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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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football is back. good morning, everybody, i'm alan gionet. this is the news on cbs 4. thursday, the 8th of september. here's what's happening right now. von miller and the broncos are done with practice and will get to start the new season defending super bowl champs. what we can expect tonight. plus jane is live this morning at civic center park. >>reporter: we are counting down the moments to kickoff. we've got details on all the action happening right here ahead of the big game. >> we'll see you soon. police want to find a carjacking suspect who left a mess behind a north -- left a mess in northglenn. ahead how he got away.
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crucial thing as we look to the bronco's season opener tonight. let's get right to lauren whitney. she's in colorado's weather center this morning. lauren. >> well, it's going to be a great night for the broncos, really a great day across the state. 54 in denver, 59 out in burlington, 66 right now in lamar. as we head towards the high country, 36 in leadville an gunson, 34 in steamboat. craig dropped down to 35. 57 over in grand junction. now, we're going to talk about the bronco's forecast coming up in just a moment. right now let's check in with joel. >>reporter: yeah. we're expect ago lot of volume downtown as you the day today as there's going to be tailgaters, but we also have road closures in place. this is right around sifng center park as we got the nfl kickoff concert, closures along bannick, 14th avenue, and i'm sure we'll start to see some closures around broadway as we get closer to that event. alan. >> thanks a lot. the moment fans have been waiting for, the season opener against the carolina panthers, that's what everybody is talking about around the country. it's the hype of the season
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game, but they know this is only one game. as for the coach, he wants the team to enjoy it. >> i want them emotional. they've worked hard to be emotional. they paid the price all week long, trust them and let them play. our guys are guys that usually turn out talking a little bit. i want them to be themselves and go play an have fun. >> everybody is going to be hyped, of course. but you gotta contain it. you gotta keep them down because it's going to be going so fast in the beginning. there's going to be a lot of opportunities and mistakes, but the mistakes, we gotta get them calmed down and everybody as a whole team has got to get calmed down so we can play ball. >> our broncos insiders will have more on the opening game throughout the day at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 this evening. now, police in northglenn want to track down a man who carjacked a car after pulling a knife on the driver, crashing that vehicle, then taking off in another one.
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birthday present. i guess i was interrupted. >>reporter: maureen's shopping trip was cut short when a carjacking suspect crashed into her wednesday arch. it all started when police say this man shown here in a surveillance photo was trying to steal a vehicle at this best buy near 104th and bannick. police say he attempted to stab an onlooker who called police before taking off across the street. there he carjacked the driver of this van at knifepoint and headed west. marina was driving near 104th and me w barreled by and hit her. >> bleeding and i hit my head. i was a little dizzy afterwards and shook up. >>reporter: after crashing into maureen, police say the suspect dumped the stolen van and fled to a nearby mcdonald's parking lot where he stole a 2015 white dodge pickup and drove off. >> i just have a feeling he was either eneeb rated or -- ineastbound rated or on drugs to be driving so fast. >>reporter: the suspect is
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male around six feet tall, 150 pound with a dark colored mohawk last seen wear ago black hoodie. while maureen says she's bruised and banged up, her biggest concern is shopping for her daughter's birthday. >> i don't know what i'm going to do about getting her her birthday present. let's get started with lauren. >> well, good morning. we're starting off still with a little bit of fog out on the eastern plains, not as bad as yesterday, but still some reduced visibility. it's getting a little bit worse out in the burlington area. satellite and radar right no of us. we had a few thunderstorms early this morning, chugging through our northeastern plains, but those have died down and moved on for us. 60 out in burlington, 52 in greeley, 54 in boarl, 57 here in denver, 41 in avon, 43 in steamboat and 41 over in meeker. now, for the broncos game today if you're heading to the nfl kickoff kill village, fan fest, temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s throughout most of the afternoon. for kickoff about 85 degrees, 76 by half time, and we are looking at sunshine and clear skies, maybe a few clouds out
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game. let's check in with joel. how's that drive going? >>reporter: so far so good across the denver metro area. southbound coming into town, we're seeing quite a few more cars out onto the roadway. i'm sure a lot of folks trying to head in early to work so they can get out early. hopefully it works out for you that way. take a look across the denver metro area, a lot of green on this map. that means we're at or near post speed limits. so you get a couple of patches on c-470 where they have road work. that's going to slow you down a little bit as you go through there. light speeds. thornton to denver, a nine- minute drive through commerce city. six minutes in both directions >> joel, thank you very much. police say they have an arrest now in the seemingly random knife attack at a restaurant in west highlands on tuesday night. they arrested a man who some had said appeared to be a familiar face in that area. police have yet to release his identity. he is accused of use ago knife on a customer's neck at need street station. it appears he had no obvious connection to the victim.
