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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm MDT

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his shifting plans on immigration. >> whoever wins in november is going to face a very challenging landscape, not only politically, but because they're going to come in very damaged. if you see these numbers now, i don't think it will improve much between now and november. >> reporter: the first presidential debate is just three weeks away. and in a sign of democrat unity, bernie sanders ers went to the state where he clinton by 20 points. new hampshire. he told the crowd donald trump wants to be president of the united states, and we are not going to let that happen. >> mark, the moderators for the three presidential debates were announced a few days ago. clinton has committed to being there. is trump going to? >> reporter: well for the longest time, karen, he had not committed. he complained the dates were going to conflict with sports.
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obligated to debate clinton, and says he expects to be at all three debates. >> mark albert, thank you. once hurricane hermine turns further up the atlantic seaboard, governors wants people to be alerted. >> a tropical storm warning took effect from long island, all the way up to massachusetts. new york city closed its beaches today, whic extend into tomorrow. cape cod saw wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour today. obviously, making for some big surf. the waves eroded some of the shore line, creating sand dune cliffs. but even that hasn't stopped all the beachgoers. >> we're here no matter what. >> three deaths are blamed on hermine. forecasters expect the now tropical storm to stall out over the atlantic. the gap wildfire in more
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to more than 25,000 acres. it's been burning in the klamath national forest more than a week. it forced mandatory evacuations and road closures over the holiday weekend. we do know two structures have been destroyed. more than 1800 firefighters now on scene. that one's about 30% contained. this is the news in health tonight. have you ever wondered why wine experts can smell and taste ingredients can't? researchers in las vegas set out to see if they could answer that question. as chris martinez tells us, what they found could lead to a break through for alzheimer's. >> identifying the different aromatic, or flavor nuances within it. is it a fruit, is it not a fruit? >> reporter: as a wine connoisseur, he says he can
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a glass of wine. >> dry roses, potpourri, very floral. >> reporter: research has shown that key sense of smell has developed his brain. she found the wine experts could detect scents the others could not. but she also discovered parts of their brain are bigger. , including areas susceptible to alzheimer's. >> the fact that the parts of susceptible to alzheimer's and parkinson's bodes well for the somaliers. >> reporter: it might be key in growing our brains to help prevent disease. >> definitely sort of stopping to smell the roses a little bit. to enjoy life. to think about your senses. >> reporter: harley says he'll toast to that.
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to taste. >> the participants in the study rage from ages from 20s to mid-60s. a fire erupts on the river dams. why this one was set on purpose. >> you look at moisture coming up from new mexico into colorado. that may be because of a category 1 hurricane.
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the musical cabaret is 50 years old this year. >> hard to believe, but does the show still resonate with today's audiences. ? [ m >> reporter: cabaret, we all know it, we've all seen it, we raise our eyebrows think why is this old chestnut back again? >> it's an expectation from the film. but the play itself is different than the movie. just in terms of the material. there's characters in the play that do not exist in the film. songs in the play that do not exist in the film. the broad strokes remain, but the material takes care of a
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>> reporter: i haven't seen cabaretin probably 30 years, stage or screen, so this production caught me completely off guard. >> once you see the emcee coming out, looking so different than joel gray. you're into a new space, new choreography. new ways of seeing these characters. >> reporter: this cabaret seems faster, darker, more in your face than before. from the first notes of the finale, this throat. >> it is the thing that people leave the theater with. they say that ending is just amazing. and it's unexpected. it's designed to be unexpected. but it's a sobering ending, and a galvanizing ending. it's an ending that is both challenging, unforgettable, and seems true to where the play has already been headed.
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sally to a realistic schneider, to the dangerously enticing appeal of the emcee. than the movie, more closely to the reality of our world. this is dark, this is ragged, this is real. real enough to be scary. i'm critic at large, greg moody for cbs4 news. >> not easy to scare greg production of cabaret on september 27 at the denver center downtown. for tickets, as always, just go to we've got a link right into the denver center box office. and ed is up next with his
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to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. president obama is now the first sitting u.s. president to visit the southeastern asian country of laos.
