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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MDT

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donald trump planning boost spending and boost the size of the american military. >> and hillary clinton will be touting her credentials in the commander in chief forum in new york city.
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the forum is focusing on national security. >> reporter: even though they'll be speaking back-to-back and not face-to-face, it's gonna give us a taste of the much-anticipated presidential debates that begin later this month. and we have seen the exact same line of criticisms to attack each other. tonight both are saying the other is not prepared to keep the country safe. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: donald trump laid out nation. >> i will ask my generals to present to me a plan to destroy isis >> reporter: he wants to spend billions to beef up the military, increasing troops, navy ships, and fighter planes. >> we want to deter, prevent, avoid, and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military strength. >> reporter: trump and clinton will participate in a commander
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evening. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform. >> reporter: clinton has picked up an endorsement from the dallas morning news, calling her the one serious candidate on the ballot. she is the first democratic candidate the paper s decades. weijia jian, the white house. >> reporter: they continue to use clinton's use of a private e-mail server as a reason why she's not prepared to keep the country safe. the f.b.i. announced of the additional e-mails they found, just one was
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the coast guard has joined the search for a woman who went overboard in the bahamas. passengers say they saw that woman fall off the 11th deck early this morning. officials claim she jumped. she is from new york. the ship is about 27 miles southwest of the bahamas when she went overboard. a pilot in world war ii now lays in the arlict national cemetery -- arlington national cemetery. she was a member of the women pilots and posted training and noncombat missions during world war ii. they were not aloud to be buried at arlington until her family got some help from a congresswoman and former military pilot. >> these women were amazing pisdmeers opened up doors for
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women who earn there'd pilot wings and flew during noncombat missions in world war ii. a problem plaguing a park in aurora. >> and our showers and thunderstorms just leaving, that's all we've got going on
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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the popular hanging red trail closes to the public on saturday. the closure will allow recording fork outdoor volunteers to work on maintenance and cleanup. croups will put up barr the wetland between the lake and the falls. people in aurora are worried about dux dying at a local park -- ducks dying at a local park. >> what's happening at exposition park? >> it smells like straight sewage. wildlife dying. there's something going on in there. >> reporter: anthony ross lives in aurora near exto park. he showed us photos of the dead ducks.
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three more. he said the dead animals have him worried. >> the community should have a safe and clean place to bring their families. >> reporter: it's the same water used on the grass. >> my kids running through that, it doesn't seem too healthy. i got some spots on my skin that started burning. >> we haven't seen any increase in contaminants. >> reporter: a water spokesperson says in addition to being eye place of recreation vital purpose as a storm drainage collection area. in 2013, heavy rain flooded the park, and that's exactly what the city designed it for. >> the water has to go some place in an urban environment. it's better it come here where we can control it instead of into the houses that are on the border of this park. >> i think they have good intentions. unfortunately i don't think there's much they can do in the way of streetside trash and the drainage, the way
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>> the city tests the water on a regular basis and there has
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a new report sheds light on why an air asia flight landed on the wrong continent. it happened last year on a flight immediated from australia to malaysia. the pilot enter issed the wrong coordinates into the navigation system. the plane never ended up investigating what might be a found of youth in italy. they're looking at so called super agers who live in the region of tralenta. one in ten people there are older than 90, and the population is in very good health. >> they have less cataract, less bone fractures, you don't see any heart failure. they have high blood pressure, but the
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something there. >> scientists think diet plays a big part. they are rich in fish locally, locally grown fruits and veggies. residents stay active and have low stress levels. researchers say genetics might be involved. >> maybe we should retire there. [ laughter ] >> we have pretty nice weather the next couple of days, and that includes let's go outside, you can see the skies are beginning to clear. just a few clouds around here. morning fog, as we promised this morning. temperatures well above normal. you can see a little storm here, it boiled up now it's starting to die down in northern lincoln county. and that's all we have going on. and around the rest of the state, that's all we have going on.
