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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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good morning. this is the news september 7th. this is what is happening right now. shawn's live. >> reporter: a random act of violence has shaken up the denver neighborhood and the police are still looking for a stabbing suspect and i'll have a live report coming up. and denver police makes a first arrest from this first incident in july. how the police were able to identify the men. and the shut down of itt technical institute impacted thousands of students.
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town getting ready to give bronco's fans the ultimate kickoff experience. city county building looks almost as good as it did during the super bowl. a look at the forecast right now. >> lauren is in the col weather center. we less than five tenth of a mile. so be extra cautious on the eastern plains this morning. and some of the fog could make its way a little more east. and we have a lot of cloud cover as well. and we'll talk about the temperatures and the broncos' game coming up in a moment. if you're heading out to work this morning, it should be a great drive for you. we have the stakes picked up. and west nfl kickoff concert
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so they can set that. right now a man is on the run after seemingly random knife attack at a bar in the west highland's neighborhood. and we're live from meet street station where this happened. and the police kind of had a pretty good description here but we have no word of an arrest, right? >> reporter: that's right. it is a decent description because because the police are still looking for the suspect, the people in the west highlands are shaken up by this, th here very concerned about a random act of violence at this restaurant. and the denver police telling us it happened in the afternoon on tuesday here at the immediate street station restaurant with a customers was stabbed by the man. and the owner tells us that the man went to the bar and stabbed someone cutting their throat. and people in the lower square said that the man rocked seconds before it happened and
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them outside. they say they have seen him here in the neighborhood before and some bar managers said he's known for being rude and acting strange. this is the description that the denver police have put out. the man is black, 6'3" and 250 to 300 pounds and wearing a green shirt and kakis shorts. more arrests could be coming for the bikers that took part in this event block drivers on. >> i-5 the denver police announced the arrests of three men all in their 20s and they confiscated two of the motorcycles. and the police arrested ryan easton and richard patton and charged them with reckless driving. and they were able to find the men by checking out posts on social media. >> there were social media acts that did depict what was going to on we saw individuals that were able to identify, including the vehicles.
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support for fellow motorcyclists killed in crashes. but the investigators said that the message was lost when they put themselves and other drivers at risk. >> it was a stunt that irritated a lot of people. weather and traffic every ten minutes. let's take a look what the is happening right now outside. and 61 in grand junction and 60 in denver and 61 burlington. visibility tough on the eastern plains. so we have the morning. so be cautious of it. it is thick from and ron -- from akron to ray. it will be gloomy start to the day but a little more sunshine this afternoon. noon 79 and mid-80s this afternoon and a bit more sunshine and we'll talk about the fire danger when a minute. a few more calls cars on the roadways. this is i-70 and central park
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hour. and this is the denver metro area and rod work that has been -- road work that has been going to on. and you have the extend the road project there as you head out to parker road to downtown and we have closures near panic and that is due to the mile icon certificate. here we the drive time somebody somebody coming in town the speeds good. people are calling us because they did not get answers from the city. we checked out what happened. >> it smells like straight sewage. wildlife is dying. something is going to on in there. >> reporter: anthony ross just moved near the park. and he took pictures of the dead ducks he found in the past week.
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dead animals has him worried for people's safety. it is the same water used on the park's grass. >> my kids are running through that. it doesn't seem too healthy. i got some splashed on my skin and it started burning. >> reporter: a aurora water spokesperson said that in addition for conservation, heavy rain flooded the park and that is exactly what the city designed it for. >> the water has to go someplace in an urban environment and better it comes here where we can control it than the housed on the border of this park. >> it may have been good contensions, but i don't think there's much they can do with the street side trash. >> they said they have tested
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toxins. more than 40,000 students under limbo this morning after itt technical has shut down. they have closed all 130 campuses nationwide, including near denver. >> reporter: news of itt tech's closure is hitting students especially hard. the nursing student in arlington heights illinois completed two years of courses under the gi bill and graduate to >> we need to take our national test to become a nurse. >> reporter: and other itt students rush to the campuses tuesday looking for answers. >> we have not gotten any answers, no warnings. >> where are my dreams now? >> reporter: the four profit college chain announced it will close all of its 130 campuses
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of education recently barred the student from new students using federal aid. it came on the crackdown on the school's predatory practices. >> degrees or ten unaccredit or nonaccredit. and now this leaves them tens of thousands in debt. >> reporter: itt officials said that the school a victim of a regulatory assault and never had the chance itself. students currently enrolled that withdrew from the school in the last 120 days can apply to have their debt wiped away, a cost that will be paid in part by tax students. >> they encourage student reach out to other colleges to see if their credits will transfer.
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one man's idea of giving back is almost unbelievable. why he decided to donate a kidney to someone he never even
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two colorado strangers are we canned to life. one gave the other a kidney. the story is unusual because they did not meet till months after the transplant. kathy walsh shares their story. >> tired. you tired quickly. >> reporter: 60-year-old burt was not used to that he's a fencing champion and international businessman, sailor and grandpa.
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a former administrator and active with his two grown sons. this is the third time that the two men have met. but they are closer than brother. >> we are joined above the hip. >> reporter: kidney disease killed burt's mother and grandmother n june of 2015, his kidneys were failing. >> we live on a hail and i could not go down the hill walking anymore. >> healthy kidneys and had a burning desire to give one of them away. >> i decided to do something now to help someone. >> reporter: two were paired up. >> in terms of age, tissue typing, size match two, they seemed like a great match. >> reporter: and the men did not meet still three months after transplant surgery.
