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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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boulevard. rick salinger has new information. >> reporter: the two cars were headed eastbound on 56th avenue. they were involved in some sort of an altercation and pulled over. one man got out and started banging on the other car, and that's when things spiralled out of control. is it happened between 5:00 and 6:00 am, notn just beneath it on 56th. the first incident involved two cars involved in a road rage. police say one person got out of his vehicle and banged on the window of the other car. that driver try on tuesday get away and struck the man who had gotten in front of the car. then a third vehicle stopped to offer help. >> a good samaritan gets out to assess. so the first pedestrian was struck one more time, plus the good samaritan.
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department of public works. one man who worked with him described him as a great man and great friend. police say lighting conditions at that time of day may have been a factor in what happened here. >> we're thinking about the time of day. this was shortly after five am. so traffic is tarto build up to the -- starting to build up to the rush hour. but it's dark. >> reporter: charges are unlikely. that was after attorney. the names of the two victims in this case so far are not being released. live at 56th and pe?a, rick salinger, cbs4 news. video showing a man peep into a stranger's home. he was looking into the bedroom window of a 17-year-old girl last month at the home near 82nd and laden
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middle aged with short hair and a receding hair line. he was wearing dark-rimmed plastic glasses. >> > the nation preparing to recognize first responders on the 15th anniversary of the 911 attacks. and denver police now honors officers killed in the line of duty was today. >> reporter: it was. and it was very touching. in silent main memorial that i'm -- this is the main memorial that i'm outside of. now there will be individual signs popping up around the city as a way to honor our fallen
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police officer here again, this time for the unveiling of a special sign. >> it strikes the heart of all of us. they defend our citizens and is our country, a i >> reporter: the detective was here having dinner with his wife and children when armed masked men walked into the restaurant. he stepped in to help and was shot to death. workers say the signs are a reminder of sacrifice. >> we felt that the timing of this was essentially r essential. >> reporter: -- essential. >> reporter: all his three sons became police officers.
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>> reporter: her life was changeod this very corner. now it's on this corn they're she hopes the sign rel mind others that the thin blue line is here to protect us. >> they don't have respect like they used to have. >> reporter: and there will be three more dedications over the next few now on the recovery of a douglas county sheriff's deputy. we learned detective dan bright continues to improve. the sheriff's office says bright does remain in critical condition. but doctors are optimist bick his recovery. we expect to learn more about his injuries at a news conference. the shooter was later killed by
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to kick off the nfl regular season. they tee it up at 6:30 at mile high. michael spencer is there, and hue do youa -- how do you avoid bringing up the rematch? >> reporter: that's exactly right i think that's what everybody has been talking about. it is rare to have a swoel ring in week 1. it's only happened once. that was back in 1970 after super bowl 4. if you're keeping track minnesota lost in the super bowl and won the season opener hoping to buck that trend tonight. having a super bowl defending champ with as many questions at quarterback as the broncos do. trevor siemian going to get the start tonight. he's basically a look echl he took one snap all last year. that was a kneel-down.
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nfl experience. this will be our first chance to see what he can do. >> i think you can't be trigger-shy playing quarterback. and especially with our group, and the players we have. so i have a good opportunity to get those guys the ball, cp, emanuel, whoever it is. i have a lot of confidence in the guys i'm working with. >> reporter: he will b cognizant about taking care of the football. he led the nfl in takes awaylast year, more on that and how they plan to attack the carolina defense anything up in sports. >> enjoy that game! the fans at the stadium not the only ones gearing up for the fun tonight. we'll take you live to civic center park where the big nfl kickoff party has been going strong for two days now. the latest about a school shooting in west texas, it happened this morning in alpine
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investigators say a 14-year-old girl shot and wounded another female student then killed herself. investigators say the shooter and her family moved to alpine earlier this year. this is the news on the presidential election. donald trump is calling hillary clinton trigger-happy. clinton says trump is unfit to be president. our craig boswell is tracking the campaigns tonight and reports each candidate is telling voters the other would chief. >> reporter: hillary clinton quoted in an article from time magazine saying isis leaders are cheering for donald trump to went white house. >> they said they hope that alaw delivers america to trump because it would give more motivation to every jihadi. >> reporter: trump responded saying it was clinton that create the isis. >> unleash horror of radical islamic terrorism.
