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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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developing now, denver police fire at a suspected serial bank robber. the man wasn't hit, but he was taken to the hospital with other injuries. we have confirmed that suspect is accused of robbing several banks in the metro area this summer. >> the shots were fired near 3rd and osage. that's where rick sallinger joins us tonight. what have you learned about that suspect so far? >> reporter: he is 39-year-old sean scott. he was wanted for five different bank robberies in the denver area. shots were fired during this confrontation. if you look closely, you can see the bullet markings on this door. scott was known as the bicycle bandit, because that's how he would make his getaways. it happened in an industrial area near i-25 this afternoon. >> our department received information in regard to a person who had an outstanding
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today, our officers attempted to make contact with that individual, and shots were fired. >> reporter: this tow truck was on the scene, when the owner of the company says a man started pointing a firearm at his driver. >> the police were already behind somebody else, and then from my understanding, there were some shots fired. >> reporter: just why the officer opened fire was not immediately disclosed. police indicated they were seeking a suspected bank denver area hold ups. >> an officer's weapon was discharged. >> how many times? >> that's going to be something that's covered in the investigation. >> at present, we understand that it's one officer that was involved. >> reporter: the man with the gun was not struck by a bullet. police say he was taken away in an ambulance, due to a medical condition. the tow truck was in the area,
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do a lot of private parkers, it's not uncommon to be angry. so that's the nature of the business sometimes. >> reporter: investigators search for evidence in the case that is expected to unfold over time. late this afternoon, we learned that it was the tow truck driver who recognized scott, and they called police. scott allegedly opened fire not injurying anyone. live at third and osage, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. thank you, rick. a douglas county detective continues to push through after being shot last week. we are told that detective dan brite has shown progress since he was emitted to the icu. authorities say a suspect shot at officers as he drove his rv near a field. the family of that suspect,
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extend their deepest sympathies to detective dan brite and his family, and to all who have experienced pain and suffering. the officers shot and killed roddick. new information about the starwood fire. it's believed lightning sparked the fire. it's burned about 300 acres near the town of livermore. dozens of structures are threatened. people in the mill creek subdivision were told yesterday they should evacuate. fire officials will hold a coun minutes, with more information at the livermore community church. dry skies, and gusty winds in a lot of our state right now. >> we're really seeing that from doppler 4000. just no activity right now, maybe a sprinkle in northwestern colorado. look down here in baca county, believe it or not, we have a severe thunderstorm warning out it goes until 6:15 for the extreme southwestern portion of our state. elsewhere, it is high and dry, and as a result, a fire danger.
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you couple that with a red flag warning which is also out. also portions of elbert and lincoln counties, and you have very dry weather around here. the starwood fire, close to the border, where they do have a red flag warning. not in our area, but they might as well, because it's just as dry. the one in parachute, that's also in that fire danger area. coming up, we'll tell you how dry it's going to be unless a hurricane helps us right now, we want to get to some breaking news. denver police say they're conducting two death investigations at separate locations. one at 22nd and washington. another about a mile away at 30th and tampa. at this point, police have not released any more information on the victims, or whether they think these deaths are suspicious. also developing tonight, a carbon monoxide leak sickens people living in a boulder apartment complex. residents say no alarms ever
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apartments on canyon boulevard, near 28th in boulder. these residents say they had no warning. >> reporter: especially the residents on the 4th floor. including a woman who says she came within minutes of losing her life. >> but i felt very, very nauseous, very dizzy. >> reporter: mary doesn't want to show her face after be monoxide leak. >> i felt like i was going to throw up. i was sweating. my heart was beating really fast. >> reporter: last friday morning, boltedder firefighters evacuated the canyon apartments. mary says no alarms had gone off on her floor, and she thought she had food poisoning. when her dog became sick, she tried to leave the apartment. >> i took a couple of steps and i had to lay down in the hallway. >> reporter: a construction worker opened her window, and turned on a fan.
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get dressed. >> reporter: after breathing oxygen, mary still felt sick and went to the hospital that night. she was told the co levels were 50 times higher in the building than deemed safe. >> was really concerned, because none of the carbon monoxide alarms on our floor went off. we go back in the building, because we get the clear. then we get an email saying there was a monoxide leak. it's not suspected, it was there. >> reporter: the managemental installed co detectives on his floor. mary says she's lucky to be alive, and has purchased a personal co detecter. >> i just want to move out, and just like get back to normal life. >> reporter: this is the actual co detecter that mary picked up at a local hardware store. she told me it's $30, and she
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lives. we're live in boulder tonight, tom mustin, cbs4 news. a driver in aurora facing charges of dui, and leaving the scene of a deadly accident after police say he killed a pedestrian late last night. the woman was crossing the street when a pickup hit her and drove off. the victim died at the hospital. police caught up to the driver, no names have been released. the jury will begin deliberating page burgfelled murder trial. she disappeared in western colorado in 2007. lester jones now accused of killing birdfelled, and dumping her body in a remote area. following this case very closely, live from the courthouse in grand junction this evening. matt, those jurors have heard a lot of long and comp kateed testimony. >> reporter: jim, but a lot of this evidence in the case is very circumstantial.