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donald trump answer questions on the national security issues at the commander in chief forum hosted by nbc news last night. the event exposed some of their critical differences on how to manage the military as well as foreign policy. here's reid binnion. >> i think unthe leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. >>reporter: donald trump at wednesday's commander in chief forum hosted by nbc news slamming his rival and president obama, while also vladimir putin. >> i think i would have a very, very good relationship with putin. >>reporter: moderator matt lauer coming under harsh criticism with some saying that he pitched trump too many softball questions, lauer also failing to challenge trump for failing to lead to this debunked claim. >> i was against the war in iraq because i said it was going to totally stabilize the mill east. >>reporter: lauer did press on isis. >> you're asking someone else
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>> no. i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan it. >>reporter: on the topic of isis, hillary clinton spoke of using air power and regional alliances to defeat the group >> we have to defeat isis, that is my highest counterterrorism goal. >>reporter: but her answer on isis somewhat rushed, in part because roughly 30% of her time she faced questions on her e- mails. clinton reiterated that use ago personal e-mail account and server while secretary of state was a mistake, but defending her handling material. >> i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate system. >>reporter: i'm reid binnion reporting. tonight the broncos take on the panthers, hopefully sanders won't be weighed down by that big fat bank account. yesterday sanders and the broncos agreed to a three-year extension, both top receivers now, sanders and thomas now locked down for the future. one receiver the panther's defense won't have to worry about, though, is bennie fowler. the broncos have officially
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he's had an elbow injury in the first preseason game. it's just not healed up enough. before the big game, fans have a chance to enjoy some quality nfl entertainment. jamie is live right now at civic center park with a look at what's there, even if you don't have a ticket to the game. hey, jamie. >>reporter: hey, alan. looking great behind me, ready to rock and roll for a huge day. believe it or not the nfl is beginning their th busy until the big game tonight. there's so much action right here at kickoff village at civic center park. this actually opened, the village opened yesterday afternoon, fans having a blast doing everything from taking pictures to trying on their favorite bronco's helmets and jerseys. [ no audio ] challenge obstacle course, that should be fun for some folks. the lombardi trophy also on display to check out.
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and leading up to the kickoff tonight, there are live performances from diercks bentley and one republic. >> so it's fun for us to do shows like this because we love football, we love denver, we love the broncos, and we like music, you know. and then there's beer. so you kind of put all those together and it's like the perfect outing to me. >>reporter: the bands will perform here for free starting the whole village is open from 6:00 this morning -- excuse me, 10:00 this morning until 6:00 this evening, and, of course, kickoff is at 4:30. -- 6:40, excuse me. live from civic center park, jamie leery, cbs 4 morning news. >> i know, jamie, a lot of us are ready for 4:30. >>reporter: me too. annie was very sick when he arrived. we'll show you how grizzly the dog is getting much better thanks to some doggy dialysis
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on the latest iphone and why many retirees are getting back to the grind.