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acknowledge damning calls by the bombing. the president arrived in laos after leaving the economic g8 summit in china. >> the president was set to meet with the president of the philippines during his asia trip, but the white house canceled that today. that was after he lashed out at mr. obama for commenting on the philippines controversial policy toward suspected drug executed without judicial proceedings. he said quote, who does he think he is. i am no american puppet. president obama will meet with south korea's president indeed. two people are killed in tel aviv, another 17 are hurt. search crews are looking for additional survivers. that garage was under
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victims were construction workers. the cause of the collapse is under investigation. this fire is not a disaster. it's actually art. a replica of central london was re-created for the 350th anniversary of the great fire of london. it's only one of a series commemorating the event. it burned for 4 days in 1666, and destroyed most of the city. >> seeing artwork going interesting. talk about hot. we were hot today. soared into the 90s today. let's take a look right now. you can see we do have mostly clear skies out here. just a few fair weather clouds. lots of sunshine, that let that temperature climb. as we take a look at our doppler 4000, just a few clouds pushing across the area. as we take a look at the big picture, maybe a sprinkle over
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that may be from the hurricane. we did have a little kink in the stationary front that's been hanging out for a couple of weeks now. that allowed all of that warmer air to come up. we just had a little warm front here. now we have a surge of cooler air come down. here's hermine, still hanging around the atlantic coast. winds at 70 miles an hour. that's just 4 off of what would be hurricane strength. moving west-northwest at 7 miles per hour. it looks like it's just going to wander around, and off and leave the country. this is hurricane newton. some of in a moisture is making its way up into new mexico, and eventually into southeastern colorado. this is the path we think it's going to take. first away, and then turn back. it will bring that moisture a little more into arizona, and maybe a better shot of moisture for us. but we're going to be under the influence of a zonal flow. that means west to east. it may keep this moisture
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sections of the state, or the mountains. maybe none of that gets into denver. 93 and 90. started off at 50, and 53. the high today, just 4 degrees off the record high set in 2014. 83 would be normal for this time of the year. we're 86, and at the norm at the airport right now. 20% humidity. we've got a rising barometer. this is a great shot. a live view of the ridgway cam right now. this is from pikes peak, looking southwest. still see a little bit of the snow they had. this is this reservoir in gunnison. pretty shot there. look at this from pete. a hummingbird that he got in graham lake. 30s, 40s for the high country. 30s, 40s, 50s out west. tomorrow, cooler air from the north. 60s, 70s, 80s.
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tomorrow morning. tomorrow, only low 80s. a very pleasant day tomorrow. then for the next several days, 83 wednesday, 87 thursday, another cool front friday. so 79 degrees, a pretty good start to the weekend. 82 and sunny. do you need some ideas for sprucing up the old house? check out denver life magazine's designer show house. contractors and architects took a 1930s tudor style home and gave it a modern preserving some of the original features of that tudor style. >> this room here, with the vaulted ceiling was something that existed. we thought that was a unique fixture not often found in new homes or old homes. >> a cool idea there. denver life magazine's signer show house open for touring starting september 10, from 10:30 to 3:00 p.m. daily. tickets are $20.
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denver. for ticket info, go to expensive memberships keep
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the latest on the
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commission will meet consumer groups that want to make sure that they're doing enough to get compensation for european drivers affected by vw's cheating. the european commission plans to meet with volkswagen as well later on this month. we haven't seen gas prices this low since 2004. >> this summer nationwide, drivers served $19 billion. the average u.s. $320 in savings this year, thanks to plunging gas prices. the maker of gatorade has come out with an organic version of that sports drink. g organic comes in strawberry, lemon, and a mixed flavor. new tonight, it can be tough to get motivated to go to the gym. we all know that. but some trainers are offering
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can't get you into shape. jeff halevy works in the gym. he came up with a fitness criteria. strength, fat, muscle mass, and cardio. not weight loss. >> if our members haven't improved in at least three out of these five areas in their first 90 days, we give them all of their money back, all of their membership dues, and the obligations of their
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a denver police officer shoots during a confrontation with a suspect, and that is where we begin tonight's
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sallinger, a man wanted for five bank robberies was taken into custody here this afternoon. during gunfire with police. 39-year-old sean scott was known as the bicycle bandit because that's how he would often make his getaways. a tow truck driver recognized scott and called police. when they arrived here, scott allegedly opened fire on the tow truck, striking it, but not those inside. the police shot at scott, but he was not struck. he was apparently injured while being he was hospitalized. >> i'm matt croasher reporting. the jury will begin deliberations tomorrow here in a courtroom. they have been listening to weeks of expert testimony and dozens of witnesses.
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circumstantial case against lester jones. paige's body was discovered in a rural area south of grand junction in 2012. the jury will only be given about a 20 minute warning after they reach a verdict before they make that announcement here inside the courtroom. i'm tom mustin in boulder, where some tenants are still recovering after a carbon monoxide leak. last friday morning, firefighters evacuated the canyon apartments on boulevard. several residents reported feeling sick. some residents say they heard no alarms, and are now feeling fortunate to be alive. one woman was treated and released at the hospital. the property owners have not commented on the issue. keeping watch of a possible moisture surge we might get. >> let's take a look at it on doppler 4,000. see all of that motion over portions of new mexico, you follow it down, and that's hurricane newton. we're just watching it to see
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showers later this week. may stay south in the mountains. we're going to go with temperatures in the 80s. maybe a little cooler on friday, before a good start to the weekend. >> pretty. thank you for joining us on colorado's news channel. >> hope to see you tonight at
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