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district attorney's office can't even tell that jury exactly how page birdfelled died. >> you never found any dna evidence. >> that's correct. >> reporter: defense attorneys for lester jones pounced on the lack of evidence from day one. the lead investigator from the sheriff's office admitting they just don't have those clues. but they say they have other killed page birdfelled, after kidnapping her, and setting her car on fire to hide valuable clues. >> this case relied upon circumstantial evidence. >> reporter: lester jones did not take the stand to tell his side of the story. his wife elaine testified three times. she tells the court, she believes he's innocent, even though his multiple apairs were uncovered during this nearly
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married to him. >> yes. >> why? >> i'm still married to him because i'm a christian, and my faith asks me to forgive him. >> a true murder mystery. the family hoping for some closure. while lester jones and his supporters hope the jury found doubt in the case. enough doubt to set him free. we're told we're only going to get a 20 minu warning once there is a decision from that jury. they begin deliberations here tomorrow morning. we're live in grand junction, matt croacial, cbs4. one colorado police department taking a new approach to fight drug addiction but they need the public's help first. >> also, a colorado landmark taken apart. what still remains at this once
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here, it is actually kicked up by this hurricane. what we think about this
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right now drivers who spent their labor day weekend in the mountains went home. c-dot warned drivers to expect heavy traffic today. new at 6:00, police in longmont taking a new approach to fighting drug addiction. >> their noel calling for volunteers to help out and be angels to people struggling with addiction. jennifer brice has this story. in my family. >> reporter: one of the first volunteers to sign up for a new program by longmont police called the angel initiative. >> i appreciate taking a different approach, and allowing people to get off the track they're on, and to maybe save their lives. >> reporter: police in longmont are asking anyone struggling with addiction to walk through their doors to get help.
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about getting arrested, instead, they will partner with a volunteer like henderson, who will comfort and listen, while police find the right resources. >> we will compassionately get you into some sort of treatment. >> reporter: healthcare workers say more people are now dying from accidental overdoses than car accidents. >> it's impacting people across all different social groups, all different ages, and we really need to offer that treatment and support. >> reporter: the goal is to criminalize people with the disease. police want treatment before a person spirals so far out of control, that crimes are committed to feed that addiction. >> there's hope that it will work and keep people from going down a path just toward catastrophe. >> reporter: head down to the longmont police department, not only is there an application process, but they will provide you with the training.
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cbs4 news. >> longmont is the first police department in colorado to partner with the police assisted addiction and treatment initiative. happening now, people enjoying the last night of taste of colorado. it's been going on since friday night. the kenny wayne shepherd band headlines. some good things to munch on there. you can also listen to live music music and enjoy food until 8:00 tonight. david brenawitz captured this taking down the alpine slide. the park closed last october, but it wasn't until today the slide was taken down. some smaller rides at the amusement park do remain open. some people holding onto the holiday. they're going to enjoy nice weather. >> some high clouds around
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the state at all, over southeastern colorado, seeing a strong. we are dry, and as a result, high fire danger, so a fire weather watch issued until 7:00 tonight for the west. on top of that, we have the red flag warning. that is in the west. some in elbert, and lincoln counties also involved. you can see we have that starwood fire close to the border, because it is so dry up there. and now the new one, it doesn't take much to get these fires going too. we had a the state today, that let the warm air in from the south. now a surge of cooler air is going to come down, and take 12 degrees off what we saw for a high today. hermine still wondering out there in the atlantic. the winds are 7 miles per hour. that's just 4 off a category 1 storm. it's just going to wander around for another day or two, before it finally pushes away from the u.s. what we're watching here is hurricane newton. winds to 75 miles per hour.
