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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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. sitting in a west highland restaurant attacked with a knife apparently at random. and the search for the tacker that got away. it is a big party to kickoff nfl season head of the big broncos game today. good morning. let's get a quick check of the forecast with lauren. good morning. we're off to a fairly mild start to the day with a mix of clear skies and cloud cover across the front range. and that is the name of the game across the state. but on the eastern plains. we have thick fog once again this morning from akron to ray and burlington. and we have a mile to mile and a half visibility. this is a little on the cloudy side. and the temperatures coming in
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the drive. civic center park decked out in orange and blue but we have road closures in place. look for the closures on ba next nick and orange as well. as we look forward to the kickoff concert. a man was stabbed in the neck in a seemingly random standing in a highland restaurant. and we're down at 32nd and neat. you got out for -- and knead. you got out this happens. >> reporter: this customer was cut in the throat and we're told that they'll cover from the injuries. certainly a scary moment that has many worried in the area this morning. we're told this all happened tuesday afternoon around 4:30 when the suspect walked into the restaurant. some were saying that at first the suspect was trying to hug the customer. and that is not the case. and bar managers in the area said they have seen this suspect before and they say
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past. but those yesterday it was clear that something strange was going to on. >> i could tell that he was looking for something or he was on a mission. >> i think it was absolutely random. we don't know why he did the crime. but we know the victim very well and our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. >> black 6-foot 3 and 6'3" and 250 pounds. the police found a parked car with six gas canisters inside. the police just announced two people are in custody for this.
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threats. jurors in the page murder trial will deliberations in grand junction. the police arrested lester jones two years ago for brook december murder in 2007. investigators said that she led a second life as a paid escort. we now know the name of the man found dead near the top of mccore pass. he's 49-year-old matthew mars from longmont. someone noticed his body on monday. he had a camp site said up. but they have not said how he died. a wildfire continues to burn near the colorado border. but it is holding steady but there's some progress the
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should be gone by 9:00 this morning. wildfire borning in rio blanca is now 90 acres inside. you see the smoke all the away from i-70 in garfield county. the flames not threatening any buildings right now. time for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the hours. we're talking high fire danger. we are. so be extra careful out ther high in some spots even if you don't have the red flag warnings. we have a mix of cloud cover and clear skies for most of this morning. but on the eastern plains, we have really thick fog right now from akron to ray to burlington and less than a mile visibility men that some areas it is less than a half mile. temperatures 58 degrees right now in denver and 52 in lineman and 57 in boulder and 42 in
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nancy rockwell is our weather watch reporter in the ray area. and she said the fog is very dense and borderline drizzle this morning. and the rest of us, one the fog moves out we'll see clear skies and the temperatures in the mid- 80s this afternoon with sunshine. good morning. watching the drive on i-70 and 225, much better than yesterday. if you recall, we had the accident in the westbound re and they're moving now. the cars not moving in the somebody somebody. the police are coming out of the way here and the police car was in front them facing the wrong way. i think he might be trying to turn around now. this is at 92nd. we have a report of another accident at 104. across to the denver metro area. here is the cbs mousetrap this is southbound along i-25.
