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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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an update on the fire bug firefighters have contain today to 60% it. burned around 3 first acres. a viewer sent us these pictures. it's warm and dry in downtown denver but storms are building in other parts of the state. chris spaers is tracking them from the mobile weather lab is joins us live from arapahoe county. it is dry! >> reporter: bone-dry!
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everywhere. we've been watching some pretty strong thunderstorms building out to the north and east of deer trail. and we caught this on time-lapse over the last two hours. thunderstorms building rapidly between 4:sdmirt 5:00. at -- 4:30 and 5:00. we've been able to see cap clouds at the top of these thunderstorms. and at times, you can see t illuminating the grain and hill shafts contained within the storms. you can see out here live, we're zoomed on the top of this line of storms to the south and east of denver. the remains of what high cirrous -- were high cirrous clouds. i'm gonna do a write-up for if you want to learn more about what those clouds tell us for a
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things are gonna stay dry, but somebody gets a quick shower! itt technical institute permanently shut its doors today today. we began reporting on the problems colleges several years ago. tonight itt technical institute is shut down here and around the country. and the issues are much the same. >> reporter: the doors of this long-running career college are now closed. its tv commercials lured students and their federal money from grants. >> we are edcares helping people building a foundation for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the aurora campus
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i25 and iluf. this man had been counting on them to launch his future in computers. >> came to denver to start over, came here, and they closed without even an e-mail. >> reporter: they are blaming their closure on the federal government which is demanded it put more money in the bank to cover federal grants that pay for students' education. >> pretty much all of their money was federal tax dollars that students were handing over to t they were not producing graduates. they were not producing job-ready graduates. the criticisms were similar to those other for-profit colleges. heavy recruit have gone students for courses and degrees that didn't turn into expected jobs. much of the money footed by the government. >> i'm a vet so i was going to school using the gi bill. i'm shocked that i'm not gonna be able to go to school, get
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>> reporter: i, t says its focus now is helping tens of thousand was displaced students with other educational options. about 300 students are affected in colorado. to the latest on this video showing a massive group of university. this happened in july. today denver police say they arrested three men in their 20s, and officers confiscated of two their motorcycles. police charged them with reckless driving. they say they used social media to help find the suspects. >> there were social media accounts that depeople's exhibited what was going on -- depicted what was going on, and we saw individuals that we were
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going on -- depicted what was going on, and we saw individuals that we were able to identify. a suspected serial bank robber goes to court with guards surrounding him. we first told you about sean scott's arrest yesterday. he is accused of robbing banks near bike paths and may have used a bike to get away from some a truck hit a truck in the northbound lane. one rolled, one driver died on the scene. two people are dead after a motorcycle crash in aurora. a mini-van turned in front of the motorcyclist who had a
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two attorneys call for a closer review of a controversial ballot initiative after officials uncovered possible fraud. it would colorado's minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020. an investigation into forged saturdays is underway. >> reporter: and two attorneys for two different colorado governors warn that may be the chief counselor a republican, and ritter, a democrat, say voters need to know how pervasive the fraud is. the letter makeses the state that the -- makes the case that the secretary of state should dig deeper into 170. officials uncovered what they believe are forged signatures. >> how can it be that you have
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you look at this small sample size of signatures? just 5% of the signatures were reviewed. there is clearly forgery. >> reporter: attorneys john anderson and tray rogers are asking the secretary of state to review every single signature. >> we have already looked at every line. >> reporter: they say that's suspected forgery. they then review a number of signatures to determine the registers voters and project a validity rate that. in this case, 75,000 were invalidated. >> the highest number of invalidated signatures of the initial inches turned in, they still met the threshold. >> reporter: by 16,000. and there have been no additional allegations of additional fraud
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>> our nation doesn't say because you did one bad thing, we presume you did other bad things too. >> you can't conduct a 5% review and ship it off, and both hands are tied. we feel it's critical to conduct that review for the integrity of the election process. >> reporter: secretary williams says while officials could review every address associated with every signature, it would and without any additional evidence of fraud, it would be a fishing expedition. he is working with lawmakers on a bill that would require 100% signatures and address verification in the future. a number of petitions have already been approved for the november ballot. find out more about what will be on your ballot by visiting our website,
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breaking news from denver, a stabbing inside this popular restaurant. the mead street station on 32nd and laurel. a live picture from the scene for you. a witness says a customer stabbed one of the servers there. we are on the scene there. a boulder resident fighting a ballot initiative that would likely raise the cost of soda in the city. we'll let what voters will decide. and a power bill quadrupled in a month. >> not a lot going on, a couple weak thunderstorms.
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new developments on a ballot initiative in boulder that would impose a tax on sugary drinks. a resident filed
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be dismissed. he said the petition was confusing. a judge is heard arguments in the case and issued a ruling. the initiative will stay on the ballot. there is an investigation into dying ducks at an aurora park a woman seeing her electric bill go up nearly five times, after xcel installed a money-saving meter. >> reporter: she received edd a new meter like this, and her first bill was higher than many small businesses pay!
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>> reporter: michelle doesn't want to use her last name after a dispute about xcel. >> it went up almost five times as much as the previous bill >> reporter: in august they installed this new meter it. sends meter readings to xcel through radio waves. her august bill arrived so it increased from $42 to more than $180. >> if i am hardly using my electricity now and it's almost $200, who will it be like >> reporter: for 20 year, she's been a model customer. >> i've never been late and never missed a bill >> reporter: her bill averages with $50 a month. she called xcel and sufficiency told nothing was wrong with her bill. >> the specialist is arguing with me, and i didn't know what to do.