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northwest at 16 miles an hour. you can see some of that moisture flow is working its way right on up into southeastern colorado, and portions of new mexico, pushing storms in that direction. this is the path we think it's going to take moving northwest. but then back to the east and north, ending back in arizona, and that will push into our direction as well. we do have a heavy shower and storm in baca county. until 6:15, we have a severe thunderstorm warning out, believe it or not. 93degrees officiallyat airport. we were 90 downtown. 50 and 53 were the starts. 83 and 53 would be normal. 97 and 38 the record. 86 and 83 right now. just a southeast breeze at 7. a pretty shot here near chatfield. this is larry pierce, a very pleasant valley. that's what it is. pleasant valley, south of steamboat springs. and this is pete taking flight in grand lake. temperatures tonight will be in
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plains. 30s, 40s, 50s out west. tomorrow, a cool down especially over the north with 60s, 70s, and 80s. still 90s over the southeast. 70s in the mountains. 70s and 80s out west. here's your denver forecast. for tonight, clear skies. 55 and 54 by the morning. tomorrow, increasing clouds, but only low 80s instead of low 90s. 83 on wednesday. thursday, and friday, more of day. but if newton gets into the act, we'll see a better chance for clouds and more showers. >> a hurricane for our weather. >> we need it. >> hope some of it finds its way here.
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this is what we've been waiting for, to see everybody play on thursday. >> finally. it's all been about getting
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thursday. the same thing goes for demarcus ware. ware didn't play at all in the preseason. but he will play thursday. the question is how much. gary kubiak says he hasn't decided yet. ware says he's not worried about how much he'll play, and that he'll do whatever coach tells him to do. >> whatever gary says. 94. we don't want him out there 94 plays. that's a lot of plays. i just think that, healthy, i'm ready. whenever they put me out there. >> of course, demarcus's main goal will be trying to sack cam newton, which is easier said than done. we told you at 5:00, the broncos aren't looking at this game as a rematch, and neither are the panthers. the panthers have done all they can to forget about super bowl l. both teams say they'll look at tape of that game, but to
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>> it's not necessarily looking back at certain things that can help us, which is, we're going to do that. but these are two completely different teams, including our offense and you know, we know that going into this game. our preparation will be different. and we will be locked and loaded, and ready to go on thursday. >> tonight's centurylink poll question, which panthers player concerns you the most? there are certainly a lot on go to cbs denver's sports page to vote. doubta will start saturday against ut san antonio. there was a lot that went wrong for the rams on saturday. >> we didn't execute assignments. we didn't put ourselves in position to make plays. like i told them after the game, and i told them today, that starts with me. we all have to look at ourselves, not just players,
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coach. we've got to move forward. >> reporter: the rockies have made a habit of hitting grand slams recently. on wednesday, stephen cardullo hit his first grand slam. friday, nick hundley followed that up with his first grand slam. 3rd inning today against san francisco, bases loaded for cargo and a grand slam. put the rockies up 5-0. nick hu own. chad bettis was the man of the day today. the rockies had a big 3rd inning. bettis throwing his first complete game shutout of his career, as the rockies win 6-0. >> can throw a pitch at any time for a strike. when you do that, you win. that was outstanding by chad.
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and hopefully, it recurs a little bit more. rory had his putter going to seven birdies. he pocketed a $1.5 million too. good to see rory holding the trophy. people on the east coast hoping to spend labor day at the beach, they're finding some of them closed. we'll show you the impacts fr the remnants of hurricane hermine. >> researchers set out to study >> researchers set out to study the brains of ,, >> researchers set out to study the brains of ,, with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita."
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sion. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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now time the presidential campaigns start a big push for november. >> it was no different for hillary clinton and donald trump. mark albert live tonight. neither candidate took the day off. >> reporter: absolutely not. not in this final stretch, jim and karen. both clinton and trump brought out some big names today, but even those surrogates cannot distract from some lingering doubts about the two candidates. >> i'm so happy to have all of
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welcomed reporters aboard her campaign's new airplane. as she headed to a new rally in cleveland. >> we're going to stay yes to standing up for worker's rights and dignity. yes to good jobs and benefits. yes to the american dream. >> reporter: donald trump was also in cleveland. he says he's the only candidate that can there -- overseas. there are just two months left in this campaign. the latest cbs tracker poles show clinton leading by 8 points in pennsylvania and 4 points in north carolina. but the survey of all battleground states finds her lead just 2 points.
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his shifting plans on immigration. >> whoever wins in november is going to face a very challenging landscape, not only politically, but because they're going to come in very damaged. if you see these numbers now, i don't think it will improve much between now and november. >> reporter: the first presidential debate is just three weeks away. and in a sign of democrat unity, bernie sanders ers went to the state where he clinton by 20 points. new hampshire. he told the crowd donald trump wants to be president of the united states, and we are not going to let that happen. >> mark, the moderators for the three presidential debates were announced a few days ago. clinton has committed to being there. is trump going to? >> reporter: well for the longest time, karen, he had not committed. he complained the dates were going to conflict with sports.


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