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across the denver area and fifth and sheridan. this is eastbound along i270 now. and that is from the east and look at the drive times. southbound i-25, speeds in the intos. in the 50s along i-70 from i-25 to 225. if you're getting in your car go to our partners, cbs 4 radio. the police said they are the flash mob of motorcycles that shut down i-25 this summer. it took months. but they say they have tracked down some of the bikers. a group of mikists blocked the interstate near university in july. the police said that they arrested three men in their 20s and they confiscate two motorcycles. here they are. they are charged with reckless driving. and the police used social
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support fellow motorcyclists killed in crashes. happening today, a house committee plans to take action on the overbudget va hospital in era. they will vote -- in aurora. they want the agency to turn over documents to possibly explain the cost overruns. and we have reported the price to build that hospital has about million to $1.7 billion. and now 40,000 students have to make new arrangements after itt technical has closed down. >> a lot of the vets were going to to school using the gi bill. and i'm shocked that i'm not going to to go to school and get an education now. >> department of education recently band the school from
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federal aid. >> ultimately the degrees that the students are getting, if they even complete, are oftentimes under accredit or not credit leaving the person tens of thousands of dollars in debt and cannot get a job. >> the school said they were a victim of a regulatory assault and never had the chance to defend itself. and students that are currently last 120 days can apply have their debt wipe -- wiped away. civic center park is decked out for a two day festival. we'll get a live look this morning. the village will close at 2:00 to 8:00. and tomorrow 10:00 to 6:00. you can enjoy games and music and autograph sessions from
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manning a lot of freedom at the line. and the new quarterback will have some and they are going to to let him use it. >> we have to let him play. trevor is a smart kid and that is one of the reasons that he has himself in this position. >> a lot of guys has his back and we trust him to make the right call. we're going to do our best to make it work. >> the team wants new your seats at 6:00 as the entertainment starts 20 after 6:00. kickoff is 6:40. >> hopefully we'll reporting on another big win tomorrow night. and success for doctors after the orlando nightclub
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wednesday's child has some swag and we were there to meet 1-year-old josh. [ singing ] -- meet 13-year-old josh. [ singing ] >> he got to stand behind the mic that big names have recorded and then by the got to [ singing ] >> being here today is great. >> reporter: this is a good moment? >> yes. >> you can learn more about the adoption ex change by visiting -- exchange by visiting there are still volunteer opportunities left for xcel energey's day of service. the center has been offering outdoor education to inner city
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the past 34 years. it is still recovering from the 2013 flood. and will be putting volunteers to good use. so go out and help. you can sign up by going to to the day of service page on let's get your weather and traffic every ten minutes on the fours. this is civic center park. they're setting up for the big broncos game and the nfl kickoff tomorrow. and the fan zone will be activities there. and it will be a big concert from one republic and it will be a fun day tomorrow in downtown denver. so let's take a look at our broncos' forecast. the temperatures in the upper 80s. kickoff in the low 80s and plenty of sunshine and halftime in the mid-70s. temperatures this morning, we're starting off with 63 in denver, 57 in boulder and 60 in
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and visibility is tough out on the eastern plains. and we have thick fog in akron, ray and burlington and down mixing into the dia area that is about a mile and a half. so we have thicker fog out there this morning. and it will take a little while to kick out of here. and the rest of us are just looking at clouds stream through. and the clouds will start to ease up through the day today. and we're look agent tropical storm newton in the southwest and that is pumping a ton of moisture mexico. it doesn't head our way. and it stays in that area. but we could see good flooding in the areas in the desert southwest. we have fire danger concerns in colorado. grand and jackson counties below 9 feet. and gusts up to 30 miles an hour in the mountains and we could see the humidity levels drop to about 15%. and the futurecast, today is a mellow dry day and you will not have a perfectly sunny day but
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clouds this afternoon and this evening. and most of those will clear overnight and fog tomorrow morning in the eastern plains and tomorrow should be a hot and sunny dry day for us because we have the first day of the nfl and we want it to be a great night for football. clear skies and we'll kin. so it will be -- we'll win. and it will be awesome. 90s in the south eastern corner and plenty of 70 ins the high country and 80s and 70s in west. 88 and warm and sunny and windy and cooler on friday with the cold front working its way in. we have a traffic alert we're following southbound i- 25. this is the right side of the highway. it is blocked off and the left lane is getting by. we had the trouble in the northbound direction yesterday. and it looks like we had one car into another and one of the cars is going to to pull off to the right there.
