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a call if you have any information. police want to find this man. the 31-year-old is wanted for murder after the discovery of a woman shot to death. he has an extensive record including domestic violence. >> reporter: investigators spent hours coming for evidence at this complex where a woman was found dead inside one of the apartments. >> we were inside and she said that she thought e >> reporter: they live across the street. they say shortly after hearing that shot, they saw police swarm the building. >> first it was like two, three. then there were all kinds, fire truck, ambulance. >> that was at 11:00 on saturday night. once on scene, police found her in her 30s shot to death inside. no one else was around, but neighbors say they heard fighting coming from that home
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often, but i don't know. i guess it just got pretty crazy last night. >> reporter: investigators are searching for this 31-year-old jared spring. he is wanted for second-degree murder adding to a lengthy criminal history with domestic violence, theft and drugs. if you see him police say he should be considered dangerous. promising progress, the latest on a friday. doctors say dan bright is responding to stimulus. he was one of the officers watching a man carrying weapons and ammunition between his home and rv near sierra middle school. officers reported hearing a gunshot. that man fired on the officers as he left the scene hitting bright. the rv was heading toward the hospital eventually crashing. that is when another officer
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a judge could set a trial date for bill cosby tomorrow. he is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman he mentored at temple university in 2004. he and his attorneys are trying to keep her deposition out of the criminal trial. in it he testifies about for giving women alcohol or pills before sex. a storm watch for the east coast as hermine continues its journey in the atlantic ocean. it has caused damage it south and concerns in new jersey. >> reporter: along the jersey shore overnight, hermine whipped up strong waves at sea. the choppy waters rocked this royal caribbean cruise ship. >> when you see the crew starting to get dizzy and sick, you know it has gotten bad.
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>> during 1:00 a.m., the whole boat started rocking and people started getting sick. they were for giving vomit bags around. >> reporter: the deadly storm made landfall last friday as a category 1 hurricane. it has hammered areas from florida to virginia and causing widespread damage. it is now targeting the eastern seaboard from maryland to massachusetts. we have been doing like almost 30 years. we see the sunrise on labor day so we're here no matter what. this hurricane is nothing. >> reporter: governor chris christy said hermine won't come close to having the same power as superstorm sandy in 2012. still, he is urging people not to take any chances. >> we don't want to see people have injuries or loss of life, because of going into the ocean in dangerous conditions. >> reporter: hermine may regain
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worst of the storm is over and continues to move off shore. seaside heights, new jersey. >> >> coming up, how the first weekend of the crackdown on drugs in denver parks went. >> he is preparing for his
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this weekend getting ready for the season opener against the panthers. for qb trevor simion it means getting prepared to play a full game, something he hasn't done in almost two years. is he ready? >> we'll see when we get there. i think this last preseason game i played i was able to get into a little flow in that third game so i'm excited to get in the flow of the game and the rhythm of the game and you know i have some great teammates to lean on in the to it. >> everyone starts somewhere in this league and the key when you get there to the end, can you be as good as you possibly can be and can you play in january? we'll take it a day at a time, but we're 100% focused on carolina and what we have to do this week to be successful. in april the broncos were a 3. favorite but that upsetter ty is a three-point underdog. well if the broncos were
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have perfect weather for it. >> they would. it is hot out and windy in some spots here in denver and it is gorgeous across the state. it is a perfect holiday monday. we like to have nice weather when people get to enjoy the outdoors. it is a lot warmer than yesterday at this time. if you're out and about yesterday, as well, we're nine degrees warmer in avon and steamboats. five degrees warmer in colorado springs. we're at 84 61 leadville. 75 boulder. 93 right now there. 86 lamar. 81 over in grand junction. it is windy across the western slope down to the southwest through the high country and even east into the plains and southeast. you can see the winds in the 20 to 30-mile-an-hour range. it hasn't been bad for us. castle rock, a little breesier but isn't bad out there. our humidity levels are very low as well.