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well, a big au better thanks to cutting-edge treatments at csu. the pet needed kidney dialysis and more. and our health specialist kathy walsh shows us the efforts to keep grizzly the dog alive. [ dogs barking ] >>reporter: grizzly has a lot to say, after all, he's become a regular at the veterinary teaching hospital at colorado state university. on this day he looks well, but this senoia has been a very
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peeing basically black. >>reporter: evan says that was about three weeks ago. he and fiancee ericalucente firestien rushed to csu where they learned their dog was dying. >> his body was attacking his own red blood cells. >>reporter: here the team was able to filter grizzly's blood, but his kidneys had shut down and he needed to have dialysis. >> i was glad to hear dialysis existed an there was something we could do. >>reporter: the dog knows the drill, get in patiently for a machine to fix his problem. doggy dialysis seems to be working >> we do think his kidneys are starting to recover. >>reporter: his owners say they're starting to see the old grizzly, but getting him back has broke the bank. they need $22,000 for medical bills. >> we maxed out our credit cards, we blew through every savings that we had. >>reporter: then they asked for help. now dog lovers from across the world have donated through a go fund me page -- donated through a go fund me page, rooting for
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>> kathy walsh report thrg. things are looking encouraging for grizzly and he is lucky to live near csu. lauren, right now, the weather picture. lauren. >> let's take a look outside for us this morning. we do have some fog out on our eastern plains. it's not quite as bad as it was yesterday, but it is definitely still out there. as we head towards the rest of the state, though, we are clear to start off this -- i was going to say monday, this thursday monday. need more coffee. let's take a look at what's going on on our satellite and radar. we do have some rain th plains. that's now cleared out. now looking at clear skies statewide, except that little bit of fog. starting off in 62 in denver, 60 in burlington. in the high country this morning, 36 in leadville and gunson, 33 in steamboat. the cool spot is craig in our northwestern corner with 35, 57 over in grand junction. our futurecast for today, that fog will clear here throughout the morning hours, and then we are looking at a -- then we are looking at a nice arch. it might get a little windy in parts of the high country today. but mostly we are looking at
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eastern plains, maybe a little bit of heavier rainfall, maybe some hail with those. here in denver, most importantly, we have clear skies, great weather for the broncos tonight. and then overnight tonight, maybe a few clouds tomorrow morning we wake up to sunshine and we have another nice day. but it cools off quite a bit for us tomorrow, down to the 70s. we have a cold front that's going to work its way through, and then we do have a bit of wind for tomorrow as well. temperatures for today, 90s on the western slope. 76 in eagle today, 78 in aspen. again, it could be a bit windy at times in the then 83 out in burlington. for the broncos taw, if you're going to the nfl village, fan fest area, 88 degrees for us at that time period. kickoff is at 6:30, 85. by half time we should be in the mid-70s. your five-day forecast, tomorrow we are 75 degrees, windy, mainly on the sunny side and temperatures in the 70s. joel. >>reporter: well, it's been a mess of a drive the last couple of days. you get near i-25 and 104th, we had a deadly accident in the northbound direction and then on tuesday, and then on
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the accident in the southbound direction that was just really tying up the right side of the highway. this morning nice and wide open. let's hope we can keep it that way. as you're making your way southbound into town right now, speeds into the 60s. so a nine-minute drive to get you from 120th out to downtown not too bad. here's your cbs 4 mouse trap cam, seeing a little more volume in the southbound direction of i-25. definitely have some company on that drive. nothing that's going to slow you down too bad as we see speeds into the 50s and 60s. here we are across the denver metro area, i-225 nice and wide c-470 seeing a little bit of slowing as you approach the tech center. here we are as we come from the east. i think you'll like these drive times, northbound along i-225 we've got speeds into the thrarytsz, from mississippi to i-70 just five minutes. >> joel, thanks. for 100 years it's been a place for all who wish to learn. emily griffith technicallal college has filled important
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library that gives you a picture of emily griffith over the years. >> so all around the room you have all these different displays. >> right. we did a scavenger hunt and dug through the closets to find any artifacts that may have been left. so this is one of the things we found. >>reporter: and it's weird, really weird. >>reporter: that was commitment. >> yes. i'm sure it took a very long time. >>reporter: just part of the exhibit put together by artist linda campbell, things used by emily griffith to teach the skills for jobs that gave generations of coloradoon a job and a place in life. but some like the equipment used to teach dental assisting are almost creepy. >> this is actually a chiel's real skill covered in plastic because they wanted to be able to have their students, you know, learn how the jaw moved and learn how to photograph a real human jaw. >>reporter: and if that's not interesting enough, consider
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griffith. there's even a mystery with emily griffith too, right? >> right. she was murdered and it's still an unsolved mystery. she was murdered in 1947 in a cabin in pine cliff and this was after she had retired from the school. >>reporter: the case was never closed an the exhibit the clues and some answers about emily and her school. >> so this is the cosmetology exhibit and this is a perm machine that we found in the old building when emily griffith moved to their new location at >>reporter: but the exhibit is not permanent. you'll have to see for yourself. >> the floor of the library there, a perm machine you would sit in all day long. and there's more history tomorrow. emily griffith will be opening a time capsule pull from the old school at 11:00 in the morning. they'll do that in the lobby of the new campus building at 1860 lincoln street.