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grandchildren graduate. >> if i had three or four, i would do it again. it made me more aware how special life is. >> reporter: two men strangers with a bond above the hip and the heart. >> find out how you can be an organ donor by going to to hurricane landfall in mexico. it came through with 90-mile-an- hour winds and wiped out power and beaches. that is a tropical storm. >> it was. and it did a lot of damage and hopefully everyone is okay in the area. and our news director was there and he posted those to our station and facebook. we're looking at foggy
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where we have less than a half mile visibility and it could get a little more widespread through the morning hours. but it is tough on the eastern plain areas and looking at our satellite and radar, no moisture. but we have a lot of clouds. and week see those streaming through the state. you have a mix of sunshine and clouds through the morning hours and we should have a little more sunshine this afternoon. fire danger high in parts of the state and we have red flag warnings to jackson and grand counties and we can see the 9,000 feet but gusty winds up to 30 miles an hour and very low humidity. so be extra careful this morning. and our futurecast. cloudy skies to start and it could get a little drizzle on the eastern plains from some of the clouds and we have a chance of a little more cloud cover on and off through the afternoon in parts of the high country. men that denver, a little more sunshine as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. and overnight, the skies do clear and there could be a little more fog tomorrow morning and a little more rain
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tomorrow it is a dig day in den -- big day in denver and california. the broncos play and it will be a great evening for football. tailgating, it will be a little hot out there. 61 over in grand junction. highs today, 85 in denver and boulder and fort collins as well. hot in the southeastern part of the 87 in grand junction. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow 88 and mostly sunny skies and a little windy on friday and 72 degrees and this weekend is mild so if should be a great -- so it shush should be a great one. you deserve this if you're on the roads since yesterday. you deserve a great, wide open drive like this one here. let's hope we can keep it that
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they continue to do road work along there. and downtown, we'll get the stakes picked up. and we have the nfl kickoff concert that will affect and also near civic center park as they get set up for that and this is a look at some of the drive times. i think you'll like this westbound along i-70, we had a huge accident this morning we have speeds in the 60s. big cosby is trying to get key evidence thrown out of court now. these right to get a telephone call between he and the victim's mother. he'll go to trial next june. today we could learn about the upgraded charges of a
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killed a 15-month-old son of marcus cowell. he was in a stroller being pushed by his teenage aunt in california and a 72-year-old white sox hit them. they suspect that the woman was drunk and the family donated his organs, including his heart. the family said that our family will never be the same but he will live on. >> decision. if they can have a set of parents don't have to go through what they're going to through. >> the heartbreaking post on social media went viral. and the teenager hit is also hurt. and the woman there, donald higgins had been released from jail on bond. hump back whales are off the endangered list. the national marines fishery
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the world no longer need endanger species protections. it started 50 years ago.
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investors looking to keep up the gains today. >> reporter: pay pal and mastercard are teaming up to make it easier for users of the on line payment system to pay with a mastercard. starting on next year, the
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instantly. they struck a similar deal with visa last july. and the dow jones industrial average gained 46 points and the nasdaq entered record record numbers. business owners are not borrowing as much as to. it seem that's the american lobster is not william in europe. the european union said it is an invasive species that poses a threat to native marine life and wants to ban them. lobster men in the u.s. and canada stand to lose $200 million in business. sweden said if found 32 american lobsters in their waters earlier this year that
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time for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the fours. we have stormed in the midwest and no delays and we're hot on the east coast. and we'll stay hot for the next several days. 89 in new york and 97 in washington d.c. and you sad in the humidity and that is not -- and you add in the humidity and that is not fun. flooding is a huge concern for southern arizona and new mexico. they couee this area because of hurricane newton. the chance of severe weather is over the dakotas. they may get some big thunderstorms and it could bring some flash flooding. and now let's check in with joel. i think you'll like the drive this morning if you're heading to the denver metro area this is the elevated portion of the highway look great. expect some delays tonight as they work on some bridge as
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nourthbound, the speeds in the 60s four minutes to i-70. and no delays on the b line or the a line. 5:25 and 60 degrees out there. a woman's power bill more than quadruples in one month. the company installed a new meter and what the company is saying about it. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton will appear bato while tackling national security i'll have the latest on campaign 2016 coming up. how do you replace a guy like peyton manning? you can't. but they're going to try they
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freedom to change plays at the line when manning played. the new qb will have some and he wants him to use it. >> we have to give him freedom and let him play. you're talking about a hall of famer, that package may be a little bigger. but trevor is a smart kid. >> we have a lot of guys on the opposite side of the ball that has his back and we trust him we'll do our best to make it work. >> reporter: rockies fell to the giants 4-2 and they will play again today at coors field. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream...
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a live look at civic center park building the ultimate kickoff experience for bronco fans ahead of tomorrow night's season opener. >> and the kickoff village opened this afternoon at 3:00 you can meet and challenge your friend to and interactive football game and enjoy some live music. and let's talk about what is coming up. let's get a check of your forecast with lauren. good morning. starting off with a bit of cloud cover across the denver area and a lot of the state right now. and there may be a couple sprinkles on the eastern plains. but a cloudy start and we have some fog out on the eastern plains. so we're going to talk about our sunshine and our warm
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weather coming in a moment. we have that video coming in from the civic center park. >> these are closures along 14th. right now denver police are asking you to be for a man that robbed a popular west highland bar. this is 32nd and knead and we can understand why some people are on edge because of this incident. rearview mirror exactly. this is a random act of violence. and many people that live and work here are concerned. the police have a decent description and some of the bar managers said they have seen the suspect before. they say that he has acted


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