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but the right side blocked off. and let me take you a little fourth to the south this is the 92nd. and we have another trouble spot one car into another one. a similar situation. and that is off to the right shoulder. it is causing some delays now and we have speeds in the 20s behind this accident and speeds dip nothing the 30s behind the second one. so 13 minutes on the drive into denver. but it is loading up eastbound along i270 and you can see this long stream cars making their in start slowing things down. so not on sixth avenue. and you can see the slowing that we have both directions along santa fe and then the approach to c470. from the east, drive time in the westbound direction of i- 70, it was a mess yesterday and now is open now and the speeds into the 50s. so ten minutes from i225 to i- 25. we just learned that laredo
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today. there's been a malfunction with a generator for the schools in aurora. today is a big announcement from apple and already new payment openings. jill wagner is live from the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: the investors are starting the day in a buying move. the nasdaq is a new future high. and apple is expected to today at an event in san francisco. one big change, apple is likely doing along with the analog headphone jacksen steady they will come with wireless headphones and look for a better camera and possibly new colors like midnight blue and the attorney general's office is investigating the maker of epi-pen meant to eliminate the
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criticism is because of the rising of the drug by 500%. starting on next year, customers can transfer money from their master card debit instantly with pay pal. they have a similar deal with visa. and they made that one last july. time for wednesday's top stories. a 27 year mystery in is solved. danny -- confessed to kidnapping, sexually assaulting and murdering jacob -- and a plea deal calls for no charges in his death. could get 20 years on a child pornography count. and congress remains deadlocks on funding for the zika virus. some republicans say a compromise could come by the end of the month.
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trump are in new york for back to back appearances at a national security forum. a poll shows trump leading clinton by two points nationally. the weather watchers are reporting 57 degrees coming in from joy who lives south of bennett. and she said that the fog is really thick out there. we'll have more on the fog and our travel forecast coming up
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. bennet to look out for us.
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we're looking at a lot of heat in the south and to the northeastern side of the country. they're going to to stay hot for the next couple days. and we're look agent intense rainfall in the dese areas in arizona and new mexico and we're still seeing the remnants of tropical storm -- tropical storm newton. we have a traffic report that we're following this morning this is i-25 and 104th in the southbound direction. you see all the headlights and the backups as we have the right side of the highway shut down and they're trying to meter traffic trying to get on i-25 in the southbound direction.
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the right shoulder. this is 92nd. the drive times picking up there. and that is not too bad along pen -- the pena boulevard. and eastbound the speeds in the 50s. and the a line and b line, no delays. bill cosby's lawyers are trying to have some critical evidence thrown out of the case. they are tryi allege alleged victim's mother. he maintains that the contacts with consent consentual. the last victim of the
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from the hospital. people continue to criticize colin kaepernick for sitting during the national anthem. his number 7 jersey is a top seller. keep in mind, he is not the starting quarterback for the team. colin kaepernick showed that his decision to sit during the national anthem is what he called oppression against african-amic service members from the nfl. they colleged $17 million with the partnership with the osu. >> that the last 17 years that is a small thing that we have seen in the last 17 years with the nfl and uso. they've gone with us for 17 years giving us events like this to show they're support. >> >> and the donations will help with programs and building
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expansions and renovations towards the uso. it is 56 degrees out there. and it will warm up there. what the city leaders have to say about several dead ducks from a popular aurora park. we'll show you colorado's
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two day nfl party starts today and the fun begins at 3:00. it will be a fun day in
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school and the cherry creek school district have the day off. the building is closed because of and xcel energey generator malfunction. give us credit for telling you that you have the day off. let's see if the weather will cooperate for the bronco fans to get out there at civic center park. it will be a beautiful day tomorrow and the temperatures in the upper 80s. to a -- mid-80s and weave off to a cloudy start. -- we're off to a cloudy start. and dia, the visibility is about a mile and a half. so be extra careful on your drive this morning. but denver looking great to start off this wednesday morning. take a look at our temperatures and visibility. you can see as you head out east, that fog is pretty thick. in denver down to a mile and a half as you head out to dia and burlington as well.