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>> reporter: he does not acknowledge that he supported the war. >> i opposed going in. despite the media saying no, yes. no >> reporter: clinton and trump are trying to make the case that the other is unfit. clinton implied trump is not really a republican after he claimed america's schools have been reduced to russian president putin's leadership. >> what would he say about a nominee who attacks america's general, and he's praised a russian president? >> reporter: trump says clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state exposed classified information to our enemies. >> hostile foreign actors gave access to the personal e-mail accounts of individuals with whom clinton was in regular
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keeping up with the developments from the campaign trail. check out the campaign 2016 section at heroic firefighters raised this flag boost rubble after 911. then it disappeared. an unusual visitor on the campus up in boulder. wildlife officers have plans in bear. >> and hoardly a cloud over -- hardly alo and almost got to 90 degrees today! what are we watching? a cold front to the north! tham drop through. and that will drop our temperatures by how much? coming up. >> we are with broncos fans getting ready for tonight's big game! and we found some big
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developing now, an american flag with significant meaning made its way to the 911 memorial and museum in, no. crews hoisted this same flag at ground zero
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attacks nearly 15 years ago. flag later disappeared until two years ago. a man in washington state turned it in at a fire station there. no one knows who he is or how he got the flag. >> now with the amount of attention given to it, we expect there will be leads that come in. >> law enforcement officials hope to authenticate the flag using high-resolution photos. now it is on the anniversary ceremonies at ground zero this sunday. public outcry forces florida to delay aerial spraying to fight zika. miami dade county's mayor jimenez tried to tell an angry crowd the insecticide to be used is harmless to people. some residents feature insecticide could do more harm than good. >> we're giving them more time to notify residents.
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fight zika. congress continues to debate other issues. that has stalled the bill that includes zika funding. there are more than 650 cases in florida. a visitor on the campus in boulder is getting a lot of attention today. a black bear roaming the campus near varsity. wildlife officers are monitoring the animal but since it's not bothering anyone, they plan to just let it be. higher elevations outside of boulder. happening now, fans have filled civic center park with excitement over the start of the football season. and dirks bentley is on stage. melisa garcia there, so many ways to celebrate the broncos. >> reporter: many ways jim! this is one of them.
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ready for the kickoff coming up shortly. as you mentioned, dirks bentley on the stage here at civic center park. he's got just about one song left, and the crowd is definitely engaged in that. they have been eating it up. next up is one republic. they're expected to take the stage here in just a few minutes. we talked to some fans earlier who were gearing up for tonight's game at what's become known as kickoff village. >> go chz >> reporter: civic center park packed to celebrate the start of the nfl season. >> go broncos! >> reporter: fans lined up for a photograph and autograph. >> >> reporter: drawing a crowd of locals. >> we're diehard fan asks go to every game.
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>> we're just big broncos fan, got season tickets. >> reporter: they're here from north carolina to see their team. >> the panthers are gonna get revenge. >> broncos got lucky last time. >> reporter: fans of the orange and blue beg to differ. >> we're gonna win! defense is gonna take over again like in the super bowl. >> i think we can win >> reporter: other hopefuls are planning for victory two weeks in a row. >> it can happen again. drumz [ drumming ] [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: this is dirks bentley's last song of the concert here. kickoff for the game is tonight at 6:30 pm as the broncos go head-to-head with the panthers ump might expect some heavy traffic as fans start to flood out of here after one
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work on making their way over to the stadium. for now, back to you. melissa garcia, cbs4 news. >> and ed greene mentioning partying from the super bowl. sounds like your neighborhood! [ laughter ] >> why not! great night for the game! it might be too warm for football! we got to 89 degrees today. we're still pretty close to that right now. almost looks like doppler 4,000 is not working. sunshine, blue and the moisture from that hurricane just bypassed, all moving off to the east. showers and thunderstorms over southern illinois. we don't see much except a front passes through tonight, into tomorrow night. as it does, maybe a few clouds, the northeast gets a shower, that's about it. saturday, pretty nice with no weather problems. rolling into sunday, pretty much more of the same. here it is, noon on sunday scomhshgs not a cloud in the sky!