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seems like that apple event yesterday didn't exactly wow investors like some in the past. american workers are looking at staying on the job a lot longer. here's our marlie hall with today's money watch. >>reporter: shares of apple remain flat afte unveiled its new iphone 7 wednesday. the new water-resistant model has ditched the standard headphone jack for its own connecting system or wireless headphones. apple also introduced a new version of its smart watch with built-in gps. the company sales were down about 15% during the first six months of this year, compared to the same period last year. wall street closed mixed on wednesday. the dow dropped nearly 12
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high last month. the labor department says american employers advertised 4% more openings in july, bringing the total to 5.87 million. analysts say it's a sign hiring may stay healthy despite a slowdown last month. and seven in 10 americans say they plan to work after retirement. says 38% report they'll work because they like to work. 33% said they plan to work that's your "money watch." for more, log onto in new york, i'm marlie hall. big day as the broncos open the season. lauren right now, the travel forecast if you're going somewhere. >> we do leave today, we head to the game tonight. let's take a look at what's happening across the country. really from parts of nebraska, kansas, swinging all the way up into the northeast, we do have a chance for severe weather today. there's a cold front mixing in with the moisture left over from newton. those two combinations could
5:25 am
areas. chicago could get some thunderstorms. down to the southeast, fairly mild today, temperatures still fairly warm, 95 in nashville, 91 in new york city today. heading towards the west coast, still hot in the desert southwest, recovering from the remnants of newton. we're looking at 103 in phoenix, 101 in las vegas. security wait times about 20 minutes and all the lots are open. here's joel. >>reporter: look at this, i-25 and colorado, nice and wide open, and we'll take a look at the along pena boulevard. there's a lot to like about that as well. speeds into the 50s and 60s traveling along i-70 in that eastbound direction. just nine minute from i-25 out to i-225. the other good news, no delays along the "a" line. alan >> thanks a lot, joel. ahead what donald, jr says about the importance of colorado in the campaign. >>reporter: taking questions from veterans, the presidential candidates make their case to be the next commander in chief. i'm henna daniels in new york.
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candidates squared off during last night's national security forum. the old adage in football is you take it one game at a time, but today's game wrksel, it just feel as little different. there's the hype of the season opener, the hype of playing carolina, the hype of the super bowl rematch an the other hypes you want to fill in as well. of course all of that sun deniable. the broncos know today is a big game, but they also know it's season, you know, and we get 16 shots, and, obviously, it's a big game against a tremendous opponent. we're going to have to play special. you know, that's what it's all about. so obviously it's very exciting for denver, for our fans and everybody, but we just really try to stay focused, one day, one game at a time. >> typical coach, never wanting to look too far ahead.
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oh, the fans are getting ready. and here's a a look at what we're calling nfl village downtown today at civic center park. of course if you vaguely recall, the broncos celebrated a huge super bowl win just a few months back. but this is a new season this morning. let's take you over to mile high right now. and there is a look at the field. parking lot "c" opens at noon. all the parking lots at 1:30, premium gates open at 3:30, all
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football season is on. we're pretty fired up about it. thanks for joining us this half hour. i'm alan gionet. let's start with the forecast lauren whitney is talking about today and tonight. lauren. >> well, it's going to be a great night for the broncos. if you're heading out to nfl village today, temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. if you're going to the concerts, again, warm outside, plenty of sunshine, still a few clouds out there. kickoff is at 6:30, temperatures about 85 degrees, so it's a warm night for football. and by half time we're in the mid-70s and that's pretty premium weather. so it's going to be a great night out at mile high. we are excited for it, and it's across the state as well, so we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check in with joel. >>reporter: that means we're going to be expecting a lot of traffic downtown pretty much throughout the day today as folks come to this nfl experience. the nfl kickoff concert, it is free, but you got bannick and 14th avenues which are not going to be free. they're closed down, and so if you're making your way downtown, alan, my advice is take public transportation, it's always an easy one. that way you can enjoy a few beverages at the game and not worry about it. if you do come downtown, i


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