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and clear from the western slopes to the high country. we have a pair of accidents. one is 104th and 92nd. this is southbound into town. you see the speed poking up over the top there in the single digits. and this will take you 21 minutes right now to get from thornton to denver. this morning the man behind and inside a west highlands' restaurant still on the run. he slit a customer's neck at main street station. we'll go to shawn live there near 32nd and knead. what is the latest on the person's stabbed? >> reporter: again, he was cut on the throat and is going to to be okay. very lucky. but this will shake up many people in the area it is
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time. it happened tuesday afternoon around 4:30 and the owner saying that they were thinking at first that maybe the suspect was hugging a customer inside the restaurant. but as the suspect approached the bar and then stabbed the customer, that clearlily was not the case. and those that saw the suspect in the area before said that he has acted strange or rude to them. so they were concerned about him in the past. but so much more to learn and we'll hear from the owner of that restaurant 6:45. people want an explanation for all the dying ducks at exhibition park in aurora neighbors called us after city leaders did to the have any answers. >> to be honest it smell like sewage and wild life is doing. there's something going to on in there. >> people said that the trash, stretching and dead animals have them worried for their
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drainage collection area. and the city tests the water on a regular basis and has not seen an increase in toxins. and the city will look into the duck problem. scientists from colorado based launch alliance will go after and asteroid. they hope to use a spacecraft to vacuum up handfuls of gravel from that launch is supposed to happen at night. and jeff williams and two russian astronauts are back on earth after this return from the international space station. williams broke the record for spinning the most time in space, 534 days.
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for the longest continuous journey of 340 days. we have a lot of fog in some areas and there may be a little drizzle in some spots on the earn plains, so you can see how thick the fog is. three tenth of a visibility in burlington and ray. denver about three miles. so it got a little better. but we have a lot of fog on the eastern plains that is somethto the morning drive could be a little tougher. we have plenty of clouds for us this morning. and we have clear in there as well. west tropical depression newton in next coand that is pupilling -- newton into mexico. and we're seeing some of the clouds stream up from that as well. and it is a bit humid out there this morning. and we have moisture in the atmosphere from this as well. later today, we get really dry in some spots. and the fire concerns are really high as you head towards
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less than 15% and gusts up to 30 miles an hour. and futurecast, the western slope, you will stay dry and clear today and you'll have a few clouds out there. and in the afternoon, you'll see a little more sunshine and clouds out there. and the skies will clear. but there could be more fog on the eastern plains by tomorrow morning. and tomorrow, it is a hot, sunny day for us. and maybe some isolated thunderstorms in the eastern plains, it will be a great day for fly ball and the broncos -- and the broncos play tomorrow night. 45 in avon and 46 in steam boat, 46 in aspen and 57 in grand junction. the highs today, 58 in denver, 85 in greely and 87 in burlington and 86 in lineman and 75 in aspen and 87 in grand junction. bus stop forecast, temperatures mild and cloudy skies and the temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow 88 and sunny and much
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that we're following this morning this is southbound along i-25. look a mess we have this is 104th where we had the trouble yesterday. this is in the northbound direction and that is in the southbound direction. you got the right side of the highway, that is blocked off. just the left two lanes getting by and one is the express toll lane. and we have another accident that is off to the right shoulder just a little further to the south. and that is at 92nd. so right into the 20s. and we have a 24 minute drive to get from you thornton to denver. our mousetrap cam, you see the fog. low visibility and a lot of slow cars making their way into town. this is the orange color along there. and the side street accident, manage to get in your way. you got plenty of company on the drive there. and there's another side street accident for you and we'll take you downtown.