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behind the influence of this warm front, temperatures above normal, 89 degrees downtown. showers and thunderstorms along that frontalsome, shower activity in the gulf. the pikes peak cam looking southwest, just as far as the eye can see. this is rocky mountain national park, pretty there it is, 89 and 88 our highs today. that's where we started out this morning at the airport, 49 degrees. 54 downtown, 82 and 51 are normal for this time of year. 94 and 31 the record. only 5 degrees off the record high for today. still warm, 87 and 88 right now. winds are calm, 90% humidity. falling barometer.
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enough to play on! and the leaves are changing up there! and steve, funny guy, sends this, says here's my picture of not a cloud in the sky. [ laughter ] >> sure enough, that's what it shows. temperatures tonight, 50s, 60s over the eastern plains. 30s, 40s for the high country. 40s, 50s out west. and then tomorrow, we cool it off a bit, 60s, 70s. still some 80s, near 90 over the southeast. 60s, 70s for the mountains. to near 90 out west. your denver forecast for tonight, clear skies overnight, 56 and 54, the overnight lows. then for tomorrow, fair, breezy, cooler, pleasantly so, in the mid-70s. for the next several day, start to warm it up on saturday. 89 on saturday. monday, another front, showers, cooler air by tuesday. just 66! you might have heard the nfl season kicks off tonight. the super bowl rematch.
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started fast! gary kubiak is concerned about the opposite concerned about the opposite happening tonight. over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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live looking ahead in your sports cast, looks like you have victory all figured out for the home team! >> reporter: yeah! the broncos need to know how to do that, they should ask me. i think the
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enough big plays to win a low-scoring game. broncos probably don't want to get into a high-scoring shootout with the panthers who led the nfl in scoring last year with over 30 points a game it. obviously helped the panthers that they had a lot of short fields, and led the league in interceptions and fumbles recovered, allowing the panthers to jump out foe a quick lead -- to a quick lead. >> i think it's because of the pressure they can put on you. when you look at as a team, they were the fastest starting team in football. you gotta sit back there and throat ball, you're gonna have a tough time. >> reporter: broncos defense hasn't changed too much since the super bowl. demarcus will be on a play count to start the season.
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the subject of tried rumors. >> i definitely -- definitely a blessing to be able to suit up for this first game. just the situation that went on, man, to be able to put shoulder pads on & a helmet on, it's definitely a blessing. >> reporter: broncos adamantly denied any of the trade rumors. still no word from the whether the league will face any discipline this season. tim tebow is a professional baseball player. he signed a minor league contract with the mets and will report to their fall instructional league later this month. they were intrigued by tebow's talent and claim this is not a publicity stunt. when you're no. 1 golfer in the world, you'd like to think the announcer would get your
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australia, jordan day. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: that is the bmw championship with jason day is the defending champion. i think they combined it with jordan spieth. [ laughter ] >> reporter: more broncos pregame coverage coming up 6:00!
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that's our governor. [ laughter ] >> john hickenlooper going over the edge for the cancer league of colorado.
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building raising money for cancer research. nice j captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the fire after the forum. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee whoe attacks america's generals and heaps praise on russia'sri president? >> i just watched her on the tarmac. she tried to make up for her horrible performance last night. qualified to be president of the united states. every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed. >> pelley: also tonight, if youi haven't read your credit card agreement, you don't know what you're missing. >> you almost need a law degree to understand it. >> pelley: environmentalle protesters try to stop an oil pipeline project.pi and country music honors its rhinestone cowboy.


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