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moisture should push all the way up into the great lakes region. the tropical storm right now, winds at 45 miles an hour, moving north northeast at 18. let's of moisture with this though. hour by hour forecast, every now and then, just an isolated shower or storm over the eastern plains, clouds push in. and then they leave. and then finally all of it begins to move out on friday, all to the east. dries out. and saturday, only a couple showers over the otherwise just clear border to board. a red flag warning, dry over the northern mountain valleys. 8:00 pm on thursday. all today, through tonight, and is most of tomorrow. here's the stationary front. we were on the cooler side of it, now we're on the warmer side of it. yesterday in the upper 80s, today again in the upper kwaedz 80s. and -- 80s. and this moisture flow just rides along that front in the chicago area. 88 and 87 the highs today. 52 and 57 were the
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and 34 other records. 83 and 85 right now, east 14, and 14% humidity. this shot near summit lake. nice shot of colorado. and this is a late summer bloom and a bee! right there. temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s tonight in the eastern plains. 30s and 40s for the mountains. out west, tomorrow 80s and lower 90s. your denver forecast for tonight, clearing skies overnight, 55 and 53. fair, warm tomorrow, mid-80s once again. and for the next several days, 75 with a cool front on friday. warms up to 79. 88 on sunday. another cool front on monday! and a high of 73. what does it take to be a
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>> >> this is fun! ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: you met him here first. [ laughter ] >> dang! >> that's some good stuff, i tell you. what [ laughter ] ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: we sat in a studio producer john has worked with musical stars like kanye west, justin bieber. but today our wednesday's child outshined them all. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> uh-oh! [ laughter ] >> reporter: freestyling, unscripted, motivated by the beat he creates. [ rapping ]
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>> >> reporter: zach has been in and out of foster care since he was a toddler. he freestyles about what he calls making it all the way to high school. >> i have all the reason. >> reporter: all this encourages josh and that's how he came up with this song. ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> reporter: he wants me to sing the hook so we collaborate in the studio together. ? ? [ singing ] ? ? >> reporter: a moment josh calls his proudest yet.
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you can find out more about josh or any other children looking for adoptive families. caught adoption exchange at the numbers on your screen. you'll find all that information on >> what personality! [ laughter ] apple unveils the new iphone. why it's cutting the
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nasdaq eeked out an 8-point gain. chipotle's stock is up nearly 6% one day after a big-time investor bought close to a 10% stake in the company. he may have big changes in mind for the colorado-based chain. he has a history of betting big on companies which hasn't always worked out for him. his hedge fund has left about 14% overall this year. chipotle put out an ad saying it wasn't the investment. frontier airlines will start flying to cuba december 1st. american airlines is the
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you probably heard apple unveiling its latest version of the iphone today. it is water resistant and comes in new shade was black. but apple previously upset customers by removing the headphone jack, instead going with the bluetooth version. today it announced the new iphones will still work with your old earbuds. >> we also made this. it's an adapter, lightning to mini-phono audio adapter. we include that in the box with every iphone 7 and 7 plus as well. >> that'll be a hit. the event also featured a new apple watch and a super mario game coming
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a disturbing case in longmont. >> reporter: in boulder county, a husband and wife appeared in abuse and neglect for the care of their blind and autistic son. this is 52-year-old vanessa hall leaving court today. authorities say her 17-year-old son weighed only 88 pounds, was severely malnourished, had bedsores and pneumonia her husband was also taken into custody last night after police executed a search warrant at the couple's longmont home.
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investigate said. the parents said they thought their son just had the flu and was a picky eater. bond was set at $50,000 today. one man still on the loose after a violent kidnapping at this christal's shop. four armed men kidnapped flores paredes. his father paid $200,000 ransom money. the f.b.i., lakewood police traced cellphone data to capture three of the suspects. is one still on the run. his family had a disagreement with the victim over horses. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> still some upper 80s. >> and tomorrow about this time, exactly like it is right now. sunny skies, temperature around that 80 degree mark. >> sounds perfect.
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with a cool-down. starts to warm up over the weekend. upper 80s by sunday. and back from the lower 70s on monday with a chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. >> thank you for joining us on colorado's news channel. >> we'll look for you tonight
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>> james and natalie used any h.o.h. to get paulie out and then turned on me and sent me home. that's not loyalty. >> announcer: at the nominations ceremony... >> i nominate you james and you natalie. >> announcer: the unlikely show manslaughter met a likely fate. >> james, you were the deciding vote in voting me out. it makes sense for me to put you up. >> announcer: tonight can the power of veto play the city girl or the country boy? plus, will being on the block together tear jatalie apart? >> don't talk to me. >> announcer: all this right


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