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kickoff concert. and you have this area that is civic center park that is decked out in broncos stuff. but we have closures along 14th avenue as well. watch out for those. here's a look at some drive times as you come from the east. southbound and i225, west speeds dip nothing the 20s. it is a ten minute drive from parker to i-25. storm. yesterday it reached the resorts. the storm is expected to weaken as it moves towards the u.s. border. this is your health watch this morning. today we're expecting a look at the first colorado certified himp seeds. and that means that the seeds
6:39 am
colorado family cans buy the certified hemp and seeds next year. the cdc said that nasal prays are not enough to protect kids from the flu. flu mist has not protected enough against certain strains. the spray was popular because it was not painful. we helped a woman fix her water bill than five times. michelle is was up from $180 from $50. she has lived in here home for 20 years and never had a problem with xcel energey. and the company told her that nothing was wrong and argued with her that she needed to pay. so she contacted us. >> if i'm hardly using my
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like in january and february? >> and xcel energey looked at the case and said there was a mistake. they take a technical or human error and they are correcting the problem and sending michelle a new bill. people are dealing with fire in larimer county. and what we'll hear about the rematch with the panthers in and we'll look the rockieses and what they did yesterday. coors field is known as a hitter's paradise. but the rockies pitcher have been having their way with the opposing hitters. tyler anderson was on the mound. and we pick it up in the third and the rockies down by one. but that would change with one swing of the bat. and that is from second on the
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was enough. and tie game and the top of the ninth. and rocky muster two hits as they fall 3-2 and another one run loss for the rocks. and game three the final game of the series later today.
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will be a fun time today. go out there if you want to and we have a little cloud cover this morning. but it is lovely out there. you may get a little sweaty because it is a little humid. and we have cloud. we have clouds and clear skies and what is not clear is on the east plains where we have thick fog this morning. so we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now, let's check in with
6:46 am
here. the operators have to get it turned back around and zoomed in. but we have the left side of the high distribute right side of the highway -- the right side of the highway blocked off. this is 104th t is causing a mess for drivers. you remember yesterday, we had the full closures in the northbound direction and now this time at 104th affecting the traffic in the southbound direction. and the toll lane is one of the lanes of traffic. so you if you don't want to pay the far left lane and not get into the express toll lane. speeds into the teens southbound coming into town from 4 to 120th right now. sew you're looking about 17 minutes into denver. >> do you think may be a possibility not to charge you? >> thing is where they make the money. i doubt that will happen. >> thank you. that is a headache coming into town this morning.
6:47 am
this fire burning near the colorado border. it has burned about 350 acres. the firefighters say it is about 60% contained. a man is going to to survive after he was stabbed inside the crowded meade street station. and we're live this morning. and shawn, we understand that the attack certify still on the run -- the attacker is still on the run? >> reporter: that's right. the police description and we'll share that in a second of that suspect. because that suspect is on the loose, people in the area are concerned because this maybe a random act that happened here yesterday at the meade street station around 4:30 on tuesday afternoon. and the owner said this was was happening inside the restaurant and they sought suspect walk in -- saw the suspect walk n and the suspect was inside just
6:48 am
should recover. the victim is a regular at the restaurant and they don't know much about the suspect. >> i have seen him in the neighborhood and a couple my -- bartenders have seen him before. and they thought he was hugging the other customer. but it turns out that he had a knife in his hand and by his throat. w description, a black man 6'4" and 250 to 300 pounds and he was last seen wearing a green shirt and kakis shorts. deliberations resume in grand junction for the man accused of killing a colorado mother that led a double life. the plus arrested lester jones two years ago for the 2007 of page burnfield, she had a paid
6:49 am
after recordings and messages left on his cell phone yesterday as they try to deliberate. the judge did grant their request. a 27-year-old murder mystery in minnesota is over. a man confesses to killing an 11-year-old boy and leading the detectives to his remains. a judge will not sentence him for the murder. a plea deal only to allows him to face charges for the child pornography. the boy's parents sat in front to all the details of the final moments of their son's life. he was sexually assaulted and shot with a gun. >> i want to see jacob and say i'm so sorry. this is so painful to know his last days, last hours and last minutes. >> family wanted the plea agreement because they wanted closure on the decades long
