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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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this is the news. three men are behind bars after kidnapping in lakewood. thank you for joining us. the men are accused of kidnapping a man last month but he has been found and he is safe. tom mustin has stepped out of a briefing on this investigation. we know this is a developing story, but tell us what you
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is still talking about the the case here at the lakewood police department. a man was kidnapped from a crystal store by four armed men. that man who was kidnapped is back home safe and sound and three of those men have been arrested. august 30th four males dressed in black, one carrying an ak47 kidnapped andre from that crystal store in lakewood. the kidnappers called him demanding $500,000 money. the father dropped off part of that money at an undisclosed location. he was released by the captors september 3rd. the suspects were arrested monday the 5th. they worked around the clock for six days finally with the help of cell phone records that identified several suspects. three were arrested, one is still on the run. >> our work is not done in this particular case. we are looking for the public's
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subject of this investigation. his name is marco and there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. >> reporter: i want to show you that picture of that suspect. he is still on the run. police tell me he is considered armed and dangerous. and we'll have more on this story at 5:00. tom mustin cbs 4 news. kelly. >> thank you, tom. 4:developments as committee votes to subpoena the committee of veterans affairs. they want thousands of pages of documents relating to the cost of constructing the va hospital in aurora and our purchases for the past 5.5 years. the cost of building the hospital has ballooned to $1.6 billion. it's in representative mike coverman's district and he -- kaufman's district.
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committee and the american people are entitled to review all the documents associated with the aurora aib and to draw their own conclusions as to what went wrong and who should be held accountable. as far as this project is concerned. >> kaufman says the va has blamed the cost over runs on officials that are no longer with the department. the va says making the documents public could have a chilling effect on fu internal investigations. veterans and the military are the focus of campaign 2016 today. both republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton are talking foreign policy this week. trump is making a case for expanding military while clinton is suggesting trump is under to be the commander and chief. >> reporter: donald trump already has marching orders for his generals if he wins the presidency. >> immediately after taking office, i will ask my generals
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30 days to defeat and destroy isis. >> reporter: trump also called for an end to the pentagon budget quest to beef up america's military. according to a survey poll, trump holds an almost 20 point lead over clinton with military and veteran voters. but clinton is more trusted with nuclear weapons. >> he is very loose in his talk about nukes. he says he doesn't care if other countries get been used already. >> reporter: republicans continue questioning clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. trump says that the controversy is worse than watergate. >> our foreign enemies were in a position to hack our most sensitive national security secrets. >> reporter: congressman jason is also asking the u.s. attorney in d.c. to find out why a computer specialist deleted secretary clinton's e-
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congressional subpoena had been issued. >> the fbi has resolved all of this. they answered all the questionings. the findings included debunking the latest conspiracy. >> reporter: wednesday morning the state department announced all but one of the 15,000 e- mails the fbi recently discovered had already been turned over. weijia jiang cbs news the white house. boulder will get to vote on a tax for sugary drinks. a judge has petition that put the issue on the ballot was too confusing. if passed, it would impose another two cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. you can check out out ballot issues on the presidential race in campaign 2016 on president obama continues his work to repair the damage
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million cluster bombs on laos to cut off enemy supply lines to vietnam. >> 80 million cluster munitions did not explode. they were spread across farmland, jungles, villages, rivers. so for the last four decades, they have continued to live under the shadow of war. some 20,000 people have been killed or wounded by this unexploded ordnance. >> and as the president just said, e more than 20,000 injuries since the war ended. philippine officials say president obama met with their president before the gala dinner. they say it happened in the holding room. they canceled a formal meeting after he used curse words while talking about mr. obama earlier this week. the white house has not confirmed that meeting. happening now, no sign of a man who literally stabbed a
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street station yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the man walked into the restaurant and tried to slash a man's throat. >> it was just a very terrible random act of violence. >> now that man ised to be okay. he is a well known customer at the restaurant. others at the bar say they have seen that suspect before describing him as rude. police say he is a black man, 6'3" between 250 and 300 pounds. denver police arrested three men involved in that group of motorcyclists that blocked i-25 earlier this summer. ryan easton is from pueblo, richard patton is from colorado springs. on july 24th, motorcyclists blocked the interstate. in addition to arresting those three suspects, police also confiscated two motorcycles. the three are charged with reckless driving. a park in aurora is having
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melissa garcia shows us what is happening. >> it smells like straight sewage. wildlife is dying. there is something going on in there. >> reporter: anthony ross just moved to aurora near expo park. he showed us photos of the dead ducks he found there. our camera spotted three more. he says the trash, stench, and dead animals in these ponds have him worried for people's safety. >> the community needs a safe and clean place to bring their families. >> reporter: it's e >> i don't want my kids run aring through that. >> we have not seen any increase in any contaminants. >> reporter: aurora water spokesperson greg baker that says in addition to being a place of recreation and wildlife, expo park has a -- back in 2013 heavy rains flooded the park and that is exactly what the city designed it for.
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it's better it comes here where we can control it than for the houses that are just on the border of this park. >> if they have good intentions, unfortunately there is not much they can do in the way of street side garbage. another blanket of fog was seen around the city this morning. the skyline barely visible there. meteorologist warren whitney is in colorado's weather center. then >> it did take a white while. clear skies in fort collins and we have clearer skies in denver. >> also ahead coach kubiak assesses the mood for the broncos as they prepare for the season opener. and later why american researchers have headed to the
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it's really good. that is how coach kubiak describes the mood of the broncos as they prepare for the regular season opener. he says the team has had a good week with plenty of focus. for quarterback trevor, the game against the panthers will be the first time to throw in a regular season game. kubiak says the key is to take it one game at a time.