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humidity as you head to the eastern plains it is dry as well and near limon. >> we have fire danger concerns because of the low humidity levels and gusty winds and hot temperatures with dry vegetation. to some parts of the northern mountain valley areas and these all started at noon and will go to 7 or 8:00 tonight. we don't have to worry about parts of the southeastern plains. hail and winds being the biggest threats from the storms. you might get a couple decent thunderstorms but until then mostly sunny skies. this could last into the evening hours. then overnight tonight, a little more rain in the southeast but the rest of us staying on the dry side. could have a big more fog tomorrow morning. then isolated storms rolling through but the better chance
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dry side today and tomorrow and for most of the week. 92 in denver today. 88 greeley. lots of 70s. it is a great day in the high country. temperatures in the 70s. there is a bit of wind, but overall nice and 86 in grand junction. for your five day pour cast tomorrow, down to 82 degrees. isolated storms possible and some could turn severe. then we warm up a bit on wednesday and thursday and we stay dry afte of the week. >> which isn't necessarily good news for those firefighters. >> exactly. >> thank you. remember you can keep track of the weather including live radar with the free cbs4 on the go weather app. search for cbs weather in the app store. need ideas to make your old home new? check it out.
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one of the main goals was to preserve the features of the tudor style. >> this with the vaulted ceiling and brick wall existed so we thought that was a unique feature not found in new homes or old homes so this stood out to us. >> >> denver life magazine's designer show house is open for touring starting september 10th. tickets are $20 but they denver. for more visit cbs
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. because i believe parents and our communities
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we have some breaking news in denver after an officer is involved in a shooting at 4th and osage. a suspect is injured. no officers were hurt. we do have crews on the way to the scene so be sure to look
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.com. >> park users ars noticing a difference as the city cracks down on drug use. people caught using drugs will be banned from parks for 90 days. workers picked up more than 3500 needles this year already. parkgoers are glad about this new effort. >> i have been running up here for the last three years. it seems different. that is for sure. >> this time of day there would have been a lot of dealers and things so i think that is better but it is obviously if you debris. >> the aclu has questioned the legality of the program. police will offer the people using drugs treatment options. well hundreds of people spent their labor day lined up for a chance to get free dental care. this is the 5th year they have offered free care to those in need. the company says it is important to give back to the community it serves. they did have to turn away a
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event but it did give those patients vouchers to come back later in the week. well, wine experts can smell and taste ingredients that pass by the rest of us. researchers in las vegas wanted to know why. what they found could lead to a breakthrough for alzheimer's patients. >> she developed an almost superhuman sense of smell the years. >> identifying the different aromatic newnesses within it. is it a fruit or not a fruit? he says he can detect almost any ingredient in a glass of wine. >> now research shows that his sense of smell has developed his brain. >> that is just a lot more activity. >> the doctor did brain scans on 13. they smelled various scents of
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could detect scents the others could to the but she discovered parts of their brain are bigger including areas susceptible to alzheimer's. >> the parts are the most vulnerable to alzheimer's and parkinson's and they must have some degree of protection. >> developing our sense of smell with wine or anything else might be key in growing our brains to help prevent die. smell the roses a little bit and sense about your sense ry experiences. >> reporter: he said he will toast to that. >> that is the best part. time to taste. a final check of the
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onet. this is a live picture of our breaking news in denver after an officer is involved in a shooting at 4th hand osage. we're told a suspect has been
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live look. you can see the crime tape, the officers on scene. look for any updates as we get them at an all new dr. phil. eric begged for help saying he and his mother are fighting an addiction to heroin and admitted he got her hurt, but does she wants to get clean? >> tried it and happened to like it. prescribed painkillers at one time. i just took it to the limit. >> so you're basically here to defend and justify it. >> no. i'm not. >> to you want me to play back what you just said? >> no. >> you're justifying it and defending it. >> plus what does eric's sister have to say about her family? can dr. phil help them get clean? find out today at 4:00.
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pregnant women to focus on, but why dental care should be on that list. >> at 6:00, the police department is taking a new approach to drug addiction and why they need your help as a volunteer. let's look at the temperatures. it is warm. we're in the 80s. we have sunshine today.
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? >> brooke: are we really doing this? >> bill: you said yes. i think it means we are. >> brooke: how could i possibly say no? my own spencer sword. >> bill: [ chuckles ] it suits you. >> brooke: so do you. [ pencil clatters ] >> eric: ridge. have you seen quinn? >> ridge: no, thank goodness.


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