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transmitting. and that happens. >> how did it end up being five times higher? >> a misreading somehow. whether it's with the machine or human error, we're still determining that. >> reporter: they'll make it right. >> this will get worked out. >> reporter: and where a new bill on the we, michelle has a new lease on life, and one small request. >> i'd like a meter that actually works. >> reporter: if you have any questions about your meter or bill, contact xcel we have a link at part of highway 5 up to mt. evans is closed. cdot typically closes it between echo lake and summit lake after labor day each year. and let's get over to ed! >> that was video from last year because i thought oh, my
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>> we have some showers and thunderstorms off to the east of us. not much going on around denver, partly sunny skies to sunny skies, should stay that way till evening. a thunderstorm warning just about to expire! so a severe thunderstorm warning till now, 6:45. and that is moisture from the hurricane. while they have the moisture over the southeast, we have dryness in the west. high mountain valleys, red flag warning until 7:00 tonight. all the warnings end. we still see the cloudy skies. moisture from the hurricane, will push around here and give us the partly cloudy skies. and every now and then, you'll see a storm run across that area. as we get into friday, that moves off to the east, and you can see how high and dry it is until 10:00 in the morning. that sets the stage for a pretty nice weekend ahead. this was a cold front that just gave us a surge of cool air,
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more pleasant, easier to deal with. sheer the moisture moving up from the south. let's check out hermine! remnants, 50 mile an hour winds moving west . connecticut, massachusetts, long island, new jersey still seeing moisture from hermine. it's stalled there now. 23% humidity. nice shot from sonja here, a hummingbird there take shot at one of the hollyhocks. and this is a very interesting picture. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 50s and 60s over the eastern plains.
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the mountains, 40s and 50s out west. and tomorrow, cool to the north, 70s and 80s. in the 90s in southeastern sections of our state. 60s and 70s for the mountains. out west, mostly 80s. the denver forecast: maybe an isolated storm, fog could develop after midnight, 56 and 55 the overnight lows. tomorrow, we'll look for decreasing clouds, then it'll be fair and warmer! a little more sunshine, we'll get into the low 80s, and for the next several days, we'll continue to stay in the 80s. by thursday, 87. then another 77, warming up again for the weekend! >> thank you. coming up in sport, we'll hear what the panthers defense
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doesn't get rattled so we're gonna have to try to do our best. they say money changes a man. it's no surprise to hear broncos coaches and players tell us that vonmiller is different this year. even von miller says vonmiller is different this year. not sure how much of that has to do with the money part of
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>> reporter: the summer of von has come to a close, and is his focus is 100% on football now, for the most part. >> i'm trying to get social media in the mix. but i haven't been on there as much. not just this week but this whole training camp.ise just a different focus. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: i think the broncos would be happy with this time starting in september. [ cheering and applause ] >> he came back really more focused than he started last year. maybe it's just comfort with the defense. bi-i think he wanted to prove to everybody that maybe he's the defensive player of the year. so he was the mvp, in the super bowl, but i think his next goal is to be the defensive player of the year. >> reporter: and the first
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panthers the broncos beat in santa clara! >> the win was there the first time we played. and i just expect them to execute a lot better this game. >> reporter: the analogy he used, steph curry still makes a lot of mark haas, cbs4 sports. tonight's poll question: how many sacks did von miller have on thursday night? >> look at him laying out as he tries to protect the pitchers. the one guy who wasn't happy was chris smith. the ball actually hit him in the head. he
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ball boy. give the kid credit. pitcher making a bare-handed grab here, spikes it, and walks off! >> didn't even flinch! [ laughter ] a colorado technology firm at the center of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there.
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son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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a denver technology firm caught up in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. they oversawer e-mails last year. one of the engineers who deleted her files could face federal charges for obstructing justice and destroying evidence. clinton told f.b.i. investigators she had no knowledge the platte river network actually deleted her files. donald trump spent the day campaigning in battleground states today.
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rallies today as they sprint toward the finish line. the election just nine weeks away. both candidates focusing on key battleground states that will likely decide the election. >> reporter: donald trump made his pitch to be commander in chief during a rally in virginia beach virginia. >> we are going to solve the isis problem. we have to also get back and we have to solve it big league and strongly and swiftly. to rebuilding our country. >> reporter: virginia beach closed more than a dozen military facilities. trump campaign rolled out a list of 88 retired generals and admirals who are endorse the republican nominee. >> i think we're up to 89 but who's count something >> reporter: hillary clinton says more military and intelligence officers trust her to be president. a new ad shows
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sacrifices. >> reporter: while trump campaigns in virginia and north carolina, hillary clinton went to florida for a rally in tampa. all three are battleground states being hotly contested. >> reporter: the latest battleground tracker shows clinton is winning nearly every state. but the race is far from settled. >> you look at this lead, it's fragile because you have a frontrunner who >> reporter: military and veterans' issues will continue to be a key topic as hillary clinton and donald trump appear at a veterans' hosted forum in prime time tomorrow night. don cheatel novembers denver today campaigning for hillary clinton. the east high school grad was on the 16th


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