6:50 am
-- could spend 20 years behind bars. the colorado department higher education said that the closure affects 300 students in colorado because of the closing of itt technical school. they recently banned the school from enrolling students that get federal aid. >> they are often time under credited. >> and itt said they are a victim of a regular tire salt and never had a chance to defend itself. and the students that are still in school or withdrew in the last 120 days can apply have their debt wiped away. so for the last four decades, laos people have continued to live under the
6:51 am
wounded by this unexploded ordinance. >> president obama insisted that the u.s. values the life of the people and attempting to provide aid to the country. this is the news in 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton are getting ready for a forum focusing on veterans and national security. they will take the same stage back to back in new york city. donald trump told supporters, top generals a deadline. >> they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office for a plan to soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> clinton is going to after trump on national security. >> work with our allies, not insult them. and stand up to our add adversaries, not cozy up to them. >> and the latest poll those
6:52 am
there was a discovery possible fraud. and amendment 07 would raise colorado's -- 70 would raise colorado's minimum wage to $12 by 2020. and they want to review every signature needed to make that ballot. and this comes after the state found the suspected forgery by reviewing the 5% random sample of signatures. and 75,000 signatures. >> even with the high number of invalid signatures, the highest of any initiatives, it still meets the threshold. >> williams is working lawmakers on a bill to create
6:53 am
a number of petition have been approved for the november ballot. you can find out what they will be on people are going to civic center park in the next few days. the nfl is hosting a two day fan festival to celebrate the broncos' super bowl victory and help kick off the regular season. kickoff village is opening today and tomorrow it includes free fan activities and a free concert. and 3:00 -- opens at 3:00 and close at 8:00 and it runs till 6:00 tomorrow. and there's been a lot of talk about tomorrow's game being a rematch of the super bowl against the panthers. but the two teams went through some big changes in the offseason. carolina will be out for revenge. >> win was verified first time we played. and i expect them to execute a lot better this game.
6:54 am
the second time around. but me and my guys, the guys in the locker room, i think we're up for the task. >> we have faith in you. kickoff is set for 6:30 in denver. you can -- 6:40 in denver. apple fans seem to be waiting have or dread with the latest i iphone. but there's a rumor of a better camera and the potential of water phone and it means that your ear phones will not fit without and adapter. parting mcdonald's cross colorado are -- participating mipt's mcdonald's in colorado are offering free breakfast for
6:55 am
but you must be accompanied by an adult to get the free breakfast. it is cloudy in the downtown area. but the thicker stuff is out at dia and the plains. the temperatures this morning not too bad to start off. 52 in denver, 63 in greely and 55 in boulder and 40 in meeker and craig and 57 in grand junction. the fog is thick, especially on the eastern plains from akron to general vicinitity. and we'll see it ease up in the afternoon. and we have the remnants of depression newton and that is bringing a lot of moisture to the desert southwest and bringing some clouds. and we have fire dangers in parts of the state in jackson and grand counties. we have gusts up to 30 miles an hour or 15 understand humidity and mostly sunny skies in the
6:56 am
bit of cloud cover and the temperatures in the mid-80s. 85 in greely and 87 in burlington and lots of 70s in the high country. and taking a look at our five- day forecast, tomorrow 88 with sunshine and it should be a great day for the broncos' game. these are live pictures coming in this is sixth and havana. you see a portion of that car busted up and another car involved in that one that is cause something ys southbound along i-25 and 104th causing delays. and let me show you the drive southbound. we have speeds dip into a 30s. so 17 minutes from 120th to i- 70 and westbound along i76. we're across the denver metro area and we have an accident along i270 and that is in the eastbound direction at york t is making a mess of things on the roadways. and here are the drive times as you come from the east.
6:57 am
between i-25 and 225. >> a lot better than yesterday. >> thank you for joining us on
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? after nearly three decades, a family finally learns painful details about the kidnapping and the haunting confession played out in a minnesota courtroom. hillary clinton picks up an endorsement this morning from a major texas newspaper that hasn't chosen a democrat since before world war ii. and if you are not happy with either presidential nominee, the libertarian candidates are in studio 57. we go searching to the secret of a long and healthy life. seth doane is in an italian


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