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football starting with an early morning workout. as you can see the workout included some jumping jacks and yoga and a dance party at the stadium. and setup is under way at sieve isic center park to construct the nfl kick off village. it's an interactive fan experience to pump up the football spirit. not that we need that much help in denver. it opens tomorrow and includes performances from one republic and dirks bentley. you can even take a and for anybody wanting to check it out, we've got good weather for them. >> it will be a great day tomorrow. no rain, sunshine, some clouds. perfect football weather. we could always use the rain. i will never ward that off. but on a day like tomorrow, you definitely want that nice sunny weather. there is still plenty of clouds. much warmer than yesterday. and it is nice to have that little bit of an overcast. let's take a look at our
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denver. 15 for lineman. five in ray anorak on. and five degrees warmer for craig. so we are now 80-degrees in denver. 72 in greeley. 70 in ray. 79 in lamar. the high country is a beautiful day with 60 degrees. our wind speeds it has been a bit gusty in some areas. we have seen winds pick up to 24 miles an hour here. and as we shift more country, you will find gustier winds from black hawk to nether land. winds 15-20 miles an hour. our humidity levels are very low as well. 21% in denver. as you head toward steam boat and avon, you are down below 20% and that will continue to drop throughout the day today. because of that, some areas have red flag warnings because we have the gustier winds and
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and there is a lot of dry vegetation. once you head into wyoming, the red flag warnings are wide spread. satellite and radar we do have clouds across the eastern plains. a little clear as we head off to the west. a little wider look at what is happening out toward newton. we do have some really heavy rainfall in parts of arizona and new mexico today. and we may see some flooding in these areas. so up to three inches of rain possible in some spots like that. and in the whole lot of rain. we don't get effected by this too much. most of it skirts on to the south and east. east, south eastern colorado you may get a little bit of activity. other than that you may have a little cloud cover. skies are clearing. through the over night hours, a chance of a little bit of rain. could have more fog tomorrow morning. but for the rest of us, we will be dry and again like we said that is perfect news for the broncos game tomorrow night. taking a look at our temperatures. 85 in denver.
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upper 80s out east. 74 in eagle. 71 in frisco and 88 degrees in grand junction. the broncos kick off tomorrow at 6:30. so about 83 degrees. if you are hanging out all day, we will be in the upper 80s. mostly sunny skies. for your five-day forecast after that we cool off, 72 degrees. it will get a bit windy on friday. so a major cool down. it's nice we don't have the wind during the game. and in the low 80s on saturday. upper 80s by sunday. >> sounds t, your outdoor plans with our free cbs 4 weather on the go app. you will get live radar and weather alerts. just search cbs denverweather in your app store. hi i'm britt. our wednesday's child is free
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we have breaking news about the cold king mine spill. the epa has declared it a super night. this declaration clears the way for the feds to spend millions to clean up rivers in colorado, new mexico, and utah. investigating what may be a fountain of youth in italy. they are looking at super agers who live in the region of chient on. 1-10 people who live there are older than toilet and the proposal -- are older than 90 and the people are in good health. >> the research team believes
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lots of locally grown fruits and vegetables. the residents are active with low levels of stress. a genetic factor could also be involved. what does it take to be a musical artist? our wednesday's child proves it takes professionalism and a little bit of swag. britt was there to drop the beat with 14-year-old josh. >> this is fun. >> reporter: you heard him first. >> dang. >> josh likes good stuff. >> reporter: inside side three studio in denver producer john has worked with musical stars like kanye west, pit bull, justin bieber but today on wednesday's child josh out
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he is tree styling. it's unscripted. motivated by the beat bonus creates. and inspired by josh's life. >> i'm just hoping to learn more about the music industry and how it operates. >> reporter: josh has been in and out of foster care since he was a toddler. he free styles about what it calls making it all the way to high school. >> right now b's in class. even though it's the first week or so. it's still pretty good on me. >> reporter: that must feel great. >> it does. >> reporter: bonus encourages josh to take creative risks and that is how he came up with the song chilling. josh wants me to sing the hook so we collaborate for the first
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a moment josh dubs his proudest yet. >> being here today it was fun. it was great. >> reporter: this is a good moment wasn't it? >> yeah. >> good to see him smiling. you can find out more about josh or any of the children looking for adoptive families. just call the adoption exchange at (303)755-4756. you can also find all the before we head to break, here's a live look at where the dow is headed this afternoon. we're in negative -- negative
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it's an all new dr. phil exclusive as he talked with 19-
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biting one of the victims faces. now his father tells his emotional story about watching his son's bizarre behavior unfold. why austin's father believes his son suffered a mental break down today at 4:00 on dr. phil. new tonight on cbs 4 news at 5:00, he came in as a very sick dog but now grizzly is getting a new leash on life thanks to doggy dialysis and female world war ii pilot is gehe and we'll have a final check of the forecast. we are talking lots of sunshine. good weather for the broncos. >> yes. taking a look outside right now. temperatures are warm outside despite cloud cover. 80 in denver. 84 in lineman. 75 in akron. 75 in avon and 81 in grand junction. satellite and radar we do have clouds south eastern part of the state could have rain today and up as north as burlington. taking a look at our five-day
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a mix of clouds in there as well. and a lot of people head out all day so is it will not be else during the game but if you are going to the fun festivities it will be a little warm out there. >> plus it stays warm in the stadium. >> we